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When shopping for Bakelite jewelry, it is important to know how to recognize genuine pieces. Genuine Bakelite often has a “clunk” or “clonk” sound when tapped with a fingernail. This is due to its hard and dense composition that isn’t replicated by modern plastics. Other signs of authentic Bakelite are pin prick sized air bubbles and lines and swirls in the material. When looking closely at Bakelite, the surface should have raised ridges from the manufacturing process – fake Bakelite tends to be too uniform without any details. The colors of genuine Bakelite vary drastically, ranging from clear/opaque/translucent (German purple) to blue/black/marbled brown (cherry red).

Another way to spot fake Bakelite jewelry is by checking for wearability indicators – genuine Bakelite will start to dull in color over time compared with a more polished look from modern plastics. Some collectors check for electrical conduction properties; while there are no guarantees, genuine Bakelite may conduct electricity while fake pieces will not.

Some of the best places to buy authentic vintage bake Jewellery are estate sales, antique malls, online auction websites such as eBay or Etsy, or specialty online stores like Vintage Costume Bunny or New Millenium Precious Metals Ltd. It is important to do your research before purchasing an item since there are many reproductions available on the market that can easily be mistaken for genuine pieces if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Be sure to check references such as reviews and feedback when buying online in order to ensure you’re getting true vintage items from reliable sources.

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Bakelite jewelry first became popular during the 1920s, popularized by Coco Chanel and other leading fashion designers of the time. It was crafted from a resin-based material called bakelite, which is a lightweight and durable form of plastic. Initially created as an insulator for wires, it eventually found its way into the fashion world as an attractive material with which to create stylish earrings, necklaces, pins and more. Bakelite jewelry soon became quite sought after, with pieces becoming increasingly intricate in their designs and colors. Today, you can purchase Bakelite jewelry at vintage stores or antique shops. Many pieces have become collector’s items due to their durability, originality and historical relevance.

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Bakelite jewelry can widely be found in vintage shops, flea markets, and online retailers. There is a huge variety of Bakelite jewelry to choose from including bangles, pins, and earrings. Make sure to always buy from reputable dealers who guarantee the authenticity of their items.

When it comes to caring for Bakelite jewelry, the key is to avoid exposure to water or abrasive detergents and other liquids such as lemon juice or perfume that could degrade and damage the pieces. Special cleaners should not be used as this might result in color loss or an off-putting odor. Harsh chemicals should also never be used on Bakelite jewelry. To keep clean, simply use very mild soap like a hand soap with lukewarm water to wipe down the piece gently but thoroughly. Once done wipe it dry with a damp cloth. Finally, store your precious Bakelite jewelry away from direct sunlight to ensure its colors do not fade over time.

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When shopping for Bakelite jewelry, you’ll encounter a wide range of prices because the pieces can ravery from very affordable to highly collectible. The type of manufacturer and rarity of the pieces may have an effect on the price. Some pieces may fetch several hundred dollars or more and become a valuable investment over time.

For shoppers who are interested in collecting affordable Bakelite Jewelry, vintage shops or estate sales offer good hunting ground. Modern versions of Bakelite Jewelry can also be an affordable way to start collecting. If you’re looking for rare pieces, antique dealers, collector clubs, and online auctions are a great option where you can find authentic and hard to find Bakelite jewelry.

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It is important to remember that there has been some different types over the years since this material has been used off-and-on by many jewelers. The sellers should be able to tell you not only when it was made but which maker created it as well. Be mindful when buying online as there are counterfeit items being sold as genuine pieces so buyer beware!

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Bakelite jewelry has become increasingly popular over the last few decades and there are many renowned pieces in the market, with some of the most iconic Bakelite bangles and necklaces, such as the six-strand Bakelite serpent necklace once owned by actress Lucille Ball, gaining a lot of attention. Other famous Bakelite jewelry pieces include vintage Bulgari earrings, a 1950s carved bakelite brooch by BSK, and various pieces from the Frank Hess line. Meanwhile, jewelers including Judi Powers, Lisa Cini and Art Deco Shop offer a stunningly diverse array of modern day vintage Bakelite pieces.

For those looking to purchase antique Bakelite jewelry pieces from past eras, eBay is an excellent source for a wide variety of options. Alternatively, there are numerous reputable online shops offering collections from newer brands such as Plasticland Boutique and Betty’s Plastics that feature contemporary materials like acrylic mixed with classic Bakelite designs. Lastly, for those who shop locally for their antique piece desires, art deco stores will often carry some of these classic items and are great places to look when searching for Bakulite jewels.

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