Diy Closet Jewelry Drawer

DIYing your own closet jewelry drawer is an incredibly satisfying experience. It allows you to create a customized space that reflects your own unique style, and it can be an incredibly cost-effective way of organizing your jewelry collection. A custom-made closet jewelry drawer does not have to be expensive, and with the right tools and supplies you can create a drawer that perfectly suits your needs.

The first step in building your own diy closet jewelry drawer is to determine what you need and how much space you have available. Measure the inside dimensions of your closet so that you have an accurate idea of what size drawers would be suitable. You may want to make use of dividers or space separators to help organize items in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.

When considering materials for the drawer, wood is often a popular choice as it provides sturdy construction while still allowing the personalization of colors and finishes. Additionally, metal or plastic may also be used depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

Once all materials are determined, using the correct tools for assembly is key. Choosing quality power tools such as drill presses and dowel jigs will ensure accuracy when creating holes for handles or hinges, making installation easier down the road. Once all pieces are cut correctly, glue them together using woodworking glue before clamping them into place until they dry.

To finish off the project, painting or applying a stain to enhance the natural beauty of wood can provide visual appeal and protect its surface from potential damage due to spills or dirt build-up over time. Assembling all components together will complete the DIY closet jewelry drawer project properly.

Gather All Required Materials for Your Jewelry Drawer

Creating a jewelry drawer for your closet at home is an easy DIY project. First of all, you need to gather the materials required for this project. Depending on where you buy your materials, and what type of jewelry drawer you are looking to create, your list might vary. Here’s what you should typically need:

  • Custom drawer organizer or shelves
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Hooks/hangers
  • Jewelry trays/bins
  • Cushions – velvet or felt to store delicate items
  • Brackets and screws along with anchors if needed for hanging organizers

Once you have these items collected, there are a few basic steps that will help transform your closet into a functional jewelry storage area perfect for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Organize Your Jewelry in Zones

No matter how many pieces of jewelry you have, it helps to divide them into zones according to their length size and weight. For instance, dainty items like necklaces can be stored on hangers while brooches can be kept in trays. You could also use dividers within the drawers to further sort items by color or occasion.

This will make organizing your collection easier when the time comes to accessorize any outfit. Lastly, be sure that delicate items are secured by using cushions such as soft velvet or felt squares so they don’t move around too much within the drawer(s).

Install the Custom Drawer Organizer & Shelves

Now it’s time to mount the custom shelf organizer using either brackets and screws or anchors – depending on the wall type in your closet; drywall might require anchors for long-term stability in comparison with wood walls which just requires brackets and screws. Alternatively if you have purchased pre-formed shelving units then no hardware is required as they usually come with easy attaching tips.

Once secure, start adding each item to its proper place following the sorting zone rule we mentioned earlier.

Place your heavier pieces in lower drawers while multiple light chains can easily fit in larger sized upright holders which require little space. With all this preparation done now you’re ready to start organizing all those precious gems.

Comprehensive Instructional Guide to Building a Closet Jewelry Drawer

Making your own closet jewelry drawer can be a great way to reduce clutter in your bedroom or home, and give you quick and easy access to all of your jewelry pieces. Building a custom closet jewelry drawer is also more cost-effective than buying one, and it can be designed to fit perfectly to your needs.

Although there are some basic steps involved in the construction process, the exact materials needed will vary based on the size and design of your closet drawer.

Gathering Materials

Before starting construction, it’s important to make sure you gather all of the necessary materials for building a jewelry drawer. Depending on how large you want your drawer to be, you may need wood (plywood or MDF), screws, drill bits/screwdrivers, nails, hinges for the door of the jewelry cabinet, a saw blade, clamps for securing joints and wood glue. Additionally, you’ll also need some form of material to line the bottom of the drawer (felt or cork).

Creating The Structure Of The Drawer

The first step in creating a closet jewelry drawer is cutting down plywood boards into sections that can then be used as panels for creating walls and doors. Once this is complete, measuring and properly attaching these pieces together is crucial in order to get an accurate finished product. This can all be done with nails or screws.

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Reinforcement should also be added at any corner seams – use wooden dowels or bracing screws if needed. Clamping the sectioned panels together while screwing them into place ensures extra strength against joint loosening over time.

Creating Jewelry Sections Within The Drawer

Once the structure has been assembled, begin adding dividers within each section so that smaller items like rings and necklaces can have their own separate compartments inside your necklace drawer.

If possible try to include both open shelves with no additional layers above them so that entire shrines don’t get blocked off from view; additionally closed shelves underneath let removable storage trays for smaller items like earrings fit nicely into place underneath everything else without taking up too much space themselves.

Finally line the entire bottom with felt or cork for protection against scratches from jewelries rubbing against each other as well as adding cushioning between delicate pieces like watches.

Design Ideas for Enhancing Your Jewelry Drawer’s Functionality

Organizing your jewelry can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a lot of closet space. An effective and aesthetically pleasing way to store your accessories is to design a custom diy closet jewelry drawer. This type of organization allows you to easily see all of the pieces that you own while making them accessible when you need them. While designing the perfect jewelry drawer, consider the following ideas:

  • Include separate compartments for various kinds of jewelry
  • Place hooks on the side or back of the drawer for hanging long necklaces
  • Arrange dividers so items are easy to find and access
  • Decorate with colors and materials that match your storage area and closet aesthetic
  • Create an earring holder by using a foam board on which pegs can be attached
  • Store rings and bracelets in shallow trays or holders so they do not tangle while also providing better visibility while selecting accessories.

A great aspect of designing a custom DIy Closet Jewelry Drawer is that it gives you unique flexibility in styling. Many people opt for transparent drawers made from materials like Lucite or Plexiglass so they can visibly see their entire collection everytime they open the drawer.

Additionally, different depths within the drawers make compartments easier to find instead of having one large space where it takes longer to locate what was stored. Both clear and colored acrylic can be utilized together to create a sleek yet modern design aesthetic.

If budget is not an issue, velvet linings provide an upscale finish for personalization. Inserts made out of wood or flexible plastic help protect delicate metals from scratched surfaces when storing heavier earrings and pendants. Finally, removable or adjustable dividers aid in arranging trays according to what’s being stored in them from chunky bangles to dainty studs earrings.

Arrange the Jewelry Drawer with Custom Appeal

Adding a custom jewelry drawer to your closet is really the way to go if you want to be able to keep all of your necklaces, earrings, and other accessories safe and organized. A jewelry drawer provides easy access storage that’s both stylish and functional. Taking some time to customize your jewelry drawer ensures that everything will have a place, for an overall neat look and effortless access every morning when you’re getting ready.

When deciding on what type of drawer you want for your closet, there are a few things to consider. Both material and size can make an impact on the overall functionality of the space. You want something with enough depth to store larger items such as cuffs or statement pieces.

If you’re short in space, opt for one with slimmer trays or compartments that will still allow for storing different types of accessories without wasting too much space. The material is also important; many closets offer drawers in different wood style finishes that look great while also being sturdy enough to support heavy pieces like brooches without any extra strain on the hardware hinges or slides.

Organizing a DIY closet jewelry drawer begins with personal preferences – do you prefer to keep all of your necklaces nearby but separate from each other, or would you rather drape longer ones across a divider within the drawer? If earrings are an accessory of choice for their trendy look and smaller size, find specific spots where they’ll fit conveniently while maintaining accessibility whenever you’re looking for something special to enhance your look.

Swarovski crystals are another jewel-inspired statement piece that have become increasingly popular over recent years; use drawers with horizontal compartments so these delicate creations won’t tangle up together jumbled into one corner. Consider special add-on dividers or trays that can help group like charms together, creating even further control within this area alone.

With just a few simple steps and thoughtful organization choices, it’s possible to create an aesthetically pleasing DIY closet jewelry drawer for any taste. When done correctly,you may have created such perfection in your space that it leaves everyone who visits mesmerized by its effortless glamour.

Maximize Storage Space with Clever Organization Techniques

Adding a jewelry drawer or storage section to your closet is an excellent way to easily store and access your jewelry collection. This space-saving solution keeps your precious pieces organized and out of sight, but also allows you to be creative with the decor of your closet. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make it happen, here are some tips on maximizing the storage in your closet by creating the perfect jewelry drawer.

Plan Out Your Space

Start by measuring the area where you plan on adding a jewelry drawer in your closet so that you can plan out the size and shape of the space accordingly. You’ll want to determine if you have room for multiple drawers or just one larger one. Be sure to factor in any additional trunk space necessary so that all of your favorite earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings fit comfortably inside.

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Choose Your Materials Wisely

The type of material used for a jewelry drawer can make all the difference when it comes to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. For instance, opt for materials like wood veneer or solid maple if you’d like something sturdier and longer lasting. Additionally, felt-lined interiors are available for lining trays or drawers in order to protect delicate stones from scratches and damage while keeping them visible at all times.

Create Smart Storage Solutions

Think outside the box when it comes time create divided compartments within jewelery drawers. Whether you decide to use metal dividers, foam insert tray liners, adjustable dividers or more traditional organizational measures such as fabric pouches or individual compartmentalized boxes; choosing just the right storage solutions will make it so much easier finding what you need quickly. Plus, having everything neat and tidy not only makes it look better but prevents tangled chains.

Showcase the Benefits of Adding a Jewelry Drawer to Your Closet

Organizing and storing jewelry can be a daunting task for many, especially when done using traditional methods such as using a necklace box or bracelet stand. However, with the growing popularity of DIY closet organizers, it’s becoming easier to create customized options that can make organizing and displaying jewelry much simpler. One of the most effective options is adding a dedicated jewelry drawer to your closet.

More Storage Space

A key benefit of adding a separate jewelry drawer to your closet lies in the capacity for additional storage space it can provide. Rather than having your necklaces, earrings and rings taking up valuable shelf space, having an agreed-upon region that solely consists of different types of jewelry can help add more value to every inch without compromising on its functionality or décor.

Keep Things Organzied

Creating a jewelry drawer also makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily instead of fumbling through multiple pieces trying to figure out which one matches their outfit for the day. The drawer enables them to see everything they have laid out without causing too much clutter. This saves time and energy because users don’t have to take things apart or put them back together every day when accessorizing their wardrobe.

Added Value During Home Showcasing

Along with being functional and easy storage solution, adding custom-organized closets drawers also offers an added bonus during any home showing event – prospective buyers are likely to be impressed with how organized everything looks inside the drawers along with its overall aesthetic value. It gives off a sense of orderliness which can often be attributed as a primary sign as showcase worthy home organization.


Completing your DIY closet jewelry drawer can be very rewarding. Not only will you enjoy the luxurious benefits of being able to quickly and easily find all of your jewelry, but you will also have a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you were able to create something custom and special for yourself.

With this custom-made jewelry drawer, you no longer have to settle for ordinary store-bought solutions or worry about your little pieces of jewelry getting lost in the back of a deep closet. This one-of-a-kind project was created to fit perfectly with your storage needs and make finding, storing, and displaying all of your special items an effortless task.

Not only does having this stylish DIY closet jewelry drawer make it easier for you to locate exactly what you’re looking for without ever having to dig through a mess up items, but it also serves as a beautiful showcase piece in any room. Sleek glass shelves can either be added or taken away, depending on your specific storage needs.

Alternately, the top of the drawer is ideal for adding trinkets like rings boxes plus if there’s enough space available other items like earring holders and velvet pouches can fit too. Furthermore, the soft velvet lining inside means each item is instantly cushioned as they are laid into inner drawers which prevents them from getting scratched or snagged on anything else stored in the closet.

Organizing jewelry not only helps keep its condition protected but also allows lovely memories connected with each piece’s acquirement become tangible when they are put away carefully in order rather than collecting dust or becoming scattered about aimlessly. For sentimental reasons alone it is worth investing time and money into creating a customized area within closets where personal valuable items can be placed safely rather than being mixed with other belongings or forgotten altogether.

By making DIY closet jewelry drawers more accessible people are then better equipped to preserve their valued memories along with countless hours that would otherwise spent on struggling hunt them down when needed.

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