Where To Buy African Jewelry


African Jewelry is a cultural symbol to many African people that represents their culture, heritage and spiritual identity. It reflects the intricate artistry of many regions throughout Africa, from South Africa to Nigeria. Each unique piece has its own meaning—often related to an ancestral or spiritual practice—and can be used as a form of healing or ceremony. As these pieces demonstrate, African jewelry is much more than simple decorative items. It is an important part of one’s cultural identity and history, expressing Traditional African values and beliefs in various forms of craftwork.

Jewelry made in African countries comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors; it may be constructed from materials such as ebony wood sets with gemstones, gold-plated silver pendants and amulets symbols of love and protection , or from precious metals like Gold . Necklaces feature creative patterns that recall sunsets among deserts dunes or vibrant markets filled with beautiful fabrics and spices . The wildlife on continent are also popularly featured in earrings , rings , anklets , even bracelets made from bones tusk or ivory horns . There are more classic pieces including wooden beads clay figurines metal jewelry hand painted pottery , macrame bracelets , and leather pouches ; all traditional items meant to celebrate one’s connection with nature the gods their community .

Due to the widespread production around the continent, shoppers looking for beautiful African jewelry have plenty of options. Some manufacturers specialize only in silver-made pieces while others focus on gold designs and precious stones like diamonds emeralds jade tourmaline sapphire ruby quartz etc. Of course shops specializing in selling African jewelry are widely available both online offline so you have plenty of choices according to your preferences budget needs . Also look into local art and crafts stores shopping malls department outlets African festivals where up-and-coming new designers display their work .

Where to Find Genuine African Jewelry

One of the best places to buy authentic African jewelry is from local markets in countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. These markets often have craftsmen or artisans who create pieces that are authentic to the area or culture where they are from. Additionally, some popular tourist spots will also have a variety of retailers selling African jewelry at competitive prices. If you prefer to purchase online, there are many reputable suppliers and stores such as Etsy that offer genuine African jewelry with good quality materials and craftsmanship. It is important to read reviews on the websites before making a purchase to ensure it is legitimate. Furthermore, many museums dedicated to exhibiting African art and culture may also have select pieces available for purchase. These artifacts can be quite expensive but offer an investment quality piece of cultural history with each piece. Lastly, social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook may have pages dedicated to galleries of seller’s products which can be convenient if looking for something specific in terms of style or design.

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Pros and Cons of Online African Jewelry Shopping

Pros of Online African Jewelry Shopping:

• One of the main advantages to shopping for African jewelry online is the convenience. You can shop from the comfort of your home or while on the go with a mobile device, eliminating the need to make a trip to a physical store.

• Shopping online also offers much greater selection that you would find in physical stores. With access to websites like eBay and Amazon, shoppers can browse through a wide range of items including tribal pieces and handmade items from all over Africa.

• Prices online are often more competitive than those in brick-and-mortar jewelry shops, as well. Many online stores offer free shipping deals, discounts, and special sales that brick-and-mortar stores just can’t beat.

Cons of Online African Jewelry Shopping:

• Lack of ability to personally inspect and handle the jewelry prior to purchase is an issue when shopping for African jewelry online. Not being able to see the item up close can mean buying something that looks different in person than it did on the website.

• One other downside is the difficulty in determining whether or not purchases are authentic or ethically sourced if you cannot visit the store yourself and ensure fair labor practices were employed in production of your product While there are some reputable dealers who adhere to ethical sourcing standards, others may not be so reliable so choosing a site wisely is important when ordering precious stones and heirlooms.

Getting Involved with Ethical Shopping for African Jewelry

When shopping for African jewelry, it is important to ensure that the money you spend is helping out individuals and communities who rely on its sale. As with any consumer product, it is possible to purchase African jewelry of varying quality and moral standing. To help ensure that your actions are not having negative economic or social impacts, here are a few tips:

– Research your options – There are many resources online and in person which can help you find reputable vendors of African jewelry which ethically source their goods. Talk to friends or visit local markets for authentic items made by the talented artisans in African countries. If purchasing online, be sure to ask vendors questions about suggested origin and sourcing methods directly.

– Look for certifications – A mark such as Fairtrade Gold means that the jewelry has been certified as ethical and produced without child labor or exploitation of people or the environment. Organizations like GlobalMarchAgainstChildLabor also promote global vigilance against child labor over a range of industries, which includes mining activities necessary for many types of African jewelry.

– Support companies that give back – More large retail brands have started initiatives which offer support or training services to communities in Africa where the materials necessary for production are sourced from. Be aware of the projects they are involved with and whether they are partaking in sustainable trade practices meant to benefit their suppliers through fair wages and improved access to healthcare among other arrangements.

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By doing your research into companies and organizations who produce authentic African jewelry without exploiting people or resources, you can be more confident in your purchases making an impact on local artisans’ lives and enabling their work to thrive economically and culturally.

Benefits of Buying African Jewelry

There are many benefits to buying African jewelry. By purchasing African jewelry, you support charities and small scale businesses in Africa. This money helps charities fund numerous initiatives such as schools, health clinics, clean water projects and more. Furthermore, it gives local communities access to essential services that empower their lives.

Buying African jewelry also supports improved suppliers who adhere to ethical standards such as fair trade practices and responsible sourcing of materials. As such, the production process is conducted in an environmentally conscious way that further encourages sustainability and limits any damage caused to the environment by natural resource extraction.

African jewelry also promotes ethical shopping by ensuring that craftsmen are fairly compensated for their talents and efforts instead of being exploited by unscrupulous middlemen or factory owners looking to cut costs at others’ expense. Additionally, certain ethical stores promote education about local traditions so shoppers can appreciate the cultural significance behind the pieces they are purchasing. In doing so, this kind of shopping helps preserve traditional craftsmanship and contribute to cultural awareness at large.


The benefits of buying authentic African jewelry are numerous. Not only can these items make a meaningful statement, but they also often come in unique designs. Furthermore, any profits made from supporting the African artisans who craft these pieces go back to benefit the communities and countries where they were created. When shopping for African jewelry, customers should consider if the seller is licensed and reputable. Buying from an experienced seller ensures that items purchased are ethically sourced and fully vetted to be authentic. Many people shop through retail stores or online stores, while others shop directly with local artisans in traditional markets or even via roaming jewelry salespeople found throughout Africa. There is a wide range of shopping options available for those wishing to buy beautiful African jewelry. No matter what option is selected, it’s important to remember that purchasing authentic African jewelry not only has decorative value but may also assist in helping local economies and communities thrive.