Where Can I Sell Jewelry In Red Dead Redemption Two


In Red Dead Redemption Two, you can sell jewelry to a wide variety of retailers across the Frontier. You can visit the traditional Fences at various locations scattered through the game in Saint Denis, Valentine and Rhodes, who will buy jewelry from you at lower prices than general stores. Jewelry can also be sold directly to pawn shops in Blackwater and men’s clothing stores in Annesburg.

If you are looking for maximum value however, you should consider the high-end jewelry traders found in Saint Denis. They offer the highest returns for jewelry, but expect you to bring them rare artifacts such as golden necklaces or unique gems from special points of interest out on the trail. If you are looking for an even greater challenge and reward then hunting down legendary animals is an option, as their pelts can be used to craft unique pieces worth a pretty penny when sold at any of these locations.

Another profitable option worth mentioning is Bartering with fellow travelers. Keep an eye out when passing by other camps on horseback, as they often have valuable items that may be exchanged with your own goods or jewelry stock. Finally, you could take your jewelry business into your own hands by trading it with local figures such as Robert Cane in Annesburg or Thomas O’neill near Blackwater; they provide high yields but with much risk involved so exercise caution when dealing with these characters!

Overview of Jewelry Options

Red Dead Redemption Two (RDR2) offers a wide range of jewelry that you can purchase or loot from various places throughout the game. You can purchase jewelry from both general merchants such as Le Marche and Hunter’s Store, as well as specialized vendors like the fence at Emerald Ranch. Common rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and even non-traditional items like pocket watches can be found for sale. Some fabled items are available as well in rare cases.

Various looted jewelry options can also be found during your travels across America’s Heartland. These pieces are often part of lootable stashes scattered throughout the environments RDR2 has to offer from hidden tombs to abandoned campsites. Additionally, various Jewelry Boxes located in locked safes may also contain specific jewelry items – access these boxes by acquiring an Elegant Key or a Master Key for sale at locksmiths in most major towns and cities.

Finally it is possible to sell any jewelry obtained in Red Dead Redemption 2. Any standard merchants willing to buy them will offer you a small amount of money depending on their evaluated condition. It is also possible to sell stolen items to some specialized fences such as Le Marquis d’Espagne near St Denis! The prices they offer tend to make up for their risks however so try fencing those high-value gems and rings before selling them back off!

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Where to Find Jewelry

Looting Enemies – You will often find valuable pieces of jewelry from prominent enemies you come across in Red Dead Redemption 2. Loot the body after you’ve defeated them and you may be lucky enough to find some precious jewelry items.

Purchasing Items from Shops – If you are looking for specific items of jewelry, there are a number of shops located around the Red Dead Redemption 2 map which offer various contain various types of jewelry for sale. These include general stores and fence dealers who specialize in trading exquisite goods and artifacts. Heists and robberies can also help you acquire jewels.

Receiving Rewards For Completing Objectives – Certain missions within the game will reward players with gold watches or diamond rings as part of their reward. Additionally, many Challenges such as Bandit Challenges, Chiefdon Challenges, and Horseman Challenges can also reward precious items such as rings or amulets when completed at high levels to incredible feats.

Recommended Selling Locations

Fences: One of the best places to sell jewelry in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to a fence. Fences are NPCs who specialize in purchasing stolen goods, such as jewelry and other items acquired through dishonorable play. Fences can be found all throughout the game’s map, although the most convenient ones tend to be located in Saint Denis and Rhodes. Depending on the item being sold, fences offer higher prices than general stores, so it is advised that you check them out if you’re looking for maximum profits.

Special Vendors: Another great option for selling jewelry is to a special vendor. These vendors are often encountered while travelling around Red Dead Redemption 2’s map; they will offer better prices than fences, but generally only purchase specific kinds of jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracers. It is advised to keep an eye out for these vendors as they offer great deals that cannot be found elsewhere in the game.

Maximizing Profits – When selling jewelry for maximum profits a few tips should be kept in mind. Firstly, always check with multiple NPCs offering different prices when shopping around for buyers; this will allow you to select from the options and pick the one most profitable for your items. Secondly, prioritize selling directly to special vendors over generic NPCs whenever possible as they will have access better prices! Lastly, focus on gathering specific types of jewelry that sell well in exchange for both money and experience points like rings, necklaces and watch fobs as these fetch higher rates than ordinary pieces. With proper planning you can maximize you profit margin significantly when it comes to selling jewelry!

Special Events for Selling Jewelry

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a few in-game events that can provide slightly better opportunities for buying and selling jewelry. During certain holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Fathers Day, merchants may offer jewelry at discounted prices or packages that make it easier to purchase or sell multiple items at once. Valentine’s day also sees a large increase in the number of female NPCs requesting help with finding high-value jewelry, providing an opportunity to get a bigger profit from a sale.

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Furthermore, from time to time traders arrive in camp looking for deals on rare goods like jewelry. These special merchant visits only happen rarely, so you need to be ready at all times if you want to take advantage of them. Finally, you can also find rare pieces of jewelry strewn throughout the world – these can usually be sold for higher than normal prices due to their rarity.

Things to Consider When Selling Jewelry

When looking to sell jewelry in Red Dead Redemption 2, it is important to consider a few factors. First, timing is key when selling rare pieces of jewelry – oftentimes a rare item can sell for much more if sold during peak hours (such as on the weekends or in tourist hotspots). Additionally, natural resources such as gold and diamonds can be extremely valuable; setting up shop in areas corresponding with these resources will increase the chances of a lucrative sale. Lastly, different buyers should be identified in order to maximize profits; considering whom one can target after researching each type of buyer that frequents the game world. Ultimately, identifying these specific factors will prove useful when attempting to make a profit while selling jewelry in RDR2.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, you have a variety of places to sell jewelry. You can find fence shops in the towns of Saint Denis and Valentine, as well as in Rhodes and nearby places like Annesburg. These specialized merchants will take your jewelry and compensate you with Gold Bars or virtual currency in exchange. Additionally, you can also use the game’s new “trade-in” feature to salvage specific items for coins at any General Store. To make the most out of these options, be sure to check which items are worth more money at different locations, compare prices across different stores, and always use the right kind of bait when attempting to catch valuable species of fish. Finally, if you want more guidance on how best to manage your earnings in Red Dead Redemption 2, make sure to read our guide!