What Is Seybold Jewelry Repair

Seybold Jewelry Repair is a jewelry repair studio based in Austin, Texas. It has been operating since 1974 and is considered one of the best-known and most experienced jewelry repair shops in the world. It has been providing quality service for many years and its commitment to quality, care, and cleanliness is second to none.

Customers include hobbyists, independent jewelers, chain stores, retailers, antique dealers, and collectors from all over. Seybold’s goal is to deliver extraordinary service by offering exceptional jewelry repair solutions with precision and accuracy at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Seybold Jewelers

Seybold Jewelers offers a plethora of services when it comes to the repair of your precious items. The most obvious benefit is that they can fix just about anything regardless of how minor or major the damage may be; they offer complete restoration services as well as regular maintenance procedures such as cleaning and polishing to ensure your pieces look as beautiful as possible.

They also specialize in stone setting needs so if you need any diamonds or gemstones reset or replaced then this would also be something they can assist with. Perhaps their most impressive offering though is their bespoke design and manufacture service which allows customers to bring their ideas to life with custom made pieces crafted specifically for them.

Lasting Quality Products

On top of great customer service you can expect lasting results from Seybold Jewelry Repair too. With extensive experience in both traditional and modern techniques customers can have confidence that their repairs will last for long periods of time without anymore issues arising – perfect for those who want security when buying items such as engagement rings for example.

Customers can also rest assured that only high-end materials are used throughout the entire process which means you won’t find any low-quality products here like you may at some other jewellers around town. Moreover, all pieces come with a five year guarantee so should anything go wrong within this period it will be handled swiftly and efficiently free of charge.

History of Seybold Jewelry Repair

Seybold Jewelry Repair has been the leader in jewelry repair services since 1952. Founded by legendary jeweler Robert Seybold, it is one of the oldest and most trusted jewelry repair businesses in the United States. For more than 65 years, Seybold Jewelry Repair has serviced countless pieces of fine jewelry with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that remains unrivaled.

At Seybold, there is no job too big or too small for the master craftsman. Whether it’s a simple stone setting or a complex re-design, Seybold specializes in all repairs from plain chain soldering to intricate watch and clock services. In addition to providing superior service to regular customers, Seybold also serves as a resource for insurance companies who need reliable appraisals and responsible repairs.

The staff at Seybold also understands how important center diamond ring is for most engagements and weddings, which is why they offer comprehensive diamond recutting services in house. Such services require skilled hands when re-working precious stones like diamonds – a responsibility entrusted to their team of experienced craftsman who take extra care with fragile items such as diamonds to ensure that your piece comes out looking as good as new.

As an integral part of their commitment to quality workmanship, Seybold has invested in state-of-the art equipment over the years; enabling them to provide cutting edge repair services that no other establishment can match. This commitment to excellence was passed down from Robert Seyold directly to his son Larry before him, ensuring that all Seybold customers receive impeccable results every time they walk into the store or ship off their items for service.

Benefits of Choosing Seybold for Jewelry Repair

Seybold Jewelry Repair is a family-owned jewelry store, which has been in business since 1931. They offer expert repair service for all types of jewelry as well as engraving services and pearl restringing.

Seybold Jewelry Repair also offers custom designs and vintage engagement rings. Their team of highly skilled professionals will evaluate your jewelry and provide you with the best solution for restoring it to its original beauty and shine, no matter what type of jewelry it is or how old it is.

When seeking out the services of a reputable jeweler, there are many benefits to choosing Seybold Jewelry Repair. Their team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction with every job they take on.

They use state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically to perform small but complex repairs efficiently and accurately. This helps ensure that each piece of jewelry they work on receives the best care possible so that it can remain in perfect condition for years to come.

Moreover, the quality of materials used at Seybold is superior even compared to other jewelry repair shops. They use only top grade metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, diamond settings, sterling silver and more to replace missing stones or broken components in any piece of jewelry you bring in for repair or restoration services.

The talented artisans at Seybold also have exceptional skill when it comes to designing one-of-a-kind pieces from scratch – something that few other jewelers offer these days. No matter what it is you need done with your treasured heirloom pieces or fresh new additions to your collection, the team at Seybold Jewelry Repair can help make sure that you’ll be able to wear them with pride for many years to come.

Different Types of Jewelry Serviced at Seybold

Seybold Jewelry Repair is a family-run jewelry repair shop that has been serving customers in the Miami area since 1915. It was founded by Myron Seybold, who dedicated his shop to offering intricate and quality services for all jewelry items. Seybold Jewelry Repair specializes in custom jewelery designs, diamond cutting and setting, gemstone repairs, antique restoration, engraving, and watch repair services. With over 100 years of experience, the store is committed to delivering superior value and exceptional customer service.

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At Seybold Jewelry Repair, they service all kinds of jewelry including watches, necklaces, earrings and more. They specialize in repairing gold and silver jewelry as well as platinum items. Their laser welding technology ensures accuracy when setting diamonds or performing any other delicate tasks associated with your item. For those looking to have their piece of jewelry appraised before purchasing a new one from the store’s large selection at competitive prices, a professional appraisal team is available onsite daily.

When it comes to helping people bring back valuable heirlooms or simply upgrading an old piece of jewelry with something unique and stylish, Seybold Jewelry Repair goes above and beyond to fulfill each customer’s needs-every time. Along with their custom designs using CAD-CAM technology, they also provide refurbishing services for vintage pieces as well as design new pieces according to individual tastes.

They can securely remove unwanted stones or add additional stones for an exquisite look at great prices. With their skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable team members readily available seven days a week at two locations throughout Miami-Dade County – Coral Gables (and soon opening downtown), customers know that they are getting excellent customer service when visiting the shop.

How Seybold Can Enhance or Preserve the Beauty of Jewelry

Seybold Jewelry Repair has been offering repair and restoration services for almost 100 years. Founded in the early 20th century, the company continues to be run by a fourth-generation family member who is passionate about preserving the beauty of jewelry.

Their area of expertise lies within restoring heirloom pieces from a variety of eras. Whether it’s a ring from the Edwardian era or an Art Deco necklace, Seybold can bring life back into pieces from all historical periods. Through their repairs, beloved items can remain in families for generations to come.

Additionally, individuals may be looking for on-trend jewelry updates at Seybold as well. With current technology, the repairmen can work with customers to customize pieces in ways that were not possible with traditional jewelry crafting methods. From hand setting stones and creating custom settings to changing color palates and designs altogether, customers have exciting design possibilities at their fingertips due to Seybold’s limitless capabilities.

Alongside designing one-of-a-kind pieces and restoring age-old gems comes service related to precious stone replacements as well. Even if diamonds or other stones are lost after many years of use, Seybold Jewelry Repair can find exact replica stones so that no part of the original piece is compromised during a repair process.

These services ensure that jewelry keeps its sentimental value but also continues to stay flexible with changing tastes or preferences over time without sacrificing its longevity or integrity either.

The Process of Seybold Jewelry Repair

Seybold Jewelry Repair has been a trusted and respected name in the jewelry repair industry for over 100 years. With their unique approach of combining artistry and engineering, they have created superior jewelry repairs that continue to please clients around the world.
Seibert Jewelry Repair is known for its expert craftsmanship, strict attention to detail and a commitment to excellence that have allowed them to consistently satisfy customer requests for custom jewelry repairs. Through their use of cutting-edge tools and techniques, Seybold offers premiere jewelry repair services including restoration, refurbishment, polishing, engraving and re-setting diamonds or other gemstones.
At Seybold Jewelry Repair, each piece of jewelry is ministered to with careful deliberation and love. Before beginning any type of repair work on an item, the professionals assess it individually with extensive attention in order to determine what is needed to effectively repair it without compromising its original look or structure.

Carefully looking at potential options for repairs for each individual piece on a case by case basis allows them to create premium rings*, necklaces and bracelets. During the process of repair experts adhere to internationally accepted practices only making sure that the highest quality services are provided while utilizing ethically sourced material wherever possible.

Throughout the years Seybold Jewelry Repair has become well known as one of the leading providers when it comes quality service at an affordable cost. They provide a full set of services that includes both advanced manufacturing capability as well as an experienced team of designers capable of creating more complex settings if required.

Moreover customers will also find a wide range of replacements parts such as clasps, hooks and extenders offered on their website along with easy access technical support should any problems occur during or after installation.

In conclusion anyone looking for professional solutions can rest assured knowing that Seybold Jewelry Repair has been providing top quality service since 1914 – allowing customers all over the world be able to wear beautiful pieces again even if they were damaged beyond repair.

The Expert Team Behind Seybold Jewelry Repair

Seybold Jewelry Repair is a premier jewelry repair shop in Miami, FL. Founded in 1895 by brothers Jan and Daan Seybold, the business has been continuously owned and operated by members of the Seybold family for four generations. The expert team behind this iconic institution consists of three certified bench jewelers who have extensive experience with restoring anything from a simple broken chain to intricate items like gemstones and watches.

The first task that all incoming work undergoes when it arrives at Seybold Jewelry Repair is an initial inspection. The Team’s attention to detail here is paramount – providing an accurate assessment of the item’s condition before any work begins. Depending on what needs to be done, the material could then be sent off-site for special processes or kept in house for repairs that don’t require outside expertise.

Examples of in house services include ring sizing, metal smoothing and polishing, stone replacement, prong and clasp repair or replacement, diamond setting and stone re-cutting/polishing. In addition, jewellery customisation requests can also be accommodated.

After being returned from specialised processing (if necessary) or completed by our Team in-house; all jewellery goes through a final inspection process that includes quality assurance tests to ensure customer satisfaction before they return it back out into the world wearing its new sparkle proudly. Clients visiting Seybold Jewelry Repair have noted their enthusiasm for problem solving complex tasks – as well as their remarkable customer experience standards & breadth of services provided.

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Even celebrities have sought them out for their trusted service & skill. There’s no denying that when it comes to jewellery repairs – Jan & Daan’s legacy lives on at Seybold Jewelry Repair in Miami.

Advantages of Selling Pre-Owned Jewelry Through Seybold

Seybold is a family-run business established in 1977, operated in Miami, Florida for over 40 years by four generations of jewelers and expert craftsmen. Their expertise extends from luxury watch service and repairs to custom jewelry design to diamond reshaping and cleaning. Jewelry repair services also include watch battery replacements, chain shortening, setting replacement as well as prong rebuilding and retipping. Seybold provides appraisals with gemological certification by an accredited gemologist on staff.

The advantages of selling pre-owned jewelry through Seybold are many. Their veteran jewelers are dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service and quality repairs regardless of what the pieces call for. Second-hand or vintage pieces become exemplary after Seybold enhances their intricate details and makes them look brand new.

They use only the best technology to make sure their pieces stand out from the rest. Furthermore, customers have the added perk of being able to find that special piece of jewelry at a price much lower than what they would be paying when buying new jewelry elsewhere.

Another advantage is that when customers purchase through Seybold they gain access to a wide selection of exquisite vintage pieces handcrafted with uniquely crafted designs that cannot be found anywhere else. Customers often know right away when something speaks directly to them as it was meant just for them, providing a personalized experience that other sellers may not offer.

Lastly, before making any purchase decision customers may take advantage of the 30-day return system offered at some locations along with an extensive warranty plan including 6 months warranty on all watches purchased in store or online. This allows customers peace of mind knowing they are getting top quality jewelry in addition to guarantee behind it should anything ever happen down the line.

The Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry at Seybold

Seybold Jewelry Repair is a family owned and operated jeweler based in Miami, Florida. Since 1921, they have been serving customers throughout the world with their excellent services and products.

Seybold’s team of experienced jewelers specialize in all aspects of jewelry repair, including but not limited to diamond setting, prong tightening, clasp repair, polishing & cleaning, battery replacement for watches and ring sizing. As part of their commitment to providing superior customer service, Seybold also provides the additional services such as engraving, appraisal and custom work.

Buying pre-owned jewelry from Seybold comes with many advantages that make it highly attractive for those looking for fine jewelry without the high cost associated with new pieces. First and foremost is price – when compared with items bought at boutique stores or department jewelry sections prices can be significantly lower – sometimes even up to 70%.

As each piece is examined by expert jewelers customers can rest assured knowing they are getting only high quality items at incredible value. In addition to great pricing customers can also appreciate the unique styles available which may differ from those seen elsewhere in mass production.

Beyond savings on the wallet there are intangible benefits of buying preowned at Seybold too. Shopping ethically-sourced secondhand jewelry eliminates environmental damage from product manufacturing and reduces one’s carbon footprint by preserving materials already used rather than creating new items.

Additionally buyers may feel a certain sentimental satisfaction by reusing an item that has had a previous life; having the awareness that their purchase has given something new purpose rather than being cast aside like so many others would be gratifying to many people who enjoy mission driven purchasing decisions.

Ultimately shopping pre-owned at Seybold Jewelry Repair offers significant financial cost-cutting as well as other intangible rewards including confidence in quality and ethical satisfaction – all of which adds up to exceptional beauty at budget friendly rates.


Seybold Jewelry Repair is a well-established jeweler and repair shop known for its quality craftsmanship, service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Founded in 1998, the Seybold family has been providing jewelry repair services to their customers for almost 30 years. They provide a full array of services ranging from gold and diamond repair to watch battery replacement, resizing rings, restoration work and much more. Additionally, they specialize in custom design pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

At Seybold Jewelry Repair they take pride in providing all aspects of their services with the utmost professionalism, care and expertise. They use only the highest quality materials to ensure their repairs are lasting and reliable.

Their certified jewelers have a vast knowledge of gemology meaning that they can answer any questions or concerns you may have about repairing your jewelry. Furthermore, it’s not just about repairing jewelry but also giving it an upgrade so all pieces can look brand new with brilliant shine.

Seybold Jewelry Repair is dedicated to delivering great customer service at affordable prices. They take the time to listen to each customer’s needs and make sure that each repair job is done right the first time around.

On top of this they also offer free estimates on all their repair jobs so customers can get an idea of how long the job will take before they commit towards it. Additionally, all employees are trained on the latest advancements in the industry when it comes to making jewelry repairs which is often reflected in their superior craftsmanship results; ultimately leaving customers satisfied with every aspect of their experience from start to finish.

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