Gumps Jewelry Pearls

Gumps Jewelry Pearls are often considered to be among the finest quality and most sought-after gems on the market. As a part of the illustrious Gumps Jewelry brand, they represent exceptional craftsmanship and sophistication, and have become highly regarded over the years as a statement of luxury and elegance.

With origins in some of the most luxurious regions of the world, Gumps Jewelry Pearls reflect an exquisite level of detail and luster that is unsurpassed by any other gemstone in its class.

History Established in 1887, Gumps Jewelry has since become one of the leading providers of pearl jewelry in the world. The company was first founded by Alfredo Guendesen as he strived to bring classic European excellence into American markets. With years of experience crafting precious gemstones from across Europe, Guendesen went on to establish himself as one of the most renowned jewelers in history before passing away in 1912 at his home in San Francisco, California.

Production & Quality Standards For more than 130 years, Gumps Jewelry has been dedicated to producing some of the finest pearls on six continents, setting standards for excellence that all other producers strive for. From harvesting sustainably sourced freshwater pearls straight from rivers to aging and buffing them with rigorous care until they reach their signature sheen; Gumps’s stringent levels of quality control ensure only fine specimens make it out from their establishments.

Moreover, each piece undergoes strict inspection upon final production before it can be gifted or purchased-ensuring lower priced products do not receive second-hand treatment or lesser-known manufacturing processes.

In addition to quality control measures taken during harvest selection through tasting and examining each pearl for authenticity, weight accuracy & constancy; every piece must meet specific size requirements, color variation tests, symmetry consistency exams along with numerous other quality related inspections prior to being presented or sold worldwide.

As such, few companies today are able to match what Gump’s Jewelry offers when it comes its superior pearl quality assurance & high end product design aesthetic – ensuring consumers receive nothing but upscale luxurious pieces throughout their lifetime purchases with Gump’s Jewels.

Popular Types of Pearls

Pearls have long been a popular choice for jewelry because of their unique beauty. One way to select the perfect piece of pearl jewelry is to consider its luster, color, and shape. Let’s explore each factor in more detail.


The luster of a pearl is determined by how much light is reflected off its surface. When you hold the pearl up to a light source, examine how brightly it shines and also look for an even sheen on all surfaces. Pearls with higher luster are typically more costly due to their visual appeal.

Generally speaking, pearls with excellent lusters will show rainbow-like colors, such as pink and green when they catch the light in unique angles. The overall luster should be smooth with no distractions like bumps or pits. The most sought after pearls are consistently round with good amounts of depth in terms of their color along with their reflective quality known as lustre.


The color of a pearl can range widely ranging from white, off white shades through cream and yellowish/brown variants to vibrant hues like blues and greens among many others including black.

Luckily it doesn’t mean people need to only purchase one type of pearl when looking for jewelry because there are many varieties that can fit any style or preference found through classic colors such as traditional white or pastel pink tones or something vibrant like dark red deep violet purple colors that are alluring.

The original luster can further accentuate the hue giving the item an added level of charm some customers prize above all else.


Finally, Pearl shapes vary greatly as well so it’s important to consider what design best suits your desired necklace, ring or earrings before making any purchase decisions. Some common shapes include:

  • Round – A perfectly round pearl is highly sought after but also very rare.
  • Baroque – Imperfectly shaped pearls come in various forms.
  • Semi-round – Behind roundPearls these are the second most symmetrical shape.
  • Drop – Perfectly round ones have elongated tails giving them this drop shape.

Gumps Jewelry’s Influence on the Pearl Industry

Gumps Jewelry is a brand that has been producing and supplying high-quality pearls to the public since 1852. They have been at the forefront of pearl fashion for almost two centuries, creating timeless pieces that appeal to all walks of life. Over the years, Gumps Jewelry has had a significant influence on the pearl industry as a whole.

One area where Gumps Jewelry’s influence becomes clear is in the price of pearls. Since 1852, Gumps has been producing pearls from both freshwater and saltwater sources and selling them at prices lower than competitors. This dramatic shift in pricing helped to open up pearls as an jewelry option for people who may not have otherwise been able to afford them.

The second notable contribution made by Gumps Jewelry is their insistence on quality. From controlling the size requirements of cultured freshwater pearls to regulating the shape, hue, and grade of every piece of jewelry they produce; Gumps does everything it can-from end to end-to ensure they are providing their customers with stunningly beautiful pieces each time they purchase something from their store.

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Gumps also pioneered new processes when it came to pearl care and treatment. As early as 1890 they were implementing processes like beading and drilling that allowed for holes in pearls to make them easier to wear or combine into other types of jewelry settings. This focus on performance would become a major hallmark of their work moving forward as more cultivation techniques became available over time.

  • Gumps Jewelry has significantly influenced the cost of purchasing pearls.
  • They have stringent regulations related to size, hue, grade, etc.
  • They revolutionized techniques such as beading and drilling.
  • Their innovation enabled an increase in different kinds of pearl jewellery.

Advantages of Owning a Gumps Jewelry Pearl

Gumps Jewelry Pearls are some of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry today due to their stunning beauty and timelessness. The beautiful pearls feature an incredible range of vibrant colors that can be combined in any combination to create the perfect look for any occasion. Furthermore, the carefully crafted shapes and patterns make them a gorgeous addition to any outfit or jewelry collection.

Variety of Colours

The Gumps Jewelry Pearl collections are available in a huge range of colours which makes it easy to find something to match your style perfectly. They offer everything from classic white pearls for more formal occasions, to on-trend pink shades to brighten up your day. Whatever colour you choose, these pearls are sure to make a statement with their unique vibrancy and unique undertones.

Quality Craftsmanship

When it comes to craftsmanship, Gumps Jewelry Pearls go above and beyond what is expected. Each piece is handcrafted using only the finest materials and techniques; ensuring utmost accuracy in design and structure. You won’t find any loose stones in these pieces; this attention to detail guarantees that your Gumps Jewelry Pearl will last you for years to come.

Affordable Prices

Gumps Jewelry Pearls also boast some very competitive prices when compared with other high quality jewelers. They understand that their customers may not always have a vast budget, so they work hard to create such beautiful products from financially accessible prices without compromising on quality whatsoever. With Gumps Jewelry Pearls you can have a piece of fine jewellery at an extremely affordable price point that will make you feel elegant and admired at all times.

Tips for Maintaining Pearls

Pearls are a classic and timeless accessory that can be worn in different ways, but they require careful handling in order to maintain their luster and beauty. Here are some tips for taking care of your pearls:

  • Keep your pearls away from harsh chemicals, household cleaning products, hairspray, lotions, bleach, ammonia and abrasive surfaces.
  • Avoid getting them wet or wearing them near water.
  • When not wearing your pearls, store them in a soft pouch or box lined with a soft material such as cotton flannel – never expose Pearls to air for extended periods.
  • Handle your Pearls with care while dressing up or changing clothes.

To clean your pearls occasionaly, mix lukewarm water with very mild soap or baby shampoo. Soak the pieces in the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

Gently move the piece around in the mixture to lift off any dirt or skin oils – do not scrub the Pearls against each other or anything else as this could damage their delicate structure. Once you have finished cleaning them rinse them in fresh warm water then dry with a 100% cotton cloth and allow to air dry completely before wearing again.

Pearl necklaces can be easily knotted to prevent accidental loss if it is snagged on something while worn. It is recommended that you tie a double knot between each pearl bead when not wearing them then loosen before they are put on again so they don’t catch on clothing fabric while wearing. Doing this will also help ensure every pearl remains securely strung and prevents bumping against one another which can cause their lustre to fade quickly over time.

It is important to have your pearl jewellery professionally inspected at least once per year so any weak components or loose clasps can be fixed by a qualified jeweller – this should include restringing if necessary which is essential for maintaining their strength and cosmetic appeal over time.

Financing Options for Gumps Jewelry Pearls

Gumps Jewelry Pearls is a luxurious jewelry company offering a wide variety of pearls. They offer many necklace and bracelet styles, with different types of settings for customers to choose from. They have been selling premium pearls since the early 1900s, and Gump’s reputation for quality jewelry has grown internationally over the years.


Lay-buy is an excellent financing option for customers who want to purchase Gumps Jewelry Pearls but are unable to pay upfront. Lay-buy allows customers to make purchases by paying in installments over a selected period of time; these payments can be spread out over multiple months or weeks depending on the customer’s preference.

Lay-buy also requires no credit checks or interest charges and customers are not required to pay any additional fees associated with Lay-buy options at Gumps Jewelry Pearls.

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Affirm Financing

Another great financing option provided by Gumps Jewelry Pearls is Affirm Financing. Customers can use their approved Affirm Financing details when making a purchase online or in store, allowing them to finance up to $2,000 worth of items including select pearl products from Gumps Jewelry Pearls with no hidden fees or interest rates involved.

All they need is just a few pieces of information such as name, address, AKA ID number or even Social Security Number, then they may apply within minutes without any hassle.

PayPal Credit

Gumps Jewelry Pearls also offers PayPal Credit as one of its available financing options. With PayPal Credit, customers can take advantage of its 6 months deferred payment option with no minimum spend requirements; the customers have 6 months before having to pay back the amount owed unless they decide to do so earlier than 6 months if they fully wish to do so without being charged with any additional fees or fines.

The minimum individual order must be above $99 if a customer wishes to take advantage of this particular financing option from Gumps jewelrypearls.

Different Ways to Use Gumps Jewelry Pearls

Pearls can be used to create timeless and quality jewelry pieces. Gumps offers a wide range of pearl jewelry that can suit any style or occasion. Here are some different ways to use Gumps pearls:

  • Everyday Wear: There is always an appropriate occasion for a strand of pearls. Whether it’s for a job interview or for accessorizing jeans and t-shirt, Gumps Jewelry Pearls will make any woman look classic and elegant.
  • Special Occasions: Gumps pearls are perfect for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, graduations and birthdays. Their subtle sparkle adds just the right amount of sophistication.
  • Home Decor: Pearl jewelry does not stay confined in the realm of fashion accessories; with Gump’s Jewelry Pearls, we can transform our home into our own private sanctuary with ribbon draped strands that can be hung above the windows or from the ceiling.

Gumps Jewelry Pearls can also be used as accents in clothing accessories such as belt buckles and necklace pendants for both men and women. Furthermore, when accessorizing an outfit with Gumps pearls, layering several thin strands together can make for a more sophisticated statement than wearing only one thick strand. This method creates interest by providing texture using different hues, shapes and sizes of pearls in simple designs that has an effortless effect on any attire.

Children’s clothing is also no exception when it comes to adding Gumps Jewelry Pearls to complete its look – embellishments such as brooches, buttons, necklaces etc., provide a touch of elegance to something so small yet so precious such as a baby dress or hair accessories for girls.

Another way to enjoy Gumps Jewelry Pearls is in stunning bridal wear; it could be anywhere from earrings to a full pearl encrusted gown. The combination of traditional elements mixed with modern materials create unique styles that reflect how sentimental this enduring symbol truly is; creating memories that last forever with an ornamental flair.


Gumps Jewelry Pearls are a great gift option when you want to give an exquisite and timeless piece of jewelry. Their exquisitely designed pearl jewelry with intricate details and unique craftsmanship is sure to be a winner, making them the perfect choice for someone special.

Gumps’ has been producing high-end, luxury jewelry pieces since 1873 and their dedication to quality and attention to detail have consistently stood out from the rest. All pearls used in their designs follow rigorous criteria so you can be sure that any item you buy from Gumps will be of the highest quality.

Not only are these pieces of jewelry made with intricate detail but also come with a wide variety of styles that make them suitable for any individual or occasion. From classic round pearls to baroque pearls and even detachable strands which create unique statement pieces; there is something for everyone at Gumps.

The wide selection means that no matter your style preference, there will be something perfect just waiting for you at Gumps Jewelry Pearls. Not only that but they offer customization option allowing the buyer to create a truly one of kind piece that shows thoughtfulness and care.

Perhaps what makes buying Gumps Jewelry Pearls an even better option is their excellent customer service. All packages come backed by an unconditional returns policy giving buyers peace of mind should anything happen to their precious items after purchase.

Furthermore, all orders are guaranteed safe delivery in secure packaging so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious piece or damage during shipping. Whether you’re buying as a gift for someone special or simply want to treat yourself, Gumps Jewelry Pearls are the perfect solution.