What Is Teething Jewelry


Teething jewelry, also known as chewable jewelry, is a type of necklace or bracelet designed especially for babies and young children. It provides sensory stimulation while they’re teething – helping them learn to explore different textures with their mouths. This jewelry is made usually made from safe materials such as food grade silicone, and non-toxic beads and wooden shapes for your baby/child to test out. With its bright colors, interesting shapes and textures, chewing on this type of product can be great fun for little ones just learning to grab things!

This type of jewelry also offers many additional advantages to both parents and babies alike. Firstly, it encourages the development of fine motor skills during the teething process by providing the perfect safe object to delicately explore with their hands – while using the part of their brain responsible for co-ordination. Secondly, when worn close to a child’s body it helps relieve some of the tenderness and pain associated with teething in babies – especially in those cases where traditional methods like freezing a clean wet cloth fail to soothe them. Additionally, due to its continuous use throughout the teething phase (starting at 3 months old), it becomes an integral part of a child`s growing identity and self-awareness – serving as more than just an accessory but also something that trains their bodies and stimulates their senses. Finally, because these pieces are crafted from tactile materials like wood or silicone, they make for easy cleaning which reassures parents about hygiene levels when passing them between various care givers in daycare settings or even between siblings at home.

What Is Teething Jewelry and What Materials Are Used?

Teething jewelry is an accessory made from a variety of materials that parents and caregivers use to provide relief for their babies as they experience the pain associated with teething. They are breathable, flexible, and lightweight, so that little hands can grab them for tactile stimulation. The most commonly used materials in teething jewelry include food-grade silicone, organic beechwood, hemp cord, organic cotton string, organic linen cord, and untreated soft leather. Teething jewelry can come in the form of a necklace or bracelet, though some brands also offer tailored items such as pacifier clips or keychain teethers. This type of jewelry serves multiple purposes: not only does it help the baby’s gums feel better while allowing them to explore tactile surfaces, but styles can be designed to match mommy’s clothing or personal taste.

Is Teething Jewelry Safe for Babies?

Teething jewelry is a type of jewelry that is specifically designed for babies or toddlers to relieve the irritation and discomfort associated with teething. It often includes necklaces, bracelets or anklets made from soft, non-toxic materials such as silicone and food-grade, BPA-free plastic beads. Some pieces are even decorated with beads of various shapes and colors for an additional decorative touch. The silicone material is typically cooler than baby’s temperature which allows them to chew on it without causing any harm to their gums or teeth while also helping to soothe any discomfort they may be feeling.

When it comes to safety considerations, teething jewelry should only be worn under adult supervision and should be removed when not in use. If a piece breaks or shows any signs of wear and tear such as a crack in the beads, replace it immediately to avoid the risk of choking hazards. Be sure to inspect the pieces before use each time and discard them if they become worn out or damaged.

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How Teething Jewelry Can Help Relieve Teething Pain

Teething jewelry, also known as baby necklace and teethers, are a unique kind of accessory worn around the neck or wrist of infants and small children intended to help relieve pain caused by teething. These pieces usually consist of different colored beads, made from natural materials, that are chewed on to massage sore gums and reduce discomfort. While these pieces can be a fashionable statement for certain age groups, they may prove to be especially beneficial for parents whose babies are having trouble with their first few teeth coming in.

By providing a natural option for relieving teething pain, teething jewelry helps provide relief without the need for over-the-counter medication or other unnatural methods. The natural material used to create these accessories is hypoallergenic, free from toxins and safe for babies to chew on, instead of using their fingernails or putting other objects in their mouth. The beads are designed to fit snugly against the baby’s gums helping them ease the pressure of emerging teeth. As well as providing some comfort these necklaces act as a stylish reminder about their importance during this developmental stage; plus if you’re out with your child you can take part in conversations about why your child is wearing jewellery!

Different Styles of Teething Jewelry

Teething jewelry is jewelry specifically designed for babies to wear and use as a teether. It typically consists of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and other pieces that can be worn around the neck or wrist. The bright colors, soft texture, and calming effects make it popular with babies and mothers alike.

Different styles of teething jewelry include silicone beads in various colors, shapes and sizes strung together with a knotted cord or ring arrangement. Some have built-in shapes like starfish or hearts for added tactile stimulation. Silicone rings offer greater flexibility so that you can easily accommodate the size of your baby’s hand. Wooden teething beads provide an organic feel with just the right amount of firmness for safe chewing. Acrylic necklaces and pendants are lightweight, durable options with non-toxic finishes embedded into their design. Lastly, there are even leather versions made out of either vegan or traditional leather that features smooshy textures perfect for little chompers!

Best Practices for Using Teething Jewelry

Teething jewelry is jewelry specifically designed for babies, toddlers and children to use as a teething aid. It usually consists of necklaces, bracelets or rings that can be worn by either parent or baby and are typically made from natural materials such as wood, cotton, silicone and/or beads (sometimes with metal parts). Some designs contain small bells or toys, while others incorporate different colors or textures. The purpose of wearing these accessories is to provide tactile stimulation, promote relaxation and provide an alternative to traditional teethers/soothers such as rubber pacifier clips and plastic rings.

Best practices for using teething jewelry include always supervising your child when wearing the jewelry to ensure that no bits come off or get stuck in their mouths. Also make sure to read the instructions found on the packaging of the product you’re purchasing to make sure it’s free from any toxic materials like BPA or phthalates. Lastly, ensure the necklace is the correct size so that it won’t easily be swallowed by your child during wear—for instance most necklace designs have a breakaway-style clasp that can separate at a set tension should your baby pull too hard on it.

Benefits of Teething Jewelry for Babies and Parents

Teething jewelry is a special type of jewelry that is specifically designed for babies and toddlers to wear, helping them soothe and distract from their teething pain. Teething jewelry is made out of materials like silicone, metal, plastic, or acrylic—all of which are safe for baby’s skin, with no lead and BPA-free components. The soft and textured surfaces act as a protective barrier between baby’s gums and whatever they want to chew on while they are teething. Teething jewelry is not only chewing toys—many designs are also stylish accessories!

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This functional and fashionable accessory offers multiple benefits for parents and babies alike. For babies, the texture helps to provide relief as it massages their gums during the uncomfortable process of teething. Moreover, some pieces have added features such as being completely waterproof or containing mild medications which can help alleviate symptoms even further. For parents, wearing this type of jewelry may be an ideal way to keep track of the teething stages or mix in fashion with practicality while still staying safe and comfortable knowing that the product contains no harmful additives. Not to mention it can be handily attached to strollers or car seats so that babies cannot take them off and put them in their mouths accidentally. All in all, teething jewelry can make both parent life easier while relieving some of the discomfort your little one feels when they’re growing those new teeth!

Frequently Asked Questions about Teething Jewelry

Q: What is teething jewelry?

A: Teething jewelry is a type of accessory specifically designed for babies to safely chew on. It is made from soft, durable materials like food-grade silicone and organic cotton, so it can be easily cleaned and doesn’t pose any risk to the baby’s health. Teething jewelry comes in many different styles, including colorful beads, pendants with shapes or characters on them, and even necklaces for mom or dad to wear that are stylish enough for everyday use. Many pieces come with breakaway clasps that make sure the baby cannot remove them without help. This type of jewelry is great for providing much-needed relief to a teething infant while providing an attractive accessory.


Teething jewelry is special jewelry designed for babies to wear and chew on. It can have a variety of textures such as soft rubber, wooden beads, or plastic. This type of jewelry is also made with different materials, like cotton, faux leather, and even silicone. Teething jewelry provides a safe way for babies to ease the discomfort associated with teething and relieves their gums from the pain of swollen or loosened teeth. Additionally, teething jewelry allows parents to take part in their baby’s development. Babies not only benefit from the tactile engagement, but it also prevents them from biting furniture or household items that may contain harmful bacteria or toxins. Teething jewelry also transfers oral bacteria from baby’s mouth to the object they are biting on instead of directly from baby to parent when worn by a parent while out in public. Wearing teething jewelry around the neck promotes hands-free carrying which can help reduce fatigue by providing extra support for parents’ necks and arms. All in all, teething jewelry is beneficial as it helps babies through their first stage of tooth development while giving parents an activity they can do with them without worry or stress.