Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale

Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is a business that has been supplying high-quality jewelry to customers for over forty years. Beginning as a small family-owned business, they have now become one of the most trusted jewelry wholesalers in the nation. Through their dedication to providing excellent customer service and producing exquisite pearls and gemstones, they have built a reputation that many jewelers rely on today.

The selection of pearl products from Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is unparalleled. Customers can choose from an extensive selection of classic and modern designer pieces including freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, and Keshi pearls as well as diamond studs and other fine jewelry items. All of the products are selected with an eye for quality materials and craftsmanship so customers can be sure they are getting only the finest jewelry available.

Not only do Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale provide exceptional products but also outstanding customer service. They understand that no two customers’ needs are exactly the same and strive to make sure each individual’s specific needs are met with quality results. Whether it be providing flexible payment options or customizing their orders specifically for them, Alexan Pearls goes above and beyond to meet every customer’s unique requirements so they walk away with nothing short of perfection.

Their customer reviews speak to that reputation as countless customers declare how happy they have been with both their products as well as stellar services offered by Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale. For anyone in search of premium quality wholesale pearls for any reason from fashion statements or special occasions, they can rest assured they will find what they need at Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale.

History of Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale

Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is a prestigious family business that has been around since the 1960s. The company started off as a small retailer in the downtown area of Mississauga, Ontario. It was founded by Thomas and Rebecca Foster, who had an interest in fine jewelry. As their business venture prospered, so did their son Alexander’s ambition for jewelry design and creation.

The Fosters soon realized that they could satisfy customers more if they broadened their product line to wholesale items, which allowed them to reach farther markets through on-line sales and international distribution. With this new expansion the name was officially changed to Alexan Pearl’s Jewelry Wholesale in 1975.

Since then Alexan Pearl’s has continued to grow, with two additional locations located in Chicago and Miami and an online store as well. Throughout the years the company has carefully crafted unique designs featuring classic as well as contemporary sets for all types of styles including bridal jewelry, evening wear accessories, everyday essentials, personal collections and many more ranges.

To meet the rigorous standards of high quality craftsmanship each item is authenticated by experienced gemologists prior to delivery or shipment.


  • 1960 – Founded as a retailer in Mississauga, Ontario
  • 1975 – Name changed to Alexan Pearl’s Jewelry Wholesale
  • 1980 – Expansion into Chicago Distribution Centre
  • 1985 – Expansion into Miami Distribution Centre
  • 1993 – Introduction of Online Store at
  • 2020 – Continuous commitment upholding superior quality & service

Overview of the Types of Jewelry Offered by Alexan Pearls Wholesale

Necklaces and Pendants

Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale offers a wide seletion of necklaces and pendants. Their selection ranges from more casual, everyday pieces to high-end statement pieces fit for any occasion or style. From the diamond accented Sparkling Ornami Necklace to the freshwater pearl pendant necklace, Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale’s collection provides customers with plenty of options for finding their own personal look. These jewelry pieces are available in a variety of cuts, colors, sizes and settings.


From tiny studs to elegant drop earrings, Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale provides customers with a diverse selection of quality earrings at an affordable price. Whether searching for classic round gold studs or something more unique like diamond-accented Twisted Hoop Earrings, their selection will not disapppoint. Offered in both yellow and white gold these versatile pieces are perfect for accessorizing any ensemble.

Cut Pearl Jewelry


Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale features an impressive selection of rings that suit many different styles preferences. With styles ranging from small geomentric shapes to romantic pear cut solitaires there is sure to be something available for everyone’s taste and needs. All these rings come beautifully crafted by expert jewelers and feature a complementary engraving option. The addition of encrusted diamonds or relaxing pearls can help make that special piece even more noteworthy.

Product Quality and Craftsmanship of Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale

The high quality and craftsmanship of Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is undeniable. It offers customers a wide selection of stunning and beautiful pieces that last a lifetime. Customers can choose from an assortment of pearls, other precious stones, and diamonds in their jewelry collection, ensuring they have the perfect piece for any occasion or style.

Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale produces their products with the utmost precision and care. The pearls are carefully handpicked to ensure the highest quality product. Each piece is meticulously crafted using traditional methods which date back hundreds of years to ensure maximum durability and longevity. The intricate detail in every piece provided by Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale guarantees that it will be a timeless treasure for generations to come.

Customer reviews showcase how much customers truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale puts into its pieces. Reviews mainly praise how unique each item is: one customer said her necklace was “a stunningly beautiful representation of traditional art techniques”; while others are thrilled by their “elegant yet affordable” jewelry sets that come from this wholesaler.

Benefits Of Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale

  • Carefully handpicked pearls to ensure the highest quality
  • Meticulous craftsmanship using traditional methods
  • Wide selection of pearls, other precious stones, and diamonds for customers
  • High-quality products that last a lifetime
  • A unique timeless treasure for generations to come
  • Elegant yet affordable jewelry sets

Unique Features of Alexan Pearls Jewelry

Alexan Pearls is a jewelry wholesaler established in 2020 that has gained immense popularity among the fashion-forward crowd of today. Its unique jewelry pieces are highly sought after by customers who want to adorn themselves with something truly special and one-of-a-kind. All jewelry made by the company is created from handpicked semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. These materials, when combined, bring out the unique beauty in each piece of Alexan Pearl jewelry.

Innovative Design

Each piece of Alexan Pearl jewelry is designed with carefully selected stones and pearls, crafted by talented artisans whose dedication to their craft results in magnificent creations only found at this specialty retailer. It features classic and modern designs that combine subtle minimalism with eye-catching sparkle, making each piece timeless and fitting for any occasion.

Quality Assurance

Alexan Pearl’s commitment to quality assurance ensures its customers get nothing but the best There is no compromise on quality or craftsmanship which is evident in all its pieces – from bracelets done up with beaten gold settings to necklaces adorned with diamonds and semi-precious stones. As a testament to their commitment to superior customer service, Alexan Pearls also offers a 30 days money back guarantee for items purchased on its website.

This ensures absolute satisfaction from customers who may desire different designs or features than those offered online.

Customized Pieces

What sets Alexan Petals apart from other jewellery retailers is its ability to customize pieces to fit individual preferences in terms of size, shape, color or design elements such as engravings or logos incorporation. Through this customization feature, customers can create fully one-of-a kind captivating designs that make them stand out while still maintaining simple elegance.

Customized pieces can also serve as perfect gifts for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or weddings – making it easier than ever before for people looking for special tokens of love for their loved ones.

Opportunities for Wholesale Customers at Alexan Pearls

Alexan Pearls, one of the most renowned jewellery wholesalers in the market, showcases an impactful business opportunity for buyers. Buyers availing AlexPearls’s wholesaling services enjoy a plethora of rewards and bonuses that enhance their overall experience.

Providing access to some of the finest pearls and luxury jewellery across all major price points, Alexan Pearl is known for its high-quality product selection. Furthermore, they have designed a variety of wholesale rewards and discount options which can help you save on purchases.

Pearl Chrysanthemum Jewelry Ceramic Box

The biggest benefit offered by Alexan Pearls Jewellery Wholesale is their loyalty program which awards loyal customers with exclusive offers and discounts over time. Along with this long-term reward, they offer immediate bonuses such as:

  • Free shipping on orders above a certain amount
  • No minimum order quantity required
  • Special discounts during festive seasons
  • Attractive sales & discounts throughout the year
  • Discount premiums for bulk orders
  • Access to select jewelry pieces before they hit the regular stores.

Benefits of Choosing Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale

Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is a popular choice for high-quality fashion jewelry. With a wide selection of stunning pearl pieces to choose from, Alexan ensures that customers get only the best quality and styles. This Jeweler features some of the most intricate and impressive designs to add class and elegance to any outfit. Not to mention, wholesale shoppers can save plenty of money by shopping with Alexan.

For those looking for added savings, Alexan offers great discounts on their pearls as well as special promotions throughout the year. Shoppers are sure to find something worth buying at an even better price when they shop with Alexan. In addition, items purchased from Alexan come with a satisfaction guarantee, so that customers will know they are well taken care of.

Here are some of the top reasons why shoppers should consider purchasing from Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale:

  • Quality: The quality displayed in each piece is exceptional. Each item is crafted using only the finest pearls and materials for maximum durability and special design elements. Customers won’t have to worry about finding cheap knockoffs here.
  • Price:: From classic tiaras to delicately strung bracelets, there is something for everyone at amazing discounted prices when shopping with Alexan.
  • Designs:: With such an amazing variety of item designs available, shoppers are sure to find something they love in terms of patterns, colors and themes.
  • Customer Service:: The staff at Alexan are experienced in all aspects of jewelry making and are committed to providing excellent customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is the perfect option for anyone looking to purchase premium quality jewelry at wholesale prices. Not only does this company offer a great selection of pearl-based jewelry, but they also provide customers with top-notch customer service and personalized advice from experienced professionals.

For those considering purchasing from Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale, there are several reasons why it is an excellent choice. First off, they have a wide selection of pearl-based jewelry ranging in price points that make them accessible for any budget. Additionally, they provide customers with highly trained professionals who can help guide them through their shopping experience; allowing them to find the perfect piece for their unique style.

In addition, Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale provides case studies which showcase the success stories of actual customers using their products. This allows potential buyers to get an up close and personal glimpse into how this company was able to help a customer achieve their dream look – providing peace of mind no matter what type or style of jewelry one might be seeking.

They also offer an open house video that showcases the features and benefits of the product which makes it easier for shoppers to gain more insight on what sets this particular brand apart from competitors in the industry.

Ultimately, between their unparalleled selection, quality prices, and renowned customer service/satisfaction, Alexan Pearls Jewelry Wholesale is without doubt a prime destination for high-end pearl based jewelry at wholesale rates. Potential customers should avail themselves to all assets presented by this unique business – making it easier than ever before to find that luxurious piece you have been searching for.

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