Where To Sell Fine Jewelry In Seattle


When it comes to finding the best places in Seattle to sell fine jewelry, there are a variety of options depending on your needs. Whether you’re looking for reliable jewelers with a good reputation or premier retailers specializing in estate and antique pieces, Seattle offers an array of choices. Popular jewelry items that can be easily found include diamond rings and wedding sets, necklaces and pendants, vintage and antique pieces, luxury watches and more. Additionally, many stores specialize in customized one-of-a-kind designs while others offer an astonishing variety of precious gemstones from emeralds to rubies or sapphires. Furthermore, Seattle’s fashionable crowds have kept up with current trends and local shops carry stylish statement pieces such as bangle bracelets and earrings crafted from vibrant metals like gold or silver.

Local Stores

In Seattle, there are a variety of places to buy and sell fine jewelry.

Joule: Located in the Pike Place Market, Joule specializes in traditional engagement rings and wedding sets. They work with various top designers such as Tacori, Gabriel & Co., and more. Pricing for their pieces ranges from a few hundred to over five thousand dollars. They’re open daily from 10am-6pm and offer free ring sizing and complimentary gift wrapping services.

Yuki Jewelers: This family owned business offers unique designs set with diamonds, tanzanite, and other rare gemstones. They have an extensive collection of contemporary pieces that are all handcrafted onsite at their shop which is located in Ballard. Prices range from $50 up to several thousand dollars. Customers can schedule personalized consultations or consultation by phone or video conference. Hours are Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Vashon Jewelers: Based out of both Vashon Island and downtown Seattle this jeweler is focused on custom designed jewelry with all work being 100% handcrafted in their own studio. Styles range from modern elegant designs to vintage inspired looks with pricing running between a few hundred dollars up to several thousand depending on size and quality of the stones used in the piece. Services include restorations, repairs, custom remakes and redesigns as well as free appraisals for insurance purposes when buying diamond pieces of $1000 or more value. Consultations by appointment only available Tuesdays through Saturdays during store hours which run 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday, 10am-2pm Saturdays due to reduced capacity due to Covid restrictions

Online Stores

Seattle offers a variety of online stores that specialize in fine jewelry. From popular designer brands to vintage collectibles, shoppers can find just the right piece of jewelry for any occasion. Many of these stores offer special promotions and discounts throughout the year, so be sure to look out for them when shopping. Popular promotional offers include free shipping and discounts on orders over a certain amount. Some stores also offer loyalty programs where customers can earn points towards discounts or special perks with each purchase they make. For example, Krombacher Jewelry in Seattle offers an exclusive membership program where members receive free shipping, extended return policies at no cost, exclusive access to special collections and more.

Flower Fine Jewelry

Online Auctions

Online auctions are a great way to maximize profits when selling fine jewelry. It’s important to understand the auction process and the strategies involved. To ensure successful sales, research current market trends and pricing for similar items before listing. Always use high quality pictures and include accurate descriptions so potential buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. Make sure your starting bids are set at a realistic price point and consider offering free shipping, giving potential buyers a reason to purchase quickly. Monitor your auction throughout its listed duration as most people will not bid until towards the end of the auction period, allowing you to potentially close deals while they are still competitively priced. Consider including extras such as gift packaging to increase your reputation as a trusted seller, making potential buyers more likely to come back for future purchases.

Private Dealers

Advantages of using private dealers or consignment shops to sell fine jewelry include the assurance of an expert opinion on its value and the potential for more money being attained than if the piece were to be sold in a retail setting. Since these are knowledgeable experts, they will have a better understanding of how much a piece is worth and can help get you the best price if it is sold directly from their store. Additionally, many private dealers and consignment shops have unique collection processes that illustrate pieces under proper lighting and backdrops which can ultimately lead to higher sale prices.

The potential pitfall associated with using private dealers or consignment shops to sell fine jewelry may be not getting top dollar for the pieces due to high markups when priced within their stores. If a private dealer plans on taking a piece home with them to be placed in their personal collection or individually listed online, there may also be risks of not getting paid at all by less reputable dealers. Furthermore, sellers should ensure that they understand any terms associated with the purchase before signing any documents as well as obtain valid proof that payment was made by either check or bank transfer.

Jewelry Shows

When selecting a jewelry show to attend, it is wise to research the event. Find out who the vendors are and what type of items they will be offering. It can be beneficial to look for events that focus specifically on fine jewelry, as those typically draw in a wealthier clientele. Additionally, check for local publications or websites which carry reviews about past events or feature upcoming shows that could be good opportunities for selling your jewelry.

Artistic Fine Jewelry Aruba

When attending any show, it is important to accessorize with your own pieces of jewelry to make them stand out from the crowd. Consider wearing bright colors or bold clothing styles such as loud prints and textures. Additionally, you may wish to incorporate some statement pieces into your look by adding necklaces with large pendants or impressive earrings. Make sure the pieces match whatever outfits you plan on wearing while selling at the show, so they will really draw attention when prospective buyers pass by.


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3. American Gem Society – An established organization providing critical information about diamonds and other gems to consumers in terms they can understand.
4. Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Western Washington – A great resource for evaluating the trustworthiness and accreditation of jewelers across larger metropolitan areas like Seattle.
5. StyleSeattle – A well-regarded website covering news, trends, resources, and tips related to fashion, including jewelry, in Seattle.


One of the best ways to sell fine jewelry in Seattle is through direct-to-consumer initiatives. This can be accomplished through the use of online marketing campaigns, such as search engine optimization (SEO) or targeted social media advertisements. Additionally, reaching out and engaging with potential customers at popular local markets and festivals is also effective in growing a customer base.

For a sustainable business model selling fine jewelry, it is important to focus on providing excellent customer service and establish trust with your clients. Developing a strong presence as an expert in the field of fine jewelry will help anyone interested build a rapport with their customers. Additionally, highlighting existing customer testimonials can also serve as an invaluable resource for gaining new customers in the Seattle area. Taking advantage of any local partnerships or collaborations with other businesses will also be beneficial for scaling up a business selling fine jewelry in Seattle. Finally, creating creative product packaging and maintaining consistent updating of products can help ensure ongoing success in this field.

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