width: 1em !important;

What Is “width: 1em !important;”?

“width: 1em !important;” is an important CSS declaration that is used to set the width of an HTML element. This declaration allows web developers to set the maximum width of an element, which can be used to ensure that a page element or design element will not take up more space than is necessary or desired.

This declaration is typically used to limit the size of images, prevent text boxes from expanding too far, or making sure that elements line up. It is also typically used to keep a website looking consistent and aesthetically pleasing across different devices.

How Is “width: 1em !important;” Used?

The syntax for using width: 1em !important; is as follows:

element {
width: 1em !important;

Where “element” can be replaced with the HTML element or ID of the element that you would like to limit the width of.

However, it is important to note that the definition of an ‘em’ unit can differ between font sizes. Generally, it is an equal to the font size of the element being sized. This can mean that the width of an element can be fluid, based on the user’s font settings.

Date Types Supported by “width: 1em !important;

The width: 1em !important; declaration generally works on the following types of HTML elements:

  • Text Fields
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Text Areas
  • Boxes

Things to Note About “width: 1em !important;

When using “width: 1em !important;”, it is important to keep the following rules in mind.

  • Using 1px Values: If a web developer wishes to set the width of an element to 1px, they should use “width: 1px !important;”. The use of 1em to set the width of an element to 1px is not supported by all browsers.
  • Border-Box: To prevent the size of an element from being affected by padding and border, “width: 1em !important;” should be used in conjunction with “box-sizing: border-box”.
  • Max-Width: For larger elements and images, it is generally recommended to use max-width rather than width, as this can help to ensure that the design of the site looks consistent across all devices.


Width: 1em !important; is a versatile and powerful CSS declaration that is often used to ensure that web elements are not expanding outside of their necessary or desired limits. Care should be taken, however, to ensure that 1em is used when appropriate, and that max-width is used for larger elements and images.

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