What Jewelry To Buy In Costa Rica


Costa Rica is home to a number of unique and distinct jewelry design traditions. It is no wonder their beautiful handmade pieces are sought after by locals, tourists and lovers of fine jewelry alike. Costa Rican jewelry designers have maintained many century’s old techniques while incorporating modern styles and materials as well. Traditional designs range from delicate filigree to stunning oxidized pieces with colorful stones added for an extra pop of vibrancy. Whether you are looking for a timeless piece or something more fashionable; Costa Rica has it all!

When shopping for jewelry in Costa Rica, you should keep an eye out for the traditional designs mentioned above, as well as anything unique to this country’s craftsmanship. Some popular items include necklaces made of Guanacaste Wood (the official tree of Costa Rica), masterfully carved pendants crafted from ‘guama’ (a type of local nut) and intricately designed silver pieces accented with vibrant colored stones such as agates, garnets and jade. Surfer charms filled with “jicara” (seashells native to the Pacific Coast) craftily packed together like mosaic tiles can also be found here, making a perfect souvenir from your stay. Additionally, many artists within Costa Rica are beginning to venture into creating customized pieces using metalsmithing techniques; allowing customers to have any design or item hand-crafted according to their individual tastes. With so much variety available in vibrant colors typical of authentic Caribbean culture; it is easy to see why those visiting always come back for more!

Where to find Authentic Jewelry in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of potential for shoppers looking to purchase beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. The country boasts a wonderful range of jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and more all created with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones from the region. From traditional artisan jewellery crafted by local artisans to brand-name jewelry from larger stores, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Shopping in Costa Rica allows visitors to find authentic, one-of-a-kind items that they won’t necessarily find back home, making it a great place to pick up special gifts or souvenirs.

When searching for authentic jewelry in Costa Rica, buyers should go straight to the source – small family owned shops and markets located in towns across the country are the places where those seeking out genuine pieces can often find the best deals. Many of these local vendors work with artisans utilizing traditional techniques passed down through generations. Buyers may even have an opportunity to talk with the craftsman or woman who made it. Those looking for wholesale prices should consider heading over to restaurants or farms near volcanoes to get “the real deal” as retailers often cut prices drastically due to the large amounts being sold for export purposes. Additionally, if you’re pressed for time and wish to shop without leaving your hotel room, there are now numerous online retailers offering Costa Rican jewelry at competitive prices with exceptional quality.

Popular Jewelry Types and Materials

When shopping for jewelry in Costa Rica, it is important to understand the type of jewelry, materials and stones that are popular in the country. Costa Rican jewelry is known for its unique style, making it a great gift or souvenir to bring home. Commonly used materials to make jewelry include gold, silver, wood, stones, semiprecious gems, cotton thread and seed beads. Some popular types of jewelry that can be purchased are: necklaces (with various pendants such as lion heads and birds), rings (of all types including engagement and wedding), bracelets (in styles such as beaded or yellow gold) and earrings (from drop earrings to tiny studs). In addition to their use of natural materials like wood and seed beads, some pieces feature diamonds or other more precious gemstones. They also incorporate metals like sterling silver into their pieces as well as elements from local folklore like hand-painted talismans. Additionally, there are also local artists who specialize in making custom pieces for those looking for something truly unique! Whatever type of jewelry you decide on when shopping in Costa Rica, there is sure to be something beautiful to take home with you!

Gold Fashion Jewelry

Recommended Pieces to Buy in Costa Rica

There are many beautiful pieces of jewelry available in Costa Rica that make great souvenirs, gifts or decorations. The traditional Costa Rican jewelry is a great way to add a special touch of culture to your purchases. The most popular styles and types of jewelry in Costa Rica include gold, silver and encrusted stones such as jade and amber. Handmade pieces are particularly special, giving you the opportunity to own something unique, as well as authentic. Necklaces and earrings are some of the most sought-after items when it comes to purchasing jewelry from Costa Rica. Popular pendants feature nature themes, such as animals like lizards or monkeys, intricate scripts and symbols, stars and circles. Artisans also create ceramic beads along with unique shapes like discs or rectangles. For earrings you can find clip-on styles decorated with feathers that come in bright colors such as magenta reds or blue turquoise shades. Additional jewelry items worth considering when shopping in Costa Rica include gorgeous rings designed with sea turtles or dolphins, carved masks made out of precious stones like agate and jadeite, as well as charming ornamental medallions featuring religious icons.

Shopping Advice for Buying Jewelry in Costa Rica

When visiting Costa Rica, there are many reasons to purchase jewelry as a souvenir or just for the fun of it. Costa Rica is known for its beautiful, intricately handcrafted jewelry featuring native patterns and motifs. Whether you’re looking for stunning baubles, statement pieces or gifts for loved ones, there’s something for everyone. It’s important to note that overly large gems and major-label labeling may indicate that the piece is not original. Always ask your seller about his credentials and check the appearance of any suspiciously branded pieces.

Costa Rican jewelers make some of the most exquisite silver jewelry in the world. Heavily inspired by antique European and pre-Columbian designs, these unique pieces are often made with semi-precious stones such as opal, jasper, pink quartz and labradorite to add a special touch of color and texture. Traditional styles like boho rings, feather necklaces and thin cuffs with subtle engraving make wonderful statement pieces or souvenirs! If you’re interested in really investing in something timeless and high-quality, seek out bespoke jewelers who specialize in one of kind commissioned designs. When selecting gems or precious metals keep an eye out for local crafters selling raw materials they sourced from nearby beaches or forests – you’ll know that your purchase is truly unique!

Where To Sell Gold Filled Jewelry

How to Maximize Savings When Shopping for Jewelry in Costa Rica

When searching for jewelry in Costa Rica, there are a few practical steps you can take to maximize the amount of savings you receive. Firstly, always shop around and compare prices between multiple stores. Prices can be quite volatile so it pays to stay informed to find the best deals quickly. Researching online is also a great way to scout out discount options before committing to any one store.

Beyond just shopping around, seeking out veteran merchants or local artisans is often a prudent strategy when looking for jewelry in Costa Rica. Worthy vendors appreciate being able to represent their work and generous discounts might be available. Additionally, visiting major coastal centers or inland rural locations may also present notable differences in cost depending on the geography and local market demands.

In order to further save money, bypass American cash—especially traveller’s checks—and use a credit card that does not carry foreign transaction fees or transfer money via wire services like MoneyGram or Western Union instead from your home country first when looking for jewelry in Costa Rica. Local currencies fluctuate constantly and pre-converting it will enable frugal shoppers access beneficial exchange rates prior to actual purchase day. Finally, taking full advantage of (seasonal) sales and signing up with stores’ mailing lists are two additional reliable courses of action that prove well worth the effort because they provide access to unique promotions which extend far beyond normal retail prices available elsewhere.


One of the main benefits of purchasing jewelry in Costa Rica is that it is a great way to speak the language of love. Local artisans specialize in creating stunning works of wearable handcrafted art that represent the country’s culture and local flavors. Earrings, necklaces and other types of jewelry can add an extra level of sophistication to your outfit or become treasured souvenirs from your trip to Costa Rica. Additionally, since much of the jewelry is made by hand using locally sourced materials, you are directly helping the local economy by shopping in this unique Central American destination. Not to mention, you may be able to find one-of-a-kind pieces at prices lower than neighboring countries – so it’s definitely worth a look before you go!

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