Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry


Sapphire with diamond jewelry is one of the most popular and desired type of jewelry due to its beauty, durability, and affordability. Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a variety of colors such as violet, blue, green, white, yellow and pink. When combined with diamonds it exudes an aura of luxury and sophistication. The color of the sapphire gives an uniqueness to the piece that cannot be replicated by any other kind of jewellery which makes it even more desirable.

Moreover, sapphires are extremely durable and sturdy and make them very popular for engagement rings because they can withstand everyday wear and tear. Furthermore, using diamonds to accompany the sapphires further increases the longevity of the pieces since they are also very strong stones that add character and sparkle without diminishing their partner’s brilliance. Additionally, sapphire with diamond jewelry is quite affordable compared to using pure diamonds or rubies when creating a stunning piece. It allows you to get creative while still keeping up with current fashion trends. It’s possible to mix different cuts and sizes of diamonds along with sapphire stones for a truly unique look that speaks volumes about your personality!

The History of Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry and Its Evolution

The use of sapphire with diamond jewelry dates back centuries, to the Renaissance period when artisans crafted intricate masterpieces filled with rich symbolism. It was during this time that noble families in Europe used sapphires and diamonds together to create exquisite jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and brooches. Jewels set with both of these precious stones were often gifted between spouses as a sign of eternal love and fidelity.

Sapphire and diamond jewelry remained popular throughout the Victorian era where nobles used them to demonstrate their affluence. Jewelry of past eras featured royally colored sapphires accented by small diamonds adding an air of sophistication to the pieces. The Art Deco era saw an evolution towards artful designs centered around larger, bolder cuts of diamonds surrounded by gleaming sapphire accents; an aesthetic still popular today.

Recently, magnificent cobalt blue-colored sapphires have been coming into fashion as they become more easily accessible in the world market. Cut into dazzling shapes including ovals, bags, cushion-shaped stones, and even hearts – the latest designs feature timeless characters combined with unique geometric structures to exude modern chic opulence. As designers continue to discover new ways to incorporate these majestic stones into sparkling diamond jewelry pieces, it is certain that the use of sapphires alongside diamonds will remain on trend for years to come – a beautiful reminder of unconditional love for present and future generations alike!

Different Cuts of Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

Brilliant cut: The most popular and classic cut for sapphire and diamond jewelry is the brilliant cut. This involves a round shape with several perfectly arranged facets that sparkle in the light. It is perfect for pairing with diamonds if you are looking to create a luxurious, elegant look.

Oval cut: An oval cut of sapphire with diamond jewelry gives the stones an elongated appearance. It is less common than the brilliant cut but still provides the same level of beauty and brilliance.

Cushion cut: Cushion cuts can range from circular to rectangular shapes. It has rounded corners, giving it a soft and graceful feel. A cushion-cut sapphire with diamond jewelry is perfect for someone looking for a more unique, vintage look.

Marquise cut: Marquise shape stones have extended points that create an elegant shape perfect for rings and necklaces.. The marquise offers maximum brilliance due to its longer facets and allows your diamond setting to show off its sparkle completely.

Pear cut: A pear-shaped gemstone looks like a drop of water or teardrop of pure blue, making it an incredibly romantic option for jewelry designs. If you’re interested in timeless elegance, then this could be a great choice as it goes well with all styles of diamond settings.

Popular Colors of Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

Sapphire with diamond jewelry is a stunning addition to any woman’s wardrobe, and the different colors of sapphire stones ensure there is an option for any occasion or style. From deep blue sapphires that evoke a classic elegance to light-colored pinks, corals, and yellows evoking a natural brightness, these precious stones provide beauty for every occasion. Deep blues are the most popular choice and fantastic for adding casual yet sophisticated vibes to everyday looks. Pink sapphires are often the choice when searching for something stylish with a romantic softness. Corals add an earthy feel to jewelry, while yellows bring sparkling brilliance that’s exuberant and fun. Whatever shade you decide on, sapphire and diamond jewelry always adds a beautiful touch of luxury that pairs well with many styles — making it perfect to wear just about anywhere!

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Cleaning and Upkeep of Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

To ensure that your sapphire with diamond jewelry looks beautiful for years to come, it’s important to take good care of it. Generally, the best way to clean and upkeep sapphire with diamond jewelry is to use a soft microfiber cloth or jewellery polishing pad. Gently wipe down both the sapphires and the diamonds on the piece. Use a mild, plain soap and warm water if needed. Dry any remaining moisture thoroughly before wearing or storing in an area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. To keep the sapphires and diamonds lustrous and well-maintained, avoid spraying perfumes directly onto them. Instead, spray scented products onto your clothes before putting on your jewelry. Finally, bring your jewelry in for professional cleaning at least once a year – this will help keep dirt and dust from building up and dulling its sparkle over time.

How to Spot Quality Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

When shopping for sapphire with diamond jewelry, it’s important to look for quality pieces. To verify that a piece is of quality, the following steps are recommended:

1. Check the origin of the stones. Real sapphires should contain at least trace elements that can be traced back to where they originated. A reputable jeweler will be able to provide a certificate verifying the source of the gemstone.

2. Investigate if any treatments have been done on the stones. Most treated sapphires will have a signature trademark on them from their place of origin. This can be used to determine if the stone has been through any treatments or not.

3. Examine the setting carefully for cracks, chips and abrasions in the metal which might indicate poor workmanship or low-grade metals being used in construction of the piece.

4. Test whether or not the diamonds are real by checking their clarity and color—well-cut stones should always be full of light and sparkle, regardless of size or shape—or having them verified by an independent gemologist that specializes in diamonds and other precious stones before purchasing them as part of a piece of jewelry with sapphires.

Expert Advice on Choosing Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

When looking for a piece of sapphire with diamond jewelry, there are several factors to consider. Most importantly, the cut and quality of both stones should be taken into account. Quality diamonds should have no inclusions visible to the naked eye, be colorless or near-colorless, and have excellent clarity and brilliance. Likewise, when selecting a sapphire it is important that the gemstone is uniform in hue, cut precisely along its angles and symmetrical along its tables; this helps bring out the best of its internal characteristics like ‘fire’ and ‘brilliance’.

To create a classic look when wearing sapphire with diamond jewelry, look for pieces that feature matching colors – such as two blue sapphires paired with two white diamonds – divided evenly on each side. This also applies to gems of variable hues such as purples layered onto deep blues or vice versa. When choosing colored diamonds to accompany a sapphire piece, select those with similarly intense hues that complement the main stone perfectly. Finally, always opt for precious metals such as gold or platinum settings since these provide an ideal backdrop against which the inherent beauty of these gems is highlighted effectively.

Complementary Pieces for Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

For a stunning look, complementary pieces to sapphire with diamond jewelry can include a necklace or bracelet with triangle-cut faceted stones and pave diamonds. You could also pair your new sapphire and diamond jewelry piece with stackable rings featuring other precious stones such as amethyst. To complete the outfit, you might choose earrings that have pear-shaped sapphires and marquise-cut diamonds within halo settings. If you prefer bolder designs, opt for a large statement piece such as an embellished necklace made with cushion cut sapphires surrounded by intricate clusters of round diamonds. For versatility, add an adjustable chain necklace with colorful gemstones that can be layered over simpler styles for maximum impact.

Styling Ideas for Wearing Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry

Sapphire with diamond jewelry is a stunning and elegant combination, making it perfect for dressed-up occasions. With this timeless set of stones, you can never go wrong! To ensure your eyes are the light of the room, here are some styling ideas to follow:

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• Go all out by wearing sapphire and diamond earrings to enhance both your beauty and style. Choose a classic stud design that’ll bring out your facial features or go bold with dramatic dangles for a truly captivating look.

• Style up your neckline by layering chic pendant necklaces featuring sapphires and diamond accents. Wear different lengths together for an eye-catching effect or try one delicate statement piece for an understated yet alluring effect.

• Enhance your bridal look by adding an eternity line bracelet made from sapphires and diamonds on your wrist during wedding ceremonies or events. Wear alone or layer these delicate sparklers with other pieces for a polished finish again.

• Get creative with stackable rings featuring sapphires and diamonds as part of a regal evening look or special occasion attire. These gems fit beautifully together to create one modern yet luxurious piece showing off brilliant sparkle!

With these tips in mind, you will be able to show off dazzling sapphire with diamond jewelry like the queen that you are!

Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry on the Red Carpet

Sapphire with diamond jewelry has become a popular choice for celebrities on the red carpet. Increasingly, major acting, music or style icons are seen wearing luxurious gems set in ornate metal casings that sparkle and shine. These gorgeous pieces can range from dainty earrings to statement neckpieces, made using the highest quality sapphires and diamonds. Celebrities often go for bold-colored sapphires such as deep blue, purple or yellow to match their outfits. Accompanied by gleaming gold or silver settings, these magnificent pieces add glamour and sophistication to any outfit, whether it’s a sweeping ballroom gown or an elegant cocktail dress. Sapphire with diamond jewelry is also a beautiful option for brides-to-be – what better way to adorn your special day than with brilliant blue stones set against sparkling diamonds? Whether you’re walking down the aisle or the red carpet, you’ll look absolutely stunning wearing this classic combination of gems.

Comparing Sapphire With Diamond Jewelry to Other Jewelry Choices

Sapphire with diamond jewelry is a great option for those looking for a luxurious and elegant style of jewelry. Sapphire pieces have been around for centuries and have plenty of historical significance, making them ideal for those looking to find a timeless piece of jewelry. As well as having great aesthetic value, sapphire offers a few practical advantages over other precious gems. For one thing, the hardness of sapphires makes them more durable than diamonds, while its chemical properties allow it to resist scratching and fading. In addition, Sapphires come in a variety of colors which can add an extra level of sophistication to any outfit. Furthermore, contrasting diamonds are often added to enhance their natural beauty and contrast with the clean color of the sapphire gemstones. Lastly, while it is known that precious stones like diamonds offer investment potential, many believe that Sapphires can increase in value over time as well; making them an excellent choice for those looking to invest in jewelry.


Sapphire with diamond jewelry can make a gorgeous statement – both timeless and modern. The combination of sapphires and diamonds adds depth, dimension, and sparkle to any piece. Whether you’re looking for earrings for a special occasion, a necklace for everyday life, or rings for a wedding, sapphires and diamonds make the perfect combination. Not only are sapphires and diamonds naturally beautiful on their own, but together they create a magical effect that standard silver or gold jewelry cannot replicate. When it comes to classic yet elegant jewelry pieces that make great conversation starters, there’s nothing quite like sapphire with diamond jewelry. Finally, with their heirloom-quality appeal, sapphire and diamond pieces are sure to be treasured by generations to come. With so many color variations of both gems available, choosing just one piece of sapphire with diamond jewelry can be daunting – but trust us when we say they’re all worth it!