Winter Jewelry Trends 2021

This winter, fashion jewelry is becoming more eclectic than ever. Jewelry that stands out from the ordinary and makes a statement is all the rage as we move into 2021. Long necklaces, interesting earrings, and bold rings are some of the most popular winter jewelry trends this season.

The necklace length trend has moved far beyond the traditional 16-18 inch lengths. Extravagant styles featuring long pieces that drape to the waist can provide an interesting touch to any outfit. Whether single layer strands of brightly beaded pendants or luxurious layered chains with individual medallions, these statement necklaces are sure to draw attention. Chain maille is also on trend this winter for a dramatic look that carries a unique style all its own.

For an edgy feel, bold earrings can provide an unexpected touch when paired with plain or neutral color clothing. This season’s fashions feature geometric shapes in bright colors and metal geometric cutouts set with gemstones for a dazzling effect. Tassel earrings are another popular look giving off a slightly Bohemian vibe, while chandelier earrings in various sizes give off a romantic air that stands out from the crowd.

Rings are on trend this season as well, with wrap around bands taking center stage. Stacked rings of mixed metals can aid in adding texture to an outfit while leaving lots of room for personalized styling options depending on preference and wardrobe choice. Extra-large cuffs can assist in securing loose sleeves and create an even bolder look when combined with matching bracelet designs or vivid gemstones such as turquoise or opal.

These 2021 winter jewelry trends push past basic ascetics and enable those who don them to express themselves in original ways by embracing their uniquity upon them self expelling excellence through personal style expression Boldness is key when it comes to donning statement maker pieces for any occasion asking us the question what do you deem your accessory look headed into 2021?

Pearl Accents

This winter season, pearl accents are making a statement when it comes to jewelry trends. With their classic elegance and vintage feel, pearls can easily make any look timeless. Whether you’re opting for big bold statement necklaces or more subtle touches of pearl-decorated hoops, this season is all about embracing the trend.

One way to embrace the trend while keeping your look modern is with combination pieces where several other materials such as gemstones are combined with pearls. This allows you to take advantage of the luxurious look that comes with wearing pearls but also add a contemporary twist to your outfit at the same time.

Pearl Jewellery Sets

Another great way to make a fashion statement this winter is by pairing pearl jewellery sets with outfits or adding single pieces such as earrings and bracelets for an extra dose of sophistication. While single pieces often blend in better, statement jewellery sets can be just the thing to help you stand out from the crowd.

Subtle ear cuffs featuring pearl accents are also a great option if you want something unique without being overly showy. Depending on your style preference, you could go for something delicate and refined or opt for something that’s larger and more eye-catching such as diamond-studded ear cuffs adorned with large freshwater pearls.

Long Necklaces

Right in line with classic silhouettes, long necklaces featuring romantic elements such as rose gold links and strands of white or black pearls are all popular right now. Whether you choose a piece which features both petrol coloured cultured pearls along with bright gemstones or settle on an understated design composed solely of sweet pink freshwater pearls there is something for everyone no matter their style preferences.

For those who prefer subtler touches, shorter chokers work just as well when it comes to styling longer lengths alongside them. Warm up winter outfits with these elegant but contemporary options and get opinions turning in your direction.

Mono-Earring Style

This winter, fashion trends are leaning toward mono-earring styles. This season’s hottest look is a single earring that stands alone with its bold design and modern flair. Mono-earrings have become the perfect accessory for both formal as well as casual looks. They provide a unique contrast to traditional two-sided styles of earrings.

Mono-earrings come in various designs, shapes, and sizes so you can find a style that best suits your individual style and look quirky and fashionable at the same time. As far as jewelry trends are concerned, mono-earrings allow you to express yourself through minimalism but still make an incredible statement with their single piece designs.

Not only are mono-earrings incredibly stylish, but they also add an edgy edge to your outfit without obscuring the other features of your face or going too overboard in terms of color or design choice. You can choose from small studs to large hoops and hangings in this trending jewelry style.

Additionally, you can incorporate pearls here for an old Hollywood glamorized look or opt for crystals or zirconias to put emphasis on your attire. Whether it be gold or silver plated, sterling silver or just plain metal – there is a variety for you to choose from to make sure your uniquely shaped one-sided earring looks amazing.

With the ongoing pandemic trend of staying at home more often than going out – mono-style earrings offer one of the most practical solutions for modern day women while still making sure that everyone is looking their best in whatever setting they may find themselves in – be it virtually or out in public.

In this way these trendy pieces help set aside some artsy vibes into any basic everyday look while simultaneously making it easier to quickly swap out pieces when needed without having to worry about finding the perfect match each time.

Chain Link Accessories

Chain link accessories have become the go-to trend for winter 2021. From statement necklaces to bold earrings, chain links provide a dramatic addition to any look. For an edgy feel, opt for oversized, chunky chains. Layer multiple lengths of these bold links together for a cascading effect and maximum impact. This type of necklace is great for showing off any scoop-neck top or open-neck blouse as it draws attention to both the garment and wearer.

Pendants with Personality: Adding a Touch of Whimsy to your Look

In contrast to the strong statement that comes from wearing chain links, pendant jewelry offers a softer take on winter trends in 2021. Whether you choose fun and whimsy animal shapes like tiny birds or charming geometric pieces in bright hues, pendants provide a dainty enhancement to any outfit.

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A delicate pendant necklace can be an elegant way to add sparkle and pizzazz without being overpowering or flashy. Furthermore, pairing a matching ring and earrings with your pendant can really up your accessory game with minimal effort.

Charming Ear Wear: Finding Beauty in Smaller Details

When it comes to winter jewelry trends for 2021, small details can make all the difference when accessorizing your outfits. Dainty hoop earrings adorned with glimmering gems or tiny charms are surefire ways to add a subtle dazzle that won’t get lost in the crowd. Another great option is choosing petite studs bejeweled with intriguing designs which draw attention to your delicate facial features.

If you want something even more unique, try hoops embedded with precious jewels like turquoise and pearls which will add warmth and texture during chillier months. Both options transition easily from daywear into evening looks simply by upgrading your other jewelry pieces accordingly.

Colorful Statement Pieces

Nothing brings vibrancy to an outfit like statement jewelry. Winter 2021 jewelry trends are embracing the use of bright colors and playful designs. Teal green, royal blue, hot pink, lavender and yellow gems with intricate settings add a twinkle to any ensemble.

These colorful pieces come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re rockin’ layered necklaces or chunky earrings, these bold accents create an eye-catching look that stands out in the coldest of months. Go for unexpected combinations such as mixing contrasting colors of stones or blending geometric cutouts to perfectly express your personal style.

Statement pieces could be used alone or layered with other styles like delicate gold chains to create an effortless look for the modern woman no matter the age or dress code. Here are some other winter 2021 jewelry trends that can offer creativity and variety to your wardrobe:

  • Mismatched Earrings
  • Pearls in Vivid Colors
  • Baroque Designs
  • Vintage Brooches
  • Mixing Metals and Stones

Mismatched earrings bring excitement into your accessory game by combining different shapes, sizes and textures into one style. Play around with colors for a more personalized piece or opt for two identical although different designs that will reflect your uniqueness in both fashion forwardness as well as fine details. It’s less about being complementary and more about boldness; creating a look that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Lustrous pearls have been popular since their introduction but now they have been given brighter more vivid hues than ever before. Even just small changes like adding subtle pinks, greens, blues, purples or even black onyx shades could completely transform this classic gemstone into something fresh yet timelessly elegant. You can also experiment with shapes from spheres to baroques which guarantee each and every piece is unique in design giving it personality like no other material.

Finally mixing metals and stones adds drama to accessorizing your winter wardrobe. This trend has us bringing elements together such as 18k rose gold paired with diamonds; sterling silver mixed with turquoise – whatever color combos suit your fancy.

Don’t be afraid to mix metal hues – brass bangles next to white gold ringlets perhaps? The versatility of this trend gives way to endless possibilities making it so much easier to find something that embodies who you are without having to buy five different products.

Minimalist Gold

An enduring and effortlessly stylish look, minimalist gold jewelry is still one of the hottest looks for 2021. The perfect blend of simplified shapes and subtle textures make it a timeless classic for any season – but especially winter. Stylists are reminding us to toss out the idea that gold must be chunky or ostentatious, and keep it simple with classically designed pieces to stay on trend this year.

From 14k gold pendant necklaces to classic hoop earrings, you can easily infuse this timeless jewelry trend into your wardrobe this winter season. Look for designs that incorporate minimal lines and curves, as these will allow for your piece of jewelry to fit seamlessly into everyday looks like a sweater, blouse or button up shirt.

When picking out pieces of minimalist gold design, look at the metal itself – stick with shiny versions rather than brushed versions if you’re looking for maximum impact.

Layering Up Your Look

One of the best ways to show off your minimalist gold pieces is by layering them onto other picks in your collection. Little details like a single charm necklace worn over a collarbone-length chain can instantly give an otherwise basic outfit a more elevated feel without taking away from its simplicity – perfect for when you’re heading out on cold evenings.

You could also wear multiple chains together such as linking an ultra sleek 17″ diamond cut chain with two smaller 18″ cable chains, ensuring a layered aesthetic without going overboard on sparkle or shine.

Incorporating Textures

Texture is key when incorporating minimal gold designs into your wardrobe; the subtle variations in links and small details add just enough interest to bring life back into any ensemble. For example, pair an 18″ flat cable chain necklaco with softer details like a pave feather pendant or station studs for an understated yet interesting look. The incorporation of different textures allows a more sophisticated approach to glamorous style – all while wearing beautiful minimalistic pieces.

Choosing delicate 14k gold jewelry is also great way to introduce lightweight comfort into your wardrobes accompany winter evenings spent outdoors or curled up inside. Choose pieces that mix interesting textures such as beaded bracelets or small satin hoop earrings – all of which come in sleek yellow tones perfect for completing that signature minimalist vibe.

Big and Bold Cuffs

Statement cuffs have been a popular winter jewelry trend for 2021, and they are sure to stay around for the upcoming season as well. They come in a variety of bold designs, ranging from classic and timeless style to unique and modern designs. These statement bands can be worn with both casual and formal attire, making them perfect for any occasion.

Types of Statement Cuffs

  • Hoop cuffs: Hoop cuffs are classic hoop earrings with additional elements that make them bolder and more interesting. These bold statement pieces come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors.
  • Bird-based cuffs: Bird-based or avian-inspired cuffs add some flair to your outfit with their eye-catching feathers and winged shapes.
  • Thick bangles: Thick bangles are the most popular type of statement cuff. They are usually made up of thicker metal or solid wire that adds texture, dimension, and definition to an outfit.
  • Wide bracelets: Wide bracelets feature wide bands of gold or silver that can be elaborate or simplistic in design. They bring extra attention to your wrist when paired with other gold jewelry pieces.

Materials Used in Statement Cuffs

Many different materials can be used to create statement cuffs ranging from precious metals such as gold and silver to gemstones like diamonds or rubies. Other materials such as wood, bone, horns or shells also provide a unique look when used as accents on a cuff. Additionally, many modern statement cuffs now incorporate semi-precious metals such as titanium which present a much less expensive way for fashion enthusiasts to stay ahead of the trends without breaking the bank.

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How to Wear Statement Cuffs?

Statement cuffs should always be worn in moderation – too many chunky pieces can easily look overdone so it’s important to select only one or two standout accessories at time. A great trick is wearing them stacked against simple thinner chains which help balance out the entire ensemble while still making a chic fashion statement.

Moreover if you’re looking for something more subtle you could go for just one or two small detail pieces like etching or something intricately carved out of metal – these smaller details can still make quite an impression even if they don’t stand out too much at first glance.

Wrap Bracelets

Wrap bracelets are one of 2021’s hottest winter jewelry trends. They provide a fun and stylish way to accessorize any outfit, and they come in many different designs. From colorful beaded bracelets to refined leather options, there is sure to be something to appeal to everyone’s individual style.

The key to styling wrap bracelets is to create a look that is both flattering and vibrant. Consider pairing a brightly-colored beaded bracelet with an animal print top for a modern and edgy statement piece; or if you’re looking for something more subtle, opt for a delicate leather band paired with an everyday denim jacket. Both these looks will add vibrancy and texture to your outfit without looking too overwhelming.

When selecting your wrap bracelet, consider the size of your wrist. If you have slender wrists then opt for thinner bands such as those made from leather or cloth. Heavier bands made from metal or thicker material can easily overwhelm smaller size wrists in comparison so stick with slim bands in this instance.

  • Choose brightly-colored wraps when styling for a modern and edgy statement
  • Go for delicate leather bands for subtle accessorizing
  • When selecting your wrap bracelet consider the size of your wrist
  • Opt for thinner bands such as leather or cloth if you have slender wrists

Statement Rings

As winter quickly approaches, winter jewelry trends of 2021 become more noticeable. A growing trend with winter jewelry is statement rings. Statement rings are handcrafted pieces that have unique designs or setting styles such as gemstones to create a show-stopping ring fit for any occasion. Whether you are looking for an everyday stackable look or a show-stopper for a special event, there is a design that fits your unique style.

Statement rings should look to represent the individual’s personality and can come in many creative forms such as intricate swirls on the band or vintage settings filled with diamonds that add an extra touch of luxury. The combination of feminine yet edgy designs gives these statement rings its trendy appeal that we can’t get enough of this winter season; they become the ultimate accessory.

From sparkly cluster earrings to modern bold pendants, stackable birthstone bands to claddagh bands; this collection offers something no matter what your current taste in jewelry is. There are timeless designs perfect for everyday rings or dramatic pieces designed for special occasions. No matter what your style may be, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect handmade statement ring.

Gemstones remain popular as not only a fashion must-have but also environmentally conscious mother nature’s natural giftchoice due to their uniqueness. To make your purchase even more special, some rings allow you to choose custom gemstones and complete customization so you can add vibrant stones representing each member of your family who might want to have their own individually crafted piece.

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else – gift giving made easy. Rings with precious metal accents ranging from golds and silvers along with cheery rose gold provide carefully designed detail for any outfit, making sure it will appear glamorous on anyone’s finger.


The 2021 winter jewelry trend is all about making a bold, vibrant statement. It’s time to bring your outfits to life with unique designs for each look.

From elegant necklaces and earrings to pleated chains and charms, you can take your wardrobe to the next level by incorporating something special at every turn. Whether you’re looking to layer multiple items or make one perfect statement piece, this season’s hot trends will allow you to make a lasting impression.

Style lovers have embraced the idea of mixing colors and textures, using chunky chains, eclectic enamel pieces, pearls in vibrant shades, as well as oversized and abstract designs. In addition, bold shapes such as hearts and stars remain popular among those looking for an eye-catching piece of jewelry that stands out from traditional styles.

Chain necklaces with delicate charm pendants are also sought after during the wintertime due to their timeless look and versatility. Whether minimalist or maximalist is the desired style, this trend has something for everyone when it comes to matching classic ensembles or sprucing up casual looks.

When putting together any type of outfit or ensemble it’s always important to incorporate timeless pieces like luxurious gold rings and earrings that match multiple items within your wardrobe. However, this season is all about having fun with fashion while bearing in mind what looks good on you personally and emotionally embracing each unique item you put on.

If bright colors are too much for your taste then soft pastel shades are another great way of keeping up with the latest trend without losing any sense of classicism.

Furthermore experimentation of different materials such as silk and plastic should be welcomed instead of shied away form; it may result in uncovering spectacular pieces that truly reflect personal aspirations in both style and character which words are not always capable of achieving alone.

By understanding the principles behind these trends just enough to appreciate them, then it will be possible for confident individuals to adapt the current fashion spirit into an individualized version of their own thereby creating their signature touch on something seemingly outside themselves – when done right there is no limit what a single vivid piece can achieve.

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