What Is Spinel Jewelry

Introduction to Spinel Jewelry

Spinel jewelry has long been coveted by gem lovers and collectors for its unique beauty. Spinel is a natural gemstone that is found in many colors, including red, blue, and pink. It is prized for its sparkling hues and impressive durability. The most popular variety of spinel is traditionally red, and this stone often shows a bluish-purplish tinge when viewed from an angle.

Spinel’s rich history dates back to ancient Rome where it was used as an ornamental stone in gladiatorial armor due to its strength and durability. During the Renaissance era, spinel was used both as an ornamental stone, as well as being mistaken for ruby or sapphire by unknowing jewelers at the time. Its use continued throughout the centuries in various industries including jewelry manufacturing, where it gradually became more popular due to its beautiful colors and luster.

Today, spinel jewelry can be found in many styles including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants. The popularity of the gemstone continues to grow because of its unique properties such as incomparable fire and brilliance; this gives them the added benefit of being incredibly eye-catching pieces that are sure to draw attention. As a result, spinel jewelry is suitable for everyday wear or special occasions – often paired with diamonds or other precious gems to create a truly magnificent look.

The History of Spinel Jewelry

Spinel is a family of semi-precious gemstones found in various colors. Historically, spinel was often mistaken for the much more expensive ruby and sapphire, and until modern times was only known by knowledgeable gem traders and collectors. One such famous example is the Timur Ruby – a 344.37-carat cabochon conjoined with a 310-carat spinel that was recorded to have been presented as a gift from Shah Rukh of Persia to Emperor Jahangir of India in 1616 AD. The opulent stone eventually came into the possession of an East India Company director before ending up in its present location – the Tower of London.

Spinel jewelry began to gain more notoriety in the 18th century when it became quite fashionable among European royalty to adorn their most exquisite dresses with multi-colored pieces having at their centerpieces large spinels surrounded with smaller gems known as ‘halo’ settings. This distinct envogue popularized by Queen Charlotte (1744–1818), also widely referred to asqueen consort of King George III has made its mark even today among many jewellery designs commonly seen today. More recently,spinels have become now even more popular due to their versatility which allow them to be combined with any type or color scheme of metal setting.

The Benefits of Wearing Spinel Jewelry

Spinel jewelry is created from a stunning gemstone that has been admired and sought after for centuries. It ranges in color from pink to red to blue, orange, purple and black. Its unique range of colors earned spinel the nickname “the rainbow gem.” This gemstone’s durability makes it perfect for everyday wear, as it is very resistant scratches, blemishes and fading. In addition to its aesthetics, spinel jewelry also has many therapeutic benefits connected to the intense energy frequencies that emit from the stone itself.

Spinel properties include personal growth, self-improvement, passion, enthusiasm and joy. It can help clear negative energy from a person’s body and home environment, boosting positivity and happiness. The intense energy frequencies also facilitate concentration during meditation or prayer by releasing confusion and doubt so one can access spiritual experiences more easily. Finally, spinel provides protection from toxic relationships and any outside influences that lead one astray. If a person wears spinel jewelry regularly these beneficial effects will be amplified greatly over time.

Different Types of Spinel Jewelry

Spinel jewelry is a type of gemstone that is often used as an accent item. It has a brilliant sparkle and can be found in many colors, including pink, purple, blue and even black. Spinel usually comes in cuts such as emerald, princess, oval and round. Rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces are common for Spinel jewelry. The options don’t stop there either – cufflinks, tie clips, brooches and charms are also popular varieties! Furthermore, some pieces have mixed stones with spinel often making up the center focus of the piece. With so many beautiful colors and designs to choose from it’s easy to find something unique for any special occasion or outfit.

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The Symbolism of Spinel Jewelry and Its Meaning

Spinel is not just any ordinary gemstone. It carries with it a vast amount of history and symbolism that make the wearing of Spinel jewelry a powerful statement. For centuries, spinel has been thought to bring love, truth, clarity, and compassion. Many cultures thought of this stone as protective talismans used to ward off danger, illness, and misfortune. Some believed that spinel soothed emotions during times of distress making it perfect for healers or those who were going through medicating transitions such as moving from one place to another.

In more contemporary times, the symbolism associated with Spinel remains the same. People still believe that the even coloring of the stones encourages hope for humanity through individual transformation. It is thought to represent true love whether between two individuals or simply between oneself and their environment. The protection from evil spirits remains a central part of its significance and how people react to hardship can be softened by spinning’s shielding qualities. Additionally, it also stands for immortality as it was thought to cleanse emotional pain or reinforce relationships in need of repair. Furthermore, it aids in self-confidence; something undoubtedly needed when taking on new challenges in life.

Caring For Spinel Jewelry

Spinel jewelry is a type of gemstone jewelry, made from the mineral Spinel. Spinel is unique because it typically forms as an octahedral crystal shape. This makes the gems particularly perfect for faceting and cutting for jewelry. The colors of Spinel range from hues of pink, purple, yellow and blue to black, depending on its composition.

When caring for spinel jewelry it is important to store it in a clean box or bag that has been lined with fabric or velvet; this ensures that the gemstones have enough space between them when being stored together. It is also beneficial to not keep spinel jewelry next to materials such as leather, suede, plastic or rubber which can cause scratching over time. Additionally, some chemicals found in household cleaners and cosmetics should be avoided if possible; these can potentially damage the finish of the gemstones and potentially scratch them as well. To clean spinel jewelry you should use warm soapy water and a soft brush like a toothbrush; but avoid scrubbing too hard when cleaning your spinel jewels as they are often quite delicate and could easily become scratched if too much pressure is applied. Lastly, you may want to consider having your Spinel checked regularly by a professional jeweler, on occasions that it shows signs of damage or wear-and-tear.

How to Choose the Perfect Spinel Jewelry Piece

Spinel is an amazing gemstone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. Its deep, rich color provides a luxurious and eye-catching look that adds beauty to any piece of jewelry. While it is more commonly seen as a pink or red stone, spinel comes in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, yellow and green. It is also known for its durability and sparkle, making it ideal for use as gems in all types of jewelry.

When choosing spinel jewelry, there are several things to consider. First, examine the piece in person if possible to get an accurate indication of its quality. Observe the color — authentic spinel typically has bright saturated hues with no visible zoning or fracture lines when viewed under natural light or magnification. Additionally, the stone should have good brilliance with plenty of fire from within the stone itself. Another factor to consider is the cut of the stone — while traditional cuts like oval and round work best with spinel’s hardness level, more modern cuts such as marquise and pear can also help bring out its brilliance when chosen properly by a skilled cutter.

The setting can play an important role in how your spinel jewelry looks; pay attention to any accents included alongside the gemstone — if applicable. A simple yet elegant design is often preferable for showcasing a spinel’s unique beauty over crystal accents or overly ornate settings which can detract from its majesty . Lastly, consider care instructions before investing in your new piece; although less porous than many other gemstones , regular care like cleaning with warm soapy water will help keep your accessories looking brand new for years to come.

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Popular Spinel Jewelry Pieces

Spinel jewelry is an increasingly popular trend among modern fashionistas thanks to its striking color and luster. In particular, vivid pink spinel stones have become a favorite accent for stunning statement pieces. Whether you’re looking at more subtle pieces such as spinel engagment rings or more dramatic items like necklaces, the gemstone provides an eye-catching sparkle making these classic pieces look quite sophisticated. Spinel earrings also remain a popular choice for a hint of luxury without overshadowing other features of an outfit.

The beauty of spinel is that it makes for some unique combinations when paired with other precious or semi-precious stones. Designers often combine spinel with sapphires, rubies and quartz to create one-of-a-kind earrings and necklaces in various shades such as pink, purple and red. The striking contrast of the deep blue sapphire against a bright hot red spinel creates a bold look that will make you stand out in any crowd. Alternately a romantic combination of pink sapphire and soft pink tourmaline can highlight the single vibrant spiece at its center – highlighting its beauty even further!

Where to Buy High-Quality Spinel Jewelry

Spinel jewelry is a beautiful form of jewelry known for its wide variety of brightly colored stones. Spinel is found in many shades, from deep red to navy blue and even pink. As spinel often has deep hues, the gems are perfect for creating striking pieces of jewelry. They can be cut into faceted shapes as well as cabochons, making them excellent stones for wedding rings and necklaces.

If you’re looking to purchase high-quality spinel jewelry, you have a few options. First, consider purchasing from reputable online jewelers such as James Allen or Blue Nile who source their gemstones responsibly and offer competitive pricing and great customer service. You can also check out local jewelers and antique stores that specialize in authentic gemstones. These shops are likely to carry high quality gems (many with certification) at fair prices. Lastly, if you’re willing to invest significant time researching mined minerals and appraising quality characteristics of the spinel you find online or in stores, there’s the possibility of finding unique untreated spinels that have incredible value because they aren’t treated with any type of harsh chemical (or other treatments). When buying spunel jewels online or in person, do your research beforehand so that you can be certain that the item is authentic before you commit to buying it.


Spinel jewelry is an ideal choice for you because it is both affordable and beautiful. Spinel’s deep blue and red hues provide a captivating contrast to lighter gemstones, making it the perfect complement to any wardrobe. Although spinel has been used in jewelry throughout history, its vibrant colors have made it a modern favorite and an increasingly popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings. Aside from its unique beauty, there are a few other benefits to wearing spinel jewelry:

1. High Durability: Being a type 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, Spinel’s durability is suitable for frequent wear and makes it resistant to scratches and impacts that can occur during everyday activities.

2. Low Cost: Compared to other precious stones, spinning is one of the least expensive options, meaning you get a high-quality stone at an affordable price.

3. Variety of Colors: You can find spinel in many different colors such as white, yellow, pink, blue and red; each with their own unique beauty that gives you plenty of choices when looking for something special to complete an outfit or sentimentally symbolize an important event in your life.

4. Natural Occurrence: As a naturally occurring mineral, spinel makes a great alternative to synthetic gems which lack the same charm as those generated by nature’s craftsmanship.

Overall, if you are looking for low cost, durable gemstone jewelry with unique colors that are alluring yet subtle – then spinel may be the perfect choice for you!