What Jewelry Was Popular In The 90s


The 90s was a funky, fun decade that produced some truly iconic fashion and jewelry trends. From chokers and friendship necklaces to bright beaded jewelry, this period is still a source of inspiration for many. Let’s take a time travel look back at the popular jewelry pieces people were donning in the 90s.

One of the most popular jewelry trends of the 90s were chokers. Made out of velvet, plastic, lace or ribbon, these collar-like pieces were worn tightly around the neck and usually featured adornments such as beads or pearls. Whether they had a single statement piece on them or several layered chains, this style was seen throughout the 90s vibe.

Friendship necklaces were also highly fashionable in the 90s. These intricate pieces often came with two halves; one for each wearer so you and your BFF could wear identical sets. Typically made from leather cords with crimp beads securing closures, this trend often included charms to express unique bonds between friends.

Media celebrities also played an important role promoting certain jewelry trends in the 90s. For instance, Teens everywhere sported butterfly hair clips on their locks following Sarah Jessica Parker’s popular character “Carrie” from Sex and The City often wearing her signature butterfly pins. Later in the decade tattoos became big news giving way to little beaded arms bands featuring tattoo images like roses or butterflies that gained enormous popularity among teens seeking to express their wild side but without committing to actual body art – another trend coined by ‘the Carrie Bradshaw effect’!

Beaded frocks made waves too at various points during this decade as well as bright colored beaded bracelets, anklets and earrings featuring images of skulls were particularly popular among punks in contrast to other young women who preferred less rebellious symbols such as stars or hearts encrusted with beadwork done exquisitely by hand! Additionally oversized earrings featuring bold shapes crystallized square cut gems all lit up dance floors in nightclubs across cities during night out sessions! Last but not least – sticky tape rings started surfacing which consisted just what their name suggested – crafted from scotch tape for those looking for an even more budget friendly approach!

Eye-Catching Jewelry

In the 1990s, flashy jewelry was always in fashion. Those who wanted to make an eye-catching statement preferred bold statement pieces including chunky bracelets and large earrings that adorned celebrities and pop culture icons alike. Chokers were also popular during this era as a way for people to adorn their necks with something extra special.

For more toned down looks, jewel-toned accessories were all rage, particularly when accessorized with bright tees or dresses. Subtlety was key to create a gentle sophistication even as loud metallic pieces ran rampant. They were also often paired with simple chains for a more neutral look. Rings were worn on every finger during this time and usually featured a mix of shapes from traditional solitaires to colorful gemstones like sapphire and emeralds. Pendant necklaces featuring different motifs, such as the beloved yin-yang symbol, rounded out many ensembles back then. Ultimately, wearing jewelry in the 90s meant taking risks with both dainty elements and earthy accents to create unique combinations

Cde Jewelry

Mid-Range Splurges

In the 90s, crystal chokers were all the rage! This popular jewelry style was often crafted with several strands of colorful beads, jewels, and crystals. The shape and layers of a crystal choker gave it a statement-making look that made it stand out from other fashion jewelry items. Many celebrities of the 90s wore crystal chokers to make fantastic fashion statements on their interviews and red carpet appearances.

The 90s were also the era for gold jewelry. From dainty chains to bold gold bangles and huge rings, this type of jewelry was fashionable simultaneously with crystal chokers. This kind of jewelry commanded attention due to its exquisite craftsmanship and eye-catching aesthetic appeal. Gold earrings in various shapes like stars, hearts, flowers, etc., where also very popular during this time period. Gold watches are another example of an accessory that was immensely cherished by people of all ages in the 90s. These mid-range splurge pieces had affordable prices while still delivering unmatched elegance and luxury to any look!

Affordable Finds

In the 90s, affordable jewelry was popular among teens and young adults. Hair accessories such as butterfly clips and bright colored scrunchies were widely used. Beaded bracelets of all shapes and sizes, along with friendship bracelets, were seen around many wrists at the time. Some even added charms to give their jewelry more personality. Choker necklaces in different textures and colors were also trending during this era. While many of these pieces are considered vintage now, they can still be seen worn by fashionistas who draw inspiration from past styles!

Creative Expressions

For those who went to extra lengths to express their individual style in the 90s, they could often be found wearing their favorite piece of handmade jewelry. DIY Macrame Adjustable Bracelets and Beaded Anklets dominated as one of the hottest trends throughout the decade. People could choose from an array of brightly colored hemp cording, beads, crystals and charms when creating their own fashionable bracelets. A restringing kit was a staple for many fashion conscious individuals who loved the look of delicately knotted accessory pieces that were fully customizable. For foot candy purposes, beaded anklets were a must-have during the 90s. Woven together with seed beads, metals and even other larger glass beads – these unique pieces served amp up any festival or day event look!

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Substantial Symbols

Charm bracelets were one of the most popular jewelry items in the 90s. Usually made out of gold or silver, these accessories used charms to represent special moments or memories that held a special meaning to their wearers. The charms ranged in styles from animals and cartoon characters to anecdotes and charms with quotes.

Rubber ring sets also became very popular during this era, in part thanks to their economical prices and wide variety of designs. These rings were often colorful and featured fun patterns such as smiley faces or butterflies. Some even had gradients or glitter components, making them even more attractive to teenage girls of the time.

Initial necklaces also became incredibly popular around this time as well. While these necklaces come in solid metals now, many 90s-style options came with a playful design–usually featuring a person’s initials on brightly-colored plastic pendants with beads inside them for added sparkle! Such necklaces quickly gained traction among youths of all ages as they provided both affordability and customization options to accessorize any look with one’s own personal identity statement!

Fashionable Memories

In the 90s, jewelry was designed to be bold and expressive. Clunky shapes, bright colors, and unusual materials made up most of the fashion statements of the decade. Chunky-style earrings were a major must-have item in both costume and fine jewelry varieties. Popular gems included simulated pearls, along with brightly colored glass beads for the more daring among us. Statement rings featuring large stones such as onyx or quartz were also popular during this era. For those who dare to be different, these pieces are sure to stand out from today’s minimalist trend. Other notable jewelry pieces from this time include decorative pendants, heavy anklets chains, and chokers that often featured charms such as hearts or religious symbols. In fine jewelry, gold was especially prominent—reminiscent of 80s flash—but silver saw an increasing popularity towards the latter part of the decade thanks to its affordability. Whether you’re looking for a staple piece that will remain timeless over the years or just wanting to experience all that 90s fashion has to offer, there is something here for everyone’s kind of style.

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