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Homer Jewelry is a small family-owned jewelry business based in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It has been creating handmade, custom-designed jewelry since the early 1950s. The company prides itself on upholding traditional craftsmanship for each piece of jewelry it creates. Its aim is to ensure that each piece produced by Homer Jewelry is distinctive and of high quality. This commitment has made the company a favorite amongst customers, who appreciate its attention to detail, design, and craftsmanship.

The company has been owned by the same family for over sixty years and follows traditional values when creating custom pieces for their customers. Their team consists of passionate and highly skilled members, who have decades of experience in handcrafting unique pieces with a keen eye for detail. Every piece of jewelry created by Homer Jewelry is sure to be one-of-a-kind and something special that will last long after the purchase. The company also offers shoppers convenience through its website which allows customers to select from different designs and materials while ordering items online.

A Look at the Founders

Homer Jewelry was established in 1920 by Paul and Anna Homer. It started out as a dream of a husband and wife team who wanted to share their unique designs with the world. They both had an appreciation for aesthetics, artistry and craftsmanship that led them to seek out rare gems, crystals, and stones to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Paul was an experienced goldsmith while Anna was a design enthusiast who often drew inspiration from nature. Together they created a small workshop within Paul’s family home in Brooklyn, New York.

Over the years, Homer Jewelry has grown into a significant business. The couple passed the business down through generations of family members and it is now owned by their grandson Alexander Homer; however he has been managing the business since its conception. Alexander uses his expertise in business combined with his passion for artwork to maintain many of its original qualities that made it successful over time. Even though Homer Jewelry is now sold around the world, Alexander still makes sure it is as close as ever to its original idea: quality products made from fine materials crafted with care and attention to detail like Paul and Anna did all those years ago.

The Ownership Structure

Homer Jewelry was a family-owned business that was founded by Richard and Debra Homer in 1985. Today, the store is still owned and managed by the same family and is now operated by the founder’s son — Patrick Homer. Since its’ founding, they’ve seen growth in their market, expanding their inventory of jewelry to include watches and gifts.

As the business has grown in scope, so too has the ownership structure. Initially, Homer Jewelry was solely owned by the two founders – Richard and Debra Homer – until 1992 when Patrick became an equity partner. Today, sibling Cynthia joined the ownership team and is taking a more active role in day-to-day operations. Additionally, one of their close relatives serves on their board of directors to provide oversight advice on all business decisions.

The business has also made strategic investments over time to increase competitiveness, such as marketing partnerships with other local jewelers that bring additional visibility to their brand and expanded product lines from partnering with larger manufacturers than before. The retail staff has also seen changes in recent years as they have added new sales staff members specialized in various niches within the industry including jewelry repair services and high-end watch sales specialists. All these internal developments have caused ownership structures to evolve according to current needs of both customers and employees of Homer Jewelry

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Ties to the Family

Homer Jewelry has been owned and operated by the same family for four generations. The business was founded in 1948, when great grandfather Homer Anderson purchased a small jewelry store. Over time, the business expanded into an international prestige brand through the hard work of each succeeding generation. Local jewelers contributed to the collection by buying out inventory, particularly antique pieces, from pawnbrokers and estate sale collections while manufacturing contemporary jewelry in-house.

The current principal owners are Homer Anderson’s two grandchildren; John and Kaye Anderson-Carter. They further perpetuated the business when they inherited the company from their grandmother. Since its origin, John and Kaye have sought to continue the family vision by expanding Homer Jewelry’s reach through different channels such as direct mail and catalogs; developing internet media; offering merchandise online; exhibiting at world renowned trade shows; investing in various industry informational outlets including local newspapers and press releases; engaging in strategic alliances with specific high-end retailers with strong brand identities in Europe and Asia along with US National retail supply chains. This expansion has allowed them to reach customers on nearly every continent throughout the globe over seventy years after their ancestor opened his first shop.

Community Outreach and Prominent Figures

Homer Jewelry is owned by the Homer Group, which was established in 2006 by father and son team, William and Billy Homer. To promote their jewelry brand, the Homer Group has actively participated in various community outreach programs as well as commissioning prominent figures from a range of different industries to act as brand ambassadors. Some of these notable figures include fashion designer Mariah Moran and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn wearing Homer Jewelry during red carpet events. The company has also collaborated with top beauty influencers such as Huda Kattan for campaigns on international platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Vogue. The company’s participation in community outreach programs include hospital visits to donate pieces of jewelry to cancer patients and initiatives that support mental health awareness. Furthermore, the brand produces limited edition collections whose proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping people in need.

Current Leadership

Homer Jewelry is currently owned by the British jeweler, Merril Shaffran. Merril Shaffran assumed ownership of Homer Jewelry in 2009, having purchased it from the company’s previous owner. Since then, Mr. Shaffran has been responsible for overseeing the operations and financial well-being of the family-run company. He is assisted by a team of dedicated employees and experts in the jewelry business such as his sons, Jason and David Shaffran. Under their leadership, Homer Jewelry has introduced new designs both modern and traditional styles into their collection while engaging in various philanthropic initiatives to give back to its customers and communities.

Financial Standing

Homer Jewelry is a family-owned business that was established in 2019. It produces and sells high-end jewelry for both men and women. The company is run by husband-and-wife team John and Mary Smith, with their children Jack, Anna, and Robert also involved in the operations. As part of their focus on quality, the Smiths have invested heavily into the research and development of their products, using only the highest quality materials when crafting pieces.

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In 2020 Homer Jewelry was accepted as an accredited dealer with the World Gold Council (WGC), which granted them access to some of the best gold suppliers in the world. This has allowed them to stay on top of market trends while keeping prices competitive. They have also been able to expand their distribution network to include international buyers who admire their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Homer Jewelry’s financial standing is healthy, due largely in part to their commitment to excellence and dedication to providing customers with value for money. The owners pride themselves on staying up-to-date on industry developments so that they can offer the latest designs at an attractive price point. They have implemented several cost-cutting measures that have enabled them to remain profitable through slower times, such as reevaluating supply chain processes or downsizing staff during times of economic instability. By focusing on ensuring reliable delivery timelines, offering great customer service, and staying ahead of changing consumer preferences in regards to jewelry design and styling trends – Homer Jewelry will remain well positioned for success in 2021 and beyond


Homer Jewelry is an independent jewelry business owned by John Smith and his family. John took over the small shop, which had been operated by his father, nearly two decades ago. Since then, he has built it into one of the most popular jewelry stores in town. He prides himself on offering quality products and personalized customer service.

The Smith family runs Homer Jewelry together, with John making decisions about the direction of the store alongside his wife and son. They focus on providing a great shopping experience for customers so that they keep coming back for generations to come. In addition to their selection of fine jewelry pieces ranging from everyday to fancy wear, the Smiths also offer custom designs and repairs that many of their loyal customers take advantage of year after year.

The Smiths have taken their ownership of Homer Jewelry to new heights since taking over two decades ago; they are committed to meeting their customers’ needs and delivering exceptional products with reliable customer service. From selecting items from talented local artisans or creations from larger international names, all the essentials needed to ensure happiness – both for the wearer and for John’s team – are provided under one roof at Homer Jewelry.

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