Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

Brass Art Deco jewelry findings are decorative artifacts used to enhance the beauty and appeal of jewelry pieces. These findings feature various physical design elements influenced by the art deco period from the 1920s-1930s. The unique styles and materials used to create brass art deco jewelry findings can help bring a luxurious and elegant feel to any type of jewelry piece.

The art deco period was an era in which modernism was combined with traditionalism in order to create opulent and lavish artistic statements. This style is often characterized by simple geometric shapes, luxurious jewel tones, bold lines, curves, and tasteful embellishments. Brass artwork deco pieces take all these design features into consideration when crafting various types of components for finishing touches on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other components that increase the overall beauty of a piece of jewelry.

Brass art deco jewelry findings can include items such as clasps, watch fobs, jump rings, earring studs and posts, chain links connectors, charms etc. With these versatile items being crafted from brass metal they can easily add sparkle and glimmer to any type of work. Metal filigree such as swirls or single/double strand motifs also contribute greatly to adding an extra dose of meticulous detail suitable for more intricate designs.

These different elements can be then further enhanced with colorful stones (e.g., faceted gemstones) or other treatments like antiquing or hammering which will give them a unique effect depending on your preference or custom needs for the piece you are creating/working on. Furthermore, being timeless pieces it only reinforces how they have withstood the test of time in their designs.

Design Qualities of Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

Popular Styles

Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings can come in traditional six-sided hexagon shapes, filigree ornaments, pins with intricate designs, and chandelier drops with geometric forms. These findings are made of quality brass with a rustic patina that gives it its antique-style charm.

Vintage-style jewelry creation is an ever-growing trend and brass art deco findings can help you build pieces that stand out from the rest. The various styles of jewelry components allow for creativity and give crafters the flexibility to develop timeliness pieces with unique concepts.

Color Options

Brass is timeless; it can match any outfit or mood. However, if one wishes to create more defined art pieces, there are colors and hues available to choose from among the brass art deco jewelry findings. The wide range of metals includes burnished gold tones, rose gold hues, copper patina and silver shades. Some finders may also feature beadwork where brightly colored glass beads offer a vivid contrast against the metallic colors of the surrounding material.


The solid shapes cast of brass make up many of these classic accessories. Filigree takes on bold decorative patterns like floral designs amidst abstract shapes such as spirals and stars which increase your creative freedom in crafting perfect pieces for you or someone special.

Furthermore, thanks to advancements in casting technology, some art deco brass jewelry findings are now available in hollowed complex constructions which not only save on cost but also provide quicker production times so you get your order in time to start crafting beautiful jewelry pieces with ease.

Where to Find Quality Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

When looking for brass Art Deco jewelry findings, you’ll want to find the highest quality materials that you can. Brass is a very popular material for jewelry findings. It’s strong, shining and affordable. One of the easiest and best sources to get quality brass Art Deco jewelry findings is through online vendors.

These vendors usually specialize in this kind of product, so you can be sure that you will be getting exactly what you need at a good price. Many also carry a wide selection of styles and sizes so that your project can really fit your needs without breaking the bank. Besides having an amazing selection, many online vendors provide helpful customer service including tutorials or even classes on how best to use their products for different crafting or design needs.

Finding local sources for quality brass may sometimes be more difficult than finding an online vendor due to availability and quality control issues; however, it’s still possible. Local craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby often have some great options available and might even give discounts if buying in bulk or otherwise helping to promote their store among DIYers and bead enthusiasts alike.

Additionally, check out antique stores or secondhand markets as they may have timeless brass finds available in a range of offers from vintage pieces up through newer art deco designs – perfect for any project.

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The last option is always to make your own custom jewelry findings at home using pliers, wire cutters or other items easily found around the house – such as old broken chain links can also be used as bases for jump rings if carefully cut open with pliers (something which requires expertise so best left until once familiar with basic techniques).

This option is great if you are looking for something truly unique or don’t have the budget readily available to purchase finished parts but are confident enough in your abilities to take on such a project – this not only gives room for self-expression but could also bring cost savings when working on large projects.

How to Care for Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

The allure of brass Art Deco jewelry is unmistakable – it’s bold yet stylish and can quickly turn an outfit into something truly timeless. Proper care for your brass Art Deco jewelry findings is essential if you want to maintain their beauty and brilliance.

Cleaning Tips

Caring for your brass jewelry finding does not have to be complicated. Here are some simple steps you can take in order keep then looking new:

  • Polishing: To polish the brass, add a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of warm water and dip a soft cloth in the mixture. Gently rub the wet cloth against the finding until it has been completely covered, then rinse it with clean water and dry it off with a soft towel.
  • Cleaning pastes: Another effective cleaning method for brass is to purchase a metal polishing paste or compound from any home improvement store. Just make sure that you follow directions on the packaging carefully as specific compounds may require different steps.
  • Silver Polish: For more stubborn tarnish or dirt, apply some silver polish directly onto the area you want to clean using a soft cloth. Buff lightly until all of the tarnish or dirt is removed and then rinse with warm water.

Storage Tips

When not wearing your finding, make sure they are well-stored away from moisture, heat, dust, etc., as these elements can damage the finish on your pieces over time. Store in individual airtight plastic bags or an airtight container filled with soft cloth or cotton balls. This will help preserve its original form for many years to come. Additionally, be sure to store all small pieces separately so they don’t become lost or mixed up together.


It’s important to maintain regular cleaning and inspection schedules for all metal findings used in jewelry making projects – especially those items made from brass. If any parts show signs of wear or need repairing, contact a professional who specializes in jewelry repairs immediately before further damage is done. With regular maintenance and upkeep of brass pieces will ensure their long lasting beauty and shine.

Unique Uses for Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

Brass Art Deco jewelry findings are a great way to add interesting and unique flair to a variety of crafting and do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) projects. Often found in antique stores or online, these items frequently show up as components in old necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces made during the Art Deco period around the 1920s.

There are a variety of designs available, such as ornate circles, squares with accents of flowers, oval shapes with bird or geometric print designs, and more. As they’re usually made from solid brass or stunningly plated copper or silver finishes, they can be used for more than just jewelry making – plus they’re nice and inexpensive too.

One creative use for brass Art Deco findings is the art of upcycling – taking something that may have been hidden away to bring it back into use and beauty again. For instance, any room can benefit from a touch of timeless wall decoration: by mounting these findings onto wooded planks or frames with glue you can create one-of-a-kind artwork that looks vintage yet modern all at once.

Another inventive way to make use of your Brass Art Deco jewelry findings is with D.I.Y projects such as lamp shades or pendant lights; using either one large design piece or several smaller ones as an accent to make it truly shine. Accessories like knobs for bookcases can be plated with copper and designed in an Art Deco motif; there’s no limit when it comes to reimagining the possible uses for these beautiful pieces.

With so many interesting shapes and sizes available among Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye – regardless if used strictly for inspiring jewelry pieces, home decorations or any tangent project imaginable. And while many will find beauty in their beginnings patina condition others may love giving them new life through sanding down, coloring & waxing techniques – really letting their spirit shine through its surroundings and giving every house the luxury it deserves.

Design Ideas for Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

One of the most popular approaches to creating stunning jewelry designs using brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings is to keep it simple. This minimalist approach helps to draw attention to the intricate patterns and textures of the materials and allows for a showcase of their individual natural beauty. When designing pieces with these Findings, one should focus on adding delicate layouts and embellishments that will create an even more dazzling effect.

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One of the best way to achieve this is by framing gemstones or beads within the repeating shapes of the Brass findings. Utilizing a variety of sizes ranging from oblong ovals to small circular shapes will bring interest and attention to what might otherwise be considered a plain item of jewelry.

For those who prefer a bolder approach, there are also plenty of options available utilizing Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings. Accents such as Swarovski crystals or rhinestones can be added around the edges or the center focal point of each piece which when combined with larger chains or pendants can created a much more robust finished product.

Alternately, one can also finish pieces in bright colors by using pliers tools and enameling techniques such as cloisonne. Painting thicker coats of enamel onto metal can change its color dramatically making it possible to turn dull pieces into pop art displays that are full color reflections of your own imagination.

Ultimately no matter which route you choose, creating unique designs with Brass Art Deco Jewelry has never been easier nor more beautiful then it is today. Adding beautifully layered finds gives jewelry an extra dimensional depth and makes them appear incredibly professional while still allowing for customization options and artistic freedom.

By finishing these necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings with touches that reflect your own personal style can really help make them stand out in the crowd allowance for maximum creativity when wearing one’s own self designed items.

Pros and Cons of Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

Brass art deco jewelry findings can be great choice for designing beautiful, timeless pieces of jewelry. But, before buying these findings, it is always important to consider the pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Durability: Brass is an incredibly durable metal that won’t rust or corrode. Therefore, brass jewelry components are long-lasting and ideal for everyday wear.
  • Versatility: Brass comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, making it easy to create unique designs from simple to statement pieces.
  • Affordability: Brass is significantly cheaper than precious metals such as gold or silver, thus ideal for creating affordable pieces of jewelry.

The Cons

  • Sensitivity: Brass has a lower resistance to water and chemicals compared to other metals like gold or silver meaning that pieces may start tarnishing when exposed to certain elements.
  • Coloring: Jewelry made from brass tends to take on warmer tones when exposed to oxygen over time. The hues will darken or lighten differently due to each metal having their own composition of alloy elements.
  • Composition: Most brass warehouse materials contain hazardous elements such as lead which is considered dangerous not just for adults but also children.


Though brass art deco jewelry findings may not be as popular as other materials, it is a great option for beginning jewelry makers. The cost of brass is more affordable compared to precious metals such as gold and silver, and does not require an extensive knowledge in metalsmithing. With its vibrant colors, the decorative brass art deco Jewelry findings can provide an excellent opportunity to express an individual’s personality through unique jewelry pieces.

Additionally, brass is also very versatile. It is lightweight enough that it can be used easily with glass beads, crystal beads, or semi-precious stones.

Brass also has a high melting point which makes it easier to manipulate into different shapes and sizes desired for use in inlaying into vintage pieces or creating modern custom designs. Thus, whatever look you are trying to achieve from classic and sophisticated finishes to something more edgy and fashion-forward, brass will help you get there with ease.

It is inspiring what these versatile little brass components can create when placed together – from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and brooches – the possibilities are truly endless. Though the vintage styling associated with antique art deco designs may appear intimidating at first glance, it doesn’t have take dedication or years of practice in metalworking to bring yourself closer bit by bit towards realizing your vision with accuracy & precision every time.

So who said you need precious metals to create timeless masterpieces? All you need is some faith in yourself & your creativity expressed through these delightful little jewelry findings.

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