Who Buys Tanzanite Jewelry


Tanzanite is an exquisite gemstone, highly sought after by jewelry aficionados all around the world. First discovered in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa, in 1967, it was named after the country of its origin and has since become the 2nd most popular colored gemstone behind sapphires. Tanzanite is renowned for its deep blue-violet or purple coloration with flashes of red – known as trichroism – giving it a unique hue and sparkle unlike any other gemstone on the market today. Typically cut as hexagons and cut-cornered squares, tanzanite is also prized for its affordability.

Due to its singular coloration, durability and affordability; tanzanite jewelry is popular with a wide range of buyers. From young ladies who appreciate its sultry allure to long-time jewelry enthusiasts who seek something special; tanzanite jewelry appeals to many groups of discriminating tastes. Its varied shades of blue and purple make perfect accessories for virtually any wardrobe or occasion. Whether you’re going out for a formal event or getting ready for a night out with friends – there’s bound to be one piece that’s suitable!

The Different Shades and Origins of Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite jewelry is prized for its unique shades of violet blue that are unique to the African continent. Often referred to as “The Gemstone of a Thousand Stars,” this stunning mineral has become sought after for use in all types of jewelry, ranging from wedding and engagement rings to necklaces and earrings. People who come from all sorts of backgrounds purchase these precious stones, from those who are looking for something special for an upcoming celebration to long-time ardent collectors of luxury accessories. Tanzanite jewelry is especially popular with women, due to its vivid hue and its natural sparkle.

People who purchase tanzanite jewelry vary greatly in terms of their cultural backgrounds, ages, income levels, professions, interests, etc. To many people, it is more than just any other piece of fine jewelry; they appreciate its beauty as well as its rarity since it can only be found in one place in the world – The Mererani Hills in Tanzania. Jewelry fashioned with tanzanite not only makes a fashion statement but also holds a certain symbolic meaning because it represents the characteristics of strength and beauty whilst serving as a reminder of the vastness and diversity of human experience across cultures; coupled with the sheer marvel that nature constantly creates throughout our planet’s evolution.

Who is Buying Tanzanite Jewelry?

Tanzanite jewelry is growing in popularity amongst a range of buyers, both men and women. Due to its stunning coloring, rarity, and affordability it appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers. In particular, younger generations are attracted to tanzanite’s unique blue/violet style.

In addition, celebrities have recently taken a shine to tanzanite jewelry due to its sophistication and glamour. From movie stars to professional athletes and singers, many high-profile individuals have caught the ‘tanzanite bug’! This trend has inevitably trickled down, with everyday people wanting to emulate the fashionable look that these celebrities sport.

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Finally, jewelry enthusiasts – such as collectors or vintage lovers – may be drawn to the rarest and most valuable specimens of tanzanite. Tanzanite entered the market only 60 years ago making it a relatively new gemstone. As such, some may consider adding it as a unique addition to their existing collections.

The Popularity and Benefits of Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years and for many good reasons. Tanzanite is a beautiful, light-blue/violet stone that is mined only in Tanzania, Africa and is rapidly becoming a collector’s item. Similar to its predecessor, sapphire, tanzanite’s unique color can vary from deep blue-purples to bluish-violet shades depending on the angle at which it is viewed. It is also one of the hardest gemstones and has been shown to retain its vibrancy even after decades of use.

Given these qualities, tanzanite jewelry is a favored gift among couples celebrating anniversaries or special milestones because it symbolizes longevity and strength. In addition, with its vivid color and eye-catching sparkle, this gemstone makes an ideal statement piece thanks to its versatility. In other words, tanzanite jewelry can be found in all forms: packed into intricate geometric designs or worn as minimalist pieces framed by fewer accents; even pre-made collections provide stunning combinations that can flip from casual to formal attire with a single change of outfits.

Continuing its meteoric rise in popularity over the years, people who buy tanzanite range from trendsetters drawn to its intense beauty and vintage appeal, to watchmakers looking for something different than traditional diamonds or rubies for their watches’ accents. There are also those who see it as an accessible luxury—versatile enough for everyday wear but also striking enough for special occasions—a rare combination in the world of fine jewelry.

A Guide to Different Tanzanite Jewelry Styles and Trends

Tanzanite jewelry is a very popular accessory among fashion-forward men and women of all ages. People who are looking to add a splash of color and luxury to their everyday wardrobe often look for tanzanite as the gemstone of choice. There are many different styles of tanzanite jewelry available, ranging from classic designs like solitaire diamond rings, to more modern pieces incorporating multiple stones or geometric shapes.

Popular styles for men include large statement rings, watches with tanzanite dials, and cufflinks inlaid with simple designs. Women often favor more delicate pieces such as pendants featuring multi-colored stones set in gold or platinum, or earrings consisting of a single marquise-cut stone suspended on a fine filigree hoop. Tanzanite bracelets are becoming increasingly trendy among both sexes, with new designs using larger beads and combinations of shapes creating unique looks.

Recently there has been a revival of interest in more vintage styles of tanzanite jewelry such as Art Deco pieces featuring shallow cabochon cuts embedded around intricate silver mountings. Combinations of colored gems such as sapphires and rubies are beginning to appear in contemporary versions of these classic designs, giving them even more appeal to the modern eye. Tanzanite can also be combined with other colorful gemstones to create multi-strand necklaces which draw attention to both its deep azure hues and striking clarity.

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The Best Resources for Finding Quality Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is a rare and beautiful gemstone, so it makes sense that people would desire to wear it in jewelry. As such, potential customers of tanzanite jewelry can come from all walks of life. Tanzanite gems are becoming increasingly popular with the wealthy due to its rarity and unique features, with its beautiful color resembling that of sapphire but being far more extravagant. However, regardless of wealth or social standing, many people can be drawn to the romantic shades of blue and purple in tanzanite gems, as well as its ability to sparkle when manipulated through light. Consumers who share a desire for fine-crafted jewelry or want to make a statement with their pieces will often seek out custom pieces that feature high quality cut stones. Additionally, various online retailers specialize in selling high quality tanzanite jewels, offering excellent customer service and providing helpful resources on the best ways to purchase tanzanite jewelry. These types of sites are a great way for individuals to compare prices, read reviews from other buyers’ experiences and usually guarantee they’re getting great value for their money. Lastly, no matter who purchases them—jewelry lovers or evenjust casual shoppers — always ensure that you pick trustworthy dealers who only sell real and certified tanzanite gems– either lab tested at reputable labs such as the GIA or bought directly from reputable wholesalers certified by GIA and/or AGS automatically purchased from recognized jewelers that have a good track record . Doing so will greatly improve your chances of receiving the stunning piece you are expecting!


Tanzanite jewelry makes an unforgettable and memorable gift for any special occasion. Its vibrant and beautiful blue hues give it a unique beauty unlike most other gemstones. Tanzanite is also quite rare, so giving someone tanzanite jewelry is a way to give them something that’s extraordinary. Additionally, sapphires are strong and durable stones that can last for generations. Tanzanite jewelry pieces make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or just “because” as a symbol of love or friendship. The unique and beautiful color will always be appreciated by the recipient and wearing it may even serve as a reminder of the relationship between the giver and receiver throughout the years to come.

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