2017 Fall Jewelry Trends

2017 fall jewelry trends have been at the top of fashionistas’ must-have list – and it’s no surprise why. It’s an opportunity for jewellery lovers everywhere to express their unique individual style and add a touch of sparkle to their outfit.

Whether you like the edgy and bold pieces or prefer something much more delicate, there are items out there to suit all tastes. From brooches, pendants, charms, and earrings to bangles, rings and anklets – this season’s trends showcases an eclectic mix of designs which range from classic pieces through to the utterly modern.

Statement Pieces – Stand Out amongst This Season’s Jewellery Trends Statement jewellery is always in season. But this year’s 2017 fall jewelry trends have gone the extra mile with vibrant colors, adventurous shapes, and eye-catching design elements – turning your everyday adornments into stand out pieces.

Popular statement pieces this season include charms and lockets featuring animals or inspiring quotes; pearl necklaces with onyx pendants; contemporary geometric shapes such as triangles or cylinders; chokers made from precious stones; and bib necklaces dripping with colorful gems. These jewellery items make sure you won’t be over looked ever again.

Equestrian – a Timeless Look that Combines Old-School Styling This 2017 fall jewelry trend borrows references from days past but makes them hip once again by embracing old school equestrian designs with stylish farmhouse influences. Brass buckles are adorned with lustrous pearls, lace is given a contemporary update with jade stones taking centre stage plus cowhide leather straps bring a much needed rugged edge.

Chunky rings feature clean lines embellished by sterling silver leaves whilst opulent chains play host to dangling horseshoes fashioned from oxidised brass. It’s all about combining traditional styling yet expressing yourself in an avant-garde way this season – what better way than adding some timelessly tactile equestrian inspired jewellery?

Bold Colors

The 2017 Fall Jewelry Trends showcase bold colors popping off the runway and into the stores. The whole spectrum of jewel tones from deep sapphires to bright emeralds are featured in new and novel designs to update your look for the fall season. Accessorizing with color is a great way to show your personality, and with various shades, shapes, sizes, and styles in which to choose from, colorful jewelry pieces can make any outfit shine.

Go Bold

If you want to stand out this Fall Season, go big with bold colors. Bright pinks, oranges and reds are sure to make a statement wherever you go. For an extra wow factor consider pairing different shades together for a dazzling effect. – multihued earrings are a great way to ease into this modern trend with confidence. Opt for chunky or cascading earrings for maximum impact that will surely be noticed.

Get Glamorous

Fashion icons have embraced another look for this fall season – jeweled headpieces. Rich colors along with lavish stones atop your head are sure to turn heads no matter where you’re at. Consider pairing a headpiece adorned with jewels of all sorts (diamonds, sapphires, topaz etc.) alongside some vibrant colored jewels like blues or purples-it’ll be a glamourous addition to dress up any wardrobe.

Things To Try At Home

  • Chunky necklaces in complementary colors
  • Layered earrings in eye catching hues
  • Statement rings with intricate detailing
  • Cascading bracelets featuring sparkling gems.

Statement Earrings

This season, statement earrings are the rage. From dramatic gemstone pieces to bold metallic cuffs, it seems no one is afraid of being noticed. Whether you are attending an evening event or the most casual gathering, a pair of spectacular earrings can add that necessary finishing touch to any outfit. A unique style can help express your individual taste, while still reflecting the current trends in jewelry-making.

Gold and silver statement earrings adorned with colored stones remain popular this season. From pretty pastels to vivid bright colors, you can find beaded earrings that feature fun tassels and sparkling charms in a variety of shapes and sizes. These styles come in both chandelier and stud designs for all occasions. Whether your look is sophisticated or playful, there’s a pair of statement earrings to make you stand out from the crowd.

For those looking for something more versatile, dangles made from mixed metals create a modern twist on classic designs. Perfect worn by themselves or layered together for added effect, these contemporary creations have delicate curves and sleek lines sure to draw attention wherever you go.

With so many styles to choose from, picking just one can feel overwhelming – but whether you’re choosing something simple or daringly extravagant, you’ll always make an impression with a set of carefully chosen statement earrings this fall.


One of the biggest jewelry trends for this fall is to accessorize with chain necklaces and chokers. Chains come in many different styles, from traditional gold and silver links to more modern geometric shapes. Chunky chains add just the right amount of edginess to any look, while delicate chains are perfect for those who want a more subtle statement. With so many options, you can easily find a chain style that complements your style and wardrobe.

Chains are great layered with other pieces or worn alone as a statement piece. Warmer tones like rose gold are especially popular for the season, but you can mix and match gold or silver tones to create your own unique look.

La Jewelry Trends

Statement Earrings

Earrings made an impressive splash on the fashion scene this past summer and they are sure to remain one of 2017’s top trends this fall. From oversized hoops to longer dangles, earrings have evolved into a bold accessory that adds instant style to any ensemble. There’s no doubt that they will go perfectly with all the breezy blouses and cardigans of Fall 2017.

The bright colors associated with summer designs gave way during fall fashion weeks to matte metals, black frames and pearls, suggesting a more sophisticated look is on trend for the season. Delicate earrings featuring stones such as quartz and turquoise continue their reign as they transition effortlessly from spring through fall; adding texture to layered looks without overwhelming the silhouette.

Layered drop styles and mixed metals flatter most face shapes while bold tribal inspired designs channel an air of confidence through every step.

Layering Necklaces

Multi-chain necklaces have become increasingly popular over recent years; there’s no denying that nothing says chic like wearing multiple pieces at once. For Fall 2017, we’re seeing lots of organic materials paired with heavy metal chains in varying lengths around the neckline; vintage pendants embedded in leather hangs along heavy metallic link chains layered next to bold charms mapped against tubular sketchy links encased within metal-framed coins around thin leather cords – classically effortless luxury.

Jewellery designers have also embraced gemstones alongside shimmering rose gold pieces increasing popularity throughout Autumn Winter ’17 collections. Combining multiple styles results in an eye-catching effect like no other – try complex overlapping swirls of chunky chains clasped above multiple string strands braided together in intricate layers offset below a single dangling pendant for maximum originality.


Charms are becoming increasingly popular in jewelry making for the past few years and Fall 2017 is no exception. Not only are they a fun way to make your accessories stand out, but they can also tell stories about who you are as a person.

Charms come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional shapes like hearts, stars, crosses, butterflies etc., to more intricate designs like animals, clocks and castles. There are no limits to the amount of creativity you can put into personalising your charms Jewellery.

Here are Just some of Exciting Options You Have When it Comes to Choosing Charms

  • Fun themes like fairytale characters or mermaids
  • Gemstones with different cuts and colors
  • Symbols from different cultures and religions
  • Initials with engravings for each letter

You can easily add a charm onto your necklace with various techniques such as gluing, stitching or connecting it with a jump ring. This means that you can safely change them between different necklaces if you want to switch up styles even further.

Mixing & Matching Pieces To Create Your Own Unique Look

Most Fashion jewelry designers have embraced mixing and matching pieces together forming creative combinations based on personal taste; creating an entirely new look for customers. Beads also continue to be popularly used as the main attraction for designer earrings or bracelets, allowing customers maximum freedom when it comes to changing up their look from one piece of jewelry to another.

The use of charms with beads creates intricacy and sophistication in accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment by combining shapes, patterns or textures in order make something truly unique.

Pendants in various interchangeable chains allow flexibility so customers can use one pendant across multiple chains for work or causal occasions – giving them additional value for their money. Chains come in many materials such as sterling silver plated brass (for a classic look) or leather (which is great for subtle layering). The combination possibilities are simply endless.


Fall 2017 jewelry trends are focused on showcasing individual flair with unexpected designs and styles. Pendants are a great option to make a style statement. This season’s pendant styles take inspiration from the beauty of nature, use of intricate knot details, and sparkling gems like pearls. Here are three great ways to add an unexpected twist to any outfit:

  • Mix Nature-Inspired Designs: Make a bold statement by combining nature-inspired pendant designs with unique materials such as acrylic or porcelain. For the ultimate eye-catching look, consider layering several pieces in different textures such as leather, brass and optical fiber.
  • Try out Intricate Knot Details: Showcase your personality with intricate knot details adorning your pendant chains. A knotted chain design is ultra elegant yet still modern – perfect for adding dimension to any fall ensemble.
  • Play with Luminous Pearls: For a touch of luxury, rope in loads of luminosity by incorporating pearl elements into your look. Whether you opt for classic white or coloured shades like pink or turquoise for fall, the lustre of these precious stones will elevate your outfit instantly.

In addition to these beautiful pendant styles, don’t forget to experiment and add touches of unique metals this season too. Endlessly graceful rose gold remains popular in combination with other metals like silver and brass for truly original looks.

Delicate necklaces featuring rose gold accents punctuated with pearl elements will bring together traditional elegance and contemporary beauty in one eye-catching piece. The shine of sterling silver never goes unnoticed either; try out pieces that feature hints of gold detailing intertwined within them for understated coolness.

Trends Jewelry In Sm


Bracelets are a must in the jewelry trend today and this Fall will be no different. Jewelry designers are displaying an ever expanding number of handmade pieces as well as embracing traditional techniques with modern interpretations. Traditional materials such as gold and silver remain popular, but there is an array of equally interesting materials such as pearls, semi-precious stones, coral, shells and feathers often seen adorning wrists all over the world.

This Fall look for beautiful bracelets made from vibrant colors to transform your outfit. Here are five up and coming trends in bracelet designs:

  • Minimalistic Geometric Designs
  • Colorful Beaded Bracelets
  • Nature Inspired Pieces
  • Statement Cuffs
  • Chunky Chain Links

A minimalistic geometric design may appear delicate at first sight because of its creative use of unexpected shape sequences created from flat metal plates or scalloped strips. The apparent simplicity works great when worn with everyday casual clothing.

Colorful beaded bracelets have continued to gain popularity due to their intricate construction which allows for them to be transformed into stunning body adornment’s. Necklaces, rings, eardrops and many other attributes can give you a unique visual style by combining colorful beads to form a variety of patterns regardless of the design used in clothes.

Nature inspired pieces not only reflect current fashion trends but also bring a rustic feel to accessories. Shells, wood and stone powdered beads come together to create rhythmic eyecatchers ideal for boho chic looks gaining popularity in fashion events around globe this season.

Statement cuffs broadening up human perspective on fashion and beauty are powerful enough yet graceful enough when standing alone and reflects individual confidence like no other jewelery item can do. Lastly look out for chunky chain link necklaces whose boldness stands-out in any fashionista’s wardrobe especially when combined with authentic metal finishes like rusty gold or bronze.


Layering jewelry has always been a prominent fashion choice since centuries. This Fall, playing around with statement-making layered accessories is the go-to fashion trend. Whether it’s mixing fine and chunky gold necklaces or alternatively loading up on vintage and contemporary designs, this trend allows you to show off your personal style without putting too much effort into it.

You can either dress up head-to toe in layered pieces for an extravagant ensemble or contrast lacy dresses by accessorizing them with minimalistic yet striking layers of chains and lockets. Moreover, multiple layered rings, bracelets and chains lets you make a striking appearance among others without looking too over-the-top. All in all, wearing different pieces of jewelry yet making them look cohesive also gives people the opportunity to get creative with their everyday look.

    Advantages Of Layering Jewelry

  • Mixing different types of styles evoke a unique fashion sense
  • Layering adds depth and complexity to an outfit
  • People can be creative with their every day look
  • Mixing fine and chunky gold necklaces helps create a unique fashion

Finishing Touches

This fall, the stylish among us are opting for their jewelry to reflect their personalities. Instead of following a strict fashion trend list, or matching a particular season’s colors, they are selecting pieces that says something about who they are.

It’s all about self-expression and enjoying the process of building a collection that is unique to you. By choosing items that speak to your individual style you can create an accessory wardrobe that will last throughout the years.

Accessories have always been a great way to spruce up any outfit. And autumn gives us plenty of ways to express our personalities through pieces we select for the season. For instance, those with an eye for detail may be drawn towards gold chunky rings or statement earrings with intricate design work adorning them.

On the other hand, those with a more minimalist approach may prefer simpler items such as elegant hoop earrings and balanced necklaces that focus on minimalism rather than making too loud of a fashion statement. Combining both approaches together is also possible by mixing and matching some bolder pieces with neutral and subtle items for creative contrast in texture and color.

The accessorizing experience doesn’t stop there; with so many options like pendant necklaces, delicate anklets and show-stopping statement brooches available this Fall, the possibilities are endless. This year marks the return of dainty charm bracelets often associated with romantic and whimsical looks deemed “shabby-chic” inspired by traditional antique styles popularized during past eras like Victorian times – perfect for those looking for hint at tradition while still looking trendy and timeless as ever.

Not only do these timeless trinkets add subtle accents into everyday looks, but they also remind us all to appreciate life’s little things-whether personal in nature or given as gifts from special loved ones. Whatever your style – classic elegant, bohemian chic or vintage glamour be sure to choose finely detailed accessories full of emotional value so when anyone catches you sparkle wearing it – they know it has to be truly special.

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