Designs Gemstone Jewelry

Designs Gemstone Jewelry is a world-renowned gemstone jewelry designer that has been in the game for over two decades. Founded in 1996, when jewelry design was taking off as a major industry, the company created beautiful pieces that were both fashionable and timeless. Outdoing even the most famous designers of the time like Cartier and Chanel, Designs Gemstone Jewelry quickly became one of the leading brands in gemstone jewelry.

The designing process begins with their team of master craftspeople scouting and collecting various precious stones from around the globe to create stunning jewelry sets. The company uses an array of materials from Rhodium plating on silver metals, to eye-catching rose gold settings and 14k yellow gold variations.

Many pieces feature diamonds too that are certified by AGS or GIA standards to guarantee exceptional quality. In addition to the lab certificates are other documents outlining alternative markings such as internally flawless clarity or a diameter size within 0.03 carats; documents that must be checked before manufacturing each piece at their workshops.

To add to their excellence in crafting quality pieces, Designs Gemstone Jewelry also strives for beautiful aesthetics inspired by modern trends as well as classic designs from ancient civilizations – truly making them renowned throughout various collections such as statement rings or delicate necklaces.

In order to achieve this, their team works hard day and night using special techniques like enameling on different surfaces or laser welding with laser technology microscope systems for intricate detailing so that each piece stands out among others in its ranges with exquisite elegance and sophistication.

It is no wonder why Designs Gemstone Jewelry is considered one of the top providers of gemstone designs globally – not only for its impeccable emphasis on quality but also alluring artistry which takes itswearers back in time yet making them look modernly chic at any event setting they may attend.

History of Designs Gemstone Jewelry

Designs Gemstone Jewelry is a well-known gemstone jewelry company that has been in business for over fifty years. They specialize in creating custom jewelry from precious and semi-precious gemstones, as well as providing ready-made pieces. Designs Gemstone Jewelry is known for their exquisite craftsmanship, creative designs, and attention to detail. With such a long history of excellence, it is no surprise that they are highly sought after by jewelry buyers around the world.

Gemstone jewelry making has been practiced since ancient times, with archaeological evidence showing that humans have been crafting these beautiful adornments for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations put a great deal of importance on the color and texture of stones, believing they held spiritual or medicinal powers. Early jewellers crafted intricate designs symbolic of important cultural customs, beliefs and stories, which people wore to communicate status or show loyalty to a ruler or deity.

Today’s jewellery making techniques still rely on many of those same principles – superior craftsmanship combined with thoughtful symbolism and intricate detail – but also makes use of modern materials and technology to produce superior quality pieces every time. Designs Gemstone Jewelry is an exceptional example of this kind of modern approach to diamond jewellery manufacturing.

Employing traditional methods as well as advanced engineering technologies like 3D printing or laser cutting, Designs Gemstone creates customized rings, necklaces and earrings out of precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Their craftsmen ensure exceptional symmetry between all components used in producing jewels; thus guaranteeing extremely accurate results every single time.

The success Design Gemstones Jewelry enjoys today would not be possible without its deep connection to the ancient art form it practices so expertly. Recognizing the remarkable heritage behind gemstone jewelry making allows us to appreciate the beauty it offers even more in our modern day lives but also shows how far we have come from the simple beginnings of this age-old art form.

Types of Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is more than elaborate pieces set with precious diamonds and other gemstones. It can also include many of the most glamorous and beautiful crystals, as well as some semi-precious stones often found in settings that are simple yet exquisite. As a result, there are numerous possibilities for wearing gemstone jewelry that range from elegant Neolithic beads and findings, to modern contemporary designs.

Types of Gemstones

The types of gemstone used for making jewelry vary widely depending on the desired style and the purpose of the piece. The following list outlines some of these options to give wearers insight into very different creations:

  • Precious stones such as : diamond, ruby, sapphire
  • Semi-precious stones such as : opalite, aventurine, quartz
  • Organic gems like jet and coral
  • Synthetic gems such as cubic zirconia or moissanite

Aside from these examples, designers may also make use of soft materials like pearls which are sometimes included in collections featuring precious metal beads such as sterling silver and gold vermeil. Many crystal types are also used alongside gems in earrings and necklaces due to their unique luster and resolution along the facets. These range from rock crystal to rhodonite among many others for very intriguing styles.

The Designs & Settings Used Per Piece

Designers set much creativity when it comes to crafting various looks with particular stones or even multiple stones used at once in identical pieces according to the desired effect intended. Some trends include multi-strand jewelries created by combining colorful corals or turquoise cabochons made delightful with intricately etched metal bezels.

Alternatively, solitaires featuring bold centerpieces combined with small accent side stones accented by minimalist scrolling bands make for striking additions too. Other popular designs include signature stackable cuffs crafted with sterling silver involving semi-” faceted peridot or citrine while special pieces combine many different elements like lapis lazuli and leather texture elements.

Understanding Cut, Color, and Clarity

Gemstone jewelry design can be a beautiful addition to almost any type of wardrobe. Since there are so many types of gemstones, it is important to know a few key facts when determining which stones may best suit your style and taste. Learning about the cut, color, and clarity of gemstones can help make sure that you find pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

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When choosing a stone for jewelry design, one of the main things that comes into play is its cut. There are a variety of types and cuts available on the market with each having their own unique look and feel.

The round brilliant cut is perhaps the most popular cut used in jewelry design due to its symmetry and brilliance. Other cuts such as princess, emerald or cushion all have distinct faceting patterns depending on the shape of the stone or their desired effect on light refraction.

The color of gemstones can also vary significantly depending on their type and quality as well as other materials used in jewelry settings such as white gold or platinum vs yellow gold or rose gold. Some gems such as rubies come in a range of hues from dark red to pink while other gems like diamonds typically only come in one shade – white or near-colorless (although more recently colored diamonds have seen an increase in popularity).

Finding the right hue to compliment skin tone or preferred style of jewelry is important when creating timeless pieces.

Lastly, gemstone clarity is also a key factor when considering which stones may work best for specific designs. Not all stones offer perfect clarity; some may contain internal imperfections called ‘inclusions’.

Materials like diamonds will receive more severe grading standards due to their attribute rarity compared to semi-precious stones; however, understanding what specific qualities are considered acceptable within each category can help narrow down which particular stones may fit well into various designs and price ranges according to individual preference.

Popular Gemstones

Green gemstones are some of the most popular among jewelry makers and their customers. Peridot, jade, tourmaline and emeralds are all beautiful stones in this hue. These stones are found around the world in a range of shades from pale, vivid green to intense forest or olive. Varieties of diamonds, semiprecious stones and crystals in every shade of green also make an appearance in many designs for necklaces, rings and earrings.

The Cool Color of Blue is Regal & Refined

Blue gemstones come in many varieties including blue topaz, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sapphires and turquoise. These shades add a beautiful contrast to yellow gold jewelry or can create eye catching pieces when set inside sterling silver bands. They’ve long been symbols of loyalty throughout history but many believe they help harmonize the mind, body and soul as well. Cultured pearls come in deep blues that are unique because each one takes on its own shine from the creation process.

Red Is Bold & Ready To Make A Statement

Bright red stones like rubies bring a bold statement to any design in any kind of jewelry type – particularly when mixed with white diamonds or other clear gems like zirconia or quartz. Tourmaline, garnets, carnelian, coral – these semi-precious stones come just about every shade so you can find exactly the look you want.

Whether it’s elegant and formal – or – fiery and exciting; along withdiamonds these red beauties have been used as symbols for love for centuries (in many cultures).

Combining Metals and Gemstones

Designs Gemstone Jewelry is an online retailer that specializes in creating unique and stylish pieces of jewelry by combining gemstones with other mixed metals. Their timeless pieces draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, with their designs often featuring earthy tones and rustic textures.

The Designs Gemstone Jewelry team works hard to create every piece from a customer’s vision. Their chic, yet elegant styles can take on any look, be it contemporary or classic, as customers find the perfect accompaniment for their own wardrobe.

They use a variety of materials to achieve the desired result – from sterling silver to gold-filled metal – combined with natural stones like citrine quartz, blue topaz and labradorite. Moreover, all Designs Gemstone Jewelry products are handmade by experienced artisans who bring out delicate details in each design.

Each piece of Designs Gemstone Jewelry is distinctive and one of a kind. With its individual patterns and styles, no two pieces are ever alike – each one telling its own story.

From solitaire settings in which the stone stands alone to multiple stones forming elaborate designs on a piece, customers can choose from many stunning creations depending on their individual needs or preferences. Furthermore, with an extensive range of shapes available – rounded cabochons for rings to faceted princess cuts for necklaces – customers will have plenty of options when it comes to selecting their ideal jewelry set.

In addition to creating beautiful pieces of jewelry made exclusively using gemstones combined with mixed metals for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries – Designs Gemstone Jewelry also offers trendy statement pieces suitable for everyday wear such as stacking rings or dainty earrings; perfect for taking any outfit up a notch.

The experienced team at Designs Gemstone Jewelry understands how important it is that each customer looks and feels his/her best when wearing the right type of jewelry making sure they leave feeling confident wearing something eye-catching yet also timeless enough so they never go out of style.

Cleaning and Proper Care for Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is beautiful and can make an outfit stand out. To keep your gemstone jewelry looking its best, it must be cared for properly. Here are some essential care tips to maximize the shine and beauty of your most treasured pieces:

Cleaning Gemstones

The most important aspect of caring for gemstones is proper cleaning. When cleaning gemstones, use a mild soap or detergent with warm water and a soft brush. Try to avoid harsh soaps as these may cause the stones to dull or break overtime.

Never use bleach or other cleansers that contain acid because this could damage the stone or its setting. After brushing gently with warm soapy water, rinse in clean clear water and then dry thoroughly before putting away in its box.

Disinfecting Gemstones

To further ensure that germs and bacteria cannot grow on jewelry, it is recommended that gemstones be disinfected at least once a month. This should also be done after exposure to salty sea water since salt is highly corrosive and can often damage gem stones without proper care and cleaning afterwards.

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The safest form of disinfection involves using diluted household bleach, which allows you to slightly dampen the gems while killing any pathogens living on them, without causing any material harm to the jewelry itself. Simply soak your gems in a bowl of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water (or less) for a maximum of 15 minutes before rinsing them in clean cool water and drying carefully with a soft cloth afterwards.

3 Signs You Should Take Your Jewellery To A Professional Jeweler

  • If you find any loose settings.
  • If you notice unusual discolouration or tarnishing.
  • If there are any scratches or chips on your jewellery.

Finding the Perfect Gemstone

Jewelry that features gemstones is a favorite among many people. From small, simple pendants to elaborate necklaces and rings, beautiful gemstone jewelry can help you stand out and express your individual style. With the vast selection of styles and stones available, there is something for everyone.

When it comes to choosing your own gemstone jewelry, however, it is important to take into account both budget and style. Stones come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures; so there are pieces available for nearly every budget.

But be aware that generally speaking the larger the stone or more expensive the material used to make the piece (such as gold or platinum), the more expensive your piece will be. So it is important to find something that looks beautiful but fits into your price range.

Understanding Gemstone Quality

Once you have determined a reasonable budget for yourself take some time to understand how to evaluate gemstone quality. One of the most important things when considering a gemstone purchase is its “4Cs” – cut, color, clarity and carat weight – which will all be listed on any reputable dealer’s website or certificate of authenticity.

Cut dictates how well or poorly light interacts with a stone which affects sparkle; color impacts hue and saturation; clarity refers to visibility of ‘inclusions’ which can affect value; finally carat weight measures size and therefore inevitably affects cost. Understanding these 5 criteria makes shopping easier as you kind make better educated decision about what type of stone suits you best.

Choosing Your Setting

The setting – whether it’s yellow gold, white gold, rose gold etc – also plays an important role in deciding budget as prices vary from metal-to-metal across brands.

Generally speaking higher content precious metals such as 18K will cost more than lower content such as 10K – this affects pricing significantly for pieces like rings where metal is quite visible compared rings with diamond detailing like halo where metal band may not even be seen by an observer at first glance.

Keeping these points in mind makes it much simpler find the perfect setting for your special gemstone jewelry piece – regardless of shape or size.

The Beauty of Gemstones

Gemstone jewelry is known to capture the attention of many, no matter the occasion. This type of jewelry has been used for centuries to represent status and wealth in various civilizations all around the world.

The beauty that these pieces possess can come from a variety of sources, making it highly sought-after by those who appreciate fine works of art or just want something unique. The various types of gemstones used can tell a story and be incredibly eye-catching, even sparking conversations wherever they are worn.

The options offered when it comes to gemstone jewelry are extensive. Some classic choices include:

  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Diamonds
  • Aquamarine

Aside from these mainstream options, there are also more rare or exotic gems available that may be lesser-known to many but still carry an immense beauty such as opal, tourmaline, jadeite and kunzite. Despite their seemingly bright shine and expensive appeal, these stones make great conversation starters due to their uniqueness and can often have a powerful meaning behind them – making them perfect tokens of love.

The design elements behind creating beautiful pieces with such precious stones can also reflect the same passion for detail found on any other fine piece of artwork. Traditionally crafted into rings or pendants, custom designs utilizing various cutting techniques like cushion cut or brilliant cut diamonds often result in magnificent settings that perfectly emphasize each stone’s individual power. Additionally sharp accents like marquise cuts combined with dramatic pearls or colored crystals creates a stunningly elegant composition every time.

Choosing the Right Gifts

Gemstone jewelry is the perfect gift for any special occasion or milestone. Whether you are buying a graduation gift, wedding present, or just to say congratulations for a job well done, gemstone jewelry is always an excellent choice. For an extra touch of elegance and sophistication, try selecting one of the many stunning pieces from designs gemstone jewelry collections. These expertly crafted pieces feature dazzling gems that radiate beauty and grace with an eye-catching sparkle.

When shopping for gemstone jewelry from designs, it is important to consider the type of stone to ensure that it matches the recipient’s style. Choose from a variety of gems such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more in array of colors and shades that will compliment individual tastes.

It’s also important to consider the setting which helps to determine how bold or subtle each piece should be; a simple gold band will never go out of style while an intricate bezel setting can add a dash of dazzle to any design.

The thoughtful selection process doesn’t end there; designs gemstone jewelry takes pride not only in their exquisite materials but also their unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is finished with durable metals such as platinum, silver or gold and hand polished for perfection before being shipped with secure packaging so your gift arrives in pristine condition.

With designs gemstone jewelry at your disposal, finding that perfect token or heirloom item has never been easier. Give someone you love something thoughtful and long lasting this year so they can treasure it for years to come.

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