What Jewelry Is Used For Vertical Labret

Introduction to Vertical Labret JewelryWhat Is It?

A vertical labret piercing is an increasingly popular body piercing that consists of two parallel holes in the same area of the face. The most common form is a thin barbell which runs horizontally from the top to bottom of the face, usually sitting just below the lip line. It can look quite striking and artistic, and is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative way to express oneself.

Vertical labrets make a bold statement when used as jewelry. They are especially trendy when customized with beads, stones or other accessories. Depending on where they are placed, they can contrast with several other facial features and draw attention to any feature that you want to highlight. As well as providing a way to accessorize your face and make something creative out of your look, they may help you stand out in a crowd due to their originality and uniqueness. Some people choose this piercing for aesthetic reasons, but others may get it for spiritual reasons or because it reminds them of strength and courage.

A Brief History of Vertical Labret Jewelry

The Vertical Labret is a piece of modern body jewelry which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Originally, labrets were worn by numerous Indigenous populations around the world for generations as an emblem of both beauty and cultural identity. They often marked special occasions or rites of passage, such as puberty or marriage ceremonies. In the late 1990s, this style of body jewelry began to re-emerge with a fresh and modern interpretation in western countries.

Vertical Labrets are typically used in body piercings that have been placed close to the center line of the face, though they can be used elsewhere on the body depending on individual preference. This type of jewelry consists of a disc base that sits atop an upright post that extends from thick at the bottom to thin at its apex where it finishes off with a ball or other decoration. The design was intentional to avoid irritation while allowing movement during daily activities such as eating and speaking without affecting the healing process. As piercing technology has advanced, there are now several alternatives to the traditional design including barbells, spirals and even more intricate shapes such as hearts or stars!

Types of Jewelry Used For Vertical Labret?

Vertical labret piercings are an increasingly popular form of facial body modification. Common types of jewelry used for vertical labret piercings include barbells, circular barbells, captive bead rings, and labret studs. Barbells come in a variety of styles including curved and straight bars with two small balls on either end. Circular barbells have a hoop that has a removable ball or gemstone on either end. Captive bead rings are circular hoops with one removable ball that can be easily unscrewed to change the type of jewelry in the piercing. Labret studs typically feature a flat disc or gemstone at the bottom with a short post securely fastened at the top.

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Common Vertical Labret Jewelry Choices

The Vertical Labret is a type of facial piercing that is placed vertically between the lower lip and the chin. It can be customized in a variety of ways, as there are numerous types of jewelry one can use with this type of piercing. Popular choices include small studs, circular barbells, captive bead rings, banana bars, labret-style posts, and more complex pieces such as two-part BEADIN’ HARD™. Each piece works to accentuate your facial features and make your piercing look unique to you. Some styles provide a subtle look while others are more attention-grabbing. Additionally, color can also be chosen to complement one’s lip color and skin tone. Investing in quality materials is highly recommended as it will ensure comfort and longevity when wearing Vertical Labrets.

Popular Trends and Styles of Vertical Labret Jewelry

Vertical labret jewelry has become a popular trend among many people due to its eye-catching aesthetic and the ability to make a bold style statement. Generally, these pieces of jewelry are placed in the top center of the lip and come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Popular styles for vertical labret jewelry include contrasting gemstones such as opals, quartz, or tourmaline set with gold or silver bars. A common choice is to have an opaque stone on the inside lip paired with a glittery crystal on the outside of the piercing for an extra sparkly effect. Additionally, individuals may choose designs featuring multiple barbi-style piercings connected by chains on either side or colorful beads strung along two rings in order to create additional depth and visual interest. Vertical labrets also come in fun shapes such as hearts or stars that are great for making a unique impression. For those looking for something truly special and one-of-a-kind, there are many companies that specialize in customizing vertical labrets with personalized engravings or intricate designs like floral motifs.

Pros and Cons of Vertical Labret Jewelry


• Vertical labret jewelry is a great way to express yourself. It can be used as a statement piece, a fashion accessory, or simply provide a unique and pretty look.

• Labret piercings are usually simple and quick piercings to heal and maintain. They are also more likely to stay in place than other lip piercing options.

• If kept clean and sterilized properly, vertical labrets have very low risk of infection.


• The healing time for vertical labrets tend to be longer than some other facial piercings due its location on the lips area which is constantly in motion.

• Vertical labrets may cause gum recession due to constant friction between the jewelry and the gums which over time can lead to tooth decay.

• Vertical labrets require regular maintenance because any kind of buildup from food, cosmetics, or dirt left behind can cause disruption in the healing process of the piercing wound leading to potential infection and irritation.

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Professional Jewelry Care for Vertical Labret Jewelry

Vertical labret piercing jewelry is a unique and stylish type of body jewelry. It is typically placed through the lip and consists of a barbell with two balls or spikes on the top and bottom part of the plug. When worn, it creates an alluring look on the face and can be further customized with different colored gems or charms. However, it’s important to note that due to its delicate placement in the face, proper jewelry care must be taken when wearing a vertical labret piercing.

In order to keep your vertical labret jewelry looking great, high-quality cleaning solutions should be used regularly to maintain its original sparkle. Using antibacterial soap and warm water along with Q-tips is one effective cleaning method. Additionally, a gentle cloth may be used to wipe across excess moisture left behind after washing. To minimize irritation and maintain the shape of your piercings, try wearing lower grade materials such as surgical steel or titanium for long periods of time every day. Furthermore, when sleeping, always remove any kind of labret jewelry to avoid snagging or tangling them up in your hair or clothing threads. Finally, never wear any type of hoop earring for more than 8 hours as this may cause permanent damage to your mouth’s delicate tissue. By following these tips for proper professional jewelry care for vertical labret piercings you can guarantee that you will have an amazing statement piece that will last for many years to come!


Vertical labret jewelry, as the name suggests, is often used for utility purposes and decorative purposes. It can be worn to denote a certain group or belief, or it can simply be used to show off one’s fashion sense. Its placement tends to be slightly lower than typical facial piercings, which makes it an ideal choice for people looking to make a subtle statement. In addition to aesthetic purposes, vertical labret jewelry may also serve more practical uses. These are usually placed in areas that are prone to tearing due to a person’s activities; for instance, if somebody bites their lip frequently, a vertical labret might help protect the area from further damage. Ultimately, vertical labret jewelry is an incredibly versatile type of body modification and is sure to let anybody make their own unique statement.

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