Dresser With Jewelry Storage

A dresser with jewelry storage is a popular furniture item for bedroom decor. It typically consists of a spacious drawer or drawers organized for the storage of various jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Additionally, it could be constructed from timber such as pine, oak, and cherry wood or mdf (medium-density fiberboard).

This type of dresser with jewelry storage often come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the need of the buyer. The drawer is usually hidden behind an intricately designed front panel featuring intricate carvings that add an extra touch of elegance to any bedroom. Furthermore, some manufacturers also offer extra features such as soft close mechanisms or LED lighting.

Uses for Dresser With Jewelry Storage: Practical applications Dressers with jewelry storage are very practical and functional pieces of furniture because they provide the perfect place to store all kinds of jewelry items. This way you no longer need to worry about where to store your valuables. Plus it gives you the chance to neatly organize each piece just by placing them into their respective sections or compartments.

Another great use of these dressers is that since they are made out of sturdy materials like wood or mdf (medium-density fiberboard), they can easily withstand any type of moisture or water damage caused by spills or other accidents in your bedroom. This makes them ideal pieces for homes located in humid areas like beaches or near pools as well.

Maintenance for Dresser With Jewelry Storage: Keep your jewelry safe Maintaining a dresser with jewelry storage is actually quite easy compared to other furniture pieces in the house because it doesn’t require constant cleaning like wooden floors and sofas do.

However, if you want your dresser to look neat and polished every single time then you should consider regular dusting if possible and use some kind of protective coating on its surfaces even though most manufacturers have already implemented one during production process in order to avoid scratches from everyday use.

Moreover, should you decide to buy yourself new drawers it is important to check if they come pre-oiled so as not to make any damage from potentially harsh substances used while cleaning every time afterwards.

Benefits of Jewelry Storage in a Dresser

Adding jewelry storage to a dresser is an excellent way to keep jewelry organized, secure, and stored in an aesthetically pleasing manner. There are many practical and aesthetic benefits of using an ensemble of drawers or cabinets for jewelry storage.

The most obvious practical benefit of using a dresser for jewelry storage is the enhanced organization of jewelry it provides. With a dresser that’s specifically designed for storing jewelry, necklaces won’t get tangled together and rings won’t get lost. Certain types of drawers can be divided into compartments and then further subdivided with custom dividers for greater organization. The drawers can also provide space to store other valuable items like watches and cufflinks.

  • Organization: Drawers and cabinets within the dresser make it easy to organize your pieces by its size, material type, or style.
  • Protection: The inner surfaces help protect your jewelry from dust, dirt, scratches, and tarnish.
  • Aesthetics: Jewelry chests add a glamorous touch to any bedroom décor while they also keep everything contained in one place.
  • Versatility: Some pieces offer variations like removable padding on the inside as well as outside that makes them multifunctional.
  • Durability: High-quality cabinets are usually made of solid woods like maple, walnut, cherry or oak which can last for decades

Additionally,, adding a cabinet or drawer will bring an added element of rustic charm and luxury into any bedroom design scheme. A quality chest keeps the dust off jewellery while providing an attractive tasteful look. Finally most high quality options come with adjustable dividers which allow users to customize interior compartments according to their jewellery collection size variety This flexibility allows when adaptingchest boxes from small and delicate pieces such as earrings too much larger items such as necklaces.

Types of Jewelry Storage in a Dresser

Typically found in bedrooms and commonly used for clothing storage, dressers can often double as jewelry holders as well. Dressers can have a few different types of storage specifically for jewelry pieces. Each type of dresser offers something different when it comes to keeping jewelry neat, organized and easy accessible.


A popular choice for jewelry organization is using the drawers of a dresser. Dressers typically have at least one top drawer that is perfect for smaller jewelry items such as rings, earrings and broaches.

The other drawers of the dresser can easily accommodate larger items and sometimes come with dividers or inserts specifically designed to organize items like necklaces or bracelets. This method keeps all jewelry items in one place and makes it easy to see what kind of accessories you have available.


Many dresser designs feature trays or shallow compartments located around the sides of the frame or on top of the main drawers. These trays are great for holding watches, sunglasses, pens and other accessory items while still keeping your bedroom looking stylish. The shallow design also works as an ideal option for storing earrings while stretched out after being taken from their packaging – no digging through disorganized draws here.

Pottery Barn Jewelry Storage


Another popular option when it comes to jewelry storage is adding a full-length mirror attached to either the side or back of a dresser. Opting for this style allows you not only some extra wall space but also ensures all your favorite jewelry pieces are easily visible while getting dressed (and accessorized) each day.

Depending on the size you choose, mirrors can be used as full-length mirrors or smaller ones depending on preference; both look amazing with any dresser style.

Organizing Jewelry in a Dresser

A dresser with jewelry storage can be the perfect way to stay organized and accessorize your wardrobe. You can create a designated area for all of your precious necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings to stay untangled and easily accessible.

One of the first steps in creating an effective jewelry storage system in your dresser is to get rid of any unused or unwanted pieces. Set aside the items you’d like to keep and consider donating the ones that no longer spark joy so that others may love them as much as you did. Then, assess how much room you have in your dresser for jewelry organization – this helps determine what kind of solution will work best for you.

Having compartments that are customized to fit your individual pieces is ideal for storing medium-sized items like necklaces or charm bracelets. To make these more organized and easier to find, store each type of jewelry by color or purpose such as casual wear versus elevated looks.

If your drawer already contains dividers, add smaller sections with removable foam blocks or felt fabric on top for even more separation. Another great option is to use drawer organizers made out of velvet or rubber that are specifically designed for holding fragile products like small earrings and findings without damage from jingling around while also giving a bit of padding between items.

For necklaces especially, fashioning a necklace board out of old wood think planks – adding notches secure just enough rope so they won’t get tangled – keeping everything neat neat and ready-to-go anytime wear when needed.

DIY jewelry boxes made out plastic bottles or rice containers with holes inserted into them also great storage solutions as well; plus they serve double duty by safeguarding delicate items inside against dust build-up while making it easy grab items need right away quickly.

Floor Plan Considerations for a Dresser With Jewelry Storage

When planning to add a dresser with jewelry storage to any room, there are certain important considerations one should think through carefully before purchasing. To determine spacing and scale of the furniture in relation to the other components in a room requires careful measurements.

Measurements to Consider Include

  • The width of the room from wall-to-wall.
  • The height of the ceiling.
  • The location and size of any windows, doorways or closets in the space.
  • The locations of electrical outlets or heaters or air conditioning units that may need to be accommodated for safety’s sake.

Once all elements have been measured and accounted for, it is important to pick-out a dresser that fits all criteria previously mentioned. The dimensions of this dresser will ultimately dictate if it is able to fit comfortably into your space. The depth should be taken into consideration since it can be difficult for standard sized drawers to accommodate oddly shaped jewelry pieces.

Generally speaking, a depth no less than 23 inches is ideal for storing larger items like scarfs necklaces and earrings; otherwise these small accessories may fit snugly inside narrow drawers, possibly even causing jamming when opened or closed. Additionally, consider leaving at least two feet between either side of the dresser and any walls surrounding it so as not interfere with any movement near or around the dresser itself.

By taking into account these key measurements prior to selecting a piece that suits your style preference and budget needs, you will ensure an effortless transition into your pre-existing decor without significantly altering primary use of existing living quarters.

Where to Buy a Dresser With Jewelry Storage

Online Shopping Sites

Shopping online for a dresser with jewelry storage is a great way to get exactly what you’re looking for without the hassle of hunting around in various stores. Many websites offer an extensive selection of all different styles, material and sizes to fit any budget.

Some websites, such as Wayfair, offer free shipping and even have customer reviews to help you decide which piece is the best for your needs. Plus, with sites like Amazon having generous return policies, shopping online can be stress-free and convenient.

Furniture Specialty Stores

For those who prefer to shop in person, furniture specialty stores are your best bet. You have the advantage of seeing the pieces up close and personal before taking them home.

At these types of stores they will typically specialize in offering a variety of dressers with various features that could include jewelry storage such as drawers or dedicated compartments. You may also find sales staff at these stores that can provide helpful tips on which type of dresser would suit your needs best when looking for added storage solutions.

Thrift Stores

If you’re someone who likes the idea of searching for the deals and going treasure hunting then thrift stores are always a good option. With enough patience (and luck.)

it is possible to discover cheaper finds on unique vintage furniture pieces – some may even include jewelry storage solutions. It’s always important to inspect items thoroughly for marks or stains depending on how much work you want to put into the piece before making a purchase but overall this can be an adventureful and economical option when it comes to finding the perfect dresser with jewelry storage.

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Choosing the Right Dresser With Jewelry Storage

As any homeowner knows, purchasing furniture for a bedroom is an important decision that could have lasting implications. For those looking for a dresser with jewelry storage, there are some additional factors to consider that must be taken into account. This article will discuss the key features of dressers with jewelry storage and how each can influence the long-term performance of your furniture piece.

Screw strength

The strength of screws used to construct the dresser is very important as it affects the life span of the product. It’s best to avoid screws made from light metal materials as these will wear down quickly over time, resulting in weakened connections leading to drawer misalignment or even complete failure. Opt for wood screws made from stainless steel or brass whenever possible as this will help the dresser retain a solid construction for years.

Wood Finish and Type

Another factor to consider when selecting a dresser with jewelry storage is the type of wood it is made from and finish applied. Wooden dressers tend to be quite vulnerable to scratches and dents so having one constructed with durable woods such as maple or oak is often best.

Additionally, those looking to preserve their furniture should purchase one featuring an oil-based finish that can stand up against water rings and other common signs of wear and tear for longer periods of time.

Material Durability

Finally, when selecting between different pieces, pay attention to all material components included in the design such as chest handles, drawer linings, etc. These need not be costly but should be built tough enough so they won’t budge over time due to proper use or tilt when items are added/removed from drawers.

Hard plastic parts are usually ideal options here since they combine an attractive appearance plus extreme durability throughout years of use without breaking down easily like some metals do on contact with moisture content in the atmosphere.

Planning a Dresser with Jewelry Storage Area

Consider a color scheme

The first step in creating a dresser with jewelry storage is to decide on a color scheme for the space. This decision will help to define the overall look and feel of the room, as well as add cohesion to any complementary furniture pieces you plan on adding. Depending on the available space, it may be worthwhile to consider using bright and vibrant colors that will stand out in contrast against light walls and flooring.

Measure the space

Once you have settled on a color scheme, the next step in planning a dresser with jewelry storage area is to measure the space you intend to dedicate for this feature. Having accurate dimensions of the area available allows you to more accurately determine what size of dresser or other furniture pieces are best suited for fitting within that particular area; this also helps you decide how deep and wide any drawers should be for organizational purposes.

Choose materials and finishes

After measuring your available space, it’s time to start choosing materials and finishes for your dresser with jewelry storage area. Solid wood dressers are an attractive choice for many homeowners due to their durability and timeless appeal; however, there are many other materials available such as metal or particleboard if cost is a factor for your project.

Additionally, there are multiple different finish options that can further enhance both aesthetics and promotional value of the build, while complementing existing decor elements within your home.


A dresser with jewelry storage can be an important addition to any bedroom. Not only does it provide storage for jewelry and other small items, it also serves as a stylish way to keep the room looking neat and organized. It is great for organizing all types of jewelry from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and more.

Jewelry drawers that allows for easy access and organizing make it much easier to use on a daily basis. Additionally, most come with multiple compartments to help store several pieces at once. Overall, utilizing dressers with jewelry storagesolutions are a great way to maintain an attractive and organized bedroom space.

The greatest benefit of using these types of dressers is improved organization and storage capacity without taking up too much extra space in the bedroom. They are also aesthetically pleasing which makes them look like they belong in the room décor rather than being an eyesore or clutter magnet.

Moreover, accessing jewelry is much easier with dedicated drawers instead of having pieces strewn about on shelves or clumped together in vanity cases or trays. Finally, with so many options available now ranging from modern contemporary designs that blend in seamlessly to antique styles made out of reclaimed wood, anyone should easily find one that fits their interior design preferences while simultaneously serving their organizational needs at the same time.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a reliable go-to solution for storing all your valuable jewelry pieces in one place then incorporating a nice dresser equipped with dedicated drawers is definitely something to consider. It offers unique convenience coupled together with practicality while keeping everything neat and tidy regardless of the size and scale of your collection.

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