Diy Jewelry Christmas Tree

DIY jewelry Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to conventional decorations and gifts. For those looking for something truly unique, making your own Christmas tree ornament or adorning a tree with handmade jewelry can be especially meaningful.

Not only is it an opportunity to express one’s creativity, but it also allows you to give a customized and personal gift that lasts for years to come. This type of project does not require extensive art skills, allowing anyone to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that honors the spirit of the holiday season.

Making your own DIY jewelry Christmas tree is both easy and fun. To begin, you’ll need basic supplies such as craft wire, jewelry pliers, jewels, beads, hooks for hanging the pieces (optional), ribbon (optional) and any other necessary items like gem glues or tools for cutting the wire. After gathering the supplies needed, you’ll want to plan out what kind of design you want your tree to take shape.

From traditional styles using round-shaped beads for ornaments, or even mesh weaving branches from wire with colorful beads strung in-between – sky’s the limit. It’s helpful to draw out a blueprint so you have something visual to help guide your creation process.

The next step in making DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree is cutting pieces of craft wire into short lengths using specialized tools or scissors depending on what type of material you’re using. Once all necessary pieces are made it is time to get creative and start adding different elements like jewels and gems as embellishments on your DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree.

One common technique used by many artists is soldering wires together at certain awkward angles in order to make delicate points or curves in the design which gives depth and texture on top of simple shapes formed by connecting variously sized beads together.

The last step would be adding ribbons or other decorative items that reflect one’s individual taste onto their piece – once completed they may be hung up around the home during festive period or given away as gifts.

Creative Inspiration for Your Jewelry Christmas Tree

When the holidays come around, everyone loves to showcase their festive jewelry. One of the best ways to do this is with a DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree. This creatively stylish project is perfect for using all your favorite pieces and making them into a stunning holiday display. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Choose a Statement Piece for Your Star: Pick your favorite piece of jewelry as your “star” for the tree. You can even use earrings or rings if you like.
  • Make Use of Color: Group together different colored pieces that match each other. These can be placed in sets at the top and bottom of the tree.
  • Incorporate Accessories: Add more detail to your tree by including broaches, necklaces, pendants, and more.

Once you’ve gathered all of the supplies needed for this project – such as a foam christmas tree shape and any decorations – now it’s time to assemble everything. Start by gluing down your statement pieces onto the base so that they create enough support for everything else. Then add strings or wires beneath colorful items so that each hangs in place.

Glue or tape accessories on the outside sections of the frame and finish off with a few sparkling touches like tiny beads or pops of glitter. Finally, place your sparkling jewelry christmas tree decoration on its own shelf or special spot in your home where it will be admired by all friends and family who come over for the holidays.

Pros and Cons of Making a DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree

The idea of making a DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree can be exciting, but there are both pros and cons to it. Making one can be fun and creative, allowing for a unique and meaningful home décor item.

It is a great way to channal one’s creativity while reusing jewelry pieces they don’t need or use anymore. Furthermore, there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to design since the beads, buttons, gems, shells, etc., that can be used to design the tree will all vary greatly depending on the supplies available.

On the flipside however, crafting this type of ornament does have its downsides as well. To start, this project requires a good chunk of time – it could take up anywhere from two days to two weeks to complete the assembly process with drying time in between coats of paint.

Additionally, covering the tree with jewelry pieces sounds easier than it actually is since even smaller pieces may not stick well enough initially due to their light weight or due to uneven surfaces on certain items such as buttons or glass beads.

As an example, plastic-based jewelry tends not work with super glue whereas metal items would do better by using epoxy glue instead. In either case patience and precision (avoiding gaps and blank spaces) are key elements for achieving a successful result.

How to Clean Your Jewelry Diy

Lastly, safety must also be taken into account as some of these materials may contain stains that can easily rub off onto people’s clothing but also give off an unhealthy amount of bad fumes when exposed so make sure adequate ventilation is available if any glues or chemicals are being used during construction – open windows will do.

All in all though creating your own DIY jewelry Christmas tree can ultimately prove to be rewarding if done correctly so feel free to give it a try but always remember – safety first.

What Supplies You’ll Need for Your DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree

Creating a DIY Jewelry Christmas tree is an easy and fun way to add a festive touch to your home decor during the holidays. All you need are some basic craft supplies like glue, string, felt, jewelry findings (which can be purchased from craft stores or online retailers) and of course a few pieces of jewelry.

The process of assembling the tree is fairly straightforward and can certainly be achieved with minimal time and effort. To get started, here are some essential items you will need for your DIY jewelry Christmas tree.

Tree Base

The base of the tree is going to provide support for the rest of the structure, so it needs to be strong and sturdy enough to do its job properly. Depending on how much space you have available for your tree, you may opt for a wood base or simply use some thick cardboard.

If you don’t want to use wood or cardboard, foam boards are also a great alternative for this project. As for height, it’s really up to how big you want your tree to be; however, make sure that whatever option you settle on provides a solid foundation.


You will also need greenery such as ribbon material or felt in the appropriate color and shape (i.e., round shapes if shooting for ornament shapes). This material helps fill out your tree as it will give your DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree its fullness once glued into place around the edges of your base.

Traditional green mosses or garlands could also be used in lieu of felt/ribbon depending on how creative you want to get with this project; either option works fine.


The next item would be some type of jewelry that can act as ornaments on your homemade holiday decoration – anything from old earrings sets to colorful pendants would do nicely here. Not only does this give dimension and texture but each piece can also tell a story which provides even more meaning and sentimentality during the holiday season.

Plus, since this type of DIY project requires very minimal supplies (and costs. ), chances are there might just already be some suitable pieces lying around at home that could do the trick – bonus.

Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling a DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree


A basic jewelry Christmas tree is made up of a few essential components. The main items you will need are: 1 wooden dowel (approx. ¾ inch in diameter), about 16-17 inches in length; a Styrofoam cone that fits snugly on the end of the wooden dowel; wire cutters or scissors; and lots of jewelry items.

Gather Your Jewelry

Decide what type of jewelry you want to hang from your tree; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings etc You’ll also need to decide which metal and color scheme you want for your tree – there’s gold, silver or copper, it’s up to you. Sort through all your jewelry items first before beginning assembly. Depending on the amount of items you have chosen, there could be quite a few steps ahead.

Design Your Tree

Measure out an area at the top of the foam cone where larger and longer necklaces can be placed so they don’t hit against each other and tangle as they hang from the tree. Once all your bigger items have been added, start adding pieces all around using either small strips of thread or pieces of monofilament line which can be bought at any hardware store.

Tie each piece onto its own thread/line and then wrap around the cone until secure – being careful not to place too many on one side for balance sake.

Once that has been done finish off with extra decorations such as feathers, ribbons etc Then start assembling all your smaller threads/pieces off the cone in decreasing size order away from it down towards the dowel keeping at least 1 inch spacing between each one – doing a layer of gold and then silver gives an interesting effect when finished. Again these will need tying off securely with wire so they don’t move about when disturbed.

Finally attach any little charms as desired to complete.

Decorating Tips for Your DIY Jewelry Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas decorations, nothing quite beats a DIY jewelry Christmas tree. Using some simple materials you already have on hand, you can create an incredibly beautiful and unique statement piece in the home during the holiday season. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect jewelry tree for your home.

  • Decide on what type of material you want to use: You can choose from many different types of materials such as beads, charms, necklaces, and other craft supplies. Experiment with colors and textures to create a unique look.
  • Lay out your pieces on the tree: Before gluing any pieces onto the tree, lay them all out first so that you get an idea of the design and how best to arrange them. This will also give you a head start when it comes time to glue everything down.
  • Create a 3-dimensional effect: To create more depth and complexity in your design, try adding in layers of different sized pieces instead of one single layer at the same level.
  • Consider using clear ornaments for contrast: Clear ornaments provide a great way to add definition without taking away from the colors and designs of your chosen beads or charms.
Christmas Glass Beads For Jewelry

Adding clusters of jewelry into each branch is an easy way to create a full, lush tree without overcrowding it with too many individual pieces. Start by creating one big cluster per branch then separate out additional smaller clusters for added texture and color variations.

When working with delicate materials such as beads or charms, take extra care when winding string or ribbon around branches or wearing gloves when handling strong adhesives. A few coats of acrylic sealer will help protect your handmade masterpiece from scratches and damage due to heat or moisture over time. Just be sure not to use too much sealer as too much buildup may affect the overall design.

Last but not least, don’t forget about lighting. LED lights are perfect for this type of project since they are both energy-efficient and decorative, providing just enough illumination so that everyone can fully enjoy your creative work on those cold winter nights.

Other Practical Uses for Your Jewelry Christmas Tree

One of the fun and unique uses for your DIY jewelry Christmas tree is as a seasonal decoration. Displaying it in a prominent place in your home can really showcase your jewellery, whilst spreading holiday cheer.

Whether it be on a shelf, mantelpiece, or table you will bring a sparkle to any room. Other than leaving it up as festive decoration, you could always switch out different types of jewellery throughout different times of the year to keep it from becoming monotonous.

Another practical use for your jewelry Christmas tree is as a tool for organizing loose pieces of jewelry that may otherwise get damaged when not stored properly. By creating this DIY mini-tree for all your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will make sure they are neatly stored away while keeping them safe from damage. Plus it looks neat and tidy while still having all those unique pieces out to admire.

The last practical use would be the ability to have frequent ‘jewelry swap’ get togethers with friends and family. You all don’t have to own the same type trees, but by creating one or two with various pieces of jewellery that you can then exchange with each other.

That way everyone can go home with some new accessories they might not have had before which adds extra excitement leading up to each event. It would also be great if you could hang the necklace and bracelets on the branches of the tree so visitors can easily identify what is available without rummaging through crates or boxes containing jewelry.


Creating a DIY jewelry Christmas tree makes for the perfect holiday project. Not only is making your own tree fun and creative, but it also gives you the opportunity to honor the recipient of your handmade gift in a unique way.

Crafting something special with their favorite things is an act of love that will be cherished long after the holidays have ended. Furthermore, this kind of project promotes sustainability by providing you with an environmentally friendly way of decorating and celebrating during the Christmas season.

The materials used to create these jewelry trees are surprisingly easy to find and quite versatile. All that’s needed are items like stones, shells, baubles, beads, and other such decorative accents which can then be easily affixed and designed into shapes as desired.

These items can be found at craft stores or even nature walks – it’s up to you to get creative. Additionally, adding personal touches such as painting or recoloring certain aspects of the tree make it even more special for the recipient.

Finally, no amount of money spent at a store or online can ever come close to replicating the thoughtfulness shown by making your own DIY jewelry Christmas tree. Whether it’s a family heirloom passed down through generations or just something handmade from items found around town, any time spent on this kind of project shows how much you value your loved ones and care about their memories.

Crafting something special for that special someone on your list will not only lighten up their holiday spirit but also yours when they see the thought put into such a thoughtful gift.

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