What Jewelry Is Trending For 2022


It’s time to get excited about the jewelry trends for 2022, as there are plenty of stunning designs to choose from. In terms of color, bright and eye-catching hues are very popular this year. Shades like teal, cobalt blue and mustard yellow make for a perfect pop of color with any outfit. Thematic jewelry will also be popular this season. Items with animals or natural elements like sea life and plants add a meaningful touch to each piece. Natural materials like pearls, jade and coral will also be big in the fashion world in 2022. If you want an edgier look, chunky gold chains are making a comeback this year with their bold appeal being sure to demand attention wherever they go. For more classic looks, simple hoop earrings with sparkling details are always timelessly fashionable and effortlessly elegant. Whichever look you opt for, make sure to spice up your accessories game this season!

Trending Materials and Color Palettes

For 2022, jewelry trends are focusing on transitioning to new and modern materials, colors, and styles. These collections will focus on shapes inspired by nature, creative construction with an artistic flair, bold color palettes, texture contrast and more.

Some of the trending materials in jewelry for 2022 include untreated diamonds, colored gemstones and metal accents such as titanium and stainless steel. Moody color palettes featuring gemstones in earthy tones such as emerald green and dusty lavender will be popular choices. For a more subtle look, silver tones such as platinum and beige will also be making appearances.

In terms of shapes and styles, organic shapes inspired by nature will remain popular for 2022. From oversized pearls to curved metal details reminiscent of leaves or petals. Delicate chain necklaces with continuous layers also remain popular for minimal yet sophisticated looks. Creative pieces featuring multiple metal finishes that give off an effortless attitude or asymmetrical forms with unexpected pairings will be popular choices for designer-inspired pieces this year. Lastly, colorful statement earrings made from a range of materials including resin jewelry and pearls will create head-turning looks no matter what event you plan to attend.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are not just a trend, they are an expression of fashion. These statement pieces can completely transform any outfit and create a unique look that stands out. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Popular shapes include drops and hoops of various metals such as rose gold, hammered gold, and sterling silver. For 2022 hoop earrings are really becoming popular with oversized styles making a comeback from the 90s era. Colorful tassels have become increasingly fashionable with bright colors such as pink or blue adding fun flair to any outfit. Drops in different precious stones like sapphires and diamonds are also widely seen on celebrities and influencers alike. Ultimately statement earrings can be anything you want them to be; if you’re looking for something daring you could even rock novelty earrings that speak what’s really on your mind like those inspired by nature, animals, or animated characters!

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Multi-layering jewelry is a great way to express creativity and spice up any ensemble. It’s a great way to take something simple and make it bold and unique. In 2022, we can expect this trend to continue with more people experimenting with different pieces, from necklaces to bracelets and watches. We are likely to see an array of mix-and-match pieces that blend together for an eye catching vibe. For example, stacking different necklaces of varying lengths, materials, textures and details will create depth and dimension without having boring monochromatic layers. Mixing metals like gold and silver allow for an added touch of sophistication and femininity while also allowing you to play with other materials such as beading, leather or stone. We can also expect to see more trendy statement piece layered together such as chunky earrings with oversized necklaces or one single bigger statement neck piece featuring multiple charms suspended on cording. Overall layering jewelry in the coming year will provide endless amounts of options for creating personalized vibes that make every look feel power full yet delicate all at once.

Chainhead Accessories

Chainhead accessories are making a big comeback in 2022 with their modern and classic style. They feature bold, intricate designs with a mixture of golden, silver, and black metals that give off an edgy yet sophisticated look. A popular chainhead accessory is the choker necklace which adds the perfect touch to any outfit and adds extra character to any ensemble. Other varieties include earrings, bracelets, pendants and even rings. Some of the materials used in chainhead designs are gold-plated metals, sterling silver, leather and gemstones such as Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. For those who prefer something more bold and eye catching opt for brightly coloured acrylics or solid golds. Chainhead accessories are a great way to complete an outfit or add a statement piece for special occasions in 2022.

Bold Bracelets

For 2022, bold and chunky bracelets will be one of the top jewelry trends. To wear this look, opt for a bracelet that features multiple metal links or colorful stones. Look for unique designs, such as cuff bracelets with intricate engravings or geometric shapes. Bright colors are also popular, such as cobalt blue and olive green. When wearing bold bracelets, stacking multiple pieces is an easy way to make the look more eye-catching and dramatic. Mix different metals together for a modern touch. If you want to keep your outfit simple, try adding just one statement bracelet as the focal point of your ensemble. Chain-link bracelets also make great layering options that can add a bit of edge to a casual look. Keep in mind when deciding on how many bold bracelets to stack that less is more – no one likes an arm full of clashing jewelry!

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Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are expected to be one of the most popular jewelry trends in 2022. From sleek, minimalistic designs to opulent sets, there will likely be something to suit all styles and preferences when it comes to these dynamic pieces. Some pieces feature traditional round or square stones set in a repeating pattern while others may opt for an unconventional ribbon design. For example, brands such as Ana Luisa have begun creating intricate ribbons of gemstones interlaced with sparkling diamonds.

The beauty of these rings is their versatility; they can easily be worn together for a statement look or separately for outfits that need just a touch of sparkle. Stackable rings also come in various colors; from timeless white gold and yellow gold to bold rose golds, blackened silver and palladiums. With this variety, anyone should be able to create a look personalized to their own taste that also fits current fashion trends. Whether on its own or stacked with other similar rings, these ring designs bring unique glamour to any outfit-from everyday casual looks to glamorous night soirees


Jewelry is a great way to add some flair, sparkle and style to your outfits. The following pieces are trending for 2022 and will help you stay ahead of the curve this year. Chunky links, charms and hoop earrings are making their way back into the jewelry scene. Marbled resin pendants are all the rage too. If you’re looking for an extra bit of color, opt for a rainbow stone or pearl necklace. Pastel-colored glass beads and ombré metal touches are perfect for brightening up any outfit. Delicate bracelets decorated with dainty coins or stars complete the look as do abstract cuffs in contrasting colors. These must-have jewelry pieces can easily transition from day to night and can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. Feel free to mix in vintage elements like brooches, anklets or twisted wire rings as well!