Fall Jewelry Trend

Fall jewelry trend styles are incredibly versatile and can be teamed with almost any clothing or outfit. Jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets used to compliment particular trends in each season add an extra layer of fashion to your every day looks. From layered necklace sets to bold dangly earrings there is something for everyone no matter what their individual style might be.

Some of the most popular fall jewelry trends this season include chunky gold chains and pearls which make for a great pairing. Combining classic strands of pearls with a textured gold chain adds a unique twist to modern glamour that can be dressed up or down as required.

For those looking for something more subtle, simple studs such as pavé diamond clusters provide a subtle sparkle that won’t draw too much attention but will still give your look that edge.

Another hot fall jewelry trend is the use of intricate pieces such as charm necklaces and dangling earrings. Charm necklaces provide the perfect accent piece to any outfit while the art deco-inspired designs offer plenty of eye-catching appeal without going over the top with statement pieces.

For those who prefer more colorful options, enameled bangles in bright shades such as blue or green can be fun additions to warmer weather wardrobe combinations. Conversely, you could opt for dainty pearl drop earrings which bring an air of sophistication no matter what other jewelery pieces you wear with them.

Accessorizing looks has never been so easy thanks to the great variety of options now available when it comes to fall jewelry trends. No matter how bold or subtle you want your look to be there is always something out there to fit the bill. With these tips you should have all that you need in order to dress up your everyday attire – whatever the occasion might be.

Metallic Hues

Fall is a special season that traditionally brings us glimpses of the beautiful palette of colors that adorn the tree leaves. We can draw inspiration from these tones for our wardrobe but also for our jewelry collection, creating a glamorous look with metallic hues. This trend takes advantage of this time in the year where earthy colors reign, incorporating precious metals along with warm shades to create enrapturing pieces.

  • Rich Golds: Aureous yellows and pinks characterize this hue, perfect for both day and night styles.
  • Gleaming Silvers: Gleaming whites, greys and purples look effortless when paired with other subtle elements like stones or pearls.
  • Intense Coppers: For those looking for something more daring and bold, copper accessories provide an eye-catching unique touch.

The embellishment of jewelry itself also has an influence on the aesthetic because different materials are used to enhance their looks combining glitzy texture with a simple earth-toned background. Semi-precious stones in navy blue or soft pink are often embedded around Rings, Chains and Earrings giving them a delicate yet opulent feel.

Also chains in fine gold add just the right amount of hint of chicness without being too overwhelming. Crystal earrings are one popular way to accessorize during fall as they evoke magnificence when accompanied by wooden pendants or silver rings.

Subtlety is key when attempting to channel this new look; it should be able to show brilliance but still be wearable in everyday life scenarios such as work or school. Pieces like small hoop earrings made out of oxidized metal gives an extra dimension compared to traditional ones thanks to its depth while still being remarkably elegant.

This effect is echoed through other bracelets and necklaces too depending on what particular style suits better: making careful use of classic cases such as tassels including gold bead drops give any outfit its necessary dose of glamour while keeping it restrained enough not to overpower your getup overall.

Organic Feel

This fall season, jewelry trends are focused on a more organic feel. Jewelry designers have embraced natural stones such as moonstone, jade, citrine, and topaz for their distinct look. These natural elements appear to be plucked from the Earth and applied directly to necklaces and rings for an earthy sort of beauty.

Beyond the precious stones, other earthen elements featured in modern pieces include geometric designs inspired by nature like leaves or feathers. This type of nature-inspired look has been gaining popularity in fashion for its balance between classic elegance and modern style.

In addition to the appeal of natural stones and earthy motifs, another significant aspect that is exciting jewelry designers this season is the idea of embracing the imperfections found in these raw elements. Handmade jewelry features small variations in color or texture, which gives each piece a unique character that consumers can connect with.

With handmade jewelry holding center stage, designers have taken this concept even further by pairing interesting artifacts – feathers, semi-precious stones, animal teeth-with traditional materials in order to add a bit of whimsy and personality to a designer’s collection.

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Finally, the third element driving today’s organic feel trend is sustainability. Shoppers have become increasingly conscious about where their jewelry pieces come from; whether they are ethically sourced or made with recycled materials.

Jewelry companies have taken notice of this shift towards conscious consumers and responded accordingly by using sustainable materials whenever possible while still creating beautiful pieces worthy of being treasured. There’s something incredibly inspiring about incorporating special touches like these into one’s look that lets us express who we are without compromising quality or style – you can be fashionable as well as ethical.

Layer with Confidence

Fall is here and with it comes a range of stylish jewelry trends to help complete the perfect look. One of the most popular styles this season is the ‘layered’ look, where multiple pieces are worn together for a more striking statement piece. To achieve the layered look, it’s important to select individual items that can show off a collection in a chic manner and complement each other. Here are some tips when creating layered pieces:

Hot Hues

When selecting items to mix and match for the layered look, be sure to choose complementary colors that will create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing palette. Stick to tones that work well together such as golds, greens or blues for an elegant pairing. Also consider neutral shades such as silver and black for something subtler which won’t overpower an outfit. Experimenting with different finishes such as matt or glossy will also create an interesting contrast within the pieces.

Size Matters

The best way to create the layered look is by having varying sizes of jewelry pieces so that they don’t distract from each other. Bulky necklaces should be paired with thin bracelets or bangles, while large hoop earrings can offset delicate studs or drop earrings.

Avoid cluttering up one area such as your neckline by selecting items at different lengths – be careful not to layer too many items in one space or opt for statement pieces instead of layering simple designs together which might give a messy effect instead of enhancing your outfit.

What Goes Well Together?

When mixing items together, try combining bracelets and necklaces with various textures and materials such as beads, pearls, leather or chain links – these will add depth volume while making subtle details stand out when stacking them up against each other.

Pendants with charms can pair nicely producing an eye-catching 3D effect whilst rings can stack together horizontally on both hands too if desired – stack rings of similar shape and size next to each other or mix bolder statement rings with daintier ones depending on your personal preference.

Uniquely Classic

As the fall season approaches, a new wave of jewelry trends are already circulating. From modern earrings to timeless pendants, designers are focusing on classic pieces with unique design elements to stay up-to-date. For those looking to refine their current accessory stylings, there’s something for every fashionista this season.

Tailored Pearl Selections

This season’s jewelry is no doubt featuring pearls in refreshed and modernized selections. Designers have crafted an array of wearable dainty pearl pieces as well as larger statement options. Subtle enhancements make all the difference in these tailored selections, such as adding other stones in a dramatic black onyx and white pearl combination or playing with different shapes like complex teardrops or multi-faceted gemstones – making them look distinct from traditional styles but just as classic.

Embellished Minimalism

In a similar vein, designers are combining minimalistic shapes with edgy details to bring extra life into everyday accessories. Elements like stripes, spikes, and circles add visual texture to bland materials that would otherwise go unnoticed in a sea of plain designs. With this abounding trend many brands offer antique gold and silver variations on these more intricate styles for casual yet luxurious results that will captivate audiences everywhere.

The Opulent Layering Look

The layering trend is far from disappearing this season either. Instead of basic looks based around organic charms or interlocking geometrics, the theme has now progressed into an opulent take mixed with intriguing accents. From tiered necklaces to delicate chains paired with bold hoops and elaborate baroque detailing; it’s clear that today’s emphasis is about fusing multiple high quality elements together to produce glamorously executed ensembles for any occasion.

Personal Touch

The fall season is a great time to combine fashion with jewelry. One of the biggest trends in jewelry for this fall is personalization. Everyone loves custom pieces that are completely unique, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to create a piece of jewelry showcasing your own unique style.

There are so many ways to make your jewelry really stand out this season. Start by choosing quality materials that match or contrast with what you normally wear. Select different shapes, sizes and colors, or combine classic elements into modern designs. Personalize pendants, necklaces or rings using birthstones, charms or gems – even there are no rules as long as it reflects your style and personality.

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It is also a good idea also consider the craftsman’s skill level when picking jewelers near me. Look for someone who has made pieces with similar materials recently or whether they can suggest any ideas to create something special for you. Make sure the craftsman pays attention to detail and ask them how they will complete the project from start to finish.

  • Choose Quality Materials That Match Your Style
  • Consider Different Shapes, Sizes and Colors
  • Combine Classic Elements Into Modern Designs
  • Personalize With Birthstones, Charms or Gems
  • Look For Craftsman’s Skill Level When Picking A Jeweler
  • Ensure Attention To Detail During The Project

Refined Details

This season, designers are bringing us back to the idea of refined details through their eye-catching collections. From delicate bows to intricate beading, every small detail is sure to make a statement. In fact, even vintage inspirations are resurging this fall mixed with modern touches. With so many ways to spell out ‘luxe’ in jewelry terms, where should one start? Here are some of our favorite subtle trends in jewelry that will bring any outfit an effortlessly chic update:

Delicately Structured Pendants

What’s more elegant than a curled and twirled metal chain dangling beneath your favorite lobes? Nothing; that’s why we love the delicately structured pendants featured in many seasonal collections. Emphasis is placed on softness as opposed to sharp points, creating abstract diamond-like shapes or perhaps low hanging teardrops. Most importantly, they perfectly elegantly understated-adding just the right amount of sparkle to any look.

Metallic Elements

Metals have never looked so luxe. This season it’s all about steel and brass featuring decorative nails and metallic studs that add texture and dimension to your every day look. Taking for inspiration from elongated figures or graphic elements as seen in industrial art design, these pieces will add an interesting mix of metals for whatever kind mood you may be in this autumn.


For subtle sparkles this season, layering fine chains with dainty charms is always a creative way of adorning your wrists and neck. Featuring soft blues colors based on a range of magical sunsets and sultry evenings on romantic getaways provide perfect sources for light crystal detailing over gold plated rings finger cuffs for unique accents in any look.

Paired with stacks of soft shimmers and delicate ridged textures for added effect when out on the town-because everyone needs starsotherwise it would be too dark.

  • Delicately Structured Pendants
  • Metallic Elements
  • Crystals


The fall season always brings with it a great range of fashion accessories to keep up with the latest trends. Jewelry is one of the most important items in completing an ensemble, and for this season, there are a range of jewelry trends that everyone should be aware of. The three main trends this fall are boho-inspired pieces, bold and vibrant pieces, and minimalistic statement pieces.

For any boho-inspired look, consider layering necklaces made from either vintage coins, layered gold chains ornaments with colorful stones like turquoise for impactful bohemian vibes. Rings can add some drama as well with chunky hammered rings or rings adorned with crystals or placid stones. Wearing multiple bold rings on one finger is also producting amazing results.

For bracelets, charms will be trendy this season as opposed to simple metal ones. They come in a variety of colorful styles and shapes so there’s something available to suit everyone’s taste and style.

Next is bold and vibrant pieces which are for the individual who loves standing out from the crowd. Make sure your jewelry adds its own splash by incorporating elaborate necklaces featuring unique color combinations like dark blue stone set gold pendants, large dangly earrings with intricate detail or an all-around multicolor statement piece. You can even go bolder by choosing those crafted out of unconventional materials such as resin mixed with metallic hues or ocean-inspired gems as accents.

Lastly don’t forget about simplistic, minimalistic statement pieces such as sleek geometrical shapes combined with powerful colors like blacks & whites for an eye-catching yet subtle look.

The fall 2020 jewelry trends offer something for everyone – from those who love to accessorize in a boho-style to lovers of bright colors all the way through to minimalistically chic statement pieces. Whatever you choose to wear this season ensure it reflects your style making you feel good while looking fabulous too.

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