Where Can I Buy Lip Piercing Jewelry


Lip piercing is a type of body modification that has become very popular in recent years. It involves piercing one or both of your lips with a small piece of jewelry, typically either a barbell-shaped stud or circular-shaped hoop. This type of piercing is known for its unique look and can add an interesting dimension to any outfit. There are many different styles, shapes, and sizes of lip piercing jewelry available as well so you can be sure to get the exact look you want out of it. Finding the perfect piece of lip piercing jewelry can be tricky but luckily there are plenty of places that sell it.

Different Types of Lip Piercings & Associated Jewelry

Lip piercings come in a variety of options, each giving a unique look and feel. Popular lip piercing types include the monroe (a piercing on the left side of the upper lip), the medusa (the middle of the upper lip), the labret (the lower lip), and the jestrum (two piercings on both sides of the upper lip). For each type of piercing, there are many associated jewelry pieces such as hoops, studs, bars, and more. Where to buy these jewelry pieces depends on factors like budget and location.

Some popular online retailers for lip piercing jewelry are Etsy, Amazon, bodyjewelry.com and BodyCandy. Offline stores may include local body jewelry shops or even tattoo parlors that offer jewelry sales as a secondary service. Additionally, peer-to-peer transactions are becoming increasingly popular among those seeking rare or custom pieces that cannot be found substantively elsewhere. Those interested should also ask friends who flaunt beautiful jeweled lips where they purchase their items. This helps to ensure quality and affordability in an ever-growing consumer market!

Advantages of Buying Lip Piercing Jewelry from Various Sources

When shopping for lip piercing jewelry, there are many different sources from which to choose. Some of the main sources include physical stores, online shops, and specialized retailers. Each source has its own advantages. Physical stores have items on hand that you can look at before you buy them, letting you better know what to expect when the item arrives. Online shops offer more variety for selection, as well as often lower prices due to them cutting out additional fees associated with physical stores. Last but not least, specialized retailers deal only with body modification items and can offer expert advice in their selection and product recommendations. No matter where you decide to purchase your lip piercing jewelry from, take some time to consider each option and make a choice that best suits your needs and budget.

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Where to Buy Lip Piercing Jewelry

Storefronts: For those who want to see, touch and try on lip piercing jewelry before buying, a local shop is the best place to go. While it may be difficult to find stores that specialize in body jewelry, many larger tattoo shops carry a selection of lip piercing jewelry that customers can look through. Depending on the location, stores may not have exactly what someone is looking for, but they are more likely to have more variety than most online shops.

Online: With the advantages of e-commerce being so popular nowadays, there are plenty of online shops that specialize in selling body jewellery, including lip piercing jewelry. These stores often carry different brands and styles which can make choosing a piece easier than walking into a store and hoping they sell something you like. There will also be reviews from past buyers which gives further insight into product quality and construction details such as materials used for the jewelry itself. Checking customer ratings also helps understand how reputable these online stores are before purchasing anything from them. Almost all online stores will offer free shipping or discounts for bigger orders made on their store which adds to the potential savings that can be made when shopping online compared to in person at a store where prices are typically higher because of overhead costs they need cover.

Tips for Comparing & Selecting the Right Lip Piercing Jewelry

When you’re shopping for lip piercing jewelry, it’s important to take the time to compare your options and select something that will fit your style. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

1. Look for well-reviewed web stores or physical shops with a wide selection. This way, you can guarantee that whatever item you get is properly sanitized and safe for use. Plus, by comparing different selections of jewelry at various shops, you have more of a chance of finding something that speaks to your personal style.

2. Consider going for quality over cost when possible. Make sure to check the material level of any prospective jewelry; higher-end brands or pieces featuring precious metals will last much longer than their cheap alternatives and are less likely to irritate or cause an infection in the punctured area.

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3. Speak with an experienced piercer about which kind and shape of jewelry you should go for depending on your unique needs; this could include barbells, labrets, horseshoes, septums, etc., but everyone is different! Make sure that whatever choice you make suits not only your aesthetic preference but also avoids increasing the chances of discomfort in your pierced area post-careful healing process.

4. Don’t forget to factor in the ease of cleaning into account when selecting any piece too — avoid items with tricky corners where bacteria can get trapped and lead to infection later down the line instead choosing items like simple barbells which are easy and straightforward to clean regardless of their gauge size or metal type finish!


Pros: Investing in lip piercing jewelry can be a great way to express yourself, as well as show off your unique style. Additionally, lip piercing jewelry can also help enhance the beauty of your lips. As lip piercings become more popular, they can provide a sense of belonging and acceptance among peers. Finally, investing in lip piercing jewelry can also be an investment that will last for many years with proper care.

Cons: When investing in lip piercing jewelry there are some risks involved, such as allergies to metals used and possible infection if jewelry is not kept clean. Additionally, the process of finding safe and quality products may take some time which could lead to frustration. Ultimately, it is important to remember that there will be some pain involved throughout the entire process from start to finish.

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