Where Can I Sell Jewelry In Red Dead 2


Red Dead Redemption 2, the blockbuster hit from Rockstar Games, takes players into a vast, wild world of the American frontier. Every aspect of the game has been carefully crafted to provide a historically accurate and immersive experience featuring stunning high resolution graphics and expert voice acting. Along with the game’s story-based missions and interactions with NPCs, this open world world allows you to make your way however you desire. This includes the potential to sell jewelry throughout Red Dead 2’s expansive map.

Many different types of jewelry can be collected in Red Dead 2, such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. By selling them to vendors or players online you will be able to earn money that can be used for upgrades on weapons and horses or for purchasing items from stores across the landscape. While it may take some exploration or effort to find these places where jewelry can be sold in Red Dead 2, it is a great way for savvy players to get ahead in their journey through the wild west!

Exploring the World

Players of Red Dead 2 can find various venues suitable for selling jewelry. In towns, players can visit Fences, located at a stable, who accept stolen goods from robberies and heists that may include jewelry. Additionally, Players can visit General Stores where they can buy and sell items to store owners or complete special requests in exchange for cash or items. Different stores have different wares depending on the kind of jewelry one is looking to sell such as watches, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. Players may also encounter individual traders or stall owners during their travels who offer a variety of collectables which could lead to an opportunity in selling jewelry.

Finally, certain saloons feature bartering competitions that have the potential to reward players with tokens that they can use to purchase goods around town or use as money in other transactions. Participating in these events provides a chance to turn any findings while out exploring into some quick cash.

Different Vendors and Their Jewelry

The Van Der Linde Gang in Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a wide range of jewelry for sale. The selection includes rings and other baubles, along with watches. Different vendors around the map sell unique pieces of jewelry depending on the type of store and location.

Fences are a great option to purchase jewelry from in Red Dead 2 as they actually specialize in selling stolen goods. While these items may be more expensive than those purchased from legitimate stores, they offer the player higher quality jewelry at a competitive price. Rings, necklaces, and earrings are some of the choices available to you when visiting a Fence vendor.

Firearms shops also carry items such as rings, but due to their specialized nature they tend to have only certain types of jewelry on offer. Ring sets used for self-defense, signet rings that bear family crests or insignia, special occasions such as weddings can also be found here.

General stores carry basic pieces such as earrings and pendants at low prices, but oftentimes without any customization options. These stores can also be good options for pocket watches or even small pocket timepieces for discreet tracking of time.

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Finally there are extravagant Jewelry Stores that can be found across some large cities in Red Dead Redemption 2 that offer high-end designs made from precious metals like gold and silver. Here one will find expensively crafted pieces with intricate craftsmanship and pristine finishing touches that may make them truly worth the money asked for them. Furthermore one could also obtain customized engraved pieces suiting their exact needs or desires by purchasing off a specialist hanging around outside the shop itself.

Trading Jewelry

Selling jewelry is a great way to make some money and in Red Dead 2, it’s no different. If you have jewelry that you’d like to sell, there are a few tips and strategies that you can use to maximize your profits.

First, it is important to note that in Red Dead 2 trading jewelry can be done at several places including Blackwater gunsmith stores, the doctor’s office, general stores, post offices, barbershops and saloons. Before heading to one of these locations though, it may be advisable to do some research on current market prices for the particular type of jewelry you are selling so that you know when an offer is good or bad.

Next, pay attention to detail when deciding where or who to sell your jewelry too. Be sure to check the condition of the item and consider any defects in its structure or design before negotiation begins. Specific details like stones missing from a ring or scratches on a bracelet could lower the price offered by potential buyers so take this into account when pricing your items.

Finally, practice haggling when negotiating prices with potential buyers. Haggling involves pushing back against offers made by buyers by either giving discounts off list prices or suggesting trade-in options for other items they might want. This approach could potentially yield higher profits than walking away straight away with what’s being offered initially.

Additional Resources for Streamlining the Jewelry Selling Process

1. Utilize Player Ambitions to fulfill orders: use the Player Ambitions that are featured in Red Dead 2 to help you streamline the process of selling jewelry. For example, if your Player Ambition is focused on gathering jewelry, then you can use this to pick up orders and complete them faster than usual.

2. Join a local trade post or store where you can promote your products: find a store or trading post in the area where you can easily spread the word about your jewelry and get more buyers interested in purchasing your products. This will create a strong customer base for your business and give you an advantage over other local traders.

3. Get a mobile vendor permit from Sheriff’s office: contact the local Sheriff’s office and obtain your own vendor permit that will allow you to freely sell your products throughout Red Dead 2 without having to worry about getting shut down by police authorities.

4. Promote yourself through magazine advertising: find a local magazine that goes out in the mail and use it to advertise yourself as well as any special offers or discounts related to buying jewelry from you directly. This way, customers who may not have otherwise found out about you will be able to discover what type of products you have available for sale easily via one simple advertisement within their mailbox every week.

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5. Have an online presence: make sure that you have an online presence where potential customers are likely to visit, such as on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which have huge userbases that could help potentially bring even more buyers into the fold than ever before!


Players of Red Dead 2 have numerous opportunities to sell jewelry that can be found throughout the game. Players can find jewelry in stores, loot from defeated enemies, and complete quests for rewards. Additionally, some NPCs will offer unique jewelry items up for sale. Jewelry is worth a considerable amount of money in the game and offers greater profitability than is available from sales of other items, making it more cost-effective for players to purchase jewelry rather than less profitable items.

Jewelry found out in the world can be sold to many fences around the game’s campsites and towns. Good fences include Joe Philips in Valentine, Harold Ford in Saint Denis, Virginia Rickett in Strawberry and Gibbs Hill in West Elizabeth. Selling at one of these locations guarantees higher returns on investment than selling Jewelry to most shops or traders scattered across the map. However, if a better price is needed to make up for travel costs of reaching certain Sellers or Fences, smaller vendors like Pedsram Mayhew at Van Horn Trading Post may provide better deals depending on which type of Jewelry you’re looking to sell.

Valuable pieces like silver rings with stones or gold jewelry are highly sought after by collectors; selling these sells can generate tidy turnovers if its players take their time to search antique stores and hunters lodges located throughout the map where these sorts of items commonly show up as part of set events or random discoveries during explorations specific areas within each region. Artists specializing such as Martha Miller residing near Annesburg also offers an interesting way for enterprising players to make more by subscribing them into artwork designs featuring a custom motif matching their lifestyle as adventurers across an ever wild America . Ultimately winning rewards from special faction missions could yield some extremely well priced Jewelry pieces which makes it even more worthwhile to collect Jewelry that cannot be sold simply because it has great aesthetic values making it an excellent option for hardcore completionists.

Therefore those seeking to capitalize on opportunities to acquire and then eventually sell off various forms of Jewelry have plenty of ways they can do so when playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

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