Diy Ways To Store Jewelry

Investing in jewelry storage can be a great way to ensure that the pieces you love always look their best. Unlike clothing or accessories, jewelry is often more valuable and can even retain its value over time-making it important to store it with care. Although there are many options for more traditional ready-made jewelry boxes and holders, there are also diy ways to store your pieces safely.

DIY Way #1: Utilize Existing Drawers Harnessing an existing drawer as a jewelry storage solution can be clever and convenient. This is especially effective if the drawer has dividers or slots already built in, as this type of structure will help keep items separated and organized.

To keep things extra tidy, consider using dividers or adding felt fabric to provide cushioning from one item rubbing off another. The faux fur will also add a touch of luxury when you open the drawer.

DIY Way #2: Explore Creative Uses For Hanging Pieces Once your earrings have been properly stored (and are no longer tangling together.) try creating an inexpensive wall-mounted hanging rack by installing metal grids with S-hooks.

These grids can be found at most craft stores, but a thrift store might have them at an even lower price point along with chic frames for displaying jewelry that won’t draw too much attention in the room like more traditional wall racks might do. Moreover, not only does this create an efficient storage solution, but it makes putting outfits together easier as well since everything is in plain sight.

DIY Way #3: Repurpose An Old Spice Rack An old spice rack can double as a wall-mounted jewelry display. All you need to do is repurpose it by removing the spices and replacing them with small trinkets or necklaces while keeping jars as they are-perfect for holding rings or earrings.

Alternatively, wrap velvet ribbon around each jar lid to further secure each piece of jewelry against scratches or collisions with other items on display along with adding extra padding near delicate parts like clasps on necklaces. Along with their practicality spice racks are aesthetically pleasing when filled with fine pieces making it a great way to decoratively store all your favorite adornments in one place.

Conclusion Whether you’re looking for functional solutions or something more decorative when it comes to diy ways to store jewelry you now have several ideas that could work perfectly. Plus, these straightforward projects shouldn’t take up too much money or time so you can get organized right away.

Utilize Furniture with Compact Storage

Investing in furniture with built-in storage capabilities can be a great way to organize jewelry while conserving luxurious countertops. Wall-mounted organizers, such as floating shelves and peg boards, are ideal for dangling necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can quickly get tangled. While larger pieces often require boxes or drawers for safe keeping; a detailed dresser or armoire should easily accommodate all types of precious jewelry. Here are some creative DIY storage solutions that involve furniture:

  • Install Cubbies at the End of Dressers: If there is ample space at the end of your bedroom dresser, you may construct your own custom cubbies fit for carefully collecting your jewelry.
  • Integrate Wine Racks into an Armoire: Intertwining wine racks into an armoire adds both useful compartments and visual texture. These tight spaces suffice especially well for organizing small rings, bracelets, and chains.
  • Hang Trinkets on Hooks off a Wall Art Piece: Another fresh approach would be to utilize attractive wall art as an additional place to hang jewelry from both hands-on eyesight.

DIY Closet Jewelry Organizer

Organizing your jewelry can be made easy by creating your own hanging jewelry organizer. This DIY project is an inexpensive solution for people who like to keep their necklaces, earrings, and rings visible and organized.

Additionally, it helps reduce debris build-up in the closet and limits the risk of taking damage from being tossed around in the closet or drawer. To make this project effective and conceptually pleasing, you will need some items: a jewelry holder/hanger, fabric or ribbon of your choice, glue gun and durable thread or upholstery yarn for hanging.

Step One

For this step you want to start by laying out the materials that you have purchased for this DIY project – this is important because this will help ensure that you have everything you need before starting. Next use the fabric of your choice as well as any adornments (such as lace) to put onto your hanger with a hot glue gun.

Be sure to use strong adhesive when doing so otherwise your creation may not last long. Now all that is left is to hang up the hanger somewhere conveniently located – such as in a closet or even on your wall.

Step Two

After completing Step One be sure to try it out. Place on your newly crafted item some of the pieces of jewelry that were taking up too much space in drawers previously.

Before attempting to hang anything heavier than lighters pieces such as earrings and bracelets, double check that everything is firmly attached before putting larger pieces on that may put too much strain on the wall or hook where it’s being hanged from. Notice how your space now looks better with all these accessories colorfully displayed?

Step Three

The final step constitutes maintenance for keeping your DIY Jewelry Organizer clean and intact over time – do this every once in a while just to make sure it still works fine. Take off all items hung from it first then detangle any strings which you used when hanging from the wall or from rods if needed.

Latches For Diy Jewelry Box

Make sure no one places things which may scratch against its surface either intentionally or accidentally, thus causing damage. Lastly, if there are intricate details depicted in its design, rinse lightly with damp cloth but nothing more.

Create Magnetic Jewelry Displays

Magnetic jewelry displays are not only beautiful, but also a great way to store your accessories because you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. A magnet jewelry board is simple to construct and requires minimal supplies. You will need a wooden plank of your desired length, heavy-duty magnets and some decorative items like corkboards. Place the magnets onto the wood plank spaced out according to size and quantity.

Place the corkboards between each of the magnets to give it an aesthetic appearance. Lastly, hang your magnetic jewelry display up in an easy-to-reach area and voila. An organized, stylish solution that makes accessorizing much easier.

Transform Storage Containers Into Displays

Repurposing different containers as storage displays for jewelry can be an attractive and efficient way to keep everything neat and tidy. Boxes or trays are perfect for this project – especially with dividers included – so pick one up at your nearest store or pull something up from around home to start.

Fill it with trinkets like shells or scarves, line it with fabric pouches or tiny drawers if needed. Once finished, place the box somewhere visible – like on top of a dresser – so that accessorizing is easy and fun.

Turn Coat hangers Into Elegant Jewellery Stands

There are several elegant solutions available for storing necklaces – but why not add a little DIY sparkle? Take two coat hangers to begin – ideally ones in neutral colors – then use fishing lines to attach charms at four different points along each side of the coat hanger. Secure the fishing line tightly and trim off any extra bits of string sticking out from underneath.

Once complete, all necklaces will have an opaque background that presents themselves more beautifully than ever before. Here is an example of possible output:

  • Create Magnetic Jewelry Displays: Wooden plank; heavy duty magnets; decorate items (corkboards)
  • Transform Storage Containers Into Displays: Boxes/trays with dividers; trinkets; fabric pouches/tiny drawers
  • Turn Coat Hangers Into Elegant Jewellery Stands: Two coat hangers; charms; fishing line

Re-Purpose Glass Bottles Into Jewelry Containers

Glass bottles are very versatile as they come in different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for transforming into a jewelry storage container. Besides just tossing your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings in together in one container this project can be used to store multiple pieces in individual glass bottles, making it easier to find the piece of jewelry you want. Here is what you need to do:

  • Gather enough empty glass containers for your collection; mason jars make good choices.
  • Gather wrapping paper of different colors or styles for creating dividers between individual pieces.
  • Cut out the wrapping paper into rectangles that match the size of the bottle. Leave extra length at each end so that you have some slack to fold up on both ends.
  • Insert each wrapping paper divider inside the bottle; it should fit snugly.
  • Every time after inserting new dividers keep checking to see how much room remains above so that all your pieces of jewelry fit.

Creating Wall Art Jewelry Displays

Wall art often serves as a conversation starter and looks pretty when hung up behind or next to a dresser. This project will allow you to create artwork with items from your closet while also acting as statement pieces where you hang your jewelry instead of shoving everything in small boxes and drawers. To get started:

  • Get creative and decide the kind of message or story you want with wall art that holds jewelry; select a color palette if necessary.
  • Start looking around your house for items that could potentially be repurposed for creating wall art displays – try using old plates, platters, cake stands or anything else with edges similar enough that they can be hung up discretely.
  • Attach screw eyelets at evenly spaced intervals at either side of the wall art piece (which will act as hooks). Make sure to measure out and place them accordingly beforehand.
  • Attached pairs of smaller screw eyelet hooks around the existing ones, but make sure their location is far enough apart so as not let any tangles slide through.
  • Finally, use rustic ribbon or jute twine (properly folded) between pairs to hang necklaces properly without having them tangle up and another pair below each other hook-to-hook for holding dangeling earrings.

Utilize Pegs, Hooks, and Scrolls for Hanging Jewelry

Pegs, hooks, and scrolls are some of the most popular and preferred methods of hanging jewelry. The good thing about them is that they don’t take up much space and can be hung from a wall or door. Pegs are great for necklaces as they keep each chain separate.

Hooks offer more storage options by allowing longer chains to hang down several inches or even further, depending on the placement of the hook. The scroll is also useful when it comes to earrings, as it allows for accommodating pairs in different sizes while still keeping them all together.

The Benefits of using Pegs

  • Pegs are great for necklaces-they keep each chain separate.
  • Easy to access your jewelry without searching through a long necklace pile.
  • Keep your jewelry from becoming tangled.
  • Create a colorful displays with these decorative peg racks.

The Benefits of using Hooks

  • Create extra storage by allowing longer chains to hang down multiple inches.
  • Help organize both lightweight and heavier pieces of jewelry.
  • They come in various styles such as single row, dual row, or quad
  • Enhance decor by being designed decorative shapes and colors

Utilize Scarves and Belt Loops for Wrapping Jewelry

One of the most common, yet overlooked, jewelry storage ideas is utilizing scarves and belt loops for wrapping jewelry. This technique works by wrapping a scarf or belt loop around your piece of jewelry – ring or bracelet-making it easier to keep organized and avoid tangles. Wrapping a layer of fabric around your pieces also increases the wear time as less friction is encountered when handled.

What Metal Can You Make Homemade Jewelry Diy

Use Unused Bowls, Boxes & Trays

For those with an eye for interior decorating, unused bowls, trays and boxes can be used to store jewelry in style. For example, gold-rimmed glass bowls filled with necklaces or earrings look lovely on display on top of dressers or shelves.

Smaller items like rings may look nice in crystal trinket boxes which are actually specifically made for this purpose. Upcycling old vintage teacups is another popular storage solution – all you need to do is invest in felt liners to place inside each cup before arranging the pieces then voila.

Hang Pieces on Fabric Backgrounds

An interesting way to get creative with your jewelry organization is by displaying them against a fabric background such as velvet or canvas material. Simply hang a piece of fabric onto the wall then arrange items like rings and bracelets against it in style according her desired color structure or design motif – from minimalist and monochromatic displays to vibrant rainbow inspired looks – there’s plenty of room for experimentation here.

To help further accessorize these pieces for further visual appeal, consider adding various buttons and beads which can even enhance the intricate patterns already present within each surface area. Other delightful additions could include tassels, crystals and feathers attached via small pins – making sure each item has a bit more character than where they started off.

Repurpose Containers for Jewelry Storage

Repurposing containers to store jewelry is a great and economical way to keep jewelry organized. It allows you to tailor the containers to best fit the pieces of jewelry you have, so they always have a place. Here are some ideas for repurposed containers:

  • Tray – Place earrings on a tray and put in the center drawer of your dresser. You could also use this for necklaces and small bracelets.
  • Mason Jars – Put different types of accessories in separate jars. Decorate with washi tape or paint as desired.
  • Glass Containers – Place longer necklaces or turquoise beads inside taller glass containers, making sure to cover with shredded paper first.

For those who may not have any old mason jars, trays, or glasses lying around the house, there are plenty of options available at craft stores. Just about any artsy container could work as storage for jewelry – from plastic candy dishes and even larger items such as planters can do the trick.

Simply decide which will be most suitable for the type of jewelry and design it accordingly. To give it an elegant touch, add satin fabric lining in each container or make little pouches out of scrap materials that can be placed inside each compartment.

Unlike jewellery boxes, these decorative storage solutions make organizing fun and effortlessly stylish. Taking into consideration their size, shape and colour; these whimsical vessels come in many variations with some allowing more space than others.

The possibilities are endless; mix & match mediums like tins, dishes, trinket boxes, wood boxes & lockets ; or try unconventional pieces like candle holders & clay pots. With just a few supplies found at craft stores, glass gems & sequins, velvet cloths or lining for each container & a selection of craft paints – it’s easy to customize these pieces into personal pieces of art that beautifully store all kinds of jewellery.


Storing jewelry can be a challenge. With the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, jewelry needs to be organized in order to stay safe.

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative DIY methods available for those looking for cost-effective and convenient ways to store jewelry. By investing in a few necessities such as jewelry boxes, stands or holders, hands-free hanging solutions, holders made from repurposed materials like tires or hangers, and easy inventive hacks like using magnetic strips or wall coatings, you can have your jewelry stored in an neat yet fashion-forward manner.

Possessing stylish as well as efficient ways to hold all your jewlery means you not only have the perfect place for your favorite earrings and rings; it’ll also save you time when getting dressed each day. One great way to maximize space while keeping your eco footprint low is by turning everyday items into more stylish options for storage tools.

For example, old coasters could easily be recycled into a rotating organization stand that could hold several pairs of earrings for you. Additionally one of the best ways is to apply wall coverings around your closet that work as magnets – giving you an effortless solution to adorning the wall with piercings and even larger accessories like necklaces without having them all tangled up together.

Finally bit one of the most important things when it comes down to finding a sustainable way of organizing is taking accountability over what type of materials/items used when pursuing DIY projects. Creating sustainable design solutions not only keep you organized but helps promote green living principles in order lessen our global impact. Therefore opting out from purchasing plastic filled operations boxes which put toxins back into our biosphere can surely make all the difference down the line.