What Jewelry Do You Use For A Bridge Piercing


A bridge piercing is a facial piercing located between the eyes, directly over the nose. This unique and dramatic placement has become increasingly popular as it can be combined with other facial piercings to achieve beautiful and creative designs. In order to choose the perfect jewelry for this eye-catching body modification, the bridge piercing wearer has several options that suit their individual style and preferences.

Jewelry Options:
1. Curved Barbells – Curved barbells are one of the most popular types of jewelry for bridge piercings. Generally made out of either 316L surgical steel or titanium, curved barbells provide a comfortable fit while still looking great. They come in various sizes, designs, colors and gemstones to enhance your desired look.

2. Microdermals – Consisting of internally-threaded disks with posts attached, microdermals are great options for those who prefer a more subtle look. They look extremely elegant when placed in a symmetrical pattern among surrounding piercings and their flat surface makes them very comfortable on swellings due to new piercings or healing process. Many people opt for titanium disks due to their strength yet lightweight properties, but gold or silver may also be used depending on personal preference and style.

3. Jewelry Sets – For those looking to express themselves through unique pieces of jewelry for their bridge piercing, many designs come in complete sets composed of beads and other items that can be placed together strategically around the ring/barbell so it looks like an intricate creation oozing personality!

Types of Bridge Piercing Jewelry and What’s Available

One popular option for a bridge piercing is a basic straight barbell that has flat or bezel set stones at each end. The barbell can come in different designs and materials, from gold to titanium and more. Another jewelry style that’s great for the bridge piercing is an ornamental curved barbell. These barbells come in a variety of sizes and materials, ranging from small petite curves to elegant big curves that are adorned with glass crystals or CZ stones along the perimeter. For a fun yet dainty look you could choose a nose screw with a single gemstone or pick several gems adorning the entire rim. Nose studs also fit nicely in this piercing and can be changed up by selecting one with abstract details, such as feathers and swirls, that stand out against its base design. You might even opt for an internal threading piece of jewelry, which secures internally within your skin using smooth edges on both ends.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Jewelry For Your Bridge Piercing

When considering what jewelry to use for your bridge piercing, there are a few safety considerations to keep in mind. One is the quality of the material. Stainless steel and titanium are both considered safe materials as they are less likely to cause irritation or infection due to being biocompatible with human skin. Nickel-free materials are ideal in order to avoid any allergic reactions or any other medical complications.

Also, the shape and size of the jewelry is important; rings and spikes can be both decorative and easy to use depending on individual preferences. For example, bending a hoop gives an added element of customization for precise measurements of the area between piercings (i.e., distance). It’s also important that whatever type of jewelry you choose isn’t too heavy, as added weight can lead to tissue irritation over time when subjected to prolonged pressure from the metal piece itself. Finally, research local vendors who specialize in high-quality jewelry for piercings to ensure you’re getting pieces that meet all safety guidelines.

Types of Jewelry for Bridge Piercing

Barbell: A barbell is often used for bridge piercings. Pros: It’s relatively simple to insert and remove, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Cons: This type of jewelry doesn’t lend itself very well to unique designs or creative styles.

Curved Barbells: Curved barbells are an excellent choice if you’re looking to dress up your bridge piercing with a bit of flare. Pros: Can be decorated with gems, have special designs that fit in the curve, or can simply be worn as is for a simple look. Cons: Similar to regular barbells, these don’t lend themselves to larger additions like charms or beads due to their more delicate design.

Captive Bead Rings: Captive bead rings are another popular choice for bridge piercings. Pros: The added convenience of being able to keep the bead affixed to the ring at all times makes them ideal for daily wear without having the worry of losing or misplacing a loose-beaded piece. Cons: Due to their limited space, it can be difficult if not impossible to add extra designs without sacrificing comfort and security when wearing the piece.

Jewelry Maintenance Tips For Caring For Your Piercing Jewelry

Cleaning Your Jewelry: Keeping your jewelry clean is key for keeping the area around and inside the piercing healthy. Clean metal parts with antibacterial soap and warm water, allowing a minimum of 3-5 minutes for it to soak. Dry any remaining liquid on your jewelry with a soft cloth or paper towel before re-inserting.

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Storage: To avoid damage to your jewelry and keep it away from dirt and bacteria, store it in a separate jewelry bag or container after you take it out of your body. If possible, also store each piece separately so that they don’t rub together or get scratched.

Changing Jewelry: Make sure to blow off all dust before exchanging out pieces of jewelry. Always use well-cleaned hands to protect the piercing when doing so, as this will cause fewer irritations and reduce the risk of infection.


When choosing jewelry for your bridge piercing, it is important to select pieces that are of high quality and that feel comfortable in the area. Quality jewelry pieces will be made out of implant-grade materials, such as titanium or gold. Investing in this type of jewelry can help you avoid any issues related to adverse reactions or allergic reactions due to the use of substandard materials such as low quality metals or plastics. Quality jewelry pieces may have a higher cost associated with them, but they are often worth the extra expense as they last longer and provide an opportunity for adding stylish elements to your piercing.

Also consider factors such as barrel size – both inner and outer diameter should be considered when purchasing a piece of jewelry for a bridge piercing for comfortability reasons. If a piece is too large, it may become uncomfortable during wear, while if it is too small, it can cause discomfort and displacement during application. Make sure the barrel is not too long either otherwise migration may be more likely to occur due to excess tissue weight placed on the ends of the barbell.

Finally, since custom pieces of jewelry can be expensive, look around online at reliable retailers who specialize in body piercings that offer these items at competitive prices. Also make sure you only purchase from certified stores with quality customer service so you are confident your product arrives safe and secure. Being informed about what kind of jewelry you need when considering a piercing on private parts like your face can help ensure smooth healing process and ultimate satisfaction with your results!