Where Is Icebox Jewelry Located


Icebox Jewelry is located in the heart of the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles. Our showroom is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Is Story Jewelry Legit


There is a lot of jewelry on the market that is marketed as “story jewelry.” This type of jewelry is often made with materials like natural gemstones, sterling silver, and gold. But is it really any different from other types of jewelry? What makes it special?

There are a few things that make story jewelry special. The first is that the materials used in the jewelry are often sourced from all over the world. This means that each piece is unique and has a story of its own. The second thing that makes story jewelry special is the way it is made. Instead of being mass-produced in a factory, each piece is made by hand. This means that each piece is unique and has its own story.

So is story jewelry legit? Yes, it is! The materials used in story jewelry are high-quality, and the pieces are made with care and precision. If you’re looking for a unique and special piece of jewelry, then story jewelry is definitely the way to go!

What Does Pave Mean In Jewelry


The term “pave” is derived from the French word “paver,” meaning “to pave.” In jewelry, pave refers to a style of setting that uses small, round, brilliant-cut diamonds to cover the surface of a jewelry piece.

Pave settings are often used to create a sparkling, diamond-encrusted look. They are often found in jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The diamonds in a pave setting are set very close together, and they are usually held in place by small metal prongs. This type of setting can be quite intricate and time-consuming to create, which is why it is often used in high-end jewelry pieces.

If you are looking for a glamorous and dazzling piece of jewelry, a pave setting may be the perfect option for you.

How To Make Resin Jewelry Without Molds

Making resin jewelry is a great way to create unique and personalized pieces of jewelry. There are many ways to make resin jewelry, but one of the simplest is to create your own molds. This tutorial will show you how to make resin jewelry without molds.

You will need:

-Jewelry findings (earrings, necklace, etc.)
-Paint or other decorations

Step 1: Preparing the Resin

To make resin jewelry without molds, you will need to create a resin casting. Begin by mixing the resin and activator according to the instructions on the package.

Step 2: Decorating the Jewelry Findings

Next, you will need to decorate the jewelry findings. This can be done with paint, glitter, or any other decorations. Be sure to let the findings dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Casting the Resin

Once the jewelry findings are decorated and dry, you can cast the resin. To do this, simply pour the resin mixture into the findings. Be sure to fill them up to the top, as the resin will expand as it cures.

829 Jewelry Stamp

Step 4: Curing the Resin

Once the resin has been poured into the findings, you will need to cure it. This can be done by leaving it in a sunny spot, or using a UV light. Let the resin cure completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 5: Finishing the Jewelry

Once the resin has cured, you will need to finish the jewelry. This can be done by attaching a jump ring or chain to the findings, or by adding a clasp. Be sure to test the jewelry to make sure it is strong and sturdy.

And that’s how you make resin jewelry without molds! By using your own creativity and some simple jewelry findings, you can create unique and personalized pieces of jewelry.

How To Display Jewelry At A Garage Sale

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to sell jewelry is at a garage sale. Garage sale shoppers are always looking for a good deal, and they’re especially interested in jewelry, since it can be a high-priced item. Here are a few tips for displaying your jewelry at a garage sale:

Create a Jewelry Table

If you have the space, set up a special table for your jewelry. This will make it easy for shoppers to see your items and compare prices.

Use a Mirror

A mirror is a great way to show off your jewelry. Hang a mirror on the wall near your jewelry table, or place a mirror on the table itself.

Use a Tray

If you don’t have a lot of jewelry, or if you want to make it easy for shoppers to pick up items, use a jewelry tray. This will also help to keep your jewelry organized and easy to find.

Use Clear Bags

If you’re selling a lot of jewelry, it can be helpful to put it in clear bags. This will make it easy for shoppers to see the items, and it will also make your table look neater.

Use a Sign

If you have a lot of different pieces of jewelry, it can be helpful to use a sign to help shoppers identify what’s for sale. You can list the prices of each item, or you can simply list the type of jewelry (e.g. necklaces, earrings, etc.).

Price Your Jewelry Fairly

It’s important to price your jewelry fairly, so that you can make a profit. You should also consider how much you paid for the jewelry, and how much time you spent organizing and displaying it.

By following these tips, you can create an attractive and organized jewelry table that will help you sell your pieces quickly and easily.