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Lisner Jewelry was established in 1944 by Billboard’s original ad man, Samuel B. Lisner. Through his bold and innovative vision and use of the latest materials and techniques made famous through advertisements in the magazine, he built a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful jewelry around.

The signature design aesthetic that emerged from these early pieces was an eye-catching combination of art deco style, modernism, and glamour. Popular pieces included pins, necklaces, bracelets, watches, hatspins and cufflinks – all crafted with precision and great attention to detail. These pieces quickly became icons of both fashion and function for women around the world.

Now a leader in couture jewelry design and production worldwide, Lisner Jewelry sets itself apart from its competitors by combining vintage inspired art-deco elements with structural modernist geometry. The end result is a range of dramatic earring designs which are both contemporary yet timeless in style. Subtly elegant yet intricately designed with sleek lines that capture the spirit of modern femininity, Lisner’s earrings are no exception to this timeless styling trend. Handcrafted creations featuring genuine crystals or Swarovski rhinestones give sparkle and elegant flair to their signature designs. All pieces are made with accuracy and great care – upholding their tradition of quality manufacturing since 1944.

Statement Earrings

Lisner jewelry earrings are renowned for their glamorous designs and have become a timeless classic. Their striking design is perfect for making a statement, which is why many fashionistas flock to them when they’re looking to make an impact. There is something undeniably regal and striking in the way Lisner jewelry earrings embrace the boldness of fashion. Whether it’s a pair of vibrant red and gold dangling earrings or small delicate beaded studs, the selection is broad enough to provide choice for individuals who want to explore the art of exquisite adornment.

The brand offers earrings that range from everyday cute studs, elegant chandelier designs, long drops with pearls, vintage inspired pieces and bold geometric shapes. Whatever style you’re looking for, Lisner jewelry has something special for everyone. Each piece expertly chosen pays homage to classic vintage style with a modern twist. The materials used are of superior quality – from glass to gold plated metal- ensuring each item remains wearable and stylish for many years after its purchase.

This makes Lisner jewelry such an attractive choice: It provides sophistication that works well on all kinds of occasions; whether you’re attending meetings at work or out on a night out in the city, these versatile pieces can be worn with confidence whilst making you stand out in any crowd. Collectively speaking, the Lisner Jewelry Earrings collection creates the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe due its timeless aesthetic that bridges functionality with elegance and grace.

Celebrating Craftsmanship

Since the 1940s, Lisner Jewelry has been setting the standard for magnificently crafted earrings. With over 80 years’ worth of experience, the craftsmanship behind each jewelry piece created by Lisner is something truly exquisite. Every single pair of earrings undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process to produce beautiful pieces that you deserve to be proud of.

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For starters, the metal used in Lisner Jewelry represents the foundation and structure of any pair of earrings they create. Built to last, they use carefully constructed metal alloys comprised of silver and rhodium to ensure their products have superior quality over time. Rhodium plating is applied to protect against tarnishing and ensure easy cleaning & maintenance of jewels. By also layering metals such as copper with nickel & zinc alloys, it creates an additional layer offering superior durability and strength to each pair of earrings.

Aside from the metal alloys used, expert jewellers handpick each precious stone – including diamonds and pearls – that are placed within each piece. The entire creation process for a pair of these jewelry designs involves up to 60 hours alone just carving intricate details into the metal designs or inlaying crystals by hand using precision tools. Through this extended process, you not only end up with quality materials but intricate design patterns throughout each product – making sure even ordinary jewels can truly shine bright like no other brand can deliver in terms of sparkle & design details!

Showcasing Style

Lisner Jewelry earrings are the perfect way to add extra style and glitz to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or an eye-catching statement piece, these earrings can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Here are a few tips for styling your Lisner Jewelry earrings:

• Color Coordinate: For casual days, choose lightweight earrings in complementary colors — like seafoam green with navy blues and rosé gold with blush pinks — that tie together your entire look. For more formal occasions, opt for bolder styles in metallic shades like silver or yellow gold that will have everyone’s eyes on you!

• Layer It Up: You can easily layer your Lisner Jewelry earrings by wearing multiple studs of different shapes and sizes or mix and match hoops of various thicknesses. This allows you to create an individualized look that will set you apart from the crowd.

• Layering Necklaces: When wearing earrings with long chains, opt for short necklaces layered on top to create a beautiful combination of textures and lengths. Varying the length of your necklaces will draw more attention to both your Lisner Jewelry earrings and the necklace itself.

• Add Something Extra: For added drama, try combining your Lisner Jewelry earrings with trendy hair accessories such as hair clips, pins or headbands for a unique touch. You could also pair them with colorful scarves tied around your neckline for a playful pop of color!

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Shopping Info

Types of Buyers: Lisner Jewelry earrings are a great choice for those who love stylish, designer fashion accessories. Whether you are looking for a statement piece to add to your outfit, want to give someone special in your life a gift, or just want to spice up your day-to-day look- these earrings will fulfill all your needs.

Price Range: The price range for Lisner Jewelry earrings varies depending on the individual item. You can find pieces ranging from under $10, going up to several hundred dollars.

Guarantees: Lisner Jewelry offers a one year limited warranty on their earrings so that you can be certain your item is up to their high quality standards and will last you over time.

Sizing: All jewelry sizing is important when selecting an item, and of course this applies to earrings too! Because each person’s ears are shaped differently, it is important to check the size of the earring’s posts before purchase, as these need to accommodate different shapes and sizes of ears.

Aftercare: To ensure your Lisner Jewelry earrings stay in perfect condition over time – regular cleaning and care is important! In terms of cleaning, it is best practice to use warm water with mild soap or utilize specialized solutions for jewelry care such as “Silver Cleaner by Connoisseurs” . Regular polishing with soft cloth will also help keep them looking glossy and new.


Lisner Jewelry Earrings are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a little bit of elegance and class to their look. The company offers a variety of earring styles from classics like pearl studs and chandelier dangles, to modern fashion pieces like art deco inspired designs. Lisner’s jewelry is made from high quality metals, like sterling silver and 14K gold, that create highly coveted statement pieces. With their affordable pricing options, you can find quality accessories to go with any formal or informal outfit. Whether you’re dressing for work or simply want to add something special to your wardrobe – Lisner Jewelry Earrings provide the perfect touch of style. Plus, since they are available in both clip-ons and pierced styles, they are suitable for a wide variety of preferences and needs. So if you’re looking for fashionable earrings at a great price, make sure you check out Lisner Jewelry Earrings!

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