What Jewelry To Wear With High Neckline

Introduce High Necklines

High necklines are a popular fashion trend that can be seen in many of the current seasonal collections. They are characterized by having a neckline that extends to cover the entire neckline area, including the circumference of the collarbone. These necklines may also feature additional details such as lace or beading down the center of the neck as well as collar-like elements around the shoulder area and back. High necklines can vary greatly in terms of length, with some being shorter and dipping down to just below the base of the neck while others extend up to just below or at chin-level. Depending on style, they may also go higher up towards the jawline or even up over parts of the face.

Feature Jewelry Styles fitting High Necklines

High necklines such as Victorian collars, boatnecks, turtle-necks and cowl necks are all popular this season. When it comes to accessorizing an outfit with a high neckline, there are many types of jewelry that will bring out its beauty. Here is a list of some fashionable and fabulous jewelry styles that can be worn with high necklines:

• Chokers – A choker is the perfect way to add some sparkle or drama to your look. Whether in silver, gold or a combination of both metals, they make a strong fashion statement while still being elegant and timeless.

• Long Necklaces – Long chains, beaded necklaces or those with pendants are perfect for any type of high neck top. If you are feeling daring, why not stack several together for a cool layered necklace look?

• Brooches – A classic style brooch will definitely grab attention when paired with an elegantly fitting high neck blouse. Stylish and unique designs work best here.

• Earrings – Great options for earrings include dangling lengths in silver or gold that make an instant impact when contrasted against the fabric of the top. Similarly statement studs also work great for creating an eye-catching look.
Combining different types of jewelry pieces makes dressing up your high neck clothing even easier too! Don’t feel restricted to certain styles – experiment until you find what looks best on you!

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Showcase Neckline & Jewelry Combinations

High neckline dresses look stylish and sophisticated. However, many people are unsure of the best way to accessorize a high neckline garment without taking away from its beauty. When choosing jewelry for high-necked garments, consider both formality and the occasion you’re dressing for. Here are some tips on what jewelry to wear with a high neckline:

• Statement Necklace: If your aim is to make a statement, then wearing a bold necklace can be an effective way of making an impact. Depending on the dress and occasion, chunky pendant necklaces or rhinestone collars are both great options that will draw attention to your upper body. For a more formal look opt for delicate pieces such as diamond drops or pearls.

• Earrings: Due to the detail of the higher necklines of dresses, wearing large earrings is often not necessary. Instead opt for small studs or simple hoop earrings. Alternatively if you want more vibrant earrings then dangle ones such as small metal drops can provide sparkle without being too overpowering with the dress design.

• Bracelets: Bracelets are always a nice addition to any outfit but should be quite understated with higher necklines in order to allow for focus on the fabric detail closer around the face and shoulders. A delicate gold bracelet or chain link can finish off your look beautifully.

Accent Pieces

If you have a high neckline, adding accent pieces of jewelry will be the perfect touch. You can explore long and statement earrings that are available in a range of styles such as hoops, dangles, studs and drops. For a more glamorous look, choose bold earrings adorned with semi-precious stones or even some crystal elements. For an edgier approach try pairing large geometric earrings with your ensemble.

You may also want to consider wearing fashionable necklace pieces like collar necklaces, chokers and layered necklaces. Look for ones embellished with accents like tassel, fringe and sparkly beads. Another way to make an eye-catching statement is by opting for a stylish charm necklace. Charms come in different shapes, sizes and designs such as hearts, coins, stars and other interesting figures – try to find ones which add colour or texture to your look.

You can also add some sparkle to your outfit with rings! Opt for bold cocktail rings if you want a glam vibe or consider some intricate bands as another great way of making a fashion statement. If you prefer something subtle yet chic – look for delicate stackable rings that you can mix and match to create various combinations and get creative styling options!

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Outfit Tips

When it comes to finding the perfect pieces of jewelry to wear with a high neckline, the options can be surprisingly limitless. One classic option is a pair of delicate stud or drop earrings which will frame your face without taking away from the drama of an otherwise show-stopping piece. Statement necklaces can also work wonders when paired with a high neckline – choose one with bold colors and interesting textures for added impact. Layered choker pendants look wonderful against a more structured high necked top, as do vintage-style lavalier necklaces featuring delicate charms like hearts and stars. To add further glamour, you could opt for a bold cocktail ring craft from gold, silver or rhinestones which will add just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit. Finally, finish off your look with matching chain bracelets in different lengths for an effortlessly stylish finish.


When putting together an outfit with a high neckline, it is important to be mindful of the jewelry you select. To show off the details of your collar, opt for a minimalist necklace or choker that won’t take away from the emphasis on your shirt or dress. Additionally, layer multiple pieces and dangle earring styles to further enhance the overall look. Lastly, pick out minimalistic bracelets and rings that will work with any ensemble. Overall, keep your accessories simple in order for the attention to stay where it should –on the neckline.