Where Does Maxine Jewelry Ship From

Added Benefits

Maxine Jewelry ships from their warehouse facility in Newton, Massachusetts. In addition to delivering their products to US customers quickly and securely, they offer several additional benefits for customers who order from them. For example, Maxine Jewelry offers a number of discounts based on certain occasions or holidays throughout the year. They also offer free shipping on all orders over a certain amount of money. Finally, customers who order from Maxine Jewelry may occasionally receive complimentary gifts or items as part of their purchase – this could include sample pieces or special discount cards for future purchases.

Shipping Partners

Maxine Jewelry offers its customers a wide range of shipping partners for quick and reliable deliveries. These shipping partners have been hand-picked by the Maxine Jewelry team to ensure customer expectations are met. These partners provide various services, such as 24/7 tracking and customer service support, guaranteed delivery, accurate order fulfillment, and secure online payment. They give customers several convenient options to choose from, including express delivery within 2-3 business days and standard delivery within 5-7 business days. In addition to this, expedited shipping is also available for orders that need to be sent out quickly. Customers can benefit from competitive prices when they select priority overnight or two day services. All packages shipped through these carriers also come with insurance in case of any loss or damages during transit.


Maxine Jewelry ships from their global headquarters in the United States. They take comprehensive measures when packing and delivering their products, catering to all customer needs while also reducing their environmental impact.

The packaging that is used for the products prior to delivery varies based on the item itself. Fragile and delicate items such as jewelry and earrings are tightly wrapped in a bubble wrap before being placed in a padded envelope or gift box. Other items may come packaged in boxes specifically designed for maximum protection during shipping. Whenever possible, Maxine Jewelry reuses packaging material like recycled tissue paper and cardboard boxes to reduce waste.

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Furthermore,Maxine Jewelry operates on principles of sustainability by using biodegradable materials for product packaging and taking other eco-friendly initiatives which have allowed them to minimize their environmental footprint. All their products are transported without the use of plastic bags or wrappers which is why customers receive orders that are comfortingly simple but securely protected during transit.

Customer Support

The Maxine Jewelry customer support team is composed of highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to providing superior service. Their main objective is to ensure customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, with exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations. They strive to provide accurate and reliable information in a timely manner, so customers can make empowered decisions about the products they purchase.

The team works quickly to respond to any queries or comments, so customers never need to wait for resolution on their issues. Additionally, the team provides proactive support by offering product and industry expertise throughout each purchase. This allows customers to make informed decisions and feel confident with every purchase.

Maxine Jewelry also has convenient online chat options and a toll-free number so customers get connected quickly and easily. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive help page where shoppers can find answers to commonly asked questions faster than ever before. Ultimately, the Maxine Jewelry Customer Support Team ensures every customer’s needs are met and exceeded with each transaction.

Personal Touch

Maxine Jewelry ships from our Los Angeles, California manufacturing facility. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and a truly unique shopping experience. We are committed to ensuring that each customer is satisfied with their order, and provide options to personalize their purchase. Customers can get in touch with one of our friendly wearers to discuss ways they could make the piece more special or meaningful for them, such as having a custom inscription or engraving added to their jewelry. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of charms and other pieces that can be customized by selecting their preferred design style, material finish and size. Our goal is to ensure that each Maxine Jewelry order is tailored specifically for the individual who ordered it and exudes a feeling of craftsmanship and care.

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Latest Technological Advancements

Maxine Jewelry utilizes the latest technological advancements in order to ensure efficient, cost-effective and reliable shipping of their products. Through customized software and automation systems, their shipping operations are streamlined and efficient. From smarter product packaging to integrated online tracking technology that allows customers to monitor the progress of their orders in real time, Maxine Jewelry strives for excellence when it comes to delivering exceptional service. They also employ various other solutions such as eCommerce platforms, automated address verification, streamlined label printing and much more. All of these elements combined allow Maxine Jewelry to offer a secure and reliable delivery experience tailored to meet each individual customer’s needs.

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