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Easton Jewelry Stores is a family-owned business established in 1997. Located in the heart of Easton, Pennsylvania, the store specializes in spectacular collections of jewelry and fine watches both new and vintage. No two pieces are alike, as every collection is hand-selected to reflect the unique personalities of each customer. In addition to providing exceptional quality jewelry, they also offer expert repair services so customers can keep their most cherished possessions for years to come.

At Easton Jewelry Stores, knowledgeable and friendly staff provide diligent service that you won’t find anywhere else. Their meticulous standards for quality guarantee absolute satisfaction with every purchase — no matter what the occasion. They have one of the area’s finest selections of engagement rings and other special gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime. Easton Jewelry Stores also offers professional estate services for customers looking to buy or sell precious gems bought from around the world. Special custom orders also can be commissioned by skilled craftsmen who will include personal touches requested by each customer — whether it’s diamond-encrusted lettering or engravings on gold chains.

For one-of-a-kind beautiful jewelry pieces and impeccable customer service, visit Easton Jewelry Stores today! With room after room filled with sparkling diamonds and elegant styles that range from traditional designs all the way to modern classics, they offer something truly unique no matter your personal style or budget!


Easton Jewelry Stores is one of the most well-known jewelry stores in the world. It has over 150 years of history and a long legacy to look back on with admiration. The store first opened its doors in 1858, when a small family owned shop opened up in Easton, Pennsylvania. For more than five generations, the store has been proudly providing quality jewelry and fine services to hundreds of customers all over the planet.

Since its first days in business, Easton Jewelry Stores has continually evolved to keep up with changing tastes and trends, and now offers a wide selection of modern design options for men, women and children alike. With everything from watches and rings to earrings and necklaces, the store’s knowledgeable staff helps ensure each customer receives personalized service that truly reflects their individual taste. From elegant evening wear pieces to classic everyday accessories, Easton Jewelry Stores’ selection is second-to-none in terms of quality and style. Customer satisfaction is always their number one priority. In addition to providing competitive prices on top brands like PANDORA, Bering’s Collection, Cartier and many more, they are eager to help customers find the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion or lifestyle choice.

Easton Jewelry Stores also boasts a dedicated repair team who provide professional repairs for watches and other pieces that may need attention or maintenance over time. With an extensive range of expert tools at their disposal – from micro welding technology to diamond setting – these talented master jewelers make sure nothing ever leaves their workshops without being held up to their famous standard of excellence that has defined them through the years. From original designs inspired by vintage styles to intricate hand engravings finished with stunning precision, this long standing family run business continues to provide its loyal customers with timeless pieces they will treasure forever.


Easton Jewelry Stores is known for housing some of the finest pieces of jewelry in the world. The quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into these pieces are second to none. Every Easton piece is designed with precision, care, and passion to offer customers classic yet stylish designs that will last them a lifetime. The metal used in the creation of each piece is pure and void of any impurities, while gemstones are chosen based on their color, clarity, and proportions. Customers can rest assured knowing their jewels are made with metals and stones that have been ethically sourced and conflict free.

At Easton Jewelry Stores, the experienced staff puts customer satisfaction at the heart of every transaction. When helping you select the perfect piece it will be handled with an exceptional level of care – each one being fully inspected before presenting it in its display case. Every jewel needs to meet their strict criterion before it can enter their store so rest assured no stone or metal is ever subpar or substandard from Easton Jewelry Stores. With impeccable customer service skills, clients walk away feeling confidently accompanied by a fine piece of Easton’s exquisite jewelry collections. There truly is no better way than to show off a outstanding piece from Easton Jewelry stores that speaks for itself about class and elegance!

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At Easton Jewelry Stores, we strive to provide excellent service to our customers. Our services include repair and maintenance services, along with a wide range of jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets and more. We also offer appraisals for estate jewelry that customers may bring to us. All of these services are completed in-house by our experienced professionals who ensure the highest quality standards are upheld. For customers looking for custom jewelry design services or other one-of-a-kind pieces, Easton Jewelry Stores can create the perfect piece to fulfill your needs. In addition, our expert staff can help guide customers through the selection process when choosing from thousands of items from our extensive catalogues. Finally, we also provide after sale care support with individualized cleaning and repair services for all types of jewelry. With these comprehensive services, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase from Easton Jewelry Stores.


At Easton Jewelry Stores, customers can expect to find a vast selection of jewelry. From classic to modern pieces and custom-made items, there is something for everyone’s sense of style! Visitors can browse through a variety of unique pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual outing or a special event, visitors are sure to discover the perfect piece of jewelry at Easton Jewelry Stores.

In addition to developing collections that embody the timeless allure of classic designs and details, Easton Jewelry Stores also offers innovative designs crafted by world-renowned designers from around the globe. From earrings and necklaces to pendants and bracelets, this extraordinary assemblage offers unparalleled appeal and exceptional craftsmanship. Unique gemstones add pops of color amidst rings crafted in traditional gold and other precious metals, creating the perfect combination for discerning connoisseurs who value both rare beauty and artistic expression. An impressive variety of signature lines appeals to fashion aficionados and lovers of trendsetting styles alike.

No matter your tastes or budget, Easton Jewelry Stores has something special in store when it comes to jewelry shopping. The knowledgeable associates are always available to help guide customers through each step–from choosing a design to selecting gemstones–in order to ensure each customer finds the ideal piece that suits their unique needs and preferences. With regular sales events taking place at various times throughout the year, customers will be able to find amazing deals on popular luxurious collection items at budget prices!


Easton Jewelry Stores connect customers with rare, stylish, and carefully curated pieces of jewelry. Our expert staff are dedicated to providing impeccable service. Our jewelry consultants have extensive knowledge on all facets of jewelry. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or simply searching for a unique statement piece, our team is passionate about helping customers find the perfect piece that matches their individual style.

Our experienced design specialists will create a customized experience based around your personal style and budget. They can provide insights on trends, educate you on the ins-and-outs of diamonds, and offer complete information on treatments and metal enhancement methods that are used in the creation of a stunning piece.

Furthermore, our in-house goldsmiths utilize centuries-old techniques along with modern technology to create unique pieces as well as repair new or vintage items. Leveraging our sourcing expertise, we have access to some of the world’s most sought after stones for custom creations or remodelling projects. Easton Jewelry stores not only offer exceptional customer service but also provide peace of mind through one year warranty coverage on repairs and renovations done in house by our highly skilled craftsmen.


At Easton Jewelry Stores, customers can deep-dive into the creative customization options available. From designing dream pieces to giving an existing jewelry collection a unique touch, Easton Jewelry Stores allows customers to bring their visions and ideas to life with handcrafted, beautiful designs. Customers have the ability to pick from a variety of styles ranging from modern, classic, and vintage. They can also choose between loose diamonds, precious gems, and precious metals for the desired look.

Aside from creating custom pieces which are tailored specifically to a customer’s desires, Easton Jewelry Stores also offers several helpful services for clients such as repair and restoration of items already in their possession. Their experienced goldsmiths are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality repairs and services that ensure every item looks its best while also preserving its beauty and integrity. In addition, they provide appraisal services as part of their commitment to customer satisfaction in order to make sure each item is properly insured against losses or damage that may occur over time. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, it’s no wonder that Easton Jewelry Stores has remained one of California’s premier jewellers for all things related to customization and design. For those who wish for expert guidance on choosing a stone or style that reflects their uniqueness best – Easton Jewelry Stores has them covered!

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Community Involvement

Easton Jewelry Stores have been an integral part of the Easton community for years. Not only do they provide quality jewelry and exceptional customer service, but they also take part in a number of community initiatives. One of their most recent gatherings was a track and field event at the local high school, where they gave out medals to all the participants. They have also sponsored Little League teams in the area and provided volunteer support for local charities.

In addition to their charitable acts, Easton Jewelry Stores also has a strong commitment to connecting with their local customers. Every year, the stores host an open house for their customers and invite them in for refreshments and special offers. There are also frequently events held like book signings and employee trivia nights that help foster a stronger bond between the business and its customers. The store even sends out emails about upcoming events every month! All these initiatives make it clear how important community engagement is to Easton Jewelry Stores. They understand how vital it is to be involved with their neighbors, as this helps make Easton a better place to live and work.

Customer Testimonials

Easton Jewelry Stores are well-known for their expert service and exquisite selection of jewelry pieces. Customers have left many positive testimonials about their experience shopping at Easton Jewelry Stores. They appreciate the helpful staff and exceptional craftsmanship behind each piece that they have purchased. One customer noted that their engagement ring was the perfect fit and “beyond compare” in beauty, making it a truly special moment for them and their partner. Others found rare pieces from international artisans, which were not available elsewhere. What all customers note is high satisfaction with the quality, price, range of jewelry pieces and especially, overall top-notch service at Easton Jewelry Stores.

Customers are highly impressed with the knowledgeable team at Easton Jewelry Stores who take the time to help everyone find the right jewelry pieces to fit any occasion or budget. Many noted how friendly and accommodating everyone was – even helping them find a unique design that was not readily available there or elsewhere! One customer mentioned how unique their necklaces were, considering they could create any size or design they wanted with specialty collections from Italy and France – something that is hard to come by anywhere else these days. Those who bought rings also felt more confident knowing that every detail of the piece was taken into account during procurement, from stone clarity to size perfection so it can look perfect every time, no matter what outfit or occasion is being celebrated. All in all, customers have always been pleased with their experiences shopping at Easton Jewelry stores for ethically sourced and painstakingly crafted jewelry pieces delivered with exemplary care and customer service each time!


Easton Jewelry Stores is the best choice for your jewelry needs because of their great track record of excellence. For years, Easton Jewelry Stores has been providing top-notch service and an unbeatable selection of jewelry items. Their prices are competitive, allowing customers to save money on quality pieces that won’t break the bank. Furthermore, their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring customers have a great experience when shopping for jewelry. They also offer online services with more flexible scheduling and shipping options making it even easier to get what you need when you need it. With up to three year warranties offered on select items, Easton Jewelry Stores gives customers peace of mind knowing they will be able to enjoy their new jewelry piece for years to come. Additionally, they are committed to offering only the highest caliber of products at all times, meaning every piece purchased from Easton Jewelry Stores is an investment worth making. When you want exceptional service, quality products and friendly customer service look no further than Easton Jewelry Stores.

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