2018 Jewelry Trends Fall

2018 jewelry trends fall are heavily influenced and inspired by the runway styles seen during New York Fashion Week at the beginning of the season. Designers incorporate bold colors, unique materials, and distinct shapes into their collections which are then interpreted in chic pieces of jewelry that replicate those one-of-a-kind pieces. From traditional, streamlined designs to avant-garde statement pieces, 2018 jewelry trends are sure to make a statement no matter where you go.

Biggest 2018 Jewelry Trends – Explain the biggest & most popular trends in jewelry this season The most popular trend seen in 2018 jewelry is oversized statement pieces. From big chunky necklaces to large hoop earrings, these designs are definitely making this season’s top trend list for fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

These large statement pieces offer an easy way to instantly elevate your look without much effort on your part. Big earrings especially allow you to add an elegant touch with minimal effort or investment – they look luxe and are currently very affordable.

Alternative Designs – Discuss alternative design options & their uses for dressing up casual looks In addition to the larger more showy pieces, there is a trend happening for subtle flecks of color and texture throughout accessories. Dotted enamel necklaces with irregular shapes provide subtle color without being too loud or overwhelming like other oversized statement pieces.

These mini details act as your personal flair and provide an instant upgrade to any everyday ensemble providing a fun take on modern jewelry styles this fall.

Color Palette

Interesting colors, bold prints and embellishments are taking the world of fashion for women by storm in 2018. Jewelry is no exception to this trend, with a vibrant array of colors sure to add flair any outfit.

Lovers of jewelry can take comfort as they will not have to go through long and exhaustive searches to find the perfect piece that matches their fall wardrobe. Below are just some of the colors that are becoming popular among the fashion crowd this season:

List of Colors

  • Crimson Red
  • Gold
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Electric Blue
  • Mint Green

The beautiful crimson red leaves an impression, providing strong vibes for both casual and dramatic fashion ensembles. It is also versatile enough to fit into almost any color combination and can captivate onlookers all around. Gold provides more subtle moments for those who wish to just have subtlety in her attire but still be able to stand out from the crowd.

The mustard yellow pieces create bright touches such as delicate gold chains with tiny charms or dramatic necklaces featuring unique shapes and hues. Those who want a different angle can opt for jewels that feature various components in electric blue – perfect for accessorizing jeans or day dresses. Mint green pieces seem to be catching attention with their freshness & versatility – reminding us of a long forgotten summer while keeping up with autumn’s dusky & warmer moods.


One of the biggest and most exciting new jewelry trends for the Fall 2018 season is statement necklaces. Statement necklaces are pieces of stylish jewelry that can be worn to make a bold fashion statement.

From long, layered designs with multiple jewels, to dramatic single pendant necklaces, these pieces of jewelry are perfect for adding a bit of sparkle and drama to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for an everyday piece or one that will stand out at special occasions, statement necklaces are definitely something worth considering this season.

Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier earring style has become incredibly popular in recent months, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down as we move into the Fall 2018 season. Whether it’s a classic gold chandelier-style pair with numerous brilliant stones dangling beneath them or the more modern look which often includes gemstone cuffs around each headpiece or bright turquoise accents, there are plenty of options when it comes to embracing this trend.

That being said, there are also many different colors and shapes available so if you’re looking for something more traditional or something more fun and whimsical then there’s an option out there for you too.

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings is another big trend this season with an eclectic range of options available on the market ranging from minimalist thin bands to oversized decorated rings with bold color choices such as opal and vibrant yellow gold hues thrown into the mix. It’s also possible to make a beautiful statement when choosing several stacking rings in similar colors or introducing different colored metals such as rose gold for contrast against silver toned pieces.

Look out for intricate patterns and textured materials which add depth and style to your ring stack; combined with gemstones taking center stage amidst sea green plating unique new looks can be created.

Everyday Jewelry Trends 2017


Long necklaces are dominating the scene for the 2018 fall jewelry trend. Not only are these pieces hanging long and low, often below the natural waistline but they’re also very eye-catching.

The best part is that you can tailor them to your style and mood with a range of intricate patterns as well as big bold statement pieces. From tassel strands to structured layers, wearers can find exactly the look that works for them and feel confident exhibiting a unique fashion sense.


Designed primarily for women, chokers come in many styles and thicknesses. Starting with regular skinny silver and gold chokers for everyday wear, there is now an ever-growing selection amongst silver, gold plated or semi-precious gemstone collections too. From thick bold leather cuffs to slim delicate chains that feature freshwater pearls or diamante discs & stars there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Multi Chain Layering

The multi chain layering seems to be especially popular this season with all types of metallic colors from glistening gold to polished silver available in various lengths with plenty of pendant designs including coins, geometric shapes or traditional signet rings suspended delicately at the end of every piece.

For those looking to accessorize their outfits with a bit more edge why not go for distinctive statement chains – think Cuban link chunky anchors alongside plush velvet bows teamed up with charm drops ensuring maximum impact.

Alternatively if you’re seeking something softer then look no further than delicate openwork detailing featuring intertwined strings of tiny beads or crystals sewn together into opera length necklaces – perfect when worn with slightly v-cut shirts or over white cami tops throughout autumn daywear looks.

Statement Pendants

There has been a huge resurgence in classic pendant necklaces this year’s jewelry trend; some might be delicate droplets whilst others strut their stuff by showcasing larger glass cabochons featuring faces or characters set within the round shape adding texture & detail (especially lustrous opals.)

Whether you choose single stones encased simply within wriggly metal wire frameworks secured on plain silver threads – great when wearing buttoned up blouses – or beaded shells full of embedded coloured gems on black ribbons ideal for tieing boho cardigan ensembles together (just add flat suede boots) – this season’s eclectic selection surely caters for all occasions.


2018 Jewelry Trends for fall are all about eye-catching accessories. Earrings in particular are having a moment and there’s many styles to choose from that will perfectly suit your style.

An essential trend that is appearing in everyone’s jewelry box this year is the statement earring. From oversized hoops, to hoop-drop or chandelier dangles, these embellished fixtures will ensure you make an impact everywhere you go.

Available in a variety of metals such as gold or silver and adorned with semi-precious stones like peridot or amethyst – if you’re looking for a luxurious piece that is sure to turn heads, look no further than statement earrings for fall 2018.

Smaller but just as glamorous are the prevailing trends of studs and stud drops earrings being seen on runways and on fashion critics alike. Studs come in any shape or size imaginable from heart shapes to flowers, animals, and crystals – choose whichever reflects your personality the best. If you’re looking for something subtle yet still providing glamour throughout your look then opt for stud drops which have a delicate chain linking them together.

The last style to be hot property this season (which literally has) is baroque themed designs. The extravagance of these pieces pay homage to the period of artistic beauty from which they originated making them timelessly elegant – think fanned out settings with pearls, rhinestones and lava stones taken from renaissance portraits. Whichever design you may prefer its clear that there is a wide spectrum available perfect for making any outfit fit the current trend.

Types of Earrings popular this Fall

  • Statement Earrings
  • Studs
  • Stud Drops
  • Baroque Themed Pieces


One of the major jewelry trends for fall 2018 is statement pieces. This season, it is all about making a fashion-forward statement with bold rings, oversized earrings, and oversized necklaces. To get the look without breaking the bank, add a few affordable statement pieces to your existing collection.

For rings, bold signet and crest styles are fashionable, but affordable options include classic sterling silver in an oversized shape or bedazzled intricate designs with Austrian crystals. Delicate thin bands are also popular this season, so don’t be afraid to mix-and-match different styles – some thin bands can be stacked together for a chic look that stands out on its own.

Colorful Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia offers another affordable option when it comes to rings that stand out. CZ is created in labs and cut into various shapes from round to baguette for an added sparkle factor to any ensemble.

The great thing about having cubic zirconia set into sterling silver or gold is that it won’t break the bank like diamonds would but still provide statement pieces that are glamorous and eye-catching. These are perfect for day-to-night wear or special occasions because they come in many colors – from black to pink – and help you make a stylish statement without a high price tag attached.

Latest Fashion Jewelry Trend 2019

Antique Rings

Finally, if you’re looking for something timeless but still trendy this season, antique rings can offer up just that – without the hefty price tag often associated with vintage jewelry. Many antique stores carry old cocktail rings or even estate style pieces that provide a unique yet polished look at an incredibly budget friendly cost.

This type of ring can add a classic touch to any dressy outfit as well as offer up unbeatable color combination inspirations which could help inform how you accessorize other parts of your ensemble.


Bangles and cuffs remain a popular choice of jewelry in the 2018 Fall season. The styles range from simple beaded bracelets to eye-catching diamond designs. Big, bold statement pieces are making a splash this year while smaller, delicate pieces still remain timeless staples.

Layering multiple bangles and cuffs of various shapes and sizes is becoming a trend for those looking to make an impactful fashion statement. Many brands now feature interchangeable pieces which allow for exciting combinations that truly stand out and embrace individual style.

One of the most interesting trends in fashion jewelry this fall is exploring lesser known brands whose work stands out from mainstream lines available at department stores and boutiques. Unique designs created by crafty artisans bring attention to their skill as much as the finished product does the wearer’s style sense.

Here is a list of some standout 2018 Fall Jewelry Bracelet Trends:

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  • Big Statement Pieces
  • Mix-and-Match Bangle Layering
  • Interchangeable Cuffs
  • Exploring Innovative Brands

Charms & Pendants

With the resurgence of the charm bracelet, individuals increased demand for charms and pendants has made them some of the biggest trends for 2018 jewelry. For fashion enthusiasts, charms and pendants provide over just an embellishment for a necklace or bracelet – they are a way to express individuality and tell a story. Often conveying deeper meaning, attractive pendants linked to aspirations, values and motivations have adorned the accessories of many people over history.

In modern times, designs featuring natural elements like leaves, animals, stars and moons have become popular for their organic imprint within jewelry’s classic language. Similarly rosary beads which act as religious symbols have also become sought-after due to fashions current take on spiritualism within culture, allowing not only personal expression but also representation for faith or spirituality.

Meanwhile this revival of meaningful jewelry has seen minimalistic shapes such as heart pendant symbols that showcase romance through well known icons being sufficiently on trend. Additionally linear pieces with curious lettering or geometric jewels featuring art deco angular lines will also typically be found in stores across the season.

Meaningful Features That Make Up The Trend

  • The resurgence of Charm Bracelets
  • Charms & Pendants expressing individuality
  • Designs featuring natural motifs (such heart shapes)
  • Geometric jewels with art deco angular lines
  • Rosary Bead designs as religious/spiritual symbols


As we wrap up the 2018 jewelry trends fall season, it is fascinating to consider all that has changed over the past five years. It is interesting to note several of the trends that emerged this year, such as crystal encrusted designs, an abundance of pearls and the continued use of colorful gemstones. Jewelry manufacturers have been fulfilling customer preferences for edgy and unique accessories, resulting in some striking pieces over the course of the past few months.

The progression towards everyday glamour has featured prominently in many collections this past season. Trends have shifted from more formal jewelry collections to semi-formal and more casual pieces like pendants necklaces with meaningful symbols or those selling at a lower price point than ever before. The introduction of mixed metals has also diversified today’s looks as people explore different combinations when decorating themselves.

Looking ahead towards 2019, we can expect more abstract designs which feature unique metals, bold stones and creative usage of textiles such as beads. More importantly, brands understand their consumers better than ever before and are offering something timeless rather than just trendy. This will create a classic look that won’t just last for one season but will guide customers through many seasons in the future and provide people with something they can treasure forever.

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