Best Full Length Mirror Jewelry Storage Cabinets

Full length mirror jewelry cabinets were first developed during the Victorian era as a convenient and secure way to store valuable pieces of jewelry. The sleek design allows users to check their appearance while doubling up as a silent guardian of precious items. Over the years, these practical but aesthetically pleasing cabinets have evolved in design, utility, and size.

Nowadays, consumers have a wide range of options available when it comes to full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets – from customized cabinet designs that include LED lights for delicate illumination, to those that come with shelves or drawers in varying sizes. What remains constant is their use of quality materials such as solid wood and high-grade glass mirrors that hold up over time and against daily usage.

Features – Discuss features like locks, different compartments within the cabinet, etc As technological innovations are applied in modern day full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets, consumers can benefit from advanced features such as built-in compartments for different items such as rings and watches, lockable doors for added security or space-saving wall mount designs. Wherever consumers choose to place their cabinets – bedroom walls or even inside closets – they are protected by shatterproof material with anti-corrosion properties.

Many of these models also incorporate power outlets so users can easily charge various devices.

Finishes – Describe any decorative finishes one may find on the outside of the cabinet In addition to practicality features, these multi-functional cabinets often come with stylish finishes which boost their aesthetic values considerably.

Sleek black frames contrast beautifully against carved wooden panels while white beveled glass creates an opulent reflection effect; gold accents offer a regal finish; attractive chrome trimmings provide modern finesse; and most importantly, safety corners allow homeowners easy access to their belongings without worry or fear of nicking any personal items that may be stored inside the cabinet doors’ interior panels.

That means customers in search of an elegant full length mirror jewelry storage solution need only find one lusted after finish before proceeding with their purchase decision.

Different Types of Mirrors Used

There is an incredibly varied range of different full-length mirror jewelry storage cabinets available in the market. The size, shape and style of the available models vary greatly, so it is important to choose one that fits into the aesthetic of a room or house while still serving its main purpose of storing long pieces of jewelry.

Full length mirror cabinets can be great for organizing accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Freestanding full length cabinets take up less space than a standard wall-mounted cabinet, meaning they can fit in bedrooms or living spaces with limited area.

Some popular styles are listed below:

  • Traditional styled mirrors – These rectangular cabinet frames usually feature intricate detailing around each corner.
  • Modern mirrored styles – Sleek modern designs are great for contemporary homes.
  • Vintage mirror styles – These often have ornate frames in delicate shades.
  • Full-scale floor mirrors – Full body ones allow you to check your outfit before leaving the house.

With the right selection process and shopping around, it’s possible to find a reasonably priced product with quality craftsmanship and functionality which adds style to any bedroom or living space. It’s also important to consider other features such as interior compartments, bright lighting options or LED light strip frames. Some models even come with wall hooks for hanging items like scarves.

Features to Consider When Shopping

Locking options are a must-have feature when it comes to jewelry storage cabinets. The ability to keep your pieces secure while also providing an aesthetically beautiful look with a full length mirror is priceless. Depending on the model, many cabinets come equipped with tubular locks that allow you to make sure your jewelry remains safe and sound until you want to show it off.

In addition to locking options, adjustable shelves in the cabinet are essential for displaying necklaces, earrings, and rings of all sizes. A good cabinet will have multiple compartments and pullout drawers so that you can separate all your jewelry into categorized spaces. This will help keep your pieces organized and easily accessible when needed.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a full length mirror jewelry storage cabinet is LED lighting features. Depending on the level of functionality you desire, some models provide bright lights so you can see each piece individually without straining your eyes. Not only does this add more glamour to your display, but it also helps ensure each piece gets its fair share of attention.

When viewing options online or in store, be sure to ask questions about product warranties as well if there are any additional features like dimming or temperature control capabilities that could benefit your particular needs. This way, you’ll know exactly what your purchasing before you make a final decision.

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Benefits of Full Length Mirror Jewelry Storage Cabinets

Full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets offer a unique solution to fanciers of accessories. Unlike traditional jewelry cases, full length mirror cabinets use both the cabinet space and the mirror area for storage. Optimum flexibility provides hanging hooks for jewelry, convenient divisions in the mirrored room as well as door and drawer space for larger items. Here are 3 of the main benefits of using these pieces:

  • Spaciousness – These units provide you with ample and organized storage space, eliminating a lot of clutter that can otherwise pile up in your living area. The appealing modern design fits into almost any contemporary household setting.
  • Temperature Control – In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, full length cabinets are designed give an additional benefit: temperature control. They have a built-in system that keeps dust away from delicate jewelry pieces which could otherwise cause damage or tarnish the decorations.
  • Dust Protection – With their enclosed design, they protect your precious jewels from air-born dust that can accumulate over time, leaving no room for dirt or other particles.

Furthermore, installing one of these stylish pieces will elevate the look of your bedroom and make your everyday dressing more enjoyable. The combination of all the elements is what makes this product perfectly suitable for smartly stashing away all sorts of jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, watches and bracelets. Each cabinet is made with quality materials and has multiple color finishes to choose from so you can easily find something that blends seamlessly with existing decor.

Best Full Length Mirror Jewelry Storage Cabinets on the Market

– Budget-Friendly Options

When it comes to budget-friendly full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets, the two main contenders are IKEA and Wayfair. The IKEA ENNBY mirror cabinet is perfect for anyone looking to store jewelry items without breaking the bank. This full length mirror has three drawers, an adjustable shelf and magnetic door closures which keep your items safe.

The side panels of this cabinet also have slots perfect for organizing your jewelry pieces. It’s neat, modern design also makes it a great addition to any bedroom or dressing room.

Moving onto the options offered by Wayfair, there’s the John Louis Home JLH-679 Jewelry Storage Armoire – Vintage Walnut Finish. It’s designed with hardwoods and veneers in a beautiful walnut finish that fits both traditional and mid-century modern rooms alike. This armoire features fully locking doors with multiple hooks and ring pillows behind them which offer plenty of space for an expansive collection of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

– Luxury Options

When it comes to luxury full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets, prices certainly go up but so does the quality of these pieces. Two great choices are Horchow’s Cardinale Full Length Mirror and Skinny Hallmark’s Tall Cabaret Jewelry Armoire Chest.

The Cardinale Full Length Mirror has a luxurious silver leaf frame that adds a touch of elegance to any room space while its mirrored sides open up framing seven spacious drawers – perfect for organizing even larger collections of jewelry pieces.

Inside each drawer also lies divided velvet compartments for further organization opportunities that help protect your items from any scratches or dust damage they may come upon over time as well as five necklace hooks on its hidden side panel doors on both sides so you can see all your necklaces in one glance.

Additionally its body doubles as a floor standing free standing four sided lit beveled glass portrait mirror meaning not only can you see yourself but you can also plan out your whole look at once if desired making this piece truly unique in both form and functionality.

Finally Skinny Hallmark’s Tall Cabaret Jewelry Armoire Chest is another high end option especially when it comes to those looking to save floor space in their home as it slims down much smaller than typical armoires while still holding its capacity up high thanks to all its customizable gems like movable necklace rods and divided felt drawers.

Its sleek black exterior has gold finishings along metal openwork designs giving you an exquisite piece that you’ll need only glance at for noticing how much thought was put into designing this impeccable furniture masterpiece.

Installation Tips

When choosing the right full length mirror jewelry storage cabinet for your home, it is important to choose one that suits your needs and requirements. One of the most popular options are those that come with an integrated full-length mirror. They offer the user convenient access to all of their jewelry and accessories while providing them with an elegant touch to their interior design.

When installing a full length mirror jewelry storage mirror cabinet, it is essential to take into consideration a few installation tips:-

  • Measure your space twice before you begin – This will ensure that you have an accurate measure so you can make sure the cabinet fits safely in its place.
  • Find studs – Use a stud finder or a hammer and nail to locate areas where you can securely mount the frame.
  • Install wall anchors if needed – Depending on your wall’s material, it might be necessary to use wall anchors in order to securely mount the unit.
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Tools Required – Include all parts and tools required for assembly

Most full-length mirror cabinets require no assembly upon arrival and include all tools needed so users may install them without any additional items. However, some models may require additional attachments or fixings, such as brackets, for installation. Here’s a list of items that may be needed when installing both types of cabinets:

  • Screwdriver (and drill if required)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil / Marker
  • Hammer (if studs are being located manually)


When it comes to cleaning your full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets, first and foremost you should follow the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make sure you are aware of any materials that require special care or could be damaged by solvents or abrasives. If in doubt you should check with the manufacturer for specific advice on cleaning these items.

Cleaning Glassy Surfaces

To make sure your glassy surfaces remain spotless it is best to regularly use a lint-free microfiber cloth with warm water or specially formulated glass cleaners which can often be purchased from hardware stores. Wetting the cloth too much could leave spots due to water drops running down the cabinet so use a slightly damp cloth, rather than one which is dripping wet. When using glass cleaner make sure that the container says it suitable for use on mirrors.

Cleaning Wooden Surfaces

The wooden components can generally be wiped down with a soft damp cloth as needed, however where appropriate products such as wood polish made from natural oils can help protect these elements of the furniture over time. Be sure not to saturate the wood and also avoid using chemical based cleaners to prevent any staining or damage occurring over time due to their build up of residue on the timber surface.

Maintaining Interior Components

In order to keep your interior components in peak condition it’s important that they are kept dust free, as this could potentially affect their performance if left unchecked for long periods of time.

The best way to do this is by using an air duster spray at least once every couple of weeks and making sure that any drawers are open when not in use within order to properly aerate them and reduce developing moisture build up which again can have an effect on their overall condition.

Final Thoughts

One of the best full length mirror jewelry storage cabinets on the market today is Michaela’s Vanity Mirror with LED lights, which is sold by Wayfair. Not only is this cabinet stylish and elegant, but it also offers a total of 9 compartments for storing jewelry pieces safely and securely. It features three pull-out drawers, two side compartments, and one additional smaller compartment.

All of the space provides ample room to store multiple sizes and styles of jewelry. In addition to its many storage areas, this full-length cabinet also has an LED lighted interior that makes it simple to find the desired pieces of jewelry in low light settings.

Another great option for those looking for a full length mirror jewelry storage cabinet is Yaheetech’s standing mirror with 10 shelves. This product has a tall design made from MDF board materials that offer durability and strength. The freestanding frame ensures stability while users access their stored items.

The exterior surface has been given a high gloss finish for added elegance while there are thoughtfully added adjustable feet to level uneven flooring surfaces. It comes with mirrored double doors that open up to reveal 8 side shelves along with two lower drawers that provide hidden storage space.

Lastly, Hamilton Hills offers a contemporary yet classic full length mirror armoire with eight storage drawers in white or espresso options. These mirrors add an air of elegance to any bedroom or dressing area with an oversized frame constructed from solid wood materials.

Its beautiful design includes multiple drawers below along with four side shelves tucked beneath the core body for storing jewelry pieces of various sizes safely away from dust and dirt particles. On top of its superior aesthetics, it also features a top shelf perfect for placing accessories like scarves or hats as well as an internal lockable door so the treasures inside can be kept secure at all times.

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