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Vintage Barclay jewelry is a timeless fashion accessory which has always been popular with people of all ages and across generations. Originally established in the 19th century, Barclay jewelry has developed into a prestigious and highly sought after brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, intricate designs and fine quality materials.

Vintage Barclay pieces boast the highest level of sophistication, elegance and prestige that set them apart from other luxury jewelry on the market. From classic earrings to stunning necklaces, each piece is made with an attention to detail that ensures an exquisite long lasting style.


Vintage Barclay jewelry is some of the most sought-after pieces when it comes to antique finds, combining timeless appeal with outstanding quality craftsmanship. Many past trends come back into style over time but vintage Barclay still stands out as particularly desirable because its items are so unique and timelessly beautiful.

Every single piece from this iconic brand is made from only the finest materials, such as solid 18-karat gold or semi-precious stones, guaranteeing durability and a special level of luxury that other brands just can’t match. While it may cost more than modern vintage jewelry options, many consider it well worth the price for its beauty and longevity.

The trademark features on vintage Barclay jewelry include intricate details that make each item truly one-of-a kind; elements such as milgrain edges around stones or woven chains add additional levels of sophistication, while bright colored enamels or seed pearls bring vibrancy to any look. The company also puts considerable emphasis on using different materials together in their designs to create contrast and visual interest.

For instance, mixing yellow gold and raw pearl creates a flamboyant yet tasteful effect while pairing diamonds with rose gold creates a sentimental yet modern look. All these aspects combine to make each piece not just aesthetically appealing but also meaningful since each item has its own story behind it too.
In addition to being an enchanting form of adornment, vintage Barclay jewelry allows those who wear it to become partakers in history due its rich heritage going back centuries ago. Because these pieces are so distinctive they create conversation starters that let you share your tale behind them – this adds more depth than today’s mass produced jewelry which often lacks character or connection to any period in time apart from the present day.

As such wearing these elegant pieces allows one not just add a hint of glamour but also sense of legacy that goes beyond what fashion can offer alone – making them truly a stylish investment.


Barclay jewelry is a British company that began in the 1930s. It was founded by renowned silversmith, Robert Barclay and wife Winifred Barclay and was based in Birmingham, England. The couple shared a passion for creating unique pieces of costume jewelry while offering them at an affordable price.

Initially, they sold jewelry through mail order catalogs as well as through their store window. By 1950, the brand had become known for its intricate designs as well as its use of Austrian crystals and semi-precious stones in its line of vintage jewelry pieces.

The high-quality materials used in Barclay’s pieces combined with their ambitious creativity backed up their success but made the production process expensive. We can say that this was because Robert and Winifred sourced European artisans to handcraft their beautiful goods including organza ribbons that added a special sparkle to watch straps, necklaces and earrings. This technique gathered them a fanbase quickly throughout Europe including royalty who were attracted for its royal aesthetic style & affordable luxury quality.

Fast forward to today, Barclay is still appreciated by both new and seasoned fans from all over the world thanks to its timeless nature or simply put ‘vintage charm’ apparel & accessories which makes it highly desirable & valuable. They are no longer made with organza ribbons but they still feature bright colors and intricate shapes like our ancestors once did without much expense.

Even more appealing is that you can get your hands on some original Barclay vintage costume jewelry at reasonable prices if you take time to search beyond mainstream markets.


One of the most iconic pieces of vintage Barclay jewelry is the Rabbit Ear Pendant design. This classic piece features a black enameled pendant in the shape of bunny ears with a tiny diamond set in the silver center. The chain is also silver, with a small ring at the top which gives it an elegant look that easily transitions through multiple fashion trends.

The Square Snake Chain design is another example of an iconic vintage Barclay piece. This timeless accessory features an intricate pattern of alternating small and large silver squares set against a long rectangular gold chain making it perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Its minimalist yet bold look adds an unexpected flair to any outfit.

The Floral Ring is another classic piece from Barclay’s vault of vintage jewelry designs. This four-petal flower-shaped gold ring has a single diamond tucked into each petal, giving it a unique yet delicate appearance that would make any woman feel special when wearing it.

The Art Nouveau Bangle Bracelet is considered to be one of the most iconic vintage Barclay designs and for good reason – its intricate patterning brings together classic art nouveau motifs such as swirls and curves to make an eye-catching accessory no matter what you wear it with.

Crafted out of sterling silver with intertwining branches that connect along each side and clasp shut in the back, this bracelet can elevate any outfit from casual to evening attire without having to do too much work.


Vintage Barclay jewelry can be used to create unique and stylish ensembles. Whether it is a statement piece or an accessory, vintage Barclay jewelry can help elevate any look. For a classic, timeless style, wearing vintage Barclay jewelry with a structured and tailored outfit is the way to go.

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This could be a plain black jumpsuit, white button-down and silk blazer, or even a maxi dress with metallic accents. The quiet beauty of the vintage pieces will add instant glamour to these looks and make them extra special.

For an edgier ensemble, consider pairing a bold neckpiece from Barclay’s vintage collection with leather shorts and an oversized blazer for contrast. Wearing some sharper pointed kitten heels would give the look that extra attitude but still remain comfortable for all occasions. A bright pop of color such as bright red lipstick would finish off this daring style perfectly.

Vintage Barclay jewelry also has its place in smart casual attire. Think khaki skirt or pants combined with a pastel blouse or top paired with minimalistic delicate earrings – they don’t take away from the main focus but add some sparkle at the same time. Team these pieces with some sandals of the same color family to complete this classy look without being too overdressed.

Add some jeweled flats to make it more interesting if you wish. Ultimately, vintage Barclay jewelry can work in many different ways depending on how brave you’re feeling when putting together your outfit.


One of the most iconic pieces of vintage Barclay jewelry is its classic cluster earrings. These retro-inspired earrings feature delicate rhinestone clusters that sparkle and shine. The size and variety of stones used creates a mesmerizing effect and a timeless look.

Apart from the cluster earrings, another significant vintage piece is the classic bar pins. The bar furnishes feature a simple but exquisite design that elegantly showcases small stones to glittering perfection. Vintage bar pins come in various shapes, sizes and styles, each one displaying its own unique charm for those with an eye for the classics.

No collection would be complete without the ever-popular grandmother rings. These keepsake pieces of jewelry hark back to yesteryear with their stunning designs featuring diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones set in intricate patterns made of silver or gold. Each ring possesses its own unique character and is sure to bring joy to those who wear them for generations to come.

Vintage Barclay jewelry is the perfect way to show off your classic style without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Every piece is timelessly beautiful and will never go out of fashion – meaning it can be worn throughout all occasions by people from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a family heirloom or simply want something special to remind you of days gone by, vintage Barclay jewelry has something for you.


Vintage Barclay jewelry pieces have been popular for centuries and may signify a variety of meanings depending on the piece’s design. The most common is the representation of love, friendship, and loyalty. It has often been used as sentimental jewellery that commemorates a special occasion or simply highlights an existing relationship.

For example, wedding rings are one of the most popular vintage Barclay jewelry pieces that involves several designs ranging from traditional to modern styles. With metal bands crafted in gold or silver with diamond ornaments, they symbolise commitment and strong relationships between two people.

Certain symbols associated with religion play a key role in many vintage Barclay jewelry as well. The cross is probably the most iconic symbol among them, given its religious history and its association with belief, strength and courage – qualities inherent in marriage unions.

Additionally, some vintage Barclay jewelry pieces feature symbols of authority such as the lion crown which denotes power and good luck. This type of jewelry not only conveys the message of justice but also indicates the wearer’s control over circumstances in life.

Other motifs often seen on vintage Barclay jewelry are more representative of nature such as flowers, birds or butterflies – all these display certain features about life and remind us to be thankful for its beauty. Moreover, animal figurines may correlate to determination or liberation as other themes found on classic vintage Barclay items; for example a pendant featuring a fox could represent resilience in times of changes due to its natural ability to adapt swiftly to unpredictable conditions.

Ultimately whatever the interpretation behind a particular vintage Barclay item could be associated with, there remains no doubt that this unique type of jewellery continues to embody beauty recognition even in modern-day fashion trends.


Caring for your vintage Barclay jewelry is essential to ensure it keeps its shine and luster. While the process of cleaning requires some special techniques and can be a bit intensive sometimes, it is well worth the effort. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when caring for your Barclay jewelry:

First off, since many vintage pieces are delicate, you should be gentle yet thorough when cleaning it. You can start by brushing lightly with an old toothbrush or a paintbrush to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated over time.

If necessary, use diluted liquid detergent or rubbing alcohol for tougher stains – just take care not to get any of the product onto other parts of the piece as doing so could harm certain metals or gemstones. After rinsing the item thoroughly afterwards, be sure to carefully dry with a soft cloth before storing away.

Another key element in keeping your vintage Barclay jewelry looking its best is avoiding contact with lotions, perfumes and other harsh chemicals. This will help minimize discoloration as much as possible and help your jewelry last longer. Additionally, avoid wearing your Jewelry while engaging in physical tasks such as sports or housework as this can cause wear and tear which could need significant repairs in future should they occur repeatedly over a period of time.

Finally, it is important to store vintage Barclay jewelry properly in order to maintain their condition and avoid tarnish accumulation on those metals that tend to oxidize easily (such as sterling silver). Ideally, these pieces should be kept wrapped in cotton fabric and separated from each other so that they don’t rub against each other and suffer scratches or signs of abrasion over time due to lack of space inside the box or drawer where they’re stored away.

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It’s also best that you store them away from direct heat or sources of light if feasible within the same room temperature range thereby helping slow down oxidation processes drastically.


Vintage Barclay jewelry is highly sought after by collectors due to its distinctive look and quality craftsmanship. It was first introduced in 1949 as a modernized version of the traditional fine-cut costume jewelry made popular by such renowned designers as Pierre Cartier and Coco Chanel.

The pieces were crafted using sterling silver and semi-precious stones, giving them a more luxurious feel than the typical costume jewelry of the era. The designs had an intricate, geometric pattern that appealed to the growing popularity of art deco fashion.

Collectors are eager to add vintage Barclay jewelry to their collections due to both its aesthetic appeal and historical significance. Pieces from this era are quite collectible with some pieces achieving prices in excess of one thousand dollars. Even though the antique jewelry market fluctuates, many rare pieces have held their value or even increased in worth over time.

For example, a 1934 Barclay pin featuring rhinestones and a unique design can be worth upwards of ten thousand dollars. In general, pieces from 1950s tend to have an increased demand from collectors due to their rarity so these higher level items tend to command higher prices in comparison.

When assessing the value of any vintage Barclay pieces interested buyers should always consider its condition before making any purchase decisions; this is particularly true for those looking for pieces from earlier dates as improperly stored or poorly cared for items can significantly reduce their value.

Similarly provenance (the history behind each piece) can further add historic significance which impacts price accordingly Collectors value vintage Barclay pieces not only for their timeless style but also for the memories they evoke; carrying with them decades’ old stories – each one giving added meaning and context behind every find.


The history of Barclay Jewelry dates back to 1949. Started by James B Gibson, a veteran of WWII’s Pacific theater, the Barclay jewelry line was inspired by the country and vintage Americana style he had seen during his tour in the war. The company gained popularity when it began offering smaller, lighter pieces of jewelry than what could be found in other stores.

This allowed for more customization as each piece was made to order. To this day, many of Barclay Jewelry’s pieces are still made by hand in North Carolina.

Barclay Jewelry has become a go-to brand for those looking to stand out with unique designs of a vintage flair. During the 1950s they started adding adornments that resembled western movie costumes like horse tack and leather straps; this look is still used today in up-cycled collections.

Barclay Jewelry also has a long standing relationship with Hollywood actors such as Marlon Brando who famously wore one of their necklaces on screen at the release of his cult classic The Wild Ones.

Throughout its lifetime, Barclay Jewelry has slowly evolved providing its customers with finely detailed rings and necklaces featuring stones like turquoise and indigo quartz. With intricate etchings from nature and antique trinkets from around the world, Barclay Jewelry continues to create beautiful pieces designed for special occasions or everyday wear that are certain to stand out among all other fashion items.


Vintage Barclay jewelry was some of the most stylish and sophisticated statement jewelry creations ever made. From necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, pins and brooches, this type of jewelry could easily be spotted in popular magazines as well as various Hollywood films. This type of couture jewelry was produced through much of the 1950s to the 1970s period.

The primary reason why vintage Barclay jewelry is so sought after is because it has maintained its original beauty and charm over time. This type of jewelry is often crafted with either silver or gold tones which makes them timeless and elegant pieces that can be worn for years to come.

As with most vintage items, vintage Barclay jewelry also seems to hold a unique appeal mainly because no two items are exactly alike since they were handmade pieces. There is something truly special about owning a piece from a bygone era.

In addition to their aesthetic quality, another reason why these vintage pieces continue to draw attention today is due to their historical significance. In the bygone era, these pieces were widely used in both high-end fashion and costume design and many celebrities also owned select cutouts; thus making them sought-after items among collectors who want to include a bit of history into their private collection.

Lastly but certainly not least, vintage Barclay jewellery embodies quality craftsmanship which has stood the test of time and still looks stunning decades later – which speaks volumes about its staying power in terms of both fashion and value.

Whatever style you might prefer when shopping for statement pieces; alluring necklaces or a simple yet striking pair of earrings – you can be sure that there will always be something fascinating lurking amongst the myriad treasures offered by world renowned jeweler like Barclay.

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