Art Deco Jewelry Uk

Art Deco jewelry UK is a type of jewelry made from intricate designs, colourful stones and precious materials such as gold, silver and platinum. It was popular between 1920 and 1935 during the age of Art Deco when modernist architecture, furniture, jewellery and fashion were all undergoing major changes. It is still appreciated today for its sophisticated boldness and elegance.

This style of jewellery often features geometric shapes such as rectangles or triangles as well as strong lines which pull together to emphasise a symmetrical balance. The use of colourful gemstones also adds an extra layer of vibrancy to the pieces.

The history of Art Deco Jewelry UK begins with Cartier in Paris who was one of the first to bring art deco jewellery designs into the mainstream back in 1926. Cartier’s pieces showed off bold symmetry combined with technological advancements like bright enamels, lacquers and galuchat (shark skin) all set in graceful curves.

They became symbols of modernity for a society that was entering the modern age with its new approach to art. As people’s tastes were changing, artists began creating their own unique Art Deco inspired works which are now seen all over Europe including in England where it has become an integral part of British culture.

The Cultural significance associated with Art Deco Jewelry UK can be summarised by highlighting its appeal among fashionable individuals looking to stand out from others with their unique style choice. The bold geometric patterns give off an air of sophistication while also allowing the wearer’s personality and personal values to shine through in the selection they make when deciding on a piece for themselves or for someone special in their lives.

Not only does this kind of jewellery make great accessories but it also stands tall as signification mark which signifies wealth and status amongst those who have access to these finer elements of life.

Popular Pieces of Art Deco Jewelry UK

Art Deco jewelry is becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, and is a style that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Art Deco jewelry pieces make use of geometric forms, bright colors and materials like diamond, gold, glass, ivory and semiprecious stones. It is an excellent example of craftsmanship that combines traditional techniques with modernity to create eye-catching pieces of art that bring effortless glamour to any occasion or outfit.

Common Styles

The Art Deco period gave birth to multiple new features and styles when it came to jewelry. bold geometric designs such as circles, squares and rectangles are some of the most recognizable elements found in this type of jewelry. Art deco design is often inspired by nature, from floral motifs to abstract shapes inspired by animals or plants.

This is highly evident in old-style brooches which feature enameled creatures and flowers made from alloys like platinum or white gold. Popular colors used in Art Deco jewellery include pink, turquoise blue, deep purple and yellowish green.

Materials Used in Crafting

Art Deco Jewelry UK usually utilizes precious metals such as silver but also more contemporary ones such as rose gold plating or rhodium plating. Diamonds remain a strong choice for many pieces while other semi-precious stones such as sapphire can provide more unique color options than diamonds alone can offer.

Gemstones like tourmaline and citrine bring bright vibrant hues while classic materials like amber add warmth and texture to any piece of jewellery crafted during this period. Additionally pearls are often seen within jewellery made during this time either incorporated into larger pieces or even used alone as small pendants or earrings.


The craftsmanship involved with creating historical Art Deco jewellery was intricate yet elegant due to its interlocking patterns coupled with clean lines; something which still stands true today for modern replications of these breathtaking pieces.

Trained craftsmen often took considerable time in order to hand carve these intricate designs out of platinum or gold before they were then set upon spacer boxes allowing light pass through them before being radiantly lit thereby illuminating these gorgeous subtle creations for all eyes alike.

Leading British Jewelers Specializing in Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco jewelry has a unique style and is timelessly beautiful. With its strong geometric shapes, bright colors, and luxurious materials, this type of jewelry makes an elegant yet bold statement. At UK Jewelers, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line art deco pieces to clients across the country. Here are three reasons why our Art Deco Jewelry Collection stands out:

  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship – Our team of talented jewelers employ time-tested techniques combined with an eye for detail to create each piece from scratch in the traditional art deco style.
  2. Highest Quality Materials – We only use precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum alongside exquisite gemstones and diamonds for a truly unique finish.
  3. Infinite Possibilities – Every single jewelry piece is completely customizable so you can create a one-of-a-kind item that perfectly reflects your own personal style.

In addition to our impeccable craftsmanship and quality materials, what sets us apart from other jewelers is not just our eye for detail but our commitment to creating exceptional customer service experiences. From custom designs to repairs or expert advice, we provide expert support every step of the way. With us on your side you can be sure that no question will go unanswered and no issue unresolved.

Brass Art Deco Jewelry Findings

At UK Jewelers we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to meet their individual needs including design consultations, ring sizing services, engravings as well as personalized gift card services for special occasions. Whether you’re looking for something simple or extravagant, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our vast selection of Art Deco jewels.

In addition to offering exclusive pieces from renowned designers such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co., our artisans also design beautifully crafted custom pieces inspired by classic Art Deco designs resulting in exquisite creations tailored uniquely to the clients’ wishes. With an emphasis on style and elegance over trendiness or mass production these pieces become true investments that stand the test of time thanks to their timeless beauty and strength.

Advantages of Owning Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco Jewelry has been a popular form of jewelry for centuries. Its timeless design has captivated collectors since the 1920s when it first became popular. The look and feel of the jewelry is considered to be romantic yet chic, making it a desirable item with both vintage and modern appeal. Owning Art Deco Jewelry has many advantages that increases its value and makes it a personal treasure.

When thinking about why owning Art Deco Jewelry might be an attractive option, there are certain features that sets this type of jewelry apart:

  • Precious Stones: Art Deco jewelry often incorporates precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires within an intricate design. These sparkling stones make each piece unique with a luxurious finish.
  • Innovative Designs: The artisans of the 1920’s developed original styles, incorporating Egyptian temples or motifs from ancient Greece into modern designs.
  • Rare Materials: These pieces are made using rare materials such as platinum, which are not easily attainable in the present day.

Not only does owning Art Deco jewelry provide aesthetic enjoyment but these pieces have true intrinsic value. As time passes by, the fine craftsmanship and beauty of each piece continues to increase in value due to its scarcity as well as its relevance in contemporary fashion trends. Furthermore antique pieces of jewelry can also become heirloom items making them timeless investment pieces that transcend generations.

Finally, collectors can benefit from having access to experts who specialize in art deco designs through boutique stores like Art Deco Jewellery UK. This gives connoisseurs the chance to view high-end items with peace of mind knowing they are getting authentic designs at good prices. There is certainly satisfaction found in acquiring one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that represent their workmanship and style without breaking the bank.

How to Spot Genuine Art Deco Jewelry UK

The Art Deco jewelry period pre World War II was globally popular and as such, it is now possible to buy original pieces from all over the world in the United Kingdom. However, with a plethora of copies around that look incredibly similar to originals, how can you be sure you’re purchasing genuine Art Deco Jewelry UK?


The first step in authenticating a piece of jewelry is to do your research. Find out as much as possible about the jeweler who made your chosen piece and the particular materials or techniques they used.

This will give you clues to look out for when studying the craftsmanship of an item, making sure it matches up with what you know about the creator, thereby confirming its authenticity. It may also help to read up on the most common design motifs used by jewellers during this period.


Examine your artifact closely under direct light or magnification to identify flaws and imperfections in its makeup which can prove significant in determining whether it’s a fake or an antique original.

It might be worth having an expert opinion at this stage if you’re unsure about what nuances to look out for since many authentic pieces have signs of being hand-crafted such as ever so slight variations in engraving style or slight imperfections in gemstones that hint at their originality.

Get Certified

Authentication certificates are invaluable security documents that can often make all the difference when assessing a piece’s value and background history. An authentication certificate based on expertise can add assurance and value when buying or selling Art Deco Jewelry UK as it provides independent confirmation of a given items origin and content analysis.

The certificate should provide detailed evidence including any previous ownership history or material analysis findings that may have been conducted indicating important credentials pertaining to true origin, age, identity and value that relate specifically to said item making it easier for potential buyers or owners to trust within their purchase decision.

Notable Collaborations Between British and International Jewelers

The Art Deco movement of the 1920s had a lasting impression on jewelry design. British art deco jewelry was strongly influenced by international design, with art deco influences from Europe, Japan and the USA all making their mark. One of the most notable collaborations between British and international jewelers was with German jewelry designers. German designers produced pieces which celebrated abstract elements, with unique shapes and modern materials combining to create striking pieces of jewelry.

British Jewellers Introduce Innovative Materials

As well as being influenced by other countries’ designs, British jewellers also introduced their own innovative materials to the art deco movement. Precious gems such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires were used alongside unconventional stones such as jade and malachite. Horn, wood, ivory and Bakelite were also utilised in producing exciting new pieces for a growing market. The result was distinctively British designs that still remain popular today.

Art Deco Bakelite Jewelry

Modern Variations on Traditional Themes

Many of the traditional pieces created during this period feature motifs taken from nature including animals, flowers and birds in unusual abstractionist styles that remain highly sought after even in contemporary times. Contemporary jewellery designers are frequently inspired by this period’s style and use their inspirations to create modern variations on these traditional themes featuring distinct colors, shapes and materials not previously seen in Art Deco Jewelry.

For example some jewellers have updated these older designs using bright enamel colors alongside valuable gems to create show stopping statement pieces that combine both traditional form with an entirely modern look. This trend for creative adaptation is still popular today among wearers of art deco jewelry who often modify existing vintage styles or experiment with colorways they haven’t previously seen or experienced within the context of art deco design.

Highly Desirable Pieces Achieving Record Prices at Auction

This newfound passion for vintage art deco jewelry has resulted in many highly desirable pieces achieving record prices at auction, further confirming our love affair for this romantic period in jewelry production history.

In recent years Art Deco has been firmly cemented into our culture once again via television period drama series such London Downton Abbey which have featured carefully curated themed costume scenes typically boasting exquisite Art Deco baubles enhancing each characters overall aesthetic beauty whilst adding intrigue to each scene further adding fuel to its already soaring popularity amongst die hard fans worldwide.

Where to Buy Art Deco Jewelry UK

Physical stores has always been the most popular option for purchasing art deco jewelry, not only in the UK but also around the world. The main reason for this preference is that one can personally examine and inspect the jewellery to make sure it meets their expectations. Furthermore, a physical store allows a customer to have an experience with the jeweller as well as get styling advice from experienced professionals.

However, shopping online from trusted retailers has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its convenience and vast selection. Customers can browse through thousands of unique Art Deco pieces at the comfort of their own homes without the need to physically go out to a store.

Additionally, prices on online stores are often lower than at physical locations since there are no additional costs such as overhead taxes or operating costs associated with running an actual shop. Furthermore, online retailers regularly run promotions and discounts, allowing customers to purchase their desired pieces at a much lower price than usual.

Finally, there is nothing quite like choosing something special that adds personal meaning such as art deco wedding rings, for instance. Asking questions about materials used in manufacturing or returning after purchase if necessary is much easier online than in person as well as detailed product reviews which can guide you in making your decision when scrolling through numerous exquisite options presented by reputable online stores.

All in all, online shopping offers customers flexibility and convenience without compromising on quality or clarity of details – ultimately making it a reliable way for buying art deco jewelry for those living in the UK today.

Essential Tips for Buying Art Deco Jewelry UK

Art Deco jewelry is an exquisite and timeless form of design that originated during the 1920s. It features abstract and geometric shapes, bold colors, and luxurious materials like diamonds, gold, and platinum. The UK is home to a vast selection of art deco jewelry that can be purchased from a range of different sources. Below are some essential tips for buying art deco jewelry in the UK.

Firstly, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the different styles of art deco jewellery available in the UK. While each period has its own signature characteristics, larger themes such as ‘Zigzag’ or ‘Square & Diagonal Motifs’ often reappear within different art deco eras. Developing an eye for recognising subtle differences between pieces is key when assessing quality and condition when making a purchase.

Secondly, due diligence should be exercised when inspecting an art deco piece – even if it is from a reputable source – to ensure you understand what you are purchasing. An independent appraisal may be necessary to evaluate authenticity and condition if one has not been provided by the seller. This extra information will help you make an informed decision that you won’t later regret.

Finally, note that the price tag attached to any piece of art deco jewellery will often reflect its history as well as its current state of repair and restoration (if required).

Pieces with provenance or those passed down through families tend to cost more compared to items found at local antique stores – making online auctions your best bet for finding rare pieces at reasonable prices – but this must always be weighed against any time consuming repairs or restorations costs associated with bringing them back into wearable condition.

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