What To Put In Resin Jewelry


There are many options for what to put into your resin jewelry, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Whether you use sparkles, seashells, dried flowers, buttons, or something else entirely, you can easily create beautiful and unique pieces of wearable art with resin. This step-by-step guide will provide tips and advice on how to embed components into resin jewelry so that it looks professional and polished.

First of all, decide what type of objects you want to add to your jewelry. Most people choose two or three elements that they combine together in a cohesive way. Examples include metallic accents like Coins, Shards of Colorful Glass, Crystals, Trinkets (like cameos), and Patterns like leaves or butterflies cut out from paper or foil. You can also incorporate natural materials, such as sand from a beach vacation or mountainside hike; pressed petals from the garden; dried herbs collected from the forest; and even crushed stone for a rustic look. Be sure to clean any organic material before placing it in the resin mix to avoid contaminating the mixture with debris or mold.

Once you have gathered all the pieces for your design, it’s time to prep them for embedding in the resin. Extremely small items should be sealed with a high-gloss sealant before mixing them in the resin solution – this helps prevent air bubbles from forming around those details when curing takes place. Additionally, objects with curved bottoms might need to be secured with a bit of clay so they don’t move around while setting up inside of resin pendant molds prior to curing. For best results ensure that any metal details are well coated with an activator spraying compound beforehand as well – this will help turn these components black as soon as they hit cured epoxy which allows colors stand out better against darker surfaces during your jewelry making projects.

Finally, always remember safety first when making resin-based items! Take your time pouring the mixture carefully into each item’s compartment and quickly cleaning off any accidents that may occur on surrounding surfaces since uncured epoxy is hazardous (especially if ingested). Once finished crafting always discard molds properly following manufacturer instructions – avoiding contact with skin whenever possible! With these guidelines in mind though nearly anyone can make stunning accessories out of their own home’s studio space – happy creating!

Resin Basics

When it comes to creating beautiful and unique jewelry with resin, the possibilities are almost endless. All kinds of materials can be used to embellish resin jewelry, including items like flowers, glitter, metallic powders, paper cutouts and photographs. Resin itself is a chemical compound usually made up of two components – a resin and a hardener – that, when combined together form what is known as an “epoxy”. This epoxy becomes solid when cured and provides the rigidity necessary for it to be used in creations such as rings, earrings and necklaces. In addition to the objects one can add to resin jewelry for aesthetic purposes, there are also other additives available that can improve the strength or clarity of the product. UV-resistance compounds are often added in order to protect against sun damage and keep colors from fading; fillers can also be included which help thicken the consistency of your mix. Finally, special additives such as fragrances or dyes can contribute to modify either the appearance or smell of your piece – giving you full control over how your finished creation looks!

Creative Resin Jewelry Fillers

Resin Jewelry is a fun and popular craft that allows for endless possibilities. When making resin jewelry, the jewelry can be filled and decorated with almost anything from dried flowers, to confetti, glitter and more! The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Here are some of the different types of items you may consider adding to your resin jewelry projects for a beautiful finished product:

• Dried Flowers: Add delicate color and texture with dried flowers like roses or pansies. Depending on your project you may also choose to add petals or leaves.

• Glitter: Create stunning sparkling pieces with addition of glitter in nearly any color to suit your design.

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• Sequins and Confetti: Great for adding pops of color when used sparingly in clear resin or different effects when dispersed throughout layers of colored resins.

• Mini Beads: Small colored beads look wonderful when arranged in patterns within the resin – make sure they are labeled as waterproof prior to use!

• Faux Jewels: Create an eye-catching look with faux jewels including rhinestones, faux pearls, acrylic gems and others. You can also create unique custom pieces with broken glass inlayed into the resin as well!

• Stones & Shells: Collect beach treasures such as natural stones, shells and sea glass for use within your designs – use them whole or crushed for added texture.

• Cookies & Crackers: For a festive touch try adding Christmas tree cookies around holiday time! Colorful cereal flakes can also make great additions too.

With all these options available it’s easy to get creative with making Resin Jewelry that’s both stylish and unique!

Adding Sparkle to Your Piece

If you’re looking to add some sparkle and glamour to your resin jewelry piece, there are lots of ways! One of the easiest and most cost-effective is by incorporating glitter and sequins. Here are some tips on how it can be done:

1. Measure out carefully: To ensure a consistent look throughout your piece, make sure that you measure out the amount of glitter or sequins that you need before pouring in the resin mixture.

2. Select a color palette: Pick diverse colors that all complement each other to create a dazzling, eye-catching piece of jewelry. Try using metallic, matte and bright shades together for maximum impact.

3. Pouring method: When adding glitter or sequins into the resin mix, pour them slowly over the top surface so that they don’t sink down too much into the base layer during curing.

4. Level the surface: Once finished, use a tool such as a silicone spreader or popsicle stick to carefully level out the top surface and make sure all of your pieces are properly embedded in the resin mix evenly.

5. Protection: To keep your sparkling piece from tarnishing with time and regular wear, coat it with several layers of UV protectant sealant after curing is complete to preserve its initial beauty for longer – especially for more delicate materials like sequins which may not be as durable in comparison to glitter

Colorful Compositions

One of the best ways to make resin jewelry unique and personalize it is to add color and design elements. Resin dyes can be used to create colorful compositions, such as swirling marbling effects, gradient shading, or a combination of vivid colors. Try mixing two or more shades together for an abstract look with depth, or choose brighter shades for a bold statement piece. You can also embed small artifacts, glitter, crystals, beads and other trinkets in the resin to further customize your pieces. The possibilities are truly endless! Once the dyes have been added to the resin and everything has been placed inside carefully, you’ll need to wait while it hardens – giving it plenty of time to cure will ensure that your piece comes out looking perfect. Once cured, you just need to pop out each component from the mold and let them sit for a few hours before finishing off your unique creations.

Extras and Embellishments

When creating resin jewelry, one of the most exciting aspects of the crafting process is adding decorative extras such as charms, beads, and accents. While you can simply leave your finished piece blank and still have a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s also fun to experiment with different extras like glitter or rhinestones. To create unique pieces that reflect your own personal style, there are several tips and tricks to keep in mind when incorporating various forms of embellishment into your resin jewelry.

First and foremost, be sure to choose decorations that are made specifically for use in resin. Many types of beads or pearls sold at craft stores will break apart over time due to a reaction between the plastic and the resin used in the jewelry. Additionally, be sure to avoid using metal decorations – these can react with the temperatures used to cure the resin, causing discoloration or other unexpected effects. It’s also important not to add too many extras – adding numerous decorative elements can detract from an otherwise elegant design. Finally, it’s essential to make sure your chosen decorations do not contain any non-resin safe materials such as aerosol paint or hairspray which could potentially damage the resin jewelry when heat cured.

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When done correctly and creatively, experimenting with various extras in making a piece of resin jewelry can yield an exceptional piece capable of truly expressing one’s creative vision.

Visualize the Result

When creating custom-made resin jewelry, it is important to consider how you want the finished product to look. Visualizing the result you want can give you a better sense of what elements to include in your piece. Colorful beads and cabochons, glitter, dried flowers and leaves, mica powder, colored sand and shell pieces are great options for adding visual interest and texture to your item. You may also choose to add charms or personalize your piece with photos or other unique items that reflect your individual style. By taking the time to visualize the end result when selecting items for your resin jewelry, you will be on track for creating something you truly love.

Finishing Touches

Attaching the pieces and securing the setting for your resin jewelry is just as important as choosing what to put in it. There are a few different ways you can go about this, depending on the type of jewelry you’ll be making.

If you are making earrings, necklaces or pendants, one way to attach the pieces is with jump rings and ear wires or headpins. A jump ring is a circular piece of bendable metal wire. It has a split that allows it to open slightly so that other items such as charms, beads or earrings can be attached. Ear wires and headpins are also pieces of metal wire but they end in a loop or ball so they can attach directly to your charms, bead drops or earrings without the need for an extra finding like a jump ring.

For other types of jewelry such as cufflinks, brooches and tie tacks there are specific fasteners used depending on the product and the look desired. Cufflink blanks may come with larger drill holes to accommodate either post studs or butterfly style flip backs which are very secure ways to keep your cufflinks in place while still providing easy fastening and removal when changing up your outfit style. Brooches often require pin backs which consist of two cylindrical tubes connected by dual loops in order to securely hold them in place on clothing materials such as coats, scarves and hats. Tie tacks usually have either chain links for connecting two parts together or locking clasps for even more secure attachment when sliding through a material such as silk ties.

In conclusion, attaching your pieces properly will ensure that your wearable artwork lasts longer and looks better for years to come! With the wide variety of findings available today, you’ll find something perfect for whatever design you’d like to create!


The ideas are endless when it comes to what you can create with resin jewelry. You can use the same techniques to work with a variety of materials, such as pearls, beads, crystals, buttons, charms and more. Depending on the type of look you’re going for, you may be able to employ texture and color to add even more dimension to your designs. Whether you opt for creating a unique piece of art or something created from a commissioned design, there is no limit to what you can make when it comes to resin jewelry. With practice and exploration, you will surely gain the confidence needed to transform your thoughts into eye-catching jewelry pieces that are sure to bring you delight every time you wear them!

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