Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry is believed to have originated from Ancient Greek times. The history of Amethyst gemstones stretches back thousands of years and many ancient cultures highly valued them. It is known that they were used for adornment, healing, amulets and spiritual enlightenment. Amethysts are also mentioned in the Bible as being one of the twelve stones on Aaron’s breastplate, a sign of order and making peace.

The Precious Properties Of Amethyst Gemstones Amethyst is a stone with high vibrational energy which packs many extraordinary properties within it. It is a powerful gemstone that activates the Third Eye Chakra by helping clear fuzzy thoughts and providing mental clarity. It helps increase prophetic skills and telepathic gifts while allowing its holder to stay balanced in both their physical and emotional body.

Moreover, it can protect its bearer from harm or ill-intentioned people by purifying their aura. Moreover, according to studies this stone has a calming effect on its wearer that relieves stress as well as anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, agoraphobia or even depression in some cases.

Uses For Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry provides endless possibilities of not only looking beautiful but feeling protected and enhanced with all these healing powers at once. You can use these precious stones for bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings so you can carry its positive energy around you no matter where you go.

One can also set up an amethyst altar/gathering circle – a place for spending meditation time – either alone or with friends; a special way to honor this crystal’s power by bringing others together and enhance your connection through its higher vibrations in order to enjoy its fullest potential as well as amplify an individual’s spirituality journey.

Popularity and Benefits of Amethyst Gemstones

Amethyst gemstones are some of the most popular and majestic gems that have a strong spiritual connection. It has been used to heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues for centuries. The royal purple color imbued with flashes of lavender, makes it an ideal choice for jewelry lovers.

Advantages Of Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

There are numerous advantages associated with using amethyst jewelery such as:

  • It provides protection from negative influences.
  • It balances the energies within your body.
  • Helps cultivate balance, patience, wisdom and courage.

To add further benefits to amethyst stones, its unique features such as heat resistance make it even more appealing for jewelry lovers especially in rings and other precious items ornaments like necklaces or earrings. Another factor that contributes in increasing the popularity of these gemstones is their availability in different shades of purple like deep purple, medium purple and lighter lilac tones.

This gives buyers multiple options to pick from depending upon their requirements which can be catered to both traditional or modern styling sense.

The Benefits of Getting Jewelry Wholesale

Purchasing amethyst bracelet wholesale has various advantages over buying at regular retail prices such as:

  • More competitively priced items ensure better market value for the jewelers.
  • Affordable costs due to larger primary quantities and lack of intermediaries
  • High quality stones help secure returns on investments offering long term profits.

Different Styles of Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst gemstone is prized for its deep purple shade and is often used as the centerpiece of many classic pieces of jewelry. Wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry offers a beautiful selection of necklaces, rings, earrings and more, made with quality materials and crafted into timeless designs that will enhance any outfit. Whether it’s an anklet, bracelet or a pendant necklace that you’re looking for, there is something to appeal to everyone when searching through these designs.


One of the most popular styles when it comes to wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry is rings. Ranging from simple bands to elaborate cocktail rings, each piece is sure to shine in an amethyst hue. The stones themselves come in different sizes with round or pointed cuts; some are set in sterling silver while others are showcased on gold plated settings.

Stackable rings featuring combinations of amethysts with other precious stones – such as rubies or sapphires – can also be found among the available choices. These ornate designs look dazzling against whatever outfit they are paired with.


Wholesale amethyst earrings come in many shapes and sizes – some featuring dangling teardrop shapes while others sport a chic stud style. Round stones works well for both styles for a subtle sparkle while larger marquise cuts come into play when wanting to make a statement. All colors of the rainbow can be found within these intricately designed pieces whether featured as is or along with a combination of colorful gems on one single earring set.


Pendants crafted using this stunning purple gem make perfect gifts for any occasion but are also timelessly stylish additions to your everyday wardrobe. Simple single stone designs encased in sterling silver create subtle elegance as do solitaire styles highlighted by diamond accents on 14k gold settings which will surely add luxurious vibes //.

Large teardrops look exquisite against daring dresses such as evening gowns even if they just call attention due to its bright color //. Flower-shaped configurations bestow feminine charm while tiered options showcase finesse that linger at the center-stage no matter where you go//.

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Amethyst Color Variations and Its Affect on Jewelry Design

Amethyst is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone known for its various shades of purple ranging from deep royal purple to light lavender. Jewelry collections featuring amethyst have seen an increase in popularity over the last few years due in part to the variety of colors and cuts offered, making it easier for designers to create unique pieces.

Amethyst comes in several different color hues including:

  • Dark Purple
  • Royal Purple
  • Lavender

Each hue offers its own unique set of design opportunities as amethysts with darker hues often appear more vivid while lavenders come off as much softer and more subtle. When used together, these many hues can create intricate designs that capture the essence of each shade.

For example, a ring with an oval cut amethyst in the center surrounded by a bezel setting adorned with smaller oval cuts gradually transitioning into lighter shades creates drama and dimension. The use of pavé settings such as surrounding stones with diamond accents gives even more depth to the design further showing off the many hues available for customers to choose from.

Pieces featuring both dark hued amethyst stones along with lighter shades can also be combined to draw attention to statement pieces such as chunky necklaces or earrings without being overly delicate. In essence, this variation of color allows jewelry stores a multitude of ways to display their collection tastefully while appealing to customers looking for something special they truly love enough to commit too financially.

The uses of pale purple amethysts are not limited solely to creating dramatic pieces however. Lightly colored stones such as lavender and white give designers more liberty for creativity and experimentation with multiple combinations they may not have been able create or willing to carry if they had only one hue or shade option available at first glance.

Oftentimes, combining smaller pieces of jewelry together creates interesting shapes right out of the ordinary which when encrusted with traditional round or baguette shapes featuring either white quartz or light Lavender Amethysts adds an interesting juxtaposition that ranges from bold yet classical to soft and geometric all at once drawing from both sides of the spectrum seamlessly.

How to Invest in Quality Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to investing in quality wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry, there are a few steps that can help make the process easier and more efficient. The first step is to research all the options before making your decision. This will allow you to compare different styles of amethyst jewelry from retailers and determine which ones offer the highest quality.

You should be wary of any online retailers that claim to have the “best” or “cheapest” prices on their jewelry. Quality wholesale jewelry takes time and money to acquire, and it is better to pay a little more upfront in order to receive something of higher value than paying too little only to receive junk.

The next step in purchasing wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry is researching what types of jewelry you are looking for, such as chokers, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Each piece needs considerate attention when selecting; not every design looks good with an amethyst gemstone. Furthermore, take a look at the color choices available close-up before making your selection. It’s important that the stone colors match with one another and with other items that may be included within the same ensemble.

After researching prices and desired styles of wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry, make sure to factor in decorating costs like strings for necklaces or inserts for settings. Decorative additions give extra flair but come at an additional price point.

Meanwhile adding extra touches increases the aesthetic value of each piece produced so it pays off well to include them in your design if financially feasible-especially when reselling handmade pieces crafted by jewelers who rely on such added features for their business model.

Don’t underestimate these elements when it comes time for refashioning pre-made accessories into unique designs; they greatly enhance customer satisfaction with one’s purchase by maximizing its appearance while staying affordable-a great combination for those who frequently invest in custom made jewels.

Caring for Your Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to taking care of your wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry, there are some important tips you should be aware of. First and foremost, any type of gemstone jewelry should be stored carefully and out of direct sunlight. Keeping your wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry in a box or bag in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight is the most effective way to maintain its shine and integrity.

Another great tip for caring for your wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry is to remember that corrosive materials should be avoided when cleaning the jewelry. Avoid using harsh detergents or corrosive chemicals, like bleach, on the stone as it will damage the jewelry’s surface.

The safest way to clean your wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry is with plain lukewarm water and a soft cloth or brush. Knowing how to properly care for and store your beautiful gems can prevent wear and tear, making sure you get the most life out of them possible. A great rule to remember when it comes to taking care of stones is that diamonds can scratch other stones, so keep them separate when storing or wearing multiple pieces together.

It’s also essential to make sure that you bring your wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry pieces in for professional cleaning every few months. Professional cleaners use specific methods and specialized tools which remove dust particles, dirt, oils, and grime from these precious stones without damaging them – something regular cleaning techniques at home simply cannot do.

How to Sell Gemstone Jewelry

Not only does this make sure they sparkle brilliantly when worn but also helps protect them against further damage due to daily wear-and-tear over time. Professional cleaners often offer advice on how best you should take care of each piece going forward along with ideas on other ways in which you can preserve them safely at home.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to shopping for wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry, you have lots of options. Here are some reliable sources to help you get the best deals:

  • Jewelry Stores: A great place to start is with a local jewelry store. Most stores carry a range of amethyst gemstone jewelry items at competitive prices. You can also take advantage of any sales or promotions they may be having.
  • Online Retailers: Plenty of online retailers have dedicated sections offering wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry. Many products are discounted and provide free shipping, making the purchase even more economical.
  • Bulk Lots: Bulk lots are another excellent source for acquiring quality amethyst gemstone jewelry at reduced prices. Assorted collections come with multiple pieces at rock-bottom prices, perfect for resellers and others looking for bulk buys.
  • Ingredient Houses: Ingredient houses such as Rio Grande and Swarovski Elements sell large volumes of loose stones; settings made from precious metals like gold, silver or platinum; and even fashion findings that can be used to customize designs. With their vast selection and unbeatable discounts, it’s no wonder many jewelers prefer buying from these suppliers.

With all the different sources you can use for wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy all the supplies you need and stock up on them when they’re on sale. That way, you can save time and effort trying to locate something in particular whenever an order comes in-plus get great deals along the way.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping for wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry is being able to get simply stunning designs made with genuine stones at drastically lower prices than those found in retail stores or boutiques. The internet has made finding reputable wholesalers a breeze, giving consumers an incredibly wide array of choices when it comes to selecting beautiful, unique pieces that will make their hearts skip a beat without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, going with trusted wholesalers gives shoppers guarantee that what they are getting is exactly what they were promised-from accurate images showing clearly what each piece looks like right down to detailed measurements letting them know how large or small it is. With such transparency between seller and buyer, there’s no surprise as to why so many people rely on wholesalers when looking for exquisite gems.

Final Reflections on Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

The world of wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry is a fascinating one. Not only does it feature some of the finest stones in the world, but its availability and affordability make it an attractive option for anyone looking to add an elegant accent to their wardrobe.

With so many varieties and sources available, shoppers have a multitude of options when shopping for amethyst gemstone jewelry. Whether someone wants to pay a premium price for rarer pieces or shop around for more affordable faceted stones, there’s something suitable out there for most budgets.

On top of all that, the fact that many stores offer custom designs and personalized stone types adds another layer of appeal to the buying experience. Customers can mix and match different colors and shapes to create a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Amethyst also offers an incredible variety of color intensity, ranging from light lilac to deep royal purple – giving jewelers even more options when creating custom designs. Another great advantage is the range of size options available: if someone needed a big cabochon or needed tiny cuts for earrings, they could find exactly what they were looking for with most retailers stocking amethyst gemstones in a variety of sizes.

It’s important when working with wholesale amethyst gemstone jewelry not only that it looks good, but also that you are getting your money’s worth – be mindful when considering where you purchase your stones from as there may be fake or inferior quality amethysts on the market. Once you get accustomed to handling natural gems and learn what quality looks like (it takes practice.

), you will soon be able to spot these not-so-high-quality stones at first glance and make sure that you are only purchasing the best gemstones possible. With all these advantages combined – along with its long standing history among religion and royalty – It’s easy to see why so many people continue fall in love with AMETHYST gemstones today.

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