Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry

From its humble beginnings in the early 1900s, Art Deco sapphire jewelry has come to become a timeless symbol of luxury. As one of the most popular styles of jewelry from the first few decades of the 20th century, it stands out among even the most stylish pieces today for its unique and elegant design.

Art Deco sapphire jewelry features different cuts and styles of bright and brilliant sparkles that have been captured on classic gold or silver settings. The combination of these two elements brings together an eye-catching statement piece that encapsulates the glamourous atmosphere of the era.

The unique appeal Art Deco sapphire jewelry is found in its distinctive style, which blends elements from both traditional and modern influences for a one-of-a-kind look. You’ll find vibrant blue stones accented by intricate etchings along with more minimalistic pieces that sparkle against simple yet luxurious metal frames.

Depending on the type and setting chosen, you can create a piece that ranges from subtle and sophisticated to bold and dramatic all depending on your tastes and personal preferences. Whether you are looking for something to complete an outfit or add a touch of class to a special occasion gift, there’s an array of options available when it comes to finding Art Deco sapphire jewelry that will be just perfect for any occasion.

In addition to being stylish, Art Deco sapphire jewelry also offers lasting durability since each stone is meticulously inspected before being mounted into its setting. This rigor ensures your own individual piece will be as beautiful as it was intended at least for several years with proper care and respect provided.

Furthermore caring for your own special piece doesn’t have to be difficult – mild soap mixed with warm water works great for cleaning away dirt or grime buildup over time without causing too much damage or weakening of the gemstones or metal frame. Combined with professional checkups every so often, you can be assured your own piece will remain in pristine condition far longer than you think possible given its age and style.

Overall Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry is certainly worth considering if you’re looking for something truly timelessly fashionable while still having its own unique vintage charm that cannot be matched by any other style choice.

Origins of Art Deco

Art Deco dates back to 1925, when it surged onto the world stage as a beloved style of art and architecture. It originated as a modern take on classic Art Nouveau, and its French name explored its de facto status within the world of art.

The term “Art Deco” was actually derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (“International Exhibitions of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts”), which took place in Paris during 1925. This was the widespread introduction of this influential design style – a synthesis of traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials – which became all the rage at the time.

The hallmark characteristics of art deco include:

  • Symmetrical compositions
  • Chrome metal accents
  • Geometric shapes like rectangles, circles, triangles, zigzags
  • Sharp angles and cubist patterns
  • Bright colors like striking reds, deep greens, oranges and yellows

Unlike some other styles that are rooted in certain movements or political agendas, Art Deco was meant to be something new entirely and an embracing of modern scientific culture. In many ways, it reflects a desire to capture this time in history; to commemorate mankind’s newfound relationship with industrial civilization through decorative works designed for luxury living.

Indeed international events such as The Great War left many people straining against traditions in favor of sleekness elegance; they yearned for nothing more than to step into a stylish utopia adorned with iridescent neon lights that echoed their drive for progress.

Fashion accessories such as sapphire jewelry provide an excellent example of what we mean when we talk about Art Deco. During this period fashion-lovers everywhere sought out glamorous versions of accessories by designers who were adept at producing classical gems with an edgy twist – ones that married mesmerizing blue hues with diamond studded frames for an exotic yet timeless look.

Since then generations have followed suit from those 1920’s debonair dressers; timeless pieces come embellished with sparkling diamonds detail along pave setting bands in all sorts shapes and sizes perfecting evoking its legendary regality even today.

Crafting Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry

The Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s was a time in which minimalist design and geometric shapes reigned supreme. Jewelry of this era, known as Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry, is highly sought after by collectors for its beauty and unique style. Characteristics of this style of jewelry include clean lines, bold colors, and bright gemstones. Below is a list of some ways to create your very own Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry:

  • Start with the Stone – Choose from a variety of sapphires to use as the main focus in your jewelry design; consider what type and size would best complement the style.
  • Choose a Design – Look for shapes like circles, squares, or stars and use these motifs throughout your design; combine them with angular lines to make it distinctly Art Deco.
  • Set the Stones – Consider how you’d like the sapphires set in the jewelry; traditional settings might be pronged or bar-set stones.
  • Incorporate Color – Incorporate color into your pieces through other gemstones or metal elements; use contrasting colors for an even bolder look.
  • Add Final Elements – Add any extra decorations such as engravings or filigree detailing to complete your piece.
What Style of Jewelry Came After Art Deco Period

Once you have all of these pieces, you’ll be able to begin bringing together all the components of your Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry: assembling stones, setting them into place, adding details and when it’s all complete-you’ll have created a special item that will stand out.

Analyzing the Color, Cut and Clarity of Sapphires

Art Deco sapphire jewelry is renowned for its bold statement designs, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. These fine pieces of jewelry were crafted between 1920s to the 1930s, and remain a favored choice in fashion today. To understand the current demand for Art Deco sapphires, it is important to appreciate its subtle beauty which lies in the color, cut and clarity of the stones.

The Color

The top graded color of blue sapphire is called cornflower blue. They have hints of purple that appears ethereal under sunlight. These hues are coveted by gem connoisseurs all over the world for their captivating brilliance. Most Art Deco pieces feature sapphires with medium tones that exhibit strong amounts of brightness and clarity.

The Cut

The traditional style preferred for this era was a cushion cut; however, more intricate designs used mixed curves like baguettes or marquise resulting in enhanced sparkle effects when light reflects off these facets. In addition to halo rings where a layer of surrounding kite-shaped diamonds amplify the center stone’s visual appeal, bezel settings provide ample protection while also allowing increased light penetration through open side panels.

The Clarity

Since inclusions are natural features observed within most gemstones, only those with eye clean levels should be selected when commissioning Art Deco jewels specifically for investment purposes. Such substantial amounts of clarity appears as rippling pools under magnification resulting in a dazzling display when streaming light reveals a sparkling canopy from such astounding depths within these precious stones.

  • Color: Cornflower blue with hints of purple
  • Cut: Cushion, baguettes or marquise shaped cuts
  • Clarity: Eye clean levels or higher

How to Spot the Perfect Art Deco Sapphire Piece

Art Deco sapphire jewelry is a classic piece that may be passed down through generations. When buying pieces of this type, it’s important to be able to recognize which ones are most valuable and why. By learning what to look for and being able to identify pieces of certain periods and styles, you can find the perfect Art Deco sapphire jewelry for yourself or as a special gift.

Is is Authentic?

The first thing to consider when purchasing Art Deco sapphire jewelry is whether or not it is authentic. To determine if an item is authentic, examine the construction and materials. Is the piece made from quality components like real gold and silver, or cheap metals such as nickel or brass?

If it’s made with high-quality materials then it’s much more likely that the item is authentic. The same applies for any gemstones that might come with the piece; make sure they are genuine stones like diamonds, rubies, and of course sapphires.

Check out Its Setting

In addition to materials, the setting of a piece of jewelry can tell you whether or not it its authentic. For example, the setting of an Art Deco ring should have a distinct geometric patterned style such as angular shapes and curves. Whereas other periods may feature more ornate settings like intricate filigree or delicate scrollwork patterns, true Art Deco pieces typically feature simple designs with strong lines and angles finished with small accents like milgrain engraving along their edges.

Look At The Details

When examining an item of Art Deco jewelry, look for details such as engraved dates or inscription points which would indicate that any associated provenance data was recorded in some way when originally manufactured-an important factor in determining its age and collectability value. Even something as small as how closely stones were set next to each other can give clues into different eras of craftsmanship used during its production process.

While many modern items mimic vintage design elements, there will always be subtle differences between originals from various time periods which allows experienced collectors to easily discern them apart from knockoff items on sight alone.

Unlock the Meaning of Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry

As one of the oldest and most valuable gemstones in history, sapphire jewelry has been used since antiquity for both adornment and talismanic purposes. Sapphire has long been associated with wisdom, spiritual insight, and protection from harm. In more recent history, certain characteristics of sapphires have given them new symbolic importance in modern art deco jewelry.

Art Deco instantly brings to mind classic glamour, sophistication, and affluence. Featuring geometric shapes such as zigzag lines and sunbursts along with repeating patterns created with stones like diamonds or sapphires, Art Deco pieces possess a timeless elegance that has made them some of the most precious items around the world. Because of this stylish reputation, sapphire jewelry is often chosen for its ability to convey an air of wealth and success.

How to Identify Art Deco Jewelry

Though the Art Deco era carried a strong sense of modernity at the time due to its clean lines and use of simplified color palettes, it also offered a connection to other ages past with references to cultures around the world-Egyptian, Aztec, Persian-all united under one unifying style that still feels fresh centuries later.

In particular, symbols found on many Art Deco pieces such as snakes or feathers offer sought-after spiritual meaning while also conveying feelings of personal growth or transformation through life events like marriage or birthdays.

Moreover, adding sapphires into Art Deco pieces gives these artifacts an extra layer of meaning due to its ancient association with inner knowledge and mental clarity:

  • Sapphire is often thought to bring peace from within
  • The rich tone of sapphire is said to help keep negative energy away
  • Sapphire’s vivid royal blue hue reflects a calm yet regal aesthetic
  • Sapphire jewelry can represent faithfulness or spiritual protection
  • Including sapphire in an item signifies truth seeking throughout life’s journey

Creative Ways to Wear Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry

Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry is a beautiful ornamental form of expression with a classic touch that instantly stands out. With its gorgeous blue hue, sapphire jewelry helps to dress up any outfit for formal or informal settings.

Whether you’re looking for delicate and chic earrings to complete your office look, an attractive centerpiece necklace to add glamour to special occasions, or a bold statement ring for casual daytime looks, there is an art deco sapphire piece out there that will suit the purpose.

Sapphire Earrings

Statement earrings are becoming increasingly popular, so why not embrace the trend with sapphire Art Deco earrings? There are many shapes and sizes available featuring intricate details such as geometric patterns or millegrain edging which give off vintage vibes. The perfect way to modernize your look with Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry is by pairing it with minimalist and elegant studs paired with a diamond necklace and sapphire tennis bracelets.

Sapphire Ring

Owning an art deco sapphire ring is like having a secret weapon in your ring collection since these pieces can be styled with outfits ranging from dresses meant for black-tie events to laid-back everyday wear. These rings feature sturdy metalwork crafted into one-of-a-kind designs making them eye-catching centerpieces for any fingers.

Wear it alone on different fingers in both hands when you’re feeling daring, or mix it up with various sizes and designs of other rings to curate unique stackable looks.

Sapphire Necklace

The beauty of an Art Deco Sapphire Necklace exudes extravagance yet blends in nicely if you don’t want something too overwhelming or glitzy. Look for sapphire pendants adorned with pearls or diamonds that fall gracefully around your neck complimented by elegant chains made of either gold or platinum – depending on preference. Serve these pieces as the cool centerpiece on simple ensembles like plain white shirts pairings and neutral blazers.

Taking Care of Your Art Deco Sapphire Investment

Art Deco Sapphire Jewelry is an iconic and timeless accessory that has long been a favorite for many generations. The exceptional beauty of sapphires is accentuated with the finely crafted designs of Art Deco jewelry, creating exquisite pieces with elegant details. Knowing how to properly take care of your investment in such jewelry is essential to preserving its value and condition.

Sapphires are strong stones and can often endure everyday wear and tear, but just like any stone, it is important to handle Art Deco sapphire jewelry with care. It is best to store the pieces such as rings in individual covered containers or boxes so they are not exposed to certain elements which may damage the surface or overall finish.

Such materials include, harsh perfumes, chemicals found in cosmetics and hairspray, pools and hot tubs, salt water beaches etc Taking these steps will help ensure your jewelry remains clean and free from dirt buildup that can cause damage to the metal setting or dull the sapphire’s shine if not removed promptly.

It’s also important to inspect your jewels regularly for any loose stones-they can eventually become detached if they’re constantly being jarred around during everyday wear. If you notice a loose stone or prong on your Art Deco sapphire jewel it would be wise to take it into a professional jeweler as soon as possible for repairs. Doing this will help reduce potential long-term damages as well increase the longevity of your piece.

Lastly, avoid wearing them while participating in intense physical activities aside from light exercise like walking or yoga because doing so could cause unnecessary strain on their clasps resulting in breakage or bent findings which could lessen the appeal of your jewelry over time. With proper maintenance and storage,your Art Deco sapphire piece will stay beautiful for years to come.

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