En Route Jewelry

Introduction to En Route Jewelry

En Route Jewelry is a unique jewelry company based out of L.A., California. Founded in 2014 by designer Lashawnda Banks, the company has grown rapidly to become one of the buzziest in the world. At En Route Jewelry, Lashawnda has created an aesthetic that combines elements of street style with luxury sophistication.

The story behind En Route Jewelry is one of inspiration and determination. After completing fashion school, Lashawnda worked hard to create her own brand of jewelry. She traveled around the country, gathering inspiration from each place she visited and incorporating those ideas into her pieces. Her belief in herself led to a successful launch in Los Angeles’ fashion district at Neiman Marcus!

At En Route Jewelry, Lashawnda focuses on creating unique pieces that push boundaries and make a statement. Her designs can be bold and graphic or delicate and classic, often combining both for maximum impact. Customers will find everything from vibrant rainbow baubles to timeless pearls threaded with gold chains: all perfect for taking your look from subtle to stylishly daring!

The mission at En Route Jewelry is simple yet powerful: to empower women through individuality and self-expression via jewelry design. It’s this commitment to quality craftsmanship and client service that has made the company a top choice for fashion fans wanting one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their personality beyond trend cycles.

History of En Route Jewelry

En Route Jewelry was founded in 2010 by Husband and wife duo, Marco and Farah Bijlard. Their love for unique handmade jewelry has been the driving force guiding their business ever since. Through a combination of hard work, dedication to craftsmanship and creating unique pieces of jewelry, En Route Jewelry has developed into a dynamic, global brand with pieces being featured in National Jeweler Magazine, Riviera Magazine & US Weekly.

En Route Jewelry honors traditional cultural symbols from around the world, but adapts them for modern fashion. The jewelry designs are inspired by their travels worldwide where they capture the beauty of cultures from Morocco to South Africa to India. Of these cultures, Marco and Farah have specifically focused on traditional customs such as color symbolism in tribal artwork, while integrating modern interpretations that can be worn each day.

Their mission is bringing together cultures through weaving jewelry pieces made exclusively with natural gemstones collected on Marco & Farah’s trips that are tailored to create a timeless individual look. Collectively they search endlessly throughout distant mar-kets for the highest quality stones & materials so that every design is crafted out of careful consideration & precision involving only select collections displayed including necklaces, rings and bracelets adorned with gems or colored gold coins or European cut diamonds or even simple huggie hoops designed heart-silver chain link wire ties to bring warmth within your home!

The company continues to grow today offering stunning collections which feature one-of-a kind pieces accessorizing many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West and Katy Perry – just to name a few! With close attention devoted to customer service & satisfaction each purchase is handled with care via online & in person shopping experiences along with complimentary shipping on all purchases over $50 US dollars (including international) it’s no surprise En Route Jewelry continues on their journey towards becoming an iconic accessory leader in fashion worldwide!

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Exploration of En Route Jewelry’s Creative Aesthetic

En Route Jewelry is a brand centered around craftsmanship and creativity. Its signature designs are bold, striking, and stand out from the traditional jewelry styles most people are used to. While the company draws its creative influences from a global range of cultures, such as Asian, European and South American cultures, each design has its own unique flair that combines classic techniques with modern designs.

The jewels feature intricate details like geometric patterns and mandala-inspired assemblies that provide an overall balanced look. The colors range between highly saturated hues and pastel shades in order to provide a variety of options for any style preference. Despite being quite different in many ways from conventional jewelry styles, En Route Jewelry still manages to blend all its influences together seamlessly . This is evident in their collections which often contain pieces inspired by more than one culture which come together for memorable creations that fit both casual and formal occasions.

Material Selection

En Route Jewelry is committed to sourcing all materials for its pieces in an ethical and responsible way. The company only works with suppliers who abide by ethical standards and ensure that the materials are mined and manufactured in a sustainable and transparent manner. This commitment helps to prevent exploitation of workers, the environment, or the planet’s limited resources.

This high attention to detail has enabled En Route Jewelry to maintain a distinct level of craftsmanship that exceeds industry standards. All the gems used for their pieces have been hand-selected for their beauty, rarity and quality. They also use only superior metals such as gold, silver, and bronze because of their lasting durability and natural luster that adds elegance to each piece.

En Route Jewelry goes out of its way not only to source ethically but also to create truly stand-out pieces; each design is lovingly crafted from beginning to end with no shortcuts taken at any stage of production cycling back financial support into fair work conditions, communities and nature’s natural resources.

The Impact of En Route Jewelry

En Route Jewelry was founded by fashion designer and jewelry entrepreneur, Patricia Noel. Her designs are inspired by the elegance of nature, international travel, and the beauty of culture. Her pieces have been seen on high profile celebrities and influential influencers alike, signaling a strong emergence in the jewelry industry.

The impact of En Route Jewelry’s designs on the jewelry industry has been immense. Each piece is crafted with an empowering woman-first mentality, helping them to express themselves through their adornment choices. En Route Jewelry encourages women to be comfortable in their own skin while positively embodying their own femininity and attitude through bold styles. This type of confidence has resonated with customers across the globe, causing a surge in demand for pieces designed to help them express their inner selves.

In addition to encouraging expression and empowerment amongst women, this influx in demand for Empowering Jewelry has pushed competitors within the industry to embrace more modern designs that celebrate women’s unique flair – from intricate sculptural works to edgy asymmetrical lines. The creativity and innovative spirit that comes from empowering jewelry is increasingly visible in fine jewelry stores around the world, changing what was previously a male-dominated field into one whereboth genders can find equally beautiful pieces that fit their style and budget.

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Overall, En Route Jewelry’s presence within the industry is big news not only because if its beautiful aesthetics but also because of how it has empowered countless women around the world and allowed them to confidently rock bold looks that are truly expressive of themselves.

Promotion of Smart Shopping

En Route Jewelry prides itself in the promotion of smart shopping. They focus on teaching people to invest in durable quality pieces that will not only last for many years to come but can be proudly passed down to future generations. En Route encourages shoppers to take the time to research and explore different styles and materials before investing in a timeless piece that can be worn for every occasion. Through their dedication, consumers are assured a handsome return on their investment when it comes to buying quality jewelry. En Route also offers tailored payment plans for those who wish to purchase an exquisite piece but do not have the budget available at the moment. This allows them the opportunity to purchase a high-quality product without having to sacrifice quality or beauty. Not only is this a service that benefits customers financially, but it also creates trust and builds long-lasting relationships with customers.

Final Thoughts

En Route Jewelry was created by a group of creatives who wanted to tell stories about craftsmanship, perseverance and the undying power of creativity. The founders of En Route Jewelry believe in true craftsmanship – creating pieces with purpose, meaning and that are handmade with precision, care and skill. Their mission is to combine traditional artisan production with cutting-edge design techniques so that their customers can truly experience the joys of artistry. In every piece, they strive to capture the spirit of their favorite makers – from woodworkers to metal smiths – in order to honor their dedication and mastery.

Beyond its product offering, En Route Jewelry also has an inspiring message about the power of creativity. Though it has often been argued that artistry is no longer valued – or even essential – they counter that this simply is not true; they firmly maintain that creativity is just as vital today as ever before. With En Route Jewelry, customers will find something they can connect with – whether it be a meaningful pendant or an eye-catching bracelet – as well as more than a few reminders about why creative expression matters. They hope that each item found on their website serves as an example (and sometimes a gentle reminder) to stay curious and trust your own unique approach to life!

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