Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet

The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is a truly unique item. It combines the best of both worlds – providing ample storage space as well as a calming musical component. The stylish design features an antique walnut finish that adds an elegant touch. This dresser box closet is the perfect addition to any bedroom or office space, offering plenty of storage and a soothing soundtrack.

Storage – Detail all of the ways that you can use this impressive piece of furniture for storage purposes.

The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is designed with a generous amount of storage for your items such as jewelry, cosmetics, books, documents, photos, or DVDs and CDs but also comes with extra built in versatility. The drawers offer five levels; each drawer has three compartments that you can use to store away those little items like earrings or coins without taking up much room.

It also provides two side shelves that open to reveal a generous area for longer items like bracelets and necklaces. If even more organization is needed there is an additional top shelf which offers slim and wide compartments as well as pull out trays that are perfect for storing tiny items like watch batteries or pins.

Music – Explain how the music component works and what kind of sounds it produces.

In addition to its stunning design and convenient storage features, this Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet also plays beautiful music that will help set the mood in any home. There are several settings available on the inner door panel that allow you to choose from fourteen different calming melodies such as jazz classics, traditional lullabies, classical masterpieces, and even nature sounds such as bird song choruses and trickling streams.

You can choose from two repeating looped melody tracks by pressing buttons located on both sides of the door’s inner panels or play random melodies from start to end with no repeating songs when you press and hold down buttons located on both sides of the door’s inner panels for 3 seconds at a time.

So if you want to relax, read a book or simply enjoy some high-quality melodic tunes then this dresser box closet will certainly do just fine.


The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is an amazing addition to any home or office. This storage closet gives you both style and functionality with its design and construction. Its overall look consists of a modern oak finish with solid mahogany accents, creating a beautiful contrast between the colors.

Not only does it look great visually, but it also provides ample storage space in your room. The closet features four drawers, which have side-mounted metal glides for smooth operation, as well as two shelves that can be adjusted to comfortably fit items of different sizes. In addition, the drawer fronts are filled with decorative music notes and lyrics to add a touch of personality to the overall design.

What makes this piece even more appealing is its construction quality. Crafted from select hardwoods and sturdy wood products, the dresser box closet is built to last. Each joint is reinforced with corner blocks for maximum stability and strength; plus, metal hardware ensure durability throughout years of use.

Not only that, but the dresser box can also hold up to 25 lbs., making it ideal for storing heavier items as well like books, magazines or albums. It’s simple assembly makes it easy to install and move into any small space in just a few minutes. Not to mention you can organize your daily accessories with ease – jewelry on the four drawers while notebooks or textbooks on the adjustable shelves above.

Finally, this item stands out mainly because of its practical yet stylish looking design. Due to its modern oak color palette combined with solid mahogany accents, this piece fits perfectly in many style settings – from contemporary living rooms to classic-style bedrooms and offices alike.

From clothing papers to cosmetics and personal keepsakes, the Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet helps keep everything neat and tidy in one place due its versatile look. This fantastic item truly offers value for money as well being an affordable solution for anyone looking for sleek storage solutions within their own home or office setting.

Design and Construction

The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is constructed with composite wood and solid hardwood or even Oak veneers. It’s well-crafted and sturdy, offering a space-saving solution for limited dressers.

The closet comes in two parts; the base piece is fitted with drawers to accommodate jewelry, sheaves of music, toys, or other small items. On top of the base is a hinged lid that reveals a partitioned interior to store larger items such as CDs, skirts, scarves, sweaters, and more.

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To complete the design of this closet are attractive round knobs made from faux crystal that open to reveal drawer pulls with antique brasses plated hardware. The finish used in the construction has a traditional cherry color comprised of brownish smoky tones that give this piece an exquisite timeless look.

Alongside the finish are decorative moldings and intricate carvings surrounding the sides adding subtlety to the overall design. No matter where you choose to install it, the Powell Storage Dresser will be a great addition to any room in your home.

The cabinet also provides great functionality with adjustable shelves inside perfect for organizing files, books or clothing – anything that needs sorting or storing away can be easily allocated its own spot. Additionally there are two adjustable height hanging rods providing options for clothing storage – whether it’s long flowy dresses or shirts and suits.

Additionally it contains two drawers at the bottom providing extra storage space beneath this two-piece unit’s countertop surface which can be used as a vanity mirror area or dressing station if desired.


The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is made using vegetable-tanned leather and solid wood. The vegetable-tanned leather used in the closet is a high-end material, with superior quality and craftsmanship. This type of leather offers durability, making it highly resistant to scratches and tears while offering a luxurious look. This material is perfect for creating a classic style that will last for many years to come.

The solid wood employed in the design of the storage dresser provides a sturdy base for all of your jewelry, music and accessories. The superior quality of the wood ensures long lasting use and its luxurious finish brings an elegant touch to any room. Additionally, it is ideal for keeping items free from dust, as its smooth surfaces are easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

Finally, this storage unit is equipped with notched doors handled by handcrafted locks in brass metal finish, which add an extra layer of protection for your jewelry and music collection. Brass metal construction allows it to remain strong over time without rusting or corroding thanks its oxidation-resistant properties while adding a unique touch to your space’s design scheme through its sophisticated aesthetic details.

These handles are also convenient to open and close depending on what you need access to at the moment.


The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is available in a number of sizes, from small and compact to much larger in size. If you’re looking for something to fit into your smaller bedroom, the smallest option would be perfect, with dimensions of 18″ by 12″ by 6″.

For those who have bigger spaces, there’s an option that is 28″ by 12″ by 6″ – just enough extra room for storing some additional accessories or pieces of jewelry. This makes it the perfect closet for all kinds of homes and rooms.

This dresser box has been designed with convenience at its heart; it includes a range of compartments and drawers, as well as two swing-out doors on each side tucked away neatly behind two deep drawers at the front. The drawers are ideal for stowing away smaller items such as jewelry and accessories, whilst the larger sliding shelves inside can hold music collections, cosmetics, scarves or whatever else you desire to store away securely.

If space or storage is an issue then this closet is the perfect solution; it can easily fit into any corner or alongside other furniture pieces in a room where cluttered surfaces tend to accumulate items and left looking untidy. It can also be used in conjunction with other storage pieces such as wardrobes and sideboards providing more options when reorganizing items around your home.

With sturdy construction throughout this handy piece will stay standing firmly even when fully loaded up with belongings – making it perfect for any type of house.

Storage Capacity

The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet provides ample storage capacity for a range of items. It offers five drawers with metal runners and safety stops that can easily accommodate jewelry, accessories, and even larger items like scarves or hats.

The top surface is large enough to store a variety of small objects such as cosmetic items or keepsakes. For those wanting to keep musical instruments safe and secure, the dresser box also serves that purpose as it fits most guitars since its depth offers generous storage space.

The spacious closet measures roughly 18” deep, making it capable of storing clothes hangers with ease. Shelves along the closet interior allow organizing folded garments such as sweaters, pajamas and underwear at a height already designed ideal for them.

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If you choose to position the shelves on one side instead of spread out amidst the entire closet, you are opening up more space for bigger boxes or extra tall stackable drawers containing additional clothing pieces such as T-shirts or jeans.

Additionally, you could use this closet for a baby nursery if desired and arrange everything accordingly thanks to its sizable design that accommodates baby care items such as nappies highly practical manner. Additionally, baby toys can be neatly tucked away in boxes located within each drawer while leaving room on top of each piece for some snacks or drinks containers along with other everyday essentials when needed.

Organization Solutions

The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet offers many organizational possibilities. Shelves and drawers give you the ability to organize clothing, jewelry, or small items such as CDs, DVDs or books in an attractive and organized way. The two interior drawers are perfect for storing smaller items like watches, jewelry boxes and cufflinks.

The two exterior drawers can hold larger items such as shoes and shirts, with ample space below them for things like hats and belts. To maximize your storage space even more you can install shelves on the walls of your closet. These shelves allow you to store larger objects such as sweaters in an organized manner.

Hooks also provide additional storage solutions and organization possibilities in a closet. For example hooks on the walls of your closet would be great for hanging scarves, jackets or purses that you’d like to keep off the ground but accessible at all times.

Hanging clothes can also save lots of space compared to folding them so investing in hangers will certainly pay off in terms of organization. Even hat racks or shoe organizers can be added quite easily too-allowing you to display all sorts of articles neatly while maximizing your storage capacity in a creative way.

Storage cubes can come in handy as well if you want versatility with regards to avoiding clutter while still making everything readily available at a moment’s notice. As opposed to just dumping all contents into a single drawer or bin this is an effective strategy; simply grab one cube when looking for something rather than searching through endless amounts of clothes or whatever else might be clogging up the area.

Additionally it is wise to consider specialized containers and bins designed specifically for specific items i.e no-slip shoe boxes for shoes, etc., which helps establish better orderliness within any closet environment. All these ideas point towards one important thing: With proper planning anyone can achieve wonderfully neat organization whether it’s from within their pantry/closet environment or elsewhere around the house.


The Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet is a high quality and stylish piece of furniture that can be used to store jewelry, clothing, and music. This storage unit is crafted from robust pine wood and comes in several different sizes, making it perfect for any room in the house. With an antique walnut veneer finish, this dresser has a unique and eye-catching look to fit any decor style.

The top opens to reveal two divided compartments with felt lining which keep jewelry items safe. The drawers have dovetailed joints which make them durable and offer even more storage space while the door opens up to fabric garment bags with plenty of additional space for clothing or accessories like hats or shoes.

The top center section is equipped with velvet rolling cylinders that rotate as songs are playing on the built-in speakers at a volume easily adjusted from a convenient remote control.

This Powell Jewelry Music Storage Dresser Box Closet offers superior quality and impeccable design for anyone looking for extra organization solutions in their living spaces. Its classically beautiful look will heighten any dining room or bedroom decor while still remaining useful enough to store sundries like electronics, paperwork, and more.

Additionally, Powell currently offers 15% off all purchases-so customers can save money while enjoying this timeless piece of furniture. With its combination of modern features and classic craftsmanship we believe this item makes an ideal choice for those seeking an impressive storage solution for both everyday items as well as special accents pieces like jewelry boxes or mannequins.