Diy Jewelry Display Ideas For Sell

DIY jewelry displays are now gaining more traction as a more efficient and cost-effective way to sell jewelry. These displays can be designed for any size of jewelry pieces, which allows the seller to grow their inventory over time without needing to continuously purchase new display options. With this in mind, there are now many great DIY jewelry display ideas that one can use to create beautiful and unique displays while still keeping costs down.

For example, if one is looking to create an eye-catching display that will draw in customers, then hanging the items on wall-mounted fixtures may be a good option. This type of setup provides the benefit of having multiple tiers of shelves and hooks for displaying your pieces, allowing you to fit as many pieces into the display area as possible. Additionally, this method also allows for easy rearrangement whenever necessary.

Another popular DIY jewelry display idea is using wooden crates or trays as stands for different items in your collection. This is an excellent choice for small pieces such as rings or necklaces that don’t need too much room to show off their beauty properly.

Another great option is using fabric covered cards with string loops, plastic stands, decorative tins, and tiered plant stands for displaying the items on offer. Fabric covered cards are versatile enough that they can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on where the item will be sold.

String loops provide another effective way to organize items and keep them secure at the same time while plastic stands allow multiple small items such as earrings or charms to be grouped together neatly while still leaving ample space between items on each stand.

Decorative tins can come in a range of sizes making them suitable for larger pieces while tiered plant stands offer adjustable height so that different sized necklaces or bracelets can be displayed easily within a single unit.

All of these ideas are effective solutions that offer many advantages when it comes to efficient selling of jewelry products. By investing in quality materials like wood, fabric card stock, plastic stands and other supplies readily available in craft stores; anyone has the potential to craft their own DIY displays with little effort yet displaying attractive results instantly.

All these solutions make it possible for sellers large or small scale alike to create beautiful product displays with lower cost compared what might have been spent by purchasing readymade retail options for store fittings; allowing them more profits left over without sacrificing quality aesthetics at all.

Benefits of DIY Jewelry Displays for Sellers

DIY jewelry displays offer many benefits for sellers. They can be an inexpensive and creative way to set up your booth or studio space for selling handmade jewelry. Not only are these displays attractive and eye-catching, but they also help to better showcase the pieces in an organized manner. Additionally, DIY displays can be easily customized to accommodate any size shop, as they do not take up too much space or require a large amount of materials.

For starters, DIY jewelry displays give sellers the opportunity to express their creativity. With a few basic supplies, such as canvas boards, paintbrushes and ribbon trays, you can design your own unique displays that perfectly match your style. You can also craft custom labeling for each piece, so customers can more easily identify items that interest them. Aesthetically pleasing display setups will draw in buyers and help promote sales at craft fairs or other similar events.

Finally, DIY jewelry displays are cost-effective solutions for sellers on a budget. Since you’ll most likely be using your own resources or local shops with affordable prices, you won’t have to incur additional expenses on display pieces compared to purchasing ready-made units from retail stores.

You also don’t have to worry about finding things that are exactly the right size; instead, you can customize your own shapes and sizes to make sure everything fits properly within your space constraints.

Overall, DIY jewelry displays are great resources for sellers regardless of budget or experience level. They provide excellent opportunities to show off the quality of handmade products while offering cost savings compared to other display options on the market.

It is important when designing your display to consider both aesthetics and function in order achieve desired results-that is making sure customers find what they’re looking for quickly and develop an emotional connection with potential purchases. When crafted with care and imagination these creative pieces have proven extremely successful at craft shows across the country.

Materials to Gather for DIY Jewelry Displays

When it’s time to create a unique jewelry display for your shop, there are a variety of materials you can use. If you plan to make a DIY jewelry display, the first thing you’ll need to do is gather the right items. These pieces should be simple, inexpensive, and yet visually appealing and help draw attention to your jewelry. Here are some commonly used materials for DIY jewelry displays:

Cardboard: This doesn’t sound like the most attractive material, but when transformed correctly cardboard can become an eye-catching display tool. You can use corrugated cardboard or even strip and cut out shapes that match your product theme or store decorations. Cardboard can also be painted and decorated with airbrush techniques.

Wood Dowel Racks: These wooden dowel racks give your jewelry an elegant presentation while offering a practical way of maintaining quality. Wooden racks come in many different sizes so they will fit perfectly into any type of store corner or window space. You can add color by painting them yourself with special paints or buy pre-painted ones so they just require minimal assembly.

Acrylic Pendants: Acrylic pendants provide both form and function; these choices allow customers to view each piece easily but remain secure on whatever surface you mount them on. They may also be printed on both sides to add extra flare to their appearance too.

Fabric Swatches: Fabric swatches are great for displaying flat items such as necklaces or other small pieces of jewelry that don’t hang well from racks. A velvet backdrop provides an elegant look as well as an effective way to insulate the necklace from scratching other items next to it in arcade style displays – perfect for customers at craft shows who want easy access for comparison shopping.

Fabric swatches are ideal because they come in various colors and shades so you can choose one that best complements your existing setup without spending additional money on new décor elements.

By collecting inexpensive materials, such as those mentioned above, you’ll soon have stylish looks at low cost that will help draw attention to your wares. Use this guide paired with ideas from Pinterest (or simply explore stores near you) and a few hours of creativity – and then get ready for customers to start flowing in ready for shopping – all thanks to your wonderful designs.

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Techniques for Making Custom DIY Jewelry Displays

Creating your own custom jewelry displays maybe daunting, but it’s an incredibly rewarding task when you can display the work of your hands. With a bit of patience and the right materials, crafty artisans can quickly put together displays that are both attractive and functional.

One easy way to get started is by using commercially made picture frames as DIY jewelry displays. To set-up, start by choosing a frame in a color and size that will suit your jewelry best.

Depending on the size of the frame, you have many display options; from simple elastic loops over each opening to completely reworking the interior with extra shelves or dividers. If you’d like to add some extra pizzazz to your display, choose specialty paper for the back backing of your frame.

A bright polished gold paper can easily bring out warm tones in sunstones or tourmalines; while a more subtle oatmeal finish can really help enhance cooler colored gems such as sapphires or turquoises. Furthermore, customizing with pictures or patterns can also be an effective way to create atmosphere and draw potential customers into actually checking out what’s inside.

For those who want something less ordinary than merely setting up picture frames as DIY jewelry displays, there are several creative options available that not only look great but don’t involve loads of extra tools and materials either. For instance if you prefer minimalism in shoe buy simple mid century-style stands so customers can’t help but notice their beauty and design; plus this kind is significantly more affordable than other retail solutions.

Alternatively for those earring hoarders who need plenty of space for their collection – why not go outside the box completely with those stackable trays made from woven abaca strips?

Not only do they give off a rustic charm but they offer plenty of room wherever they might reside-perfect for any corner spot whether at home or in store. As far as styling goes these baskets are accept minimal customization however spray painting them could add quite an elegant finish making them even more eye-catching amidst whatever color palette is chosen all throughout showroom space.

Finally those looking to add something truly special should consider handcarved wooden stands which are both beautiful and timeless pieces that never go out of style. The main difficulty lies within carving away sections which won’t make displaying items awkward yet still leaving enough room so prospective buyers can get comfortable viewing what’s available without feeling cramped.

Of course depending on how elaborate you wish it be these masterpieces require quite some precision with tools so prior carpentry experience would be very handy here before engaging in such projects especially because mistakes done now may end up being incorrect forever. Nevertheless going down this route reinforces high quality craftsmanship shows how valuable each piece offered is too-so investors should never discount its use if possible.

Tips for Effectively SellingJewelry with DIY Jewelry Displays

When it comes to selling jewelry, a well-crafted and attractive display can make all the difference for customers. While investing in professionally-created jewelry displays is an option, creating your own DIY display can be both cost and time-effective.

Doing so allows you to customize your display with sometimes minimal effort while still giving it an eye-catching appearance. Depending on the type of jewelry being sold, here are some tips to effectively create DIY displays that will draw customers in.

For those selling necklaces, experimenting with various materials may be necessary to determine which approach works best. For instance, cutting strips of colorful cloth or ribbon and looping them around empty cereal boxes provides space for vendors to hang their necklaces in a visually pleasing way.

Additionally, using popsicle sticks glued together in a fan pattern creates small space for earrings or rings that won’t otherwise get lost among the other items. Experimenting with different materials like wood planks or ladders further adds aesthetic value that customers are sure to notice at first glance.

Lastly, maximizing one’s creativity is key to making his/her DIY jewelry stand out from others when selling at markets and craft shows. Customers thrive off novelty and by customizing displays with items such as macramé holders paired cardboard mountains can make all the difference in terms of visual appeal.

Letting customers interact physically with a piece such as spinning a wheel of fortune created out of binder clips holding jewellery pieces makes people excited about the product even more unlikely for them to forget about them without making any purchases.

Ideas for Various Types of DIY Jewelry Displays

Using DIY jewelry displays to display and sell your handmade jewelry is a great way to attract customers. Creative and unique ideas will draw the attention of potential customers, bringing you increased profits. There are many different creative options to choose from when creating a DIY jewelry display. Here are a few tips and ideas:

One popular DIY jewelry display idea is to create a macrame wall hanging. This option is easy to make, even for those with little crafting experience. Be sure to select colors, textures and shapes that will grab people’s attention and show off your design skills. You can hang the finished wall hanging on a flat surface or marmur frame for extra support, and hang your jewelry along it for an eye-catching effect.

You may also want to consider using fabric or felt displays such as mini bags, busts or chests as part jewelry displays. Fabric mini bags can be made in minutes by cutting up an old T-shirt, using scrap fabric or pieces from previous sewing projects. Simply insert the jewelry into each bag, and use different colors of fabric for each piece of jewelry for a bold presentation.

You could also create miniature busts out of felt for arh larger pieces of jewelry or items like bracelets, necklaces and earrings by filling them with stuffing material and then covering it with felt that you already own or purchase at a craft store. Finally, wooden chests crafted from old packing crates offer yet another great solution.

Once again, add stuffing material to fill out the chest shape before covering it in trim cloth or paper of your choice; hang your necklaces onto ribbons which are attached inside the lid; add small baskets filled with bracelets; tape off sections of drawers filled with earrings; etc.

If you want something truly eye-catching that stands out more than typical displays while still having an impressive homemade look , why not try creating industrial flower basket stands? Modify some wire baskets by painting them various colors – Gold works especially well here – cut some cardboard into discs as stand bases; place everything together – either indoors or outside on your patio – and hang multiple pieces at once on each one.

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Doing this will help differentiate your product offerings from other vendors selling very similar pieces nearby ; It’ll also maintain shoppers wandering around for longer , taking in all the variations which will undoubtedly result in higher sales overall.


When creative craftspeople look for a way to showcase their handmade jewelry, they often turn to DIY jewelry display ideas. Just like with all other products, eye-catching displays encourage shoppers to take notice and explore further. Custom-made jewelry displays have the potential to attract customers from far and wide by showcasing craftsmanship in the most attractive manner possible. With the right tools to hand, it takes minimal effort to create a stunning DIY display for your jewelry.

Some of the staple materials you’ll need include fabric and foam core board. Fabric makes great upholstery materials, while foam core boards provide stability; both are relatively inexpensive. To bring your ideas alive, you’ll then need a range of adhesives and fasteners like staples, tacks, grommets or screws may also be necessary. The best part is that these can easily be found at any local home improvement store.

It’s important, however, that you pay attention to size and proportion when it comes to designing your DIY displays. If you keep the scale of your jewelry in mind when designing stands or brackets on which it will be displayed, this will help create visual balance in the presentation of your creations.

Moreover, assemblies must be sturdy enough so that customers are able to pick up and examine items without causing them harm or worry about them falling onto the floor or table surface below.

In addition, customizable lighting can make a bold statement for any DIY displays for jewelry; buy some ready luminaires at nearby stores or line-in strands of tiny LED lights behind cases for an even more mesmerizing effect.

You may also consider enhancing existing features such as frames hung from walls or shelves with interesting fabrics; adding a velvet cloth would add depth and grace to a simple wooden frame holding delicate pieces of jewelry where gems sparkle even brighter under focused light sources.

Examples of Unique DIY Jewelry Displays That Sell

Creating jewelry that stands out from the competition comes in two parts. The first is the quality of the pieces themselves, but the second part is getting these pieces properly presented to look their business best. Here are some examples of easy DIY jewelry display ideas for selling jewelry, so you can make sure your pieces look amazing when potential customers go to check them out.

The first thing to consider when designing a jewelry display is how it will interact with your customers’ retail experience. One way to do this is by designing a two-tier system: one layer where all your pieces are arranged on an upper shelf or table and another layer below which features accessories such as gift-wrap paper, tags, ribbons or tissue paper.

A great option could be utilizing a cutting board as both a platform and an organizational tool – stack all the available necklaces on one side and earrings on the get plenty of visual texture while also organizing everything nicely.

Another take could be using old picture frames to showcase multiple items such as rings and earrings – hang several small pictures related to your work inside the frame (drawings, photos..) and pop up all the individual items below or behind it. This provides a beautiful background for customers’ browsing journey through your collection.

Other good DIY options for displaying jewelry could incorporate pre-existing structures such as bookshelves, bookcases or hangers – use ring holders placed creatively throughout shelves or simply loop necklace chains around hanger arms (harnessing gravity). Last but not least, why not create some original boxes with compartments specifically sized for certain items? This would give potential purchasers peace-of-mind knowing that their new bauble won’t get tangled up in transit.

Have fun experimenting with different shapes and sizes, as well as materials like wood, coated paperboard or recycled cardboard. Whichever route you decide to take – try creating something that reflects yourself and each piece’s uniqueness.


If you’re in the business of selling jewelry, it’s important to have an eye-catching and interesting display. DIY jewelry displays are an affordable and accessible way to showcase your creations. They allow you to craft a unique display that will attract customers, while still keeping costs manageable. The key is to show off the pieces on offer without overcrowding the space or making things look cluttered and unorganized.

The first step in creating the perfect Jewelry display is to decide what items you intend to showcase. Once you have identified which pieces should be included, consider how you would like them arranged together. Grouping similar items in a creative way can make for interesting visual displays.

Utilizing different types of stands is another great way to add a personalized touch as well as create balance throughout the space. Stand types such as hanging racks, necklace trees or trays will help to naturally store items while giving them a professional presentation look. Natural materials like wood, jute or bamboo can also be incorporated into displays for a more luxe feel and bring out the beauty of handmade jewelry pieces.

Once your items are properly arranged in the display cases or shelves, adding decorative touches such as flowers, strings of beads or hand written signs will add an extra special appeal for customers. Keep in mind that any decorations should complement your jewelry range and not distract from it. A collection of shades of fabric draped behind your disply could draw attention it needs.

You can also choose pieces with natural elements like crystals and stones that feature different colors and textures which creates depth within your disply. Finally, lighting plays an essential role in showing off handmade jewelry designs or adding attention directing shadows on walls etc .

Selecting lights that give a subtle warm glow rather than bright white lights ensure each piece stands out without flooding the whole area with too much light-the goal is comfort instead of harshness when displaying jewels.