Can You Wear Jewelry During An Endoscopy


An endoscopy is a medical procedure that involves the internal examination of organs through the insertion of an endoscope into the body, allowing visualization and access to those organs. Jewelry is decorative accessories, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Can You Wear Jewelry During An Endoscopy?

Jewelry items should not be worn during an endoscopy procedure due to safety concerns regardless of material or size. Metal jewelry may cause electrical interference with MRI imaging as well as pose safety hazards related to fire or magnetic force issues depending on the strength of the magnet field in the area. Because endoscopic instruments are often inserted without direct visual contact with the patient’s body, it can present a risk for trapping jewelry pieces between parts of equipment or edges of instruments used during an endoscopic procedure. For these reasons it is best practice to refrain from wearing any type of jewelry during the endoscopic procedure.

Overview of Endoscopies

An endoscopy is a medical procedure often used to diagnose and treat certain conditions within the body. During an endoscopy, a thin tube with a camera and light at the end is inserted through a small incision or natural orifice such as the mouth, nose or anus. This instrument allows physicians to observe the inside of organs and other parts of the body. In some cases, instruments can also be passed through the endoscope to collect samples or perform treatments such as removing polyps or expanding narrowed passages.

Since metal objects may interfere with images during an endoscopy and could potentially harm internal tissue if accidentally left behind in the body, you are generally not allowed to wear jewelry while undergoing this procedure. Most facilities will provide you with gowns or scrubs to wear during the exam which do not have pockets that could contain any items you may have on you normally such as jewelry. Additionally, having jewelry during an endoscopy may cause discomfort when passing through constricted openings (such as your mouth), making it difficult for physicians to successfully navigate their way around your insides. For this reason, it is advised that you remove all jewelry before going in for an endoscopy and leave it with someone outside of the exam room who can look after it for you until afterwards.

How Endoscopies Affect Jewelry

No, it is not recommended to wear any jewelry during an endoscopy. When performing an endoscopy, medical staff are typically advised to remove any external objects from the patient’s body, including jewelry. This is because jewelry can obstruct the view of what the doctor needs to see and can also cause damage to the equipment. Of course, it does not include physiological monitoring electrodes that must remain in place for safety reasons. Additionally, as endoscopies require a sedative for their duration, wearing jewelry has a risk of strangling or cutting off blood circulation as some pieces may become too tight due to swelling around them. Finally, metal jewelry may interfere with certain imaging studies which doctors need the patient to undergo before proceeding with an invasive examination such as an endoscopy. To ensure the success of a medical procedure and one’s own safety, it is best to remove all types of jewelry before undergoing a medical examination.

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Possible Risks of Wearing Jewelry During an Endoscopy

When undergoing an endoscopy, it is important to keep in mind that wearing certain types of jewelry can pose a potential risk for patients. During the procedure, doctors and nurses may need to access your body using surgical tools, and any metal objects such as jewelry may get in the way. Additionally, necklaces, earrings or other pieces of jewelry may catch on the equipment used during the endoscopy and end up causing further complications. In some cases, medical staff might even be unable to safely complete the procedure because of interfering jewelry. Lastly, artifacts from metal objects can show up on images taken during an endoscopy and make it harder to clearly view the patient’s internal organs. For these reasons, it is always recommended that you remove any jewelry prior to an endoscopy.

Reasons to Avoid Wearing Jewelry During an Endoscopy

Jewelry can be uncomfortable during an endoscopy and may interfere with the medical device being used. Even if the piece of jewelry is small or lightweight, it can still cause problems when moving around on the gurney or table used for the procedure. If a piece of jewelry is forgotten, it can be safety hazards for both the patient and the attending medical staff. Additionally, items such as rings and bracelets can get caught in parts of the endoscope such as suctioning tools, creating a potential choking hazard for a patient. Finally, certain types of jewelry contain metal which disrupt imaging waves. This interference could lead to incorrect readings from x-rays or CT scans performed prior to the procedure. For these reasons, it’s important to avoid wearing any type of jewelry before undergoing an endoscopy.

Alternatives to Wearing Jewelry During an Endoscopy

No, you should not wear any jewelry during an endoscopy. This includes all body piercings, necklaces and watches too. If you have existing piercings, it is important to remove them prior to an endoscopy as they could get caught in the scope while they are examining your throat or stomach.

In lieu of wearing jewelry, some doctors may offer you a pair of hospital-issued socks to keep your feet warm in the cold procedure room as well as an ear clip that contains a sensor that monitors your heart rate during your procedure. This can provide reassurance and make you feel more comfortable during the endoscopy process. Additionally, you may be offered a blanket or gown for greater comfort in the examination room. Ask staff if these items are available at your facility beforehand so you know how to prepare for your appointment.

What Types of Jewelry Are Allowed During an Endoscopy?

Most types of jewelry are generally allowed during an endoscopy, depending on the type of procedure and the area being examined. Typically, metal jewelry should be removed before an endoscopy since it can interfere with imaging. This includes necklaces, watches, earrings, piercings and any other type of metal jewelry. Some kinds of non-metal jewelry may be acceptable to wear during an endoscopy. Examples include plastic beads, non-metallic rings and cloth bracelets. However, it’s best to check with your doctor before wearing any kind of jewelry during a medical procedure like an endoscopy as each case is different.

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Preparation Tips for Not Wearing Jewelry During an Endoscopy

It is important to avoid wearing jewelry prior to a scheduled endoscopy. Jewelry can get in the way and interfere with the procedure, increasing the risk of complications. Medical staff may ask you to remove any jewelry before the procedure begins. If possible, consider taking off your jewelry ahead of time. Additionally, you should not wear any lotions or perfumes on the day of your appointment as these could interfere with imaging results during the endoscopy. You should also inform your doctor if you have any metal implants or devices that could affect how an endoscope or imaging equipment works during the endoscopy procedure. Finally, it’s best to leave all electronic equipment such as cell phones at home during an endoscopy appointment as they can interfere with medical equipment and distract medical staff.

Care Tips for Jewelry After an Endoscopy

No, it is not recommended to wear any type of jewelry during an endoscopy procedure. The medical staff performing the procedure must ensure that there are no metal or other hazardous objects present in the vicinity when the medical instruments are being used. Any metal objects, including jewelry, could interfere with the safe and effective functioning of these instruments.

After an endoscopy, care should be taken when cleaning jewelry. It’s important to use a gentle soap and warm water because harsh chemicals can corrode jewelry materials. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and use a soft cloth or towel to dry them off. Avoid exposing jewelry to steam or chemicals used in topical medications as this can cause discoloration and even corrosion. You may also want to avoid wearing delicate fine jewelry for at least a few days until your endoscopy site has completely healed up.


Typically, you should not wear any jewelry during an endoscopy procedure. For example, rings, necklaces, and watches should be removed before the procedure begins. This is to prevent any interference with the endoscopic tools or electronic equipment used for the procedure and to ensure the safety of both patient and doctor. Jewelry can reduce visibility during the exam and cause excessive discomfort for the patient due to its tight-fitting nature when pressed against their body or internal organs. In addition, metal pieces may break off or pull away from the item of jewelry, resulting in injury to either party or foreign objects being left inside the body after completion of the endoscopy. Therefore, it is generally not recommended that patients wear jewelry during an endoscopy.