Eso Where To Get Jewelry Trait Materials

Jewelry trait materials are an integral part of the Elder Scrolls Online game. This type of material, which can be found in various places across the game’s world, is used to upgrade your gear and increase its stats and effectiveness.

Knowing where to get jewelry trait materials can be a challenge; however, understanding what they are, why they are important and how they work can go a long way in helping you acquire just the right pieces for your needs.

What are Jewelry Trait Materials?

Jewelry trait materials are crafting items that allow players to unlock traits on their gear. These traits provide stats bonuses such as increased armor or weapon damage, elemental resistances and so much more.

Each piece will require different combinations of these materials in order to activate a unique trait. However, it should be noted that depending on the rarity of the item being crafted, more jewelry trait materials may need to be gathered in order for the object to receive further upgrades from additional traits.

Where to Get Jewelry Trait Materials

There are several places that offer jewelry trait materials including public dungeons, faction rewards from quests and world bosses, daily dungeon rewards (Frostvault), buying them using Alliance Points or Tel Var Stones from NPCs in any alliance base camp and via crafting vendors in Cyrodiil (after completing some specific crafting writs). Moreover, certain elite areas also feature special monsters who drops such materials so it is worth exploring these areas when possible.

Additionally there may be random events throughout Tamriel which also reward such loot should you find yourself in one’s vicinity during this time. Lastly trading with other players or guilds is also an option as sometimes people might have too much of one type material collected throughout their adventures and would like to get rid off them quickly.


Overall jewelry trait materials have become an essential part of successful playing within ESO as mastering their location(s) enables players to customize their items according to personal preferences while greatly increasing their effectiveness when fighting against various opponents across Tamriel’s many lands.

Where to Find Jewelry Trait Materials Used by Craftsmen

Auction Houses are a great place to find Jewelry Trait Materials. Not only do they contain an abundant selection of precious materials, but auction houses also allow players to bid on desirable items before they make the purchase.

This means that they can get the best prices possible, while not being tied up in a contract or limited to a single supplier. While some players may find the auction houses intimidating at first, with enough practice and patience, they’ll be able to make plenty of deals and procure any materials needed for their jewelry-crafting needs.

Guild Stores are another reliable place where one might get a hold of Jewelry Trait Materials. Most guild stores are filled with vendors offering top quality products from all over Tamriel.

Guild traders will often provide rare jewelery pieces from merchants at satisfactory discounts or even free shipping if the product is particularly desired by them. Moreover, one will be able to find all sorts of associated profits and perks like various services like appraisals, repairs, restorations and more within those same guild walls.

Mobs found out in the wilds are another source of acquiring Jewelry Trait Materials. When traveling around Tamriel on your Grand Adventure, keep your eyes open for Loot Containers or killable enemies which could drop useful resources as loot upon eliminating them successfully during battle encounters.

Furthermore, certain mobs also drop specific jewelry trait materials as raw resources which you could use when creating unique traits for your new piece of jewelry. All in all mob farming could prove immensely rewarding once enough knowledge about specific drops has been gathered from users who have explored this option previously.

Best Places to Farm Jewelry Trait Materials in ESO

For those looking to really dive into the Elder Scrolls Online game and unlock the best equipment, being able to keep up with the latest trends in jewelry trait material acquisition is key. Players looking for jewelry trait materials should know there are a few different places around Tamriel that they can look.

The primary place to go if you are looking for jewelry trait materials is PvP zones. In both Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, different types of jewelry traits can be found. Within a particular zone, there will be mobs or NPCs that have an increased chance of dropping specialty items such as these materials.

This makes them great sources of loot whether you’re soloing or grouped up with friends. Be sure to keep an eye out for anything that could drop during player-versus-player combat as well and it won’t hurt to capitalise on any downtime and do some looting either.

Another great way to get jewelry trait materials is by participating in dungeons or group content such as trial runs, pledges and more. Within each instance there is a chance that certain types of items will drop from slain enemies and treasure chests alike. Of course, if you are partied with friends during your adventures then it may improve your chances of acquiring all kinds of goodies in the process.

You can also try joining arena events since these might have even better rewards. Not only do they offer great XP but also lots of rare loot including various types of jewelry traits too.

Finally, the last option available (that isn’t too hard on your gold) is crafting locations. Players who want to try their luck at crafting pieces or compounds often have access to special nodes where rare gems can be retrieved as a reward for successful recipes or research projects within its associated profession like Smithing or Enchanting formulaes.

How To Make Jewelry From Recycled Materials

Identifying the Most Valuable Jewelry Trait Materials

When looking for jewelry trait materials you need to first identify their rarity and the level of value they hold. Rarity is determined by a number of factors such as availability, difficulty extracting or manufacturing the material, aesthetic uniqueness, age, and demand. For example, diamonds are rare because they are in limited supply and extremely difficult to extract.

Gold is highly sought after due to its use in jewelry as well as its scarcity on the market. Knowing which materials have the potential for more value is important when deciding what type of jewelry trait material to shop for.

Once rarity has been established it is time to look at current value trends. Keeping up with global markets such as diamonds and rubies will help inform decisions about which type of jewelry trait material you should purchase. Trends in pricing can give insight into where buyers may be willing pay top dollar for higher quality pieces and allow sellers to take advantage of this inflation in value by charging premium prices for certain types of pieces.

While rarity and current trends are important there are several other considerations shoppers should make before spending money on any jewelrly trait material purchases. One consideration is how long a seller has been in business and if they have a reputation for carrying genuine items with accurate descriptions.

Shoppers should also take note of any guarantees given by sellers on these items or research the company’s policies on return/exchanges beforemaking a purchase to ensure that their transaction will go smoothly if needed. Doing research ahead of time can help protect buyers from being scammed out of their money or getting items that do not match descriptions provided online or in store ads.

Unique Quests in ESO to Obtain Jewelry Trait Materials

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a beloved MMORPG that gives players the opportunity to explore the world of Tamriel as they choose and experience a wealth of different adventures. Players in ESO often use crafting or enchanting during their travels, both of which require different materials for specific traits and items.

Jewelry trait materials are some of the most sought-after materials in the game and can be quite difficult to obtain, but luckily, there are still several methods for getting the materials you need without grinding away hours searching dungeons.

One way many players get jewelry trait materials is by completing unique quests. There are countless one-of-a-kind missions scattered throughout ESO’s world and some of them reward players with jewelry trait matrices when they’re completed. These quests are rarely advertised, so discerning which ones offer rewards can take some effort; read through quest descriptions and pay attention to rumors spread by other players to find out which ones reward valuable resources like these materials.

Additionally, there may be hidden treasure caches or areas only accessible after a task has been completed that house jewelry trait material rewards; always keep an eye out for odd things around Tamriel. This method will certainly take time and could yield few locations, but nevertheless it remains one of the best ways in ESO to get jewels trait material outside of drops from defeated enemies or purchased from vendors.

A third way players can collect jewelry trait material is by joining groups created solely for the purpose of collecting these rare containers. There are certain guilds dedicated to this important resource, meaning subscribers work hard together with new strategies and tactics aimed at finding these precious mats.

Joining these enthusiastic explorers may turn up multiple spots over a short period of time due to their advanced scouting methods – though memberships aren’t necessary every day as results depend on how skilled each guild is at tracking down resources like this. Those who join may form relationships with fellow seekers while taking part in interesting conversations about new findings shared by those experienced in this field – overall it’s an enlightening experience.

Jewelry Trait Materials Found in DLC and Expansions

When trying to get jewelry trait materials for crafting and enchanting, ESO players can sometimes find their search a discouragingly difficult one. While some of these materials are naturally found across Tamriel, most of them must be purchased from vendors. Thankfully, with several DLCs and expansions being added throughout the years, getting some of these sought-after materials can be made easier.

The Morrowind expansion is one of the most promising places players can go if they’re hunting for jewelry trait materials. This expansion features a huge area filled with different kinds of enemies and plants players can collect resources from, oftentimes including precious crafting ingredients like rubies or garnets. Additionally, Celestial motifs are readily available in Vvardenfell – the setting of Morrowind – making it easier to obtain necessary gemstones or ores when engaging in crafting activity in this new area.

However, even if you’re not adventuring through Morrowind there is still hope for obtaining certain jewelry trait materials. In Summerset Isle – a location featured as part of the Summerset chapter – you will find some vendors offering rare ingredients like bloodstone dust or pearl sand at fair prices.

As though that wasn’t incentive enough to explore this beautiful area, soul gems and ruby dust are more commonly found during expeditions within its many caves. All in all, Summerset Isle provides another good source for suitable jewelry enchanting mats such as unholy soil and tempers according to various player reports.

TIP: Buying or trading with other players also remains as an option since there are exclusive offers always appearing on Guild Traders giving special discounts off usually expensive items like procurer motivs used to upgrade equipment into desirable accessory pieces perfect for both PvE combat and aesthetic look alike.

Strategies for Obtaining Jewelry Trait Materials

Group-play is the most efficient way of obtaining Jewelry Trait Materials in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). One advantage of playing in a group is that it gives you access to more powerful enemies who have a higher chance of dropping valuable items. The other advantage of group-play is that players can split-up and tackle multiple objectives which will help maximize their loot rate.

Eso Jewelry Trait Materials

A good example would be running Group Dungeons; not only will you gain experience by defeating monsters, completing quests, and solving puzzles, but you’ll also be able to pick up various Jewelry Trait Materials as well. Doing this with multiple members from the same party allows for even faster clearing out of dungeons and access to more mobs and bosses.

Furthermore, those who are higher level can help carry weaker teammates through the dungeon and make sure everyone participates in receiving rewards without anyone having to miss out.

The solo-player option is also an effective way for obtaining Jewelry Trait Materials in ESO. Solo-playing has its own challenges which makes it quite different from playing with others but it does not mean that you cannot find success with your endeavors.

While it may take longer than with a group, solo-players still have plenty of options on where to gather these materials such as World Bosses or activities like fishing or tailoring which can all reward you with great treasures if explored correctly. Ultimately, solo play comes down to being comfortable with taking your time and staying patient while exploring each area thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

Irrespective of whether you opt for solo or multiplay options when hunting for Jewelry Trait Materials in ESO, your efforts need not go unrewarded if you stay committed to seeing things through until the end. With a bit of practice and discipline when tackling certain objectives, maximizing rewards becomes second nature – granting players greater wealth than ever imagined.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying Jewelry Trait Materials

Purchasing Jewelry trait materials can be a great way to upgrade your gear, however it is important to understand the pros and cons before making a purchase. One major benefit of buying Jewelry materials over farming them yourself is that it’s usually faster and cheaper.

Buying the mats directly from service providers in-game or online removes the need for farming, which can save time and cost you less resources overall. Service providers like ESO Plus membership also give players additional details about their purchases, such as access to exclusive offers.

Another benefit to consider when buying Jewelry trait material is that you have access to materials not available conventionally. This additional variety allows players more options when trying to craft the perfect item.

The ability to buy higher quality traits improves upon what was previously available on the market, allowing players access to extra variety that may not be otherwise accessible in their area or playstyle. Additionally, specialty vendors often offer lower prices than other vendors due to group discounts or other promotion techniques.

However, buying jewelry trait material does have some major downsides as well; increased competition drives up costs due to high demand and limited availability of certain mats. High markups on pricey items limit how many of them you can buy at one time further driving up costs as they pile up over time.

It might also be difficult to find a reliable vendor who you feel is trustworthy and has fair prices so caution should be exercised before investing large amounts of time or money into purchasing mats without researching the vendor first.

Additionally, expensive price tags for rare items prevents most players from being able to afford them which limits progress for those trying to upgrade their gear quickly with limited availability funds from both real life and in game earnings combined limit which types of valuable items can be purchased by effective budgeting plans.


Jewelry used in ESO is created from trait materials that can be found across Tamriel. With this in mind, it’s important for players to know the best places to find the necessary materials when crafting their jewelry. One way to locate them is through purchasing them directly from vendors or collecting them from treasure chests and other destructible objects.

Additionally, some of the rarer materials, like rubies and jades, are also obtainable through completing daily quests or by killing monsters. Lastly, with a little bit of luck and patience, it’s also possible to get these materials via Cyrodiil Lobbies, which are essentially a type of PvP battle between player-alliances vying for control over various locations.

As far as tips go for finding these jewelry trait materials most easily and quickly, one of the best ones would be keeping an eye out nearby anytime an enemy mob is slain, as they typically have a chance to drop a rare material when defeated.

In addition to this, daily quests provide an opportunity for players to search specific regions and defeat tough enemies while on the quest; many times doing so will reward them with great loot drops – including jewelry trait items – at the end.

Finally, if all else fails (or if you’re feeling particularly daring), trying your hand at PvPing in Cyrodiil lobbies is another surefire method of getting valuable rewards items.

When it comes down to it, finding jewelry trait materials used in ESO only requires a bit of effort and awareness for those who want to craft their own pieces. Though these items can’t always be found easily or on-demand within the game world itself, locating existing sources with careful searching and smart play can give any hopeful jewelry crafter the best chances possible for success.