Buying Jewelry? Here is a DIY Tutorial For You


Jewelry making is now a viable low cost business especially for hands on creatively minded creatives, however creating jewelry is not necessarily required, especially if you already have an existing audience and a cool idea. It also doesn’t hurt to have some extra money either. The fact is jewelry making can be fun, it helps you express yourself, and it’s affordable! It’s no wonder that more women and men are starting a jewelry business or at least become more comfortable with the jewelry making process. It’s really no surprise that jewelry making tutorials are popping up everywhere on the web.

If you’re into wood jewelry, you’ll find some inspiration in the forums and other wood jewelry sites on the web. You may want to read through some of them and get a feel for how you like to work with wood, and some tips on using beads and other tools. There are some good free jewelry design websites, like that of Jo Capelli who has a whole blog devoted to her DIY jewelry designs, and she even has a website where you can print her designs out on demand. This gives you the ability to start making jewelry as soon as possible.

If you’re more into metal jewelry, there are some good metal jewelry design sites on the web as well. One place to check out is that of necklace maker Melissa Lin, who offers some great free jewelry design and tutorial videos on her website. There’s even an eBook available called “How to Make a Metal Necklace Fast and Easy”, that can help even the least experienced makers design and make a stunning necklace.

If you’re looking for inspiration on making bracelets, you should check out some jewelry making videos from YouTube. The most views on any given video are usually by people with at least some skills, so you can expect to find something useful. Watch any tutorials on bracelets with the same enthusiasm that you would for a necklace or bracelet. You’ll get a good idea of whether you like the materials being used, the techniques being used, and the overall look and feel of a bracelet before you even attempt it. If you can make a successful bracelet, then that will be a valuable lesson in jewelry making for you.

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Earrings are another popular DIY jewelry project. If you’re not too experienced at making earrings, you might want to look at some of the free clip art earrings patterns that are available. Clip arts aren’t as professional looking as many expensive jewelry designs, but you can still have fun making them. You can also find some in jewelry designs for earrings online, and you might be able to find earring sets or custom jewelry pieces that would look great with your earring style. Just do a search for “free earring clipart”, and you should be able to find several designs and patterns to choose from.

This type of jewelry making uses mostly glass beads, and has become very popular among jewelry makers who don’t like working with jewelry wire or with complicated cutting tools. If you haven’t tried using any type of colored beads in your jewelry before, you might want to give it a shot. Acrylic beads are much less expensive than their glass counterparts, and you’ll notice the difference in how they look once they are finished. Since acrylic is lightweight, it’s much easier to work with, and you won’t risk damaging your jewelry during the process. Because acrylic is so inexpensive and easy to work with, this is definitely a worthwhile project for jewelry beginners.

When it comes to this type of DIY jewelry, the sky is the limit. Even though it looks like a necklace, it could be a pair of earrings, a ring, or a bracelet. You can create a chain with a single strand of beads if you’d prefer. If you need to know how to string a necklace properly, you can find tutorials online or read through some books at your local craft store. This particular tutorial will give you some tips on how to string your necklace the right way.

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If you’d like to make your own jewelry, this is a great tutorial to get you started. You can either purchase a jewelry making kit online, or you can try making jewelry with just a few simple tools in your home. This jewelry making tutorial will help you understand the different jewelry materials you can use, as well as how to shape them. It will teach you how to use a variety of tools, including nose pliers, to put different kinds of beads together. It is a great overall tutorial that will improve your confidence as a jewelry maker.

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