Emil Meister Retro Jewelry

Emil Meister Retro Jewelry is a unique company that blends vintage and contemporary aesthetics with timeless craftsmanship. Founded in Austria in 1937, the brand strives to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that are both classic and modern.

It is their commitment to excellence and passion for fine artisanship that has made them such a sought-after brand by collectors of vintage jewelry. Their designs feature classic motifs and materials, adding a touch of sophistication while still remaining true to their roots.

The brand works with master jewelers to shape each piece’s design elements with an exquisite attention to detail. From freshwater pearl earrings to rose gold bracelets, their collection features luxurious and versatile pieces for any occasion.

A signature element of Emil Meister Retro Jewelry is the signature leaf motif, which can be found in many of their designs. They have also been known to incorporate other symbols into their pieces, alluding to nature-inspired images such as hummingbirds or butterflies.

From everyday wearables to statement pieces for special occasions, Emil Meister Retro Jewelry offers something for everyone and promises quality craftsmanship for every item they produce. The brand values sustainable practices, ethically sourcing materials from trustworthy local vendors whenever possible.

Each piece is carefully inspected and receives individual attention before being prepped for sale or delivery. Customers can trust that their Emil Meister purchase will last them through the years thanks to the high standards set by the brand itself and its reliable vendors.


Emil Meister Retro Jewelry is a jeweler of distinction and fine craftsmanship. Founded in 1981 by Emil J. Meister III, the company has built its reputation on providing exquisite and unique jewelry pieces that capture the emerging spirit of artistry at a desirable price point.

For over forty years, Emil Meister’s commitment to creating beautiful designs from only the highest quality materials has provided customers with timeless pieces that can be cherished for generations. Meister himself hand selects powerful precious stones and metals for his creation showrooms, embodied with imaginative designs that each represent their own meaning and story.

He often speaks about designing pieces inspired by “the emotion of a good moment” – which remind those who wear them of special moments in their life, whether it be a life event or simply the beauty found in between them and nature.

Creating truly nostalgic jewelry is no small feat, but there’s a certain level of pride taken at Emil Meister Retro Jewelry with knowing that each piece made will become part of a much larger mosaic – an heirloom-worthy collection that evokes both sentimentality and artful excellence. With hundreds of designs available to choose from, these treasures provide something for everyone within reach – an element which makes this exquisite collection even more captivating.

Furthermore, all Emil Meister Retro Jewelry comes with guaranteed lifetime service, all without compromising on quality or craftsmanship – thus making it one of the most sought after design houses within the world of fine jewelry today.

Design Elements

Emil Meister Retro Jewelry celebrates classic and modern design elements with their pieces. Their jewelry combines the timeless elegance of vintage jewelry styles from all over the world with a modern interpretation, creating elegant yet stylish pieces. Emil Meister’s jewelry often looks back on iconic movements from the past and pays tribute to them in subtle and innovative ways, putting a unique spin on traditional designs.

The classic elements of Emil Meister Retro Jewelry are inspired by art nouveau, victorian, Art Deco and other popular movements in history. Their pieces feature gems, motifs and forms that were popularized during various eras like filigree work, intricate engravings, latticework and delicate detailing. They also feature symbolism such as rams and starbursts that symbolize protection and eternity respectively. All of these elements come together to create extraordinary jewelry that showcases tradition while embracing the modern world.

Modern design elements found in Emil Meister Retro Jewelry include an array of bold colors such as sapphire blue, rich turquoise green or bright orange along with unexpected shapes for earrings like tassels or cubes.

In addition to drawing inspiration from different eras, Emil Meister also crafts exclusive pieces utilizing modern technologies including laser cutting patterns or 3D printing technology which are both used to bring unique textures to their styles as well as create unusual shapes for rings or necklaces.

By meshing together vintage designs with both traditional and state-of-the-art technology, Emil Meister Retro Jewelry has created pieces that honor the past while staying current with trends. They have incorporated cultural icons into the form of high quality costume jewelry making it trendy but timeless at the same time; providing a modest way for their customers to appreciate uniqueness in fashion all while supporting emerging local artisanship entrenched within Indonesia’s diverse culture.

Product Line

Emil Meister’s product line of fashion jewelry presents the perfect accessories for all occasions, from the everyday to formal events. The diverse assortment offers something distinctive for everybody. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings in gold and silver-tone materials can be found in various styles.

Emil Meister’s products are designed to make a statement with their bold yet wearable designs. For example, Emil Meister’s head-turning necklaces offer trendy shapes such as stars and crescent moons full of shimmering stones or charms. In addition to classic chains and choker styles, there are also bold pendants encrusted with crystals or unique lockets in a variety of textures.

The designer’s bracelet selection provides plenty of opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Wraparound styles feature intricate woven patterns that shimmer through their metal base, while the charm bracelets offer varied links decorated with trinkets that are bound together by cute clasp designs like hearts or roses.

Retro Vintage Jewelry For Sale

The same elegance marks Emil Meister’s rings too – beautiful encrusted bands merge metal surfaces with circonia stones creating an evergreen accessory that sticks with trends effortlessly. With enameled earrings shaped like flowers or triangles they can complete any ensemble effortlessly while still exuding timeless style and charm into each look they appear in.

As if beauty wasn’t already enough motivation for a purchase – the quality delivery comes at no extra charge. Thanks to two main manufacturing processes used by Emil Meister’s artisans: vacuum plating & galvanic coating your pieces will remain as good as new even after years of wear and tear proving it a truly wise investment decision.

No matter how many shine faces competition on any given day; an Emil Meister accessory is guaranteed to be top choice thanks to its diverse selection combined with unparalleled craftsmanship delivered straight from one of Europe’s leading designer studios masterfully operated by trained artisans over 8 decades now – it’s hard to lose when experience steers the wheel.


Emil Meister’s dedication to craftsmanship is seen in each of his designs and is evident in the pieces that make up his jewelry collection. Of all the many distinct materials used in Emil Meister’s designs, gold, silver, and cabochon opal are among the most popular. His exquisite gold pieces range from delicate chokers and necklaces to statement rings – embellished with an array of sparkling stones such as diamonds and sapphires.

His approach to creating these delicate but bold pieces is one that always displays impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship. He brings together traditional techniques of jewelry making, such as filigree or hammered techniques, with modern design elements like geometric shapes.

Silver also plays a large part in Emil Meister’s signature style – framing his intricate designs with ribbons of sterling silver that gives each piece its own unique character. Silver is often paired alongside with rose gold for a beautiful contrast between cool tones and warm shades; alternatively it can envelope striking cabochon opal which showcases veins of colour radiating from its almost translucent centre.

When combined with Emil’s recognizable claw setting design, these opals glimmer against your body providing an unforgettable sparkle when you move during the day or night.

Emil Meister’s ability to tread the line between classic craftsmanship and modern fashion makes him highly sought after by those wanting both elegant beauty and contemporary edge. Using only the finest materials meant his jewellery was always at a high standard no matter how complex or simple they were designed – ensuring everyone could find something suited to their own personal taste.

His timelessness has been reflected each season by adding certain pieces newly made from rock crystal quartz or onyx – bringing back a vintage look while still being ahead of trend; proving he truly stands apart from the rest when it comes to producing jewellery fit for both everyday use and special occasions alike.


Emil Meister Retro Jewelry offers a delightful blend of faith, art, tradition and modernity. Each piece of Emil Meister’s jewelry is handcrafted, with great attention to detail and design; the end result is truly unique and stylish.

Every piece is inspired by Romania’s traditional and folkloric designs, with an underlying spiritual message that reveals itself in delicate relief embroidery work on icons. This combination of spirituality and artistic craftsmanship results in a tone of beauty and trust amongst jewelry connoisseurs.

The detailed relief work on Emil Meister’s jewelry crosses periods and styles, as they seamlessly combine religious symbols found around Eastern Europe with more traditional techniques such as filigree, goldsmithing, gem crafting, enameling and one-of-a-kind woven patterns formed from precious metal threads. Modern interpretations have a very distinct style – contemporary motifs featuring strong geometric elements combined with more classical organic curves make them true works of art.

Exquisite gems such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires are carefully mounted within these designs, adding sparkle that brings out their beauty even further.

In addition to creating beautiful pieces for us to wear every day, Emil Meister also offers bespoke collections for special occasions. Whether it be a bride looking for her perfect engagement or wedding rings, or someone hoping to really mark a momentous occasion such as a birthday or anniversary – Emil Meister can create something incredibly special that no one else can match.

They offer consultations where clients can bring their own ideas in order to create completely new creations – including reworking old family heirlooms into updated pieces that are timelessly exquisite.

Celebrity Fans

Emil Meister’s dazzling jewelry designs have caught the attention of some of the world’s biggest stars. From A-list celebrities attending red carpet events, to singers taking center stage on tour, it seems everywhere you turn famous faces are spotted wearing Emil Meister’s stylish pieces.

Not only has this recognition given the brand an enormous boost in terms of public profile and reputation, but it also demonstrates just how popular these pieces have become with many of today’s stars.

One of the first things that stands out about Emil Meister’s creations is their unique retro look that combines vintage styling with modern style sensibilities. This contrast helps create eye-catching combinations that offer a playful and fashionable look when pieced together.

Retro Jewelry Style

What sets Emil Meister apart even more is their ability to take traditional cutouts and shapes, mixing them with semi-precious gemstones to craft breath-takingly beautiful pieces. It comes as little surprise then why Emil Meister has become so popular with so many celebrities who like to make bold fashion statements.

A few A-list names known for wearing Emil Meister include Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Zendaya Coleman among others. From magazine covers and award ceremonies to pop music videos, these stars have time after time chosen a piece from Emil Meister for big media moments.

They always seem to find unique ways of showing off their favorite designs whether it be by accessorizing an evening gown at an award show or simply complementing an everyday streetwear look with stunning accessories. Nevertheless, one thing remains true – – The brand continues go from strength to strength thanks in part to its famous fans showing off its designs all over the world.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for Emil Meister jewelry is essential to its beauty. While it may seem like a straightforward task, there are a few factors to take into consideration to ensure your pieces maintain their brilliance for many years.

First and foremost is protecting the jewelry from damage and scratches caused by action such as knocking against hard surfaces or accidental dropping. Since Emil Meister pieces are made of precious materials, they can be delicate and prone to damage from external forces if not properly cared for.

To help prevent any impact related wear and tear, it is best to store Emil Meister pieces in an anti-tarnish pouch when not wearing them. This will also help protect the delicate metalwork from becoming tarnished over time.

Second, regularly clean Emil Meister jewelry with a gentle cloth after each wearing session. This helps keep the piece free of debris and dust build up that could interfere with the clarity of gemstones and glass settings if left alone too long between cleanings.

It is also important to be mindful when cleaning between tight areas such as within intricate chains or engraved scrolls; use gentle movements to avoid damaging the workmanship behind these details. An occasional light polishing with a specialized cloth helps restore lustre should any minor marks begin appearing on highly polished silver or gold surfaces.

Lastly, taking care when handling magnified stones or pierced designs ensures optimal longevity for Emil Meister pieces since these details can easily become damaged over time if not treated gently when worn or stored away. Over saturating pieces with lotions, perfumes or oils can also contribute to discoloration over time so it is best practice to avoid contact with everyday fluids when wearing an Emil Mehster piece of jewelry.

Following these simple steps will help preserve your unique works of art well into the future without sacrificing any level of quality through premature aging due to improper care.

Final Thoughts

Emil Meister jewelry is a classic and timeless treasure. Exquisitely crafted pieces are richly appointed with fine metals, precious stones, and intricate detailing to create unique works of wearable art that any collector would be proud to own.

In today’s world of mass-produced trinkets, an Emil Meister piece can stand out from the crowd and turn heads-the kind of statement few other types of jewelry can make. The pieces have been designed since 1924 and have stood the test of time as they become rarer and more sought after every day.

The beauty and charm of Emil Meister jewelry lies in its combination of affordability and desirable craftsmanship. Each piece has its own personal touch reflected in the various metals, stones, enamels and engravings chosen, thus making it impossible to find anything exactly like it anywhere else.

No matter where they come from, each elegant design depicts a glance at a fascinating past era full of beauty and style. Their quality materials make them last for years, maintaining their brilliance over time – which makes them even more treasurable for generations to come.

An Emil Meister piece truly does make an unforgettable statement – no matter who wears it or when they wear it; on special occasions or daily life alike. This exquisite jewelry is worn by those who appreciate fine handcrafted details as well as those seeking something different from what’s available at shopping malls all over the world.

It’s also ideal for collectors seeking one-of-a-kind pieces for their collection or for gifts – investing in something that will last a lifetime that celebrates special occasions or memorializes loved ones is priceless.

For those looking for an irreplaceable gift that lasts forever-an Emil Meister piece speaks volumes about taste and style and love. Whether these pieces be kept in families or passed on as heirlooms; given romantically as curiosities; bought speculatively as investments; gifted casually on birthdays/other celebrations etc., owning one guarantees quality design graced with splendid attention to detail that will always bring pride when worn or displayed with pleasure.