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Wwake Jewelry is an artisanal lifestyle jewelry brand founded by Wing Yau. With a background in sculpture and metal arts, Wing’s designs are inspired by organic shapes and forms of nature and imagined worlds. A contemporary take on traditional craftsmanship, her pieces represent balance between the beautiful chaos of everyday life and elegant quietude.

At the heart of Wwake’s designs is a commitment to ethical sourcing practices and environmental responsibility. Wing works with ethically sourced materials, including sustainably mined diamonds, recycled gold and recycled silver, to create timeless pieces that are minimal yet truly unique. By maintaining open communication with her suppliers and customers alike, Wwake has been able to create an ever expanding retail presence both online
and in-store. The brand’s pieces have been worn by notable figures such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama and more.

Wakee’s mission statement extends beyond fashion: it reflects a commitment to self-expression, creative growth and nurturing the natural world around us. Each piece is designed to invoke feelings of strength, courage and beauty while honoring the delicacy of Earth’s precious resources. As such physical wearability aside each piece embodies history, emotion and connection with something greater than ourselves—a treasure which carries true meaning in our lives today while remaining timelessly stylish for future generations.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wwake is an innovative jewelry brand that creates beautiful and unique pieces. Founded in 2013 by designer Wing Yau, the brand has become well-known for its minimalist and delicately crafted designs that evoke raw emotion. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with the intention of creating a balance between natural elements and geometric forms. The pieces are timeless and versatile, featuring different precious metals, stones, and combinations of components to produce a wide range of looks. Wwake’s signature style is distinctively modern with an emphasis on subtlety and simplicity. Their use of alternate materials such as colored titanium further enhances their visual aesthetic, making each piece a stunning example of craftsmanship. Additionally, Wwake’s thoughtful attention to detail can be seen through their packaging – which includes handmade paper boxes featuring embossed constellations made from recycled gold leaf – as well as unique marketing campaigns like the “Dreaming Out Loud” exhibition in New York City that celebrates abstract painting. Through these aspects and more, Wwake highlights the special connection we have with jewelry on both a personal level and a communal one – making it easy to understand why they have become so popular among fans of exquisite craftsmanship around the world.


Wwake Jewelry is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and versatility in product design. From classic everyday pieces to intricate statement jewelry, the brand offers something for every style and taste. All of the materials used by Wwake are ethically sourced, ensuring high quality jewelry that will last for years to come.

The technical skill required to produce Wwake’s pieces is highly impressive and could be said to come from generations of experience within fine jewelry making. The designs incorporate unique metals such as 14k gold-plated sterling silver and 14k solid gold into beautiful pieces that reflect the wearer’s individual style. They also feature alternative metals such as copper, brass, and black nickel which adds an exciting yet subtle contrast to the final creation. Many Wwake pieces also feature a striking combination of semi-precious stones, including sapphires, tsavorite garnets and tourmalines, which either create interesting textures or add a splash of unexpected colour.

As well as its expertise in traditional jewelry making skills, Wwake pushes boundaries through innovative product design. The brand has experimented with some groundbreaking concepts such as dropped setting diamonds and folding material to craft intricate moving parts on their creations. A popular item from the range is their convertible earrings which offers multiple design styles within one versatile piece — perfect for changing up a look without investing in a whole new collection!

Celebrating Women

Wwake is a jewelry line that celebrates the strength of women and promotes empowerment. Each piece from Wwake truly embodies the power, femininity, beauty, and resilience of women everywhere. The brand’s mission is to create timeless pieces for modern life that resonate with these qualities. They produce high-quality organic gold jewelry that allows women to express their identity and serves as an heirloom for generations. With contemporary designs that remain meaningful no matter the occasion or fashion trend, Wwake is committed to celebrating the spirit of female individuals everywhere through their work. Additionally, they are dedicated to creating pieces that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced– contributing to a brighter future both socially and environmentally. Allowing customers to design their own unique pieces not only makes them feel empowered but also encourages conversations around challenging social issues faced today by women all over the world. From necklaces to rings and beyond– each piece has a story which Wwake intends to keep alive in order to encourage unity amongst all women regardless of age or background.

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Wwake is a unique jewelry line based in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in creating aesthetically distinct pieces. By incorporating materials such as 18k gold and diamonds, they create classic yet contemporary pieces that go beyond traditional jewelry designs. Through their collections and collaborations, Wwake is dedicated to using sustainable and ethically-sourced materials. Their goal is to encourage an attitude of embracing different personalities and aesthetics to promote unity and inclusivity. They take pride in the craftsmanship behind their pieces, which often feature organic shapes, inspired by nature and its diverse beauty– an attribute central to their narrative of individuality and community. With their signature look characterized by sculptural forms, artistry, timelessness and clarity every piece stands out from the classic options on the market. Wwake strives to provide an experience that celebrates diversity, forging style that does not exclude any distinctions of personal preference or differences. Their jewelry is sure to make anyone feel empowered when wearing it.

Personalizing Wwake

Each piece of Wwake jewelry is lovingly handcrafted with precise detail to ensure that an individual’s desired style statement shines through. Whether a person is looking for something trending and modern, bold and standout, or just a classic addition to their existing collection, Wwake has an array of pieces to choose from. From everyday studs to luxurious chandelier earrings, there is something for every style goal. Many of their collections also feature meaningful symbols or abstract designs that can represent special memories or passions in life.

Wwake’s range of styles extends beyond just earrings too; they offer stunning necklaces, rings and bracelets perfect for every occasion. For special events like weddings and anniversaries, they have beautiful statement pieces with intricate detailing that make any look stand out at the big event. A single purchase will make any look appear more polished without having to break the bank afterwards. Their signature use of gold material creates an elegant finish perfect for formal functions while remaining timelessly stylish at all times. Every item comes complete with a pre-packaged gift box making it the perfect gift for anyone seeking that special polished look in their accessorizing repertoire.


Wwake Jewelry has had a lasting impact on the modern fashion world. Founded in 2009 by designer Wing Yau, the company is famed for creating delicate and minimalist pieces crafted from gold and precious stones. Its statement design aesthetic combines classic themes with experimental elements to create beautiful pieces that capture the richness of an unexpected confluence of cultures.

The success of Wwake Jewelry can be attributed to its original designs and timeless, elegant style. Every piece it creates seamlessly blends traditional artistry with contemporary craftsmanship, resulting in stunning jewelry combinations of metals, gemstones and textures that stand out while also staying timelessly elegant and contemporary. The attention to detail in every creation allows each one to become an example of how fashion functions as a form of expression- something very few other brands are able to provide.

The influence that Wwake has had in the modern fashion world cannot be denied. Their unique pieces have made them stand out among the thousands of jewelry brands across the globe – one only needs to look at awards such as being named a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist two times in a row or being listed among InStyle Magazine’s “Best Fine Jewellery Design” for further proof of their inspiring influence within their ever-evolving industry. Wwake also curates works from other talented designers, making sure they remain at the forefront of creation whilst truly encapsulating what great jewellery should look like in today’s world.

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Links and Resources

Wwake Jewelry is a Brooklyn-based jewelry studio created by designer Wing Yau. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in New York using precious and semi-precious stones, recycled metals, and crafted objects, such as corals, feathers and wood for a unique, eco-friendly look. Every piece is designed with the philosophy that form should follow feeling, to create pieces that will be felt deeply – especially when the person wearing them retells their story.

The website provides an opportunity to explore the world of Wwake Jewelry further. Here, customers can learn more about Wing Yau’s story and view the unique designs available in shop sections such as Rings, Earrings & Charms. Each item has its own individual description along with a selection of matching pieces that make it all easier to mix and match for complete styling solutions. The Investor Relations page offers a behind-the-scenes peek at the company foundation followed by a detailed stock portfolio updated monthly to keep customers informed about current investments in Wwake Jewelry. The Art Corner section contains stories from prolific artists from around the world whose artworks have inspired Wing Yau’s designs while also deepening her personal connection with her craftsmanship. Additionally, visitors can peruse through engaging interviews held between Wing Yau and international creatives such as filmmakers, artists, photographers or designers that influence her works. Photoshoots documenting seasonal collections are also documented here providing fashion enthusiasts insight into the production process and product development methods used by Wing Yau when creating her new masterpieces every season. Furthermore, an extensive bookstore section contains detailed visual studies of related topics like design styles or materials used which makes this website much more than just an online shopping destination; it provides a look at what inspires often overlooked design elements when making Wwake’s jewelry.

Final Thoughts

At Wwake Jewelry, the idea of individual craftsmanship and innovation is embodied in every unique piece. Founded by designer Wing Yau, the brand has built a reputation for creating stylish, modern jewelry that celebrates individual expression and honors traditionally crafted pieces. With its commitment to sustainability, careful attention to detail, ethical sourcing process, and passionate support for emerging designers of all backgrounds, Wwake sets itself apart as an innovator in the industry. From its geometric designs to its exotic materials sourced from artisans worldwide, Wwake brings a fresh perspective to fine jewelry—one that is both stylish and meaningful. By creating pieces that speak to the spirit of individuality while seamlessly fitting into any wardrobe, they have made it clear that luxury doesn’t need to come at the price of exclusivity. It’s no wonder why they’ve become one of the most sought-after brands in fashion today.

Wwake continues to push boundaries within the fashion industry with their innovative approach to design and inclusive ethos. Every piece not only merges past and present concepts of beauty but also speaks about activism for gender equality and racial representation on the runway—demonstrating how small acts can make big statements. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their carefully selected materials; from embracing new materials like repurposed metals or lab-grown gems helping reduce environmental impacts associated with mining production processes, it’s evident why Wwake is rising up as an example of responsible luxury. As they continue on their journey of creative discovery through design and craftsmanship that values uniqueness over uniformity—a journey we should all strive to join them on—we can find solace in knowing that Wwake stands true to its commitment for elegant style without compromising our precious environment or sacrificing anyone’s chance for self-expression whether through our wardrobes or skin color.

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