What To Expect Breastmilk Jewelry

Include a review of common Breastmilk Jewelry pieces available

Breastmilk jewelry is becoming an increasingly popular way of honoring a special and unique bond between a mother and child. These stunning keepsake pieces are crafted from real breastmilk, encapsulated within clear resin for preservation. The result is a beautiful piece that can be cherished for years to come.

The most popular type of breastmilk jewelry is jewelry featuring pendants or beads made of breastmilk and sealed with transparent resin. You can have it set in sterling silver, 14K solid gold, and rose gold settings. Breastmilk jewelry comes in all kinds of designs – from hand-crafted tiered drops to intricately strung necklaces and earrings – so there’s something perfect for every occasion.

Another popular option is breastmilk gold lockets, which feature your baby’s actual footprints captured in stone or metal alongside the preserved breast milk inside the locket. Some lockets even come with diamonds set in the clasp of the locket as a symbol of eternal love for your little one.

Breastmilk jewelries also make wonderful gifts because they are completely unique and personal, making them something no one else will ever own or wear – truly spectacular marks of affection from all over the world!

Outline the costs associated with making a Breastmilk Jewelry piece

Cost breakdown for making a Breastmilk Jewelry piece:

• Collection and Preservation of Breastmilk: Depending on the jeweler and what type of preservation process is used, this will vary in cost. Generally, it can start at $20-$30 plus shipping.

• Creating the Jewelry Design: Costs here will depend again on the jeweler and design chosen. From a few hundred dollars up to almost any amount depending on the intricacy of the design, precious stones etc. used to create the desired look.

• Polishing and Setting: This is often covered by your jeweler and will vary by design chosen and setup process needed to realize your vision. Most jewelers include this in the overall cost when you place your order.

• Final Piece Assembly: Standard costs run between $50 – 150 with some jewelers who take pride in their craftsmanship charging even more due to expertise, skill level or extra features requested by customer.

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Include a comparison of materials used to create Breastmilk Jewelry

Material Benefits
Silver Durable and timeless, lightweight, hypoallergenic, perfect for reflecting light to showcase breastmilk color variations.
Gold Durable and timeless, widely accepted as having high value, considered to be a sign of wealth and success.
Copper Malleable and shape-holding properties make it ideal for intricate designs, often used in combination with other metals.
Titanium Lightweight but strong metal that won’t corrode or discolor easily. Hypoallergenic and believed to have magical healing powers by some people.
Stainless Steel Ideal for high heat applications and work best with glass encapsulation methods. Long lasting finish which is both rust-proof and scratch resistant.
Pearls/Gems Stones are seasonless and reflect most light color variations well when filled with breastmilk glass capsules. Non-toxic stone options available like turquoise or amethyst beads look spectacular when filled with recycled glass compounds mixed with breastmilk powder particles.

Include a list of suggested care instructions

Care Instructions for Breastmilk Jewelry:
1. Keep your Breastmilk Jewelry stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and dampness.
2. Clean your jewelry with a soft, damp cloth when necessary or use a mild soap solution to remove smudges.
3. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush to remove any residue or dust that has accumulated on the surfaces of the jewelry piece over time.
4. Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, silver polishes, and other cleaning agents if possible.
5. Do not wear your Breast Milk Jewelry while bathing as this may damage it.
6. If you wish to keep your jewelry looking new and shiny, try applying a thin coating of non-toxic clear nail polish to the piece once a month or so. This will help protect it from tarnishing due to exposure to air and other factors.
7. For pieces set with stones (i.e., emeralds, diamonds), ensure that their setting is checked every now and then for signs of wear and tear (loosening).

Include a gallery of completed pieces

Breastmilk Jewelry is a unique and sentimental gift option for new parents, a special occasion, or even just to treat yourself. By preserving the unique colors, patterns, and textures of your breast milk and crafting them into beautiful pendants and jewelry pieces that you can wear forever it is truly a one-of-a-kind item.

Below are some examples of finished Breastmilk Jewelry pieces to give you an idea of what they might look like:

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1) A pendant crafted from your breast milk with a personalized inscription engraved in the back. This one is set in sterling silver with the teardrop shape and white shade perfect for displaying your precious memories.

2) A pair of earrings made from breast milk encased in glass cabochons which make these pieces both delicate and timeless. These ones are crafted with golden accents giving them an elegant look.

3) A ring featuring your breast milk layered on top of a gold band that adds a little shimmer to this piece. It has been crafted with curves to match each other perfectly and also features some gorgeous crystals that provide just the right amount of sparkle.

4) A locket simple yet stunning, this design displays multiple layers of breast milk placed within a beautiful bezel setting for safe storage. This piece has been adorned with tiny diamonds along its edge to provide extra shine and makes for an undeniably special addition to any collection!

Explore the process of creating a custom Breastmilk Jewelry piece

Creating a custom Breastmilk jewelry piece involves several steps. Upon initiating the process, a customer will communicate with the jewelry’s designer to get their desired design specifications. Next, the designer will create a draft of the jewelry in either metal or 3-D printed wax form and make changes per the customer’s requests. Once approved, the metal is casted before going through a series of polishing, oxidation and metal-platings to give them their final shape and color. The designer then sets any gems into place (if applicable) and inspects each piece before engraving.

Then the time comes to infuse the breastmilk; once added to the piece, it is sealed tightly inside to ensure that it lasts without any alterations over time. Finally, your custom jewelry is ready for shipment!